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  10. Why Dogs Are Better than Humans: Part 983: stop
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  37. Jasper and the Unbaked Yeast Rolls.: tooth, best - Dogs
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  55. how to make friends of myhusband and dog: lab, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  59. Depressed Dogs: reactions, walk, normal, vs
  60. News, What Happened to Vick's Dogs.: pitbulls, best, normal, animal
  61. cut on paw: clean, vet, skin, pup - Dogs
  62. Doggies decorating Xmas Tree Video: training, owner - Dogs
  63. Pitbull doing good in the neighborhood!: pitbulls, clean, breed, keep - Dogs
  64. Merry Christmas: Vermont, year, family - Dogs
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  69. My deaf Lyla is constipated!: poop, vet, stomach, chewing - Dogs
  70. 60 yesterday, snow today: hair - Dogs
  71. Can Help Save a Life in Florida?: vet, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  72. Would a dog with cat prey drive be bad around small dogs too?: shih tzu, terrier
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  74. My Dog is Schitzo!: lab, boxers, vet, barking - Dogs
  75. Melamine in Chicken Jerky immported from China: veterinarian, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
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  78. This Is Why We Need Federal Changes.: pitbulls, breeder, legal - Dogs
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  80. Restraints for Dogs in Cars: how much, labs, best, medium
  81. My 10 week old puppy is eating his own CRAP!!: poop, vet, diet - Dogs
  82. Its. Not. A. Muzzle!!!! (Rant): boxer, barking, aggressive, training - Dogs
  83. Tossing used bags into private gargabes: poop, cats, walk - Dogs
  84. We had a birthday: labs, vets, breeding, black - Dogs
  85. Pic of Bobo: paws, treats, work - Dogs
  86. Solution found instead of anal sac expressing: how much, vet, diet - Dogs
  87. New Homeowner With Related to Potty Breaks: labs, clean, poop - Dogs
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  90. Miss Millie: boxers, England, year, gland - Dogs
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  92. Lonely Dog - Doggie Day Care?: how much, lab, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
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  94. Want an unbiased assessment of your dog's aggressiveness? Neat test!: golden retriever, veterinary - Dogs
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  96. VP Biden and his puppy: shepherd, shepherds, breeder, rescue - Dogs
  97. Don't BELEIVE what you read in the media about dog attacks: pitbulls, shepherd - Dogs
  98. Dog Ate Truffles: vet, prescription, treatment, diarrhea - Dogs
  99. Adding new dog to family with dominant and jealous dog. Help.: how much, lab - Dogs
  100. Vaccine laws in NC: labs, vet, mice, rescued - Dogs
  101. Gassing of shelter animals: breeding, costs, adopt, neutering - Dogs
  102. Chip my dog? Hell No!: how much, children, puppy, best - Dogs
  103. I need help with a barking dog problem.: rescue, cost, noise - Dogs
  104. Dog Sick, Can't think of anything: allergy, clean, poop - Dogs
  105. Getting my dogs adjusted to cold weather?: chihuahua, husky, rescue
  106. Bully Sticks ??: bulldog, cost, bones, chews - Dogs
  107. Desperate for puppy companionship: how much, poodle, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  108. More Dog Food Questions: how much, breeders, kennel, natural - Dogs
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  110. Winter wonderland: poop, ears, Florida, Oregon - Dogs
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  112. ethical dilemma?????: vet, surgery, teeth, treatment - Dogs
  113. What to do when you start comparing everything to saving animals?: poodle, breeder - Dogs
  114. What's kind of dog do I have? Just rescued a pup, what it could be :): pitbull, lab - Dogs
  115. off leash - mini rant: chihuahuas, vet, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  116. What kind of dog is this?: pitbull, ridgeback, Shar-Pei, shepherd - Dogs
  117. News, Woman goes to the pound and brings home 27 dogs.: terrier, rescue
  118. The bum scootch (anal sacs need to be expressed): shih tzu, clean, vet - Dogs
  119. What to name this adorable Daschund?!: rescue, dachshund, best, german - Dogs
  120. Yogurt for the stinky dog: skin, diet, food, cats - Dogs
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  122. Food Allergies- chicken: lab, allergic, vet, black - Dogs
  123. Heeler is sick: What Could it Be?: allergy, vet, stomach - Dogs
