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  1. Seeking contact for Jesse Spencer-Prescott, AZ: records, phone, old - People Search
  2. Looking for Male Cousin gone missing: phone, picture, old, lost - People Search
  3. Benjamin Barnes (Adamsville TN): neighborhood, neighbor, friend, name - People Search
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  7. rmation on Larry Stevens: friend, daughter, father, names - People Search
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  10. long lost female friend from Munich, Germany: records, daughter, dad - People Search
  11. Dashawn Jamar Debacher-Cecil Nuby: friend, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  12. If you are help finding someone..: genealogy, location, phone - People Search
  13. How Do You Search?: genealogy, searches, where, person - People Search
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  16. Where would I go to find my dad? I havent seen him in 34 years!: looking for, website - People Search
  17. Would like to locate Scott or Roger Reiner from San Antonio TX: names, Louisiana - People Search
  18. Looking for biological father in San Jose, California: last name, adopted, address - People Search
  19. Searching for half brother John Talmadge or John Moulton: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  20. Looking for my real parents: genealogy, records, lost, last name - People Search
  21. where are you my brothers and sisters: records, street, baby - People Search
  22. Looking for my penpal Lisa, living in Andalusia in 1970s: old, lost - People Search
  23. Lost friends: old, names, relatives, where - People Search
  24. help me find my mom: phone, old, father, name - People Search
  25. Looking for old college friend Karen Armbrust: lost, Buffalo, Michigan - People Search
  26. Looking for my dad: location, friends, old, father - People Search
  27. Looking for Kathy Copeland of B'ham, AL: friend, daughter, old - People Search
  28. lookin for my half brother gary lee boyce: county, sister, father - People Search
  29. Family of Henry Downing: birth certificate, record, children, photo - People Search
  30. Looking for Caroline George ... Broomfield, COLO: name, person, Colorado, family - People Search
  31. Looking for my sister!!: baby, county, old, last name - People Search
  32. Karen Downing and Teri Moreno: county, friends, daughter, sisters - People Search
  33. Robert frank lafauci: child, sisters, father, name - People Search
  34. Looking for birth mother: last name, relatives, address, history - People Search
  35. Friend in Pine Ridge South Dakota: friends, sisters, old, name - People Search
  36. help finding someone (Memphis): record, sister, old, father - People Search
  37. MacDonald Family Hot Springs AK: children, father, name, Kansas - People Search
  38. Trying to find biological father: record, phone, child, searches - People Search
  39. Looking for mother in Miami Florida are.: records, children, county - People Search
  40. Search for Childhood Friend - Linda Perry from Bristol UK: sisters, brother - People Search
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  43. Trying to locate former neighbor: records, neighborhood, county, friend - People Search
  44. There's A Girl..: searches, last name, birth, member - People Search
  45. Looking for Harlan Danner or Wilana Carter: records, baby, daughter - People Search
  46. Looking for medical information: child, friends, father, person - People Search
  47. Hector Morales, Mrs. Rosario Rodriguez, Las Vegas: old, address, looking for - People Search
  48. Looking for a George Worthington from the early 1970's in S.C.: neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  49. Grandparents looking for grandchildren, Columbus OH: name, find, age - People Search
  50. Help Finding Brian Dufore: child, county, daughter, old - People Search
  51. Looking for Mike Woods from Hamilton, OH: phone, name, address - People Search
  52. Looking for an old shipmate 1998 Great Lakes Recruit Training Command Division 236: phone, name - People Search
  53. Francesco Guerra Havana, Cuba - Miami - Long Island 1960/65: location, father, names - People Search
  54. Looking for my brother!!!!!!!!!!: phone, friend, daughter, father - People Search
  55. looking for Steven E. Lynn: friend, daughter, father, last name - People Search
  56. Patricia Rodriguez - GF's Mom: record, phone, county, photo - People Search
  57. Searchin for Martin Yakelewicz, last known in Conrad Montana: relatives, member, looking for - People Search
  58. Nathaniel Foss from Northampton, MA: neighbor, friends, member, addresses - People Search
  59. Searching for lost 43-year old daughter: sister, father, last name, member - People Search
  60. what are my chances of finding...: photos, friend, old, name - People Search
  61. looking for STANLEY BUCZEK: phone, daughter, name, birth - People Search
  62. My Aunt is searching for her Biological Son: Paul Thomas Smith Jr.: birth certificate, records - People Search
  63. Looking for Anthony Arthur Dean: picture, daughter, sister, old - People Search
  64. Looking for my childhood friend Bobby Hook: phone, picture, old - People Search
  65. Looking for relatives in Columbus, Ga (McFarland): genealogy, location, telephone - People Search
  66. Baby Girl born January 17, 1994: records, county, daughter, name - People Search
  67. Looking for my biological father. Can you help?: location, records, photo - People Search
  68. can you help me find me friend number: phone, name, addresses - People Search
  69. Looking for brother??: searches, old, lost, name - People Search
  70. Nicotra family: phone, street, daughter, father - People Search
