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  18. Current Market: fund, investor, companies, recession - Investing
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  24. invest in high yield stocks, or ETF's and made money over the long term?: junk bond, dividend - Investing
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  26. Shorting Leveraged ETFs?: Scottrade, margin, daytrading, invest - Investing
  27. six month stock portfolio check: insurance, best, year, most - Investing
  28. Peer to Peer Lending - have experience or opinions?: bond, mutual fund - Investing
  29. Detroit and your municipal bond fund: bankrupt, invest, pension, bankruptcy - Investing
  30. Grandparent College Fund: fees, investment, income, markets - Investing
  31. Cyber Security Stocks?: invest, job, companies, account - Investing
  32. NDLS - Noodles & Company: stocks, employees, shares, equity - Investing
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  35. Graphite as investment?: invest, stock - Investing
  36. holding stocks for short time: brokerage, fund, trading, commission - Investing
  37. Is P/E ratio the best predictor if the market is overvalued?: judgement, trading - Investing
  38. A Condo Package, how does this work (bank, taxes, land): mortgage, real estate - Investing
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  40. Investing Advice?: bonds, E-Trade, IRA, broker
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  47. simple retirement investing: IRA, fund, 401k, retirement plan
  48. Fnma: credit, cash, dividends, mortgage rates - Investing
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  50. home buying for future/income?: mutual funds, cash, fees, mortgage - Investing
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  53. US Citizen now in UK needs new IRA custodian account: rollover, Fidelity - Investing
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  59. needs help with investing in retirement plan: annuity, self-directed, IRA
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  61. What do the more experienced investors think of Interactive Brokers, Scottrade - Investing
  62. New Business - Investor vs. equity: fund, credit, fees, lawyer - Investing
  63. Natural gas up 100% from 1 year ago, my UNG up only 41% from year ago...: fund, trading - Investing
  64. Bad Timing?: bond, balanced fund, dividend, stock - Investing
  65. Depreciation - High-Rise Condos? (California LLC, btw): purchase, property tax, costs - Investing
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  68. First time investing: Etrade, Scottrade, mutual fund, fee
  69. Continued growth of Credit unions?: fund, fees, income, payment - Investing
  70. Has ever used TD Ameritrade or Scottrade?: TDAmeritrade, brokers, trading - Investing
  71. Real Estate Investments: invest, interest, banks, money - Investing
  72. How important is long term debt?: investment, stock, company, money - Investing
  73. Bond Funds Risk: IRAs, margin, cash, 401k - Investing
  74. invested in NAVB?: trading, cash, investor, stock - Investing
  75. What is the point of Treasury Securities?: bond, broker, Fidelity - Investing
  76. Investing 101: bond, IRA, mutual funds, retirement plan
  77. Few questions active trading: brokers, fund, margin, cash - Investing
  78. Three names to note: Jim Rickards, Charles Nenner, and Jim Rogers: bonds, IRA - Investing
  79. Index up 11% and I am up 7%: bonds, IRA, fund, 401k - Investing
  80. A CNBC: fund, calls, puts, investment - Investing
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  82. Saving for retirement vs living a life of adventure now: fund, cash - Investing
  83. How Much is the Impact in QE in Market Returns?: bond, fund - Investing
  84. Economic Drops, Investing and Cash: margin, bankrupt, invest, millionaire
  85. Investing $100,000: bonds, mutual funds, trading, commissions
  86. Mutual Funds-- what the heck do I do with them?: inheritance, bonds - Investing
  87. gold coin?: brokerage, cash, fee, DJIA - Investing
  88. Time to pull money off the table?: cash, 401k, dividends - Investing
  89. Investing Advice for a College Kid: bonds, IRA, brokerage, mutual funds
  90. What kind of things do you look at when researching a stock?: mutual funds, margin - Investing
  91. Mutual Funds that hold Mutual Funds vs. common stock: fees, Fidelity, invest - Investing
  92. Stocks: Trading based purely on technical analysis (vs Fundamentals/catalysts): cash, 401k - Investing
  93. Apple - what you would do if you have it?: margin, dividend - Investing
