How Does Weather Affect Crime Rates?

Alfredo Llorente

Alfredo Llorente, Ph.D. Student Human Geography

Since the beginning of the past century, geography has tried to expand its research areas to explore new fields where spatial analysis and data production could merge in new geographic correlations.

In the 1920s, Chicago schools tried to manage this correlation between crime and geography and start a new way to spatially analyze delinquency, principally in the urban areas. It was the beginning of the geography of crime.

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Well-being in the United States

Kristine Barseghyan

Kristine Barseghyan, Ph.D. (ABD) Social Sciences

When people perceive that their lives are going well due to good living conditions, high income, affordable healthcare, a good education system, safe neighborhood or other well-functioning systems of the society, they a have high level of well-being. There are several approaches to measuring well-being that focus on objective indicators such as access to education, living conditions, life expectancy or healthiness. Most of them fail to measure what people think and feel about their lives, how they evaluate their relationships, their resilience, or overall satisfaction with life. Well-being is more than our income; it is the way we experience our life in general, and if we are positive or negative about the general state of our being.

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