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  38. Baby photographer switches the baby - Dogs
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  40. Flea Medication: shepherd, bites, vet, treatment - Dogs
  41. Cross country move with (sick) dogs?: border collie, clean, vet, husky
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  63. Poor little fella: toy, puppy, best, cats - Dogs
  64. Florida Bull Dog Puppy Mills Shut Down: shih tzu, bulldogs, poodles
  65. Dog issues: poop, surgery, kennel, puppy - Dogs
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  67. Cop fired after shooting non aggressive dog in front of 6 year old owner: train, ears - Dogs
  68. If I fit, I will sit- doggie style: cats - Dogs
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  70. Boy is still napping with his dog: surgery, puppy, ears - Dogs
  71. Why do people have dogs if they can't take care of them: vet, foods
  72. Pup so excited about reunion, he passes OUT: store, home, owner - Dogs
  73. Happy Doggie Style: rescues, puppy, medium, eating - Dogs
  74. Do sonic dog repellers work?: aggressive, legal, noise, spray - Dogs
  75. More pets go missing during fireworks holidays than at other time: rescued, kids - Dogs
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  79. Justice Needs To Be Done.......: Maryland, Baltimore - Dogs
  80. cleaning around 5 month old shih tzu eyes: vet, training, natural - Dogs
  81. Vitamin Topper for Dry Food: patella, bite, poop, skin - Dogs
  82. read this if you have ever or considered giving you dog meds for fear or axeinty: shaking, ears - Dogs
  83. News, Hawaii Woman Adopts Shelter Dog for $85, it on Craigslist for $200 an Hour Later.: terrier, breeders - Dogs
  84. Wish I could cheat on the treadmill like this beautiful dog does.: sheltie, eating - Dogs
  85. Children (of all kinds) can be a royal pain in the.....: shepherd, puppy - Dogs
  86. I'm constantly amazed at the lengths to which rescuers will go for dogs.: rescue, best
  87. Itchy skin help: shepherd, allergic, vet, breeding - Dogs
  88. Vicious barking dogs: noise, best, outside, walk
  89. 24 hr yelping when touched, ALT: labs, bite, poop, vet - Dogs
  90. Firefighter/Hiker found dead after he ran after his dog in remote area: California, man - Dogs
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  92. Moving Image Shows 2 Shelter Dogs Who Turned To Each Other For Love And Companionship.: breeders, breed
  93. How one Service Dog helps a vet with PTSD: treatment, Detroit, animals - Dogs
  94. Trapped for 18 hours and rescued: skin, legs, water - Dogs
  95. The Pugs of Game of Thrones - Dogs
  96. That'll teach you to tease the dog.: poop, medium, mean - Dogs
  97. Mishka is pretty and she loves her mother but she most definitely is NOT stupid!: huskies, rescue - Dogs
  98. Doberman dogs are mean and vicious!: rottweiler, black, training, collie
  99. Meatball was a bad boy: eat, mean - Dogs
  100. My Heart Is Broken.........: adoption, shelter, eating, safe - Dogs
  101. OK you guys. Knock it off this minute: puppy, fight - Dogs
  102. owners should be prosecuted for animal abuse: adoption, euthanize, puppies - Dogs
  103. Devoted and Loyal Like Nothing - Dogs
  104. Do you know what's on my dogs paw?: allergic, terrier, vet
  105. Age-old story - new baby and dog problems: barking, train, rescue - Dogs
  106. Lost in the wilderness for almost 2 years.. home: muzzle, white, family - Dogs
  107. A new activity for dogs: toy, treats
  108. I thing About Dog Play Today,: cross, dominant, legs - Dogs
  109. Bulldog Puppy talks back to his Mama: test - Dogs
  110. Where can I buy this medication?: prescription, costs, cheap, supplement - Dogs
  111. My dog eats an alive toad: how much, bite, vet, shaking - Dogs
  112. Wearable tech to monitor pet health: vet, ears, year, mean - Dogs
  113. Breeders surrendering sick puppies to rescue groups...: test, stop, people - Dogs
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  115. Found Dog -- what is obligation to find owner in this case: vet, breeding - Dogs
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  117. Gentle Leader on Boston Terrier and other snub nosed dogs: skin, train
  118. Congestive heart failure-my dog: chihuahua, vet, prescription, treatment - Dogs
  119. Multiple dog tips: poop, vets, black, train - Dogs
  120. Socialization and training of a puppy: bite, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  121. is day care necessary?.: terrier, vets, chewing, puppy - Dogs
  122. What Breed is my dog: border collie, collie, beagle, breeds - Dogs
  123. dog itching/chewing bottom with foul odor: allergic, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  124. What does your pit bull mean to you.: pitbulls, bite, barks - Dogs
  125. best generic heartworm medication: lab, clean, vet, prescription - Dogs
  126. Is this legal in your state?: labrador, black, outside, ears - Dogs
  127. Neat outdoor water fountain for dogs: toy, biscuits, maltese, vaccination
  128. Training dog to be outside of the crate while absent: poop, train - Dogs
  129. experience with Dr. Becker's Revitamal?: yorkie, legal, diet, cross - Dogs
  130. Do you give your dog tap water?: children, outside, animals - Dogs
  131. Good Brush for a shedding husky?: labs, huskies, skin, teeth - Dogs