  71. Trying to find my half brother. help!: old, dad, name - People Search
  72. Children of Joseph Franklin Carey: friend, sisters, old, lost - People Search
  73. Raymond Stover: records, children, sister, father - People Search
  74. looking for missing aunt name gloria contreras jimenez: sisters, father, birth - People Search
  75. Joseph Herman Power (born 1949 in California): phone, father, birth, addresses - People Search
  76. Found Jennie L. Brown: friend, old, lost, name - People Search
  77. Looking for daughter of Gary Warren who passed March 2005 in Essex, MD: location, phone - People Search
  78. Is there way.....: name, address, person, attorney - People Search
  79. Another request....yearbooks?: high school, Florida, find, website - People Search
  80. Searching for a brother: phone, street, name, relatives - People Search
  81. In search of my brother/ separated at a young age. !! help: picture, old - People Search
  82. I may have siblings ?: phone, children, searches, daughter - People Search
  83. Looking for Biological Father............: birth certificate, friends, sister, old - People Search
  84. one knows Juan Dias from Fontana, Pomona,, he has 45 years old: county, lost - People Search
  85. Searching for on someone: zip code, location, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  86. looking for someone: friends, sister, old, father - People Search
  87. Looking for My Father: daughter, name, birth, where - People Search
  88. Looking for a homeless Veteran in Chicago: buy, street, picture - People Search
  89. Looking For JOY LOUISA LEE and Dave!!!! URGENT!!!: phone, county, daughter - People Search
  90. Looking for ana!!!: friend, relatives, New York, state - People Search
  91. Jamaicans in Brooklyn: friend, old, looking for, find - People Search
  92. Looking for Tang, To Fai - Montreal?: neighbor, children, county - People Search
  93. TV Shows That Reunited Family Members....: unsolved, old, lost, names - People Search
  94. looking for my friend Leo Neuemborg: old, name, finding, ago - People Search
  95. Looking for my mom, Janet Lee James: location, records, places - People Search
  96. looking for adopted brother: record, adoptee, child, name - People Search
  97. How do I find my dad?: location, picture, friend, old - People Search
  98. Biological family found me: phone, sisters, old, father - People Search
  99. I am looking for an aunt.....: genealogy, location, records, children - People Search
  100. information on how to proceed: name, member, address, where - People Search
  101. Looking for Birthmom Tx 1993: record, adoptee, old, last name - People Search
  102. family members used to be in Michigan: daughter, sisters, father - People Search
  103. adoption of nephew: sister, father, name, adopted - People Search
  104. Can Access California Death index: records, children, father, name - People Search
  105. Searching for PFC James Warren Griffin or his family: member, obituaries, USA - People Search
  106. Looking for Jimmy Newman, Jr. - Dudley, N.C. or Pompano Beach, Florida.: searches, old - People Search
  107. Young Girl Searching For Family. HELP!!: genealogy, zip code, neighbor - People Search
  108. Looking for relatives in Alabama: phone, children, county, father - People Search
  109. looking for stepfather: sister, name, address, brother - People Search
  110. looking for an acquaintance: find, contact, Facebook, business - People Search
  111. Looking for a Curry or Mattingly person near or from Kentucky: sister, father - People Search
  112. Looking for Birth Mother In or Around Lamont, Ca: records, county, name - People Search
  113. Family Celnik: searches, name, USA, looking for - People Search
  114. How do you find people from Mexico: location, records, sisters - People Search
  115. Want to Apologize: friend, old, where, looking for - People Search
  116. find half brother ! name , location, birthday!: records, neighborhood, neighbor, children - People Search
  117. Help: old, name, member, where - People Search
  118. Been searching for younger half brother: location, county, father, last name - People Search
  119. iso Alex B from Metairie, LA: friend, old, lost, father - People Search
  120. Looking for relative in Buenos Aires (Capital Federal): phone, child, daughter - People Search
  121. help me find my half-brother: phone, picture, father, name - People Search
  122. Looking for Eric Johnson from Lubbock TX: friend, lost, name - People Search
  123. Looking for my dad: birth certificate, genealogy, records, children - People Search
  124. looking for old friend....: location, phone, friends, lost - People Search
  125. looking for my family: sister, father, Washington, address - People Search
  126. Looking for long time friend: child, name, information, finder - People Search
  127. Trying to find father, Capstick in Houston: name, address, brother - People Search
  128. 1926 Carpenter baby? Binghamton, NY: child, father, last name, member - People Search
  129. Looking for the Bowman family, Pittsburgh, PA: sister - People Search
  130. looking for adopted great nephew: father, name, birth, Alabama - People Search
  131. Looking for Jay ( Jewett ) White in North Carolina: child, names - People Search
  132. Do you know something about:: genealogy, location, records, phone - People Search
  133. Looking for Brother...: friends, names, birth, member - People Search
  134. Help!!! Looking for my brother Waldemar Villalobos...: phone, sister, old - People Search
  135. searching for Biological Father: birth certificate, location, records, children - People Search
  136. LOOKING FOR ONE WHO WORKED @ mIDWAY dRIVE-IN in Junction city: places, friends - People Search