  124. Which of my (rescue) dogs is chewing up my house ... and why?: golden retriever, spaniel
  125. Stinky dog!: lab, poodle, terrier, clean - Dogs
  126. Doggie dental care -- need advice: chihuahua, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  127. Does your dog wish he could see through the privacy fence?: clean, vet - Dogs
  128. fruits for dogs: vet, wound, training, drool
  129. What are your views of Pit Bulls and why?: pitbulls, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  130. Seeking to adopt a new family member ...: border collie, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  131. How did you name your pet?: English Bulldog, breeding, rescue, beagle - Dogs
  132. On the fence about recieving a new puppy: shepherd, terrier, vet - Dogs
  133. Abandoned Dogs - Need Help: lab, breeders, rescues, collie
  134. Pedi Paws - more questions.: black, cost, natural, kids - Dogs
  135. Schnauzer vs schnoodle: poodles, boxers, terrier, rottweilers - Dogs
  136. I know I'm going to get stoned for this...: labradors, boxers, tumors - Dogs
  137. Is Adoption a Rescue if from a Home?: labs, vet, adopt - Dogs
  138. My Best Buddy (7 y/o Boxer) has Boxer Cardiomyopathy/ARVC: boxers, vet - Dogs
  139. What's the best way to potty train a puppy?: terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  140. Thanks to CD members about raw meat: shepherd, allergic, clean - Dogs
  141. 15 month old lab behavior: labrador, retrievers, toy, science - Dogs
  142. neighbor's dogs are at it again!: golden retrievers, bite, barking
  143. and he they wouldn't remember him: vet, skin, adopted - Dogs
  144. New pup in our family, for you guys..: lab, bite, clean - Dogs
  145. Teeth: shepherd, bite, clean, toy - Dogs
  146. Heartworm Med Overdose??: vet, treatment, diarrhea, beagle - Dogs
  147. Look who turned 5!!: best, ears, year - Dogs
  148. New Shelter Puppy--Curious about her mix: pitbull, labs, aggressive - Dogs
  149. Happy Thanksgiving From Our Crew: adoption, noise, shots, collars - Dogs
  150. Power dumping in the house :S: how much, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  151. Taking my dog on a trip.: shepherd, lab, black, rescue - Dogs
  152. Dog food recommendations: poop, allergies, costs, adopt - Dogs
  153. Two Pups We Picked Up and Placed: skin, rescue, bones - Dogs
  154. It's a Girl !: border collie, vet, aggressive, black - Dogs
  155. Lab breeders in NJ/NY: labrador, retriever, vet, training - Dogs
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  165. 106 Abandonded Pit Bulls in Okla.: wound, skin, rescue, bones - Dogs
  166. Does your dog sleep with you?: how much, shih tzu, skin, ears - Dogs
  167. tried a litterbox for a small dog???: terrier, chihuahuas, clean - Dogs
  168. Repo and his DNA Test!: border collie, lab, breeder, black - Dogs
  169. best dog: labs, black, rescued, shelters - Dogs
  170. Who's Ready For Pictures? (OVERLOAD): shedding, outside, ears, treats - Dogs
  171. Ethical dilemma with neighbor's dog: how much, golden retriever, poop, rescue - Dogs
  172. Do you know what this means?: allergic, terrier, spray, grass - Dogs
  173. about lab puppy: labs, toy, train, collie - Dogs
  174. Flying with a dog: vet, kennel, cross, ears - Dogs
  175. Irritable Bowel Disease: boxers, clean, vet, treatment - Dogs
  176. First Shots with New Camera: bite, test, home, hurt - Dogs
  177. Daschund Disaster Story: how much, chihuahuas, rescue, euthanize - Dogs
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  182. I did it again.. rescued a yorkie from puppy mill: lab, yorkies - Dogs
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  184. Pup with two sets of teeth at 6 months old: shih tzu, yorkies, clean - Dogs
  185. Your thoughts on Dog Breeds ?: border collie, shepherd, labs, bulldogs
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  187. Great danes: how much, chihuahuas, clean, vet - Dogs
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  190. Dancing with the dogs - on Animal Planet tonight!: mean
  191. News, Group urges humane treatment of stray dogs in Iraq.: Washington, animal
  192. News, Arkansas woman says dog saved her life.: year, sleep - Dogs
  193. Solution for Peeing on Christmas Trees: spray, cheap, fencing, yard - Dogs
  194. too CUTE! I want one of pups!!!: puppies, owner - Dogs
  195. Dogs - You love em: lab, black, rescue, puppy
  196. Puppy Cam Pups Leaving!: puppies - Dogs
  197. Video, dogs singing christmas song.
  198. News, 'Take my dog! He looks like David Bowie!': shelters, year - Dogs
  199. Dogs and no fair: canines, people
  200. News Video, Dogs Help Keep Lost Boy Alive.