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  1. For BlueWillowPlate: house - Music
  2. WOW! TMan Latz, 9-year-old blues guitarist ROCKS! - Music
  3. German Composer BW Recknagel Talks Prince: videos, bootleg, band, jazz - Music
  4. Psychostick: lyrics, song, best, listen - Music
  5. Musicians on this forum with recorded tunes?: singers, band, hardcore
  6. Favorite 90s band?: metal, Pearl Jam, Weezer, Charlotte - Music
  7. Most unusal artist: song - Music
  8. Good Vibes for Yauch (aka MCA of the Beastie Boys) - Music
  9. If you could pick your own all star band who would be made up of?: singers, saxophone - Music
  10. have their amps in their cars?: Beatles, good, rappers - Music
  11. Before They Were Popular: band, famous, musician
  12. Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood Tour: bass, cd, player, good - Music
  13. News, Cancer cancels Beastie Boys' tour, postpones album: soundtrack, classic, 2009 - Music
  14. Need a Spanish Song HELP!!!: soundtrack, singing, videos, country - Music
  15. Favorite music video: greatest
  16. Are there music channels out there at all?: videos, dance, song
  17. Foreplay/Long Time video...: great song, band, albums, song - Music
  18. goups/soloists or whatever..... underrated: lyrics, sing, Soul - Music
  19. Michael and Best Buy: videos, money, style, sounds - Music
  20. Summer Concerts: bands, classic, album, best - Music
  21. Chicago-Saturday In The Park-1972: lyric, singing, fav song, album - Music
  22. Does remember a group called Gypsy ?: rock, song - Music
  23. Guitar riffs that you hate.: metal, 80's, song, radio - Music
  24. asasd - Music
  25. Orianthi Panagar: player, 2009, best, hear - Music
  26. It Might Get Loud (movie trailer, 3 great guitarists): good, fan, movies - Music
  27. Favorite Rock Concert: metal, Pink Floyd, better - Music
  28. Animusic :): original
  29. Spoof/Tribute metal - Music
  30. Who sings this song?: lyrics, singing, great song, country - Music
  31. What is the name of this Spanish/Mexican song?: sang, New Mexico - Music
  32. Rap Songs About Snitching To The White House?: radio, listen - Music
  33. The hardest song ever made.: lyrics, hardcore, artist, hear - Music
  34. help with lyrics, song ID: great song, group, artist, 60's - Music
  35. Looking for a song...: lyrics, dance, 60's, good - Music
  36. Local Music/Entertainment TV programming: artist, musician, Cleveland
  37. Best city for each type of music: blues, 80's, western
  38. Brooke Hogan fans???: album, song, best, fan - Music
  39. 40 year anniversary of the Beatles Abbey Road Pic 8/8/09: band, albums, 2009 - Music
  40. Bowstring play - Music
  41. Them Crooked Vultures: rock, 2009, better, guitar - Music
  42. **Composer/Musician -Make your own music? ** 1thread 4ALL: lyrics, trance, song
  43. Ipod users...just fun questions!: electronic, cds, song, single - Music
  44. Need help trying to figure out who does this song....: lyric, band - Music
  45. Artist and song title to a recent light rock tune.: singer, group - Music
  46. Musicals and Microphones: singers, classic, radio, concerts
  47. song from cartoon: stations, radio, vocal - Music
  48. attend this Queen concert in July 1985 ??: band, famous, best - Music
  49. For music memories, check out this station: pop, radio, listen
  50. Is this recent Elton John song The Drover's Ballad a Billy Joel Rip-off?: lyrics, sixties - Music
  51. Country Music Fans/Guitar collectors: albums, Springsteen, artists, iPod
  52. Who are you seeing in concert this summer?: band, rock, group - Music
  53. 80's music videos with new lyrics & vocals to match the video: record
  54. Turbo Folk (Pop-Folk) Music ; Balkan music: lyrics, videos, funk, genre
  55. Tell me: Best site to head to for Jersey Boy Tickets!: group, New York - Music
  56. Avett Brothers: folk punk, Doc Watson rock, regional roots: lyrics, genre, album - Music
  57. ANother anti-country rant: song, good, commercial, listen - Music
  58. name of a song: dance, wedding - Music
  59. Share the stage with urban icons Akon, T-Pain, Ne-Yo, Ms. Keri and Flo-Rida: artists, top - Music
  60. News, King of Pop reigns over music charts.: singer, elvis presley, 2009