  94. WOW gold down almost 100 bucks: bonds, fund, trading, cash - Investing
  95. Is Lululemon a buy?: bond, fund, bankrupt, stocks - Investing
  96. Self Directed 401ks. Discuss the article!: bonds, self-directed, IRA, custodian - Investing
  97. Would you invest in bitcoins?: stocks, buying, sell, currency - Investing
  98. Balanced portfolios are losers?: bond, balanced fund, trading, cash - Investing
  99. taxes on inheritance and life ins policies: lawsuit, living trust, work - Investing
  100. Pay down the house or Save (not invest) the money, Which makes more sense (cents): puts, mortgage - Investing
  101. Why do you think the Gold price has fallen 30% since September 2011?: bonds, investments - Investing
  102. Is stock investing your career or not?: bond, IRAs, mutual funds
  103. Ray Lucia Fined for Fraud: credit, fees, investment, percentage - Investing
  104. Does your long term investment result reflect your knowledge on economics?: trading, credit - Investing
  105. Will Peter Schiff be right?: bonds, IRA, hedge fund, calls - Investing
  106. How do You find new stocks?: fund, margin, trading, dividend - Investing
  107. dividend stocks and the stock value: puts, cash, invest, income - Investing
  108. Why is Capital Gains and Dividends taxed at a separate rate than income tax?: IRA, margin - Investing
  109. Is it to live entirely off the stock market?: bond, fund - Investing
  110. Is The Stock Market Rally Sustainable?: bond, mutual fund, mortgage, invest - Investing
  111. What sites would you say is the best source to see what stocks are favored?: fund, Fidelity - Investing
  112. Congrats mathjack!: bond, fund, millionaire, buy - Investing
  113. Roth 401k: IRA, brokerage, invest, income - Investing
  114. Would you invest/trade in stocks during an economic recession?: fund, stock market - Investing
  115. Beginner ETF: bond, brokerage, mutual funds, trading - Investing
  116. can you lose all you stocks and bonds?: IRA, mutual funds, invest - Investing
  117. Have you ever calculated how much you would have if all your soc. sec. taxes had been invested in an S&P 500 index fund?: 401k, invest - Investing
  118. Help with an IRA annuity?: bonds, mutual fund, cash, income - Investing
  119. With all the information on investments on the Internet it should be easy to make money in the market, right?: bonds, brokerage - Investing
  120. Need help with 401k options.: bond, value fund, cash, markets - Investing
  121. Self Taught Investor?: fund, trading, invest, income - Investing
  122. 63 and retired. What to do with portfolio?: IRA, mutual funds, cash - Investing
  123. Young investors and bond prices?: value fund, 401k, dividends, invest - Investing
  124. Should I sell my Sirius/XM (SIRI) stock or hold?: IRA, invested - Investing
  125. I'm 60 years old and my mutual fund IRAs are 95% back: bond, cash - Investing
  126. Invested' In The Iraqi Dinar?: calls, mortgage, investment - Investing
  127. What exactly are options in the stock market? (pictures included): IRA, trade options - Investing
  128. Planning to invest in Stocks?: bonds, options trading, balanced fund, trading - Investing
  129. All this QE?: bonds, dividends, free market, wage - Investing
  130. looking at a dunkin donuts. What do you think?: mutual funds, cash, investments - Investing
  131. How to buy gold coins or bars?: IRA, fund, rollover - Investing
  132. Do you worry about the US losing status as reserve currency?: bond, credit - Investing
  133. If you had to do it all over how would you invest/spend your money?: fund, 401k - Investing
  134. Evaluating BRK.B: mutual fund, margin, trading, credit - Investing
  135. Which Index Fund to choose?: credit card, cash, ATM fee, Fidelity - Investing
  136. Need help with personal investment strategies!!: bonds, mutual funds, redemption, fees - Investing
  137. 60 yo, should I start moving my 401K to safety?: bond, IRA, fund - Investing
  138. S&P 500 May Fall More Than 40% By Fall: Chris Martenson: cash, market - Investing
  139. $10,000 to put on one stock right now...your pick?: fund, dividend, Fidelity - Investing
  140. Mutual Funds or ETFs?????: trading, fees, commission, wholesale - Investing
  141. Am I over extendind [too many individual stocks] in my joint account?: IRA, fund - Investing
  142. Marijuana one??: corporation, invest, stock, buying - Investing
  143. Gold's Fair Value: trading, cash, invest, stock market - Investing
  144. Sell in May and stay away.: bond, IRA, fund, trading - Investing
  145. Bitcoin- or Nay?: fund, trading, invest, buying - Investing
