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  72. Merry Christmas!: water - Dogs
  73. News Video, Furry thief grabs Christmas present out of grocery store aisle.: clean, Utah - Dogs
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  83. How do you know if your dog is eating enough?: how much, allergic - Dogs
  84. Foster dogs not eating?: shepherd, shepherds, bite, stomach
  85. train their dogs on a regular basis?: shih tzu, bulldogs, terrier
  86. Non-anesthetic dental cleaning... opinions?: poodle, vet, teeth, diet - Dogs
  87. Why do people excuse aggressive behavior?: English Bulldog, bite, husky, teeth - Dogs
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  93. pedipaw: border collie, shih tzu, barks, collie - Dogs
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  98. Shadow's Winter Outifit: lab, black, cost, shots - Dogs
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  100. TTA Surgery For Our Dog: how much, vet, beagle, cost - Dogs
  101. Do you trust your dog with your children?: bites, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  102. how to explain dog personality to the wife?: pitbull, border collie, labs - Dogs
  103. How can I tell if my dogs vocal chords have been clipped?: lab, vet
  104. Strange Poo: how much, lab, poop, vet - Dogs
  105. How much pumpkin is too much pumpkin?: shepherd, vet, diet - Dogs
  106. I was chased by a pitbull!: biting, train, children, cross - Dogs
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  109. Help with moving -How do I get my three dogs from CA to TN?: bite, rescue
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  119. Royal Canin Urinary SO 14 Food: vet, prescription, science, train - Dogs
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  123. Pomeranian: vet, toy, breeders, barks - Dogs
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  125. Behavior of Vets and Staff: vet, science, training, infections - Dogs
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  128. Travelling With Dogs: boxer, vet, beagle, African
  129. Texas Town Permits Shooting of Roaming Dogs: rabies, vaccine, best
  130. Did your dog go through formal behavior training?: train, rescue, puppy - Dogs
  131. Happy day for homeless puppy!: vet, best, shelter, test - Dogs
  132. Should I stop my puppy from jumping on my older dog's face?: bite, schnauzer - Dogs
  133. Should my dogs stop playing tug of war?: pitbull, how much, golden retriever
  134. I Got An Update (Britches): pitbull, how much, adoption, pups - Dogs
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  136. Dogs and Baby Puppies: lab, biting, husky, neutered
  137. It's me or the Dog vs Dog Whisperer: pugs, shelter, problems - Dogs
  138. Dog Recently Diagnosed with Liver Disease: how much, lab, vet, prescription - Dogs
  139. Can we sue the breeder?: bulldog, vet, breeders, legal - Dogs
  140. Heart Worm Preventative Pills: vet, prescription, costs, fleas - Dogs
  141. Guess mixed breed dog's breeds?: huskies, collie, puppy, best - Dogs
  142. Vestibular Disease deal with it?: vet, schnauzer, symptoms, noise - Dogs
  143. What is your dream dog and why: labrador, poop, barking - Dogs
  144. My binky was diagnosed with heart disease:(: chihuahua, vet, teeth - Dogs
  145. My evil ARF neighbor...: lab, black, adopt, outside - Dogs
  146. Home visits?: how much, clean, toy, training - Dogs
  147. What breeds do you think are in my mutt?: ridgeback, shepherd, terrier - Dogs
  148. My Chi: chihuahua, bite, black, puppy - Dogs
  149. We bought a crate, crate training tips for a first timer?: train, puppy - Dogs
  150. 8 Year Old Golden Retriever having problems...: allergic, clean, vet, breeding - Dogs
  151. No good deed goes unpunished! My Christmas Eve at the emergency vets: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  152. puppies and young children & worming a dog: golden retriever, clean, poop - Dogs
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  155. Dog Breath!: how much, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
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  160. My puppy poops/pees in his crate: bite, clean, stomach - Dogs
  161. sorry: cross, pups, mean, people - Dogs
  162. If I could just stop crying: rottweiler, rescue, adopted, euthanize - Dogs
  163. National Geographic: Dogs In the Womb: chihuahuas, vet, puppies, shelters
  164. Nasal cancer and prednisone: shepherd, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  165. My puppy is a chicken!: spaniel, barks, aggressive, training - Dogs
  166. Appetizing Food for Dogs?: protein, eat, versus, Utah
  167. the King Charles Spaniel: bulldogs, patella, vet, toy
  168. I feel like I am aging day after day with this girl: skin, rescue - Dogs
  169. Just added lots Puppy pictures: breeder, aggressive, diet, children - Dogs
  170. Artie, the bum scootching pooch... Part 2: vet, food, outside, carpet - Dogs
  171. How much chewing is ok: shih tzu, training, teeth, bones - Dogs
  172. People never fail to amaze me :(: pitbulls, vet, stomach, treatment - Dogs
  173. Say Hello To My New Foster: shih tzu, clean, poop, failure - Dogs
  174. trying to decide: beagle/bichon, beagle/poodle, labradoodle: labrador, shih-tzu, allergic - Dogs
  175. For that completed puppy preschool: pitbulls, English Bulldog, boxer, bullmastiff - Dogs
  176. Is this safe?!: lab, golden retriever, chihuahua, adopted - Dogs
  177. Leaving You In Good Hands...: best, stop, work - Dogs
  178. Velma Dinkley: shih tzu, heartworms, treatment, rescued - Dogs
  179. Housebreaking a puppy when you work a 9-5: clean, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  180. my chichuauahs ears: chihuahua, yorkies, vet, breeder - Dogs
  181. doesn't qualify as reportable cruelty: breeding, housebreak, skin, train - Dogs
  182. Need Help With Nipping Problem!: bite, toy, skin, train - Dogs
  183. Back to the Drawing Board...: lab, vet, adopt, westie - Dogs
  184. 11 mo lab mix, not eating HELP!: vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  185. With a Cover like this!: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  188. To crate or not to crate?: boxer, clean, cleaning, adopted - Dogs
  189. help!! professionals? Weird BUG & growth on my dog!! :(: tumors, bite - Dogs
  190. At my wits end: pitbull, allergic, boxers, clean - Dogs
  191. Oh my,my,my .... Mason and dixie: lab, surgery, diet - Dogs
  192. Best Way to Discipline Young Dog?: terriers, toy, training, treatment - Dogs
  193. Best type of puppy food: English Bulldog, allergic, chihuahuas, poop - Dogs
  194. Poor dog :(: labs, chihuahua, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  195. Photos of Cowboy the Tease: labrador, retrievers, toy, black - Dogs
  196. News, Dogs save man from angry elk.: elderly, attacked, year
  197. Book: Dog Talk by Harrison Forbes - Dogs
  198. News, NY Times Magazine honors Israeli dog mess DNA bank initiative.: canines, ears - Dogs
  199. News, 'Dogs don't wear condoms,' says Baywatch star Anderson.: solution, control
  200. All Dogs Have Their Own Look: how much, poodle, terrier, puppy