  61. unexpected concerts: band, gospel, Pink Floyd, famous - Music
  62. News, A guide to the world's best music festivals.: heavy metal, artists, 2009
  63. Best rhythm section?: Atlanta - Music
  64. Has ever heard of guitarist Steve Hillage?: bands, rock, mp3 player - Music
  65. Stevie Nicks - Night of 1000 Stevies: bands, rock, good, female - Music
  66. Country Awards tonight: artist, Rush - Music
  67. George Harrison collection: vinyl, song, good, listen - Music
  68. Im convinced more than ever: band, song, good, money - Music
  69. News, Court Finds Single Mom Owes $1.92 Million To Record Companies For Sharing 24 Songs Online.: New York, industry - Music
  70. NWA: The World's Most Dangerous Group: bass, albums, famous, artists - Music
  71. Music Videos - Help: dance, cd
  72. Trance is the coolest!!!!!!Add your favorite trance song. !!: sing, DJ - Music
  73. Herb Reed of the Platters featured in a worldwide broadcast.: classic, group - Music
  74. Do you use iTunes? Is it a mess?: videos, album, song - Music
  75. All time artists with best lyrics: Pink Floyd, Soul - Music
  76. $1.92M - Not so good for the MN song-pirate the 2nd time around: techno, Minnesota - Music
  77. Mister G.BENSON: classic, albums, artist, 60's - Music
  78. ****Your Favorite Mariah Carey Song****: favorite song, 90s - Music
  79. Bob Sinclar & Sugarhill Gang - LaLa Song! (I can't stop moving to this tune!): house, 90's - Music
  80. Beck covers Velvet Underground & Nico (the whole album): rock, 2009, song - Music
  81. California song by the simpletonew where online (legally): mp3 - Music
  82. good at tabbing songs/riffs for guitar?: listen - Music
  83. R Kelly back at it again!!: singer, rappers, RnB, Chicago - Music
  84. Inventors of Rock and Roll!: blues, player, good, American - Music
  85. Flaming Lips touring with new album: band, dance, song, better - Music
  86. Tricks to memorizing a fretboard??: jazz, player, song, good - Music
  87. News, Mayor calls for Freddie Mercury comeback gig.: rock, musical, performance
  88. Current Drag Show Songs: classic, hits, used - Music
  89. 90's rock: lyrics, Pearl Jam, song, top - Music
  90. What was the best year in music history (modern era)?: great songs, band
  91. Gram Parsons: lyric, singing, band, alternative - Music
  92. Will Country Music ever return to Tradition?: classic, player, album
  93. Songs That Remind you of Prom....: blues, 90's, good, dancing - Music
  94. Do You Know Stuttering Songs?: lyrics, rap, Beastie Boys, best - Music
  95. JAZZ! Your favorite JAZZ musician! JAZZ! JAZZ!: classic, miles davis, best
  96. Air Supply: singing, bands, drum, song - Music
  97. Favourite songs over ten minutes?: lyric, blues, Beatles, good - Music
  98. Favourite songs under one minute?: singing, hardcore, Beatles, commercial - Music
  99. The Official R&B: lyrics, singing, music video, famous
  100. I was wrong about the Grateful Dead: lyric, favorite song, band - Music
  101. Cereal Box, Magazine records.: bootleg, bands, player, artists - Music
  102. Does a specific song take you back to a moment in time?: great songs, bands - Music
  103. funny songs: lyrics, classic - Music
  104. The Unofficial TV Intros/Credits: classic, song, original, Miami - Music
  105. Too many young people today listening to old man rock music.... again: sing, bands
  106. What Song Gets You Going? (lyrics: pop, best, Soul - Music
  107. This is a great song. Sung by a great singer!!!!! Add your favorites so all can hear!!!!: band, album - Music
  108. 60's Singer Frankie Love: soundtrack, lead singer, music videos, pop
  109. Obscure or unusual songs: band, dance, album, artists - Music
  110. Open a window! Who can dig funk ????: mp3, player, albums - Music
  111. Artist or Song from your city or area.: videos, band, house - Music
  112. Music from Movies: soundtracks, dance, song, good
  113. Brooks & Dunn Call It Quits: classic, albums, Rolling Stones, group - Music
  114. Favourite Tex-Mex songs: country, ballads, albums, artist - Music
  115. Do You Still Buy CD's?: singer, cds, itunes, artist - Music
  116. Would rap still have flourished without the other elements?: 