  146. Beginning investor looking for tips and advice: bonds, IRA, judgement - Investing
  147. What are the investment philosophy?: invest, sell, money - Investing
  148. Looking to purchase about $200 worth of stocks in the coming future.: brokerage, fund - Investing
  149. Investing in water: mutual funds, investments, stocks, buying
  150. Is 0.94 an o.k. expense ratio?: IRA, mutual funds, 401k, investments - Investing
  151. 75 years old - where do I put my 200k IRA: annuities, bonds - Investing
  152. What's your investment strategy?: mutual funds, margin, trading, stock market - Investing
  153. International Bonds: bond, brokerages, fund, credit - Investing
  154. Ameritrade...etrade...or: bond, Scottrade, IRA, brokerage - Investing
  155. *** Do you think stocks reporting earnings this week will BEAT or MISS estimates?: margin, calls - Investing
  156. Have you picked individual stocks before investing in index funds/ETFs?: IRA, 401k
  157. Apple (AAPL) or GLD? Which is the better buy?: margin, cash, dividend - Investing
  158. Have you ever encountered expert who had good stock market predictions?: mutual funds, buying - Investing
  159. Gold Sinks Into Bear Territory. Down 20%: invest, wage, market, buying - Investing
  160. What is a good return percent to expect in stock market?: dividends, invest - Investing
  161. What Mutual Fund?: fees, 401k, Fidelity, income - Investing
  162. What to do with $20,000?: E-Trade, IRA, fund, puts - Investing
  163. Investing A Trust Fund: mutual funds, fees, invest, income
  164. Rand Paul is awesome in this video (investment related): lawyer, corporation, income - Investing
  165. Did you ever wake up and discover a surprising stock price?: trading, commission - Investing
  166. Obama wants to cap retirement accounts at 3 million dollars: IRAs, brokerage, fund - Investing
  167. National Bank of Greece is WINNING: trading, investment, stock, buy - Investing
  168. investing in Powerball Lotto tickets?: cash, invested, stock
  169. Wow! still having problems.: bond, trading, investor, market - Investing
  170. Promising 3D printer stocks?: trading, dividend, invest, purchasing - Investing
  171. Fannie Mae (FNMA): trading, dividend, mortgage, investor - Investing
  172. GNMA and Total Bond Index funds: junk bond, IRA, redemption, credit - Investing
  173. How come young guys are risk averse and old guys are risk prone?: mutual funds, cash - Investing
  174. Investing into CDs?: bonds, brokers, fund, FDIC
  175. According to Goldman Sachs, the S&P 500 is expected to surge to 2100 by the end of 2015: bonds, fund - Investing
  176. Starting a Roth IRA... help: fund, Fidelity, invest, trust - Investing
  177. Diversifying works....: bond, balanced fund, 401k, Fidelity - Investing
  178. wisdom: credit card, cash, investment, income - Investing
  179. Why I resent and envy George Soros at the same time. $19 million profit in 36 hours!: fund, investor - Investing
  180. Green Mountain Coffee went through the roof today.: IRAs, mutual funds, invest - Investing
  181. Tesla - Is it too late too get in?: investor, stocks, buying - Investing
  182. Is the US Stock Market due for a correction?: bond, cash, Fidelity - Investing
  183. Are You a Born Saver/Investor?: market, buy, benefits, extension - Investing
  184. With most stocks at all time highs, are there still good buys?: trading, dividend - Investing
  185. Billionaires Dumping Stocks: trust, stock market, buy, money - Investing
  186. Time to sell options?: fund, trading, calls, puts - Investing
  187. Are there Gold people left?: fund, stock market, buying, sell - Investing
  188. ETF's only and my trading process: mutual funds, fees, commission - Investing
  189. what to do extra cash?: IRA, invest, salary, stock market - Investing
  190. One reason why stocks jump 20% or more on average earnings: fund, trading - Investing
  191. Trade Alert ..: buy, sell, profit, shares - Investing
  192. Mutual Fund with USAA: mortgage, investment, purchase, work - Investing
  193. Who is getting hit with the 4% Medicare surtax?: bonds, stocks, real estate - Investing
  194. Speaking of gold...: sell - Investing
  195. selling all shares, investing in an ETF: mutual fund, invest, Vanguard
  196. Qualcomm: market, finance, corporate - Investing
  197. Learning Fundamental Analysis: income, stocks, buy, companies - Investing
  198. Bonds Dropped again Today: buy, debt, past, how much - Investing
  199. Buying back a pension plan: annuities, cash, 401k, retirement plan - Investing
  200. Simple IRA: rollover, Roth IRA, year - Investing