  132. Our sweet dog went nuclear at the lake :( sorry its long: how much, labs - Dogs
  133. Boston Terrier vs English Bull Dog: lab, English Bulldog, poodles, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  134. Visit to the groomer: shih tzu, puppy, breed, ears - Dogs
  135. More suspected death with Trifexis: shepherd, vet, heartworms, skin - Dogs
  136. Dog charging while walking baby: bite, teeth, children, noise - Dogs
  137. Why do owners of toy dogs not feel the need to train them?: shih tzu, golden retriever
  138. Do Dogs Feel Jealousy?: poodle, paws, noise, shots
  139. Thinking about having my senior dog PTS: bulldog, boxer, vet - Dogs
  140. Wireless Fence Experience?: shepherd, bulldog, shepherds, skin - Dogs
  141. Found a lost dog: chihuahua, vet, cross, shelters - Dogs
  142. This guy has got to be the biggest jerk in the world: rescue, adoption - Dogs
  143. Need a Name for a Doggie Daycare and Boarding Kennel: training, paws - Dogs
  144. Elderly dog now pees inside, new behavior: how much, clean, vet - Dogs
  145. The hidden complications fo fake service dogs: shepherd, prescription, legal
  146. How can just up and move and leave a dog like this behind: how much, rescue - Dogs
  147. Neighbors dog poops in my yard: bite, clean, barking, cleaning - Dogs
  148. fearful rescue dog: border collie, breeding, train, collie - Dogs
  149. Just rescued a dog: dependency issues?: poodle, toy, aggressive, training - Dogs
  150. City Manager says No More Adoptions--Only Euthanasia at shelter: vets, breeding, rescue - Dogs
  151. 160 Malamute Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mill in Montana: breeder, surgery, rescue
  152. It's now against the law to tattoo pets in NY: veterinary, shaking - Dogs
  153. What 100 years of selective breeding has done to dogs: shepherd, labs
  154. Dog won't go outside: poop, vet, toy, training - Dogs
  155. Eliminating on a Neighbor's Lawn: poop, training, children, best - Dogs
  156. When a large dog comes and sits or lays across your feet, do you think they're doing it on purpose?: how much, lab - Dogs
  157. My vet is now pushing Bravecto for flea and tick control: pitbull, allergic - Dogs
  158. Collapse Trachea In Yorkie: gagging, poodle, yorkies, vet - Dogs
  159. Do You Sometimes Wish You Could Longe Your Dog?: terrier, toy, train - Dogs
  160. have a Weimawaner?: shepherd, wound, stomach, training - Dogs
  161. Trying to decide - English Springer Spaniel or Labrador Retriever: labradors, biting - Dogs
  162. 17 dogs die at boarding facility: veterinarian, breeding, stomach, black
  163. Did you hear about what the cop did to the pit bull?: training, rescues - Dogs
  164. How to get my adult dog to walk on leash?: pitbull, vets - Dogs
  165. Dept. of Transportation strengthens pet safety rules: bulldogs, vet, breeders
  166. Dog won't eat treat until I come back home: shepherd, clean, barking - Dogs
  167. Pet Shipping to New Mexico: vet, rescue, cost, shots - Dogs
  168. How do you know when it's time......: shepherd, lab, terrier - Dogs
  169. Could this be Chronic Renal Failure symptoms?: vet, skin, surgery - Dogs
  170. Boarding fees for dogs: poodle, clean, vet, schnauzer
  171. Do not give dogs away on craigslist: labs, vets, rescue
  172. Make sure you can afford your dog!: how much, shih tzu, retriever - Dogs
  173. Which Lab Puppy? The Frisky One, or the Quiet One?: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  174. Puppy Leash Training: biting, vet, toy, breeder - Dogs
  175. Older dog peeing inside - NOT incontenence: vet, train, diet - Dogs
  176. Adopting Deaf Dogs: border collie, train, rescue, adopt
  177. Dog pictured walking his owner: grass, stop - Dogs
  178. Awww...lOOk at this pup: rescue, puppy, California, fight - Dogs
  179. Video, Scottie Pinwheel - Dogs
  180. 23 years in jail for shooting retired police dog, burglary and other crimes: animal - Dogs
  181. Dogs and Corn on the Cob: golden retriever, surgery, allowed, animal
  182. CHF Supplements - doses? ideas?: vet, prescription, cough, outside - Dogs
  183. Touching dog story in foreign country - Lilica the junkyard dog: rescues, animals - Dogs
  184. Adorable doggie wants to play fetch with statue - Dogs
  185. recent diagnosis of nasal cancer, request about treatment: aggressive, puppies, best - Dogs
  186. Big is better than small- sometimes - Dogs
  187. Friendship Of Dogs and Puppies Gazelle
  188. Boston Police and Fire Department and rescue: owner - Dogs
  189. When you need a Designated Driver - Dogs
  190. 9/11 They Served Too: rescue - Dogs
  191. When bestfriend fighting in real life... - Dogs
  192. Re -packaged, Re-dated stale dog treats: Canada, Toronto, people - Dogs
  193. Pig the Dog: home - Dogs
  194. 1 Year Poodle-Cockerspaniel mix eats EVRYTHING!!!: miniature, schnauzer, chewing, eating - Dogs
  195. Have you ever wondered what your dog looks like under all that hair and skin?: boxer - Dogs
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  197. Dental Health Products: chews, cross, problems, eat - Dogs
  198. What kind of idiotic law is this?: rescue, illegal, medium - Dogs
  199. Waring to LA Pet Owners: county, poisoning - Dogs
  200. This is what a true hero looks like: rescue, cross, animal - Dogs