  137. Looking for a Timothy Marks. help.: records, places, phone - People Search
  138. Trying to find my 2 sisters Penny Sue Kuhn and Lisa Dawn Kuhn: phone, dad - People Search
  139. Looking for Biological father Martin: neighbor, children, daughters, old - People Search
  140. Urgent help needed!! (how to find a lost person): phone, children, friends - People Search
  141. help me find my dad?: location, records, phone, father - People Search
  142. Searching for my biological father: children, daughters, names, San Francisco - People Search
  143. Searching for David Wayne Stevens.......: birth certificate, location, records, places - People Search
  144. Trying to find my uncle Faron Wesley Kuhn: phone, old, father - People Search
  145. Looking for girl dated in 1969: sister, old, dad, last name - People Search
  146. Looking for Jeanne Jalbert-age 54: telephone, children, picture, friends - People Search
  147. Looking for father: Gregory Bernard Johnston: birth certificate, phone, friends, daughter - People Search
  148. Deborah DeWing, (Debbie): location, children, picture, friends - People Search
  149. search family - Arizona: location, records, children, friends - People Search
  150. Looking for Richard Goff: records, names, birth, relatives - People Search
  151. Looking for Dad: location, records, children, friends - People Search
  152. help me to find my love: picture, friend, sisters - People Search
  153. Searching for My sister!!!!: location, searches, friends, sisters - People Search
  154. Seeking Bally from Phoukeepsie: records, children, county, photo - People Search
  155. Mark or Cookie Reno or Eddie Russell: dad, names, birth - People Search
  156. Looking for my biological father. help!?: records, phone, street - People Search
  157. looking for Mark Anthony Ramon in northern California.: birth certificate, record, child - People Search
  158. Can help me locate a school friend?: zip code, phone, street - People Search
  159. Looking for ...: records, telephone, village, daughter - People Search
  160. Searching for Grandsons: record, children, searches, old - People Search
  161. Does know who this is??: photos, name, where, person - People Search
  162. Help me find Mark Martin - is he your barber?: records, phone - People Search
  163. trying to locate son: genealogy, location, places, phone - People Search
  164. looking for uncle, cummins, estes, rhodes, rhoades, burkes: last name, birth, Oregon - People Search
  165. News, NamUs: Where missing people can be found.: person, online - People Search
  166. help me find my sister Jessica, Ohio: record, children, friend - People Search
  167. Doing biographical/genealogical research dating back 30 years - HELP!: looking for, information - People Search
  168. help me find my brother: name, family, trying to find, about - People Search
  169. Searching for people who knew Floyd J Johnson and Jane R Johnson of San Jose, CA: old, family - People Search
  170. Looking for relatives of Henry & Polly Farrar in Texas: county, Tennessee - People Search
  171. Kathy Bergen from CT are you out there?: name, brother - People Search
  172. Gay Club on Garden Grove Blvd in 1980's: father, name, birth - People Search
  173. Looking for lost brother help: record, child, old, father - People Search
  174. Looking for my dad, vladimir a akimenko: photos, old, father - People Search
  175. Looking for Juan Santos: places, sister, old, father - People Search
  176. Looking for Gilson or Rogers bio relatives. Help!?: father, last name, adoption - People Search
  177. Searching for Jim Macphee of 308-3360 Southgate Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1v 9A6, Canada: sister, father - People Search
  178. Looking for the Children of Mary Devlin - New York City: sister, father - People Search
  179. looking for flight attendant - People Search
  180. An Irish girl named Elaine: where, Australia, information - People Search
  181. looking for mom perla delfina perez: name, information, mother, contact - People Search
  182. I'm looking for my Father- Jose De Oliviera: name, country, born - People Search
  183. michael,frank, john Alexander born in lowell Mass: children, father, relatives - People Search
  184. adoption child - Dewayne Ridley Smith in Texas: adoptive, looking for - People Search
  185. Susan Luna -San Antonio TX - People Search
  186. ANITA H. - AKA - SARAH I. - call your mother!: sister, addresses - People Search
  187. ANITA H. - AKA - SARAH I. - call your mother soon!: sister, addresses - People Search
  188. searching for Catherine Ritchie born 1935: adoptee, sister, father, name - People Search
  189. Searching for my father in PR: Angel Caraballo JR...: children, last name, address - People Search
  190. Father is Lannie Vickery. Looking for siblings.: letter, family, find - People Search
  191. Searching for COLE, ILLINOIS: photo, looking for, age - People Search
  192. Looking for Henry Mukiibi: lost, father, names, brother - People Search
  193. help me:): person, find - People Search
  194. Looking for my half brother same father with the last name of Clayton!: adopted, where - People Search
  195. Looking for Samuel Alfano: birth certificate, county, name, birth - People Search
  196. looking for birth mother: phone, daughter, sister, name - People Search
  197. Grosso Family: children, sister, father, brother - People Search
  198. Looking for a child: last name, Illinois, about, born - People Search
  199. Looking for Lawrence G. McMillan of Pine Lake, GA or relatives: friend, old - People Search
  200. Looking for two people who attended a ELVIS PRESLEY concert @ the Olympia Theater in Miami Florida Aug 3rd 1956: picture, friend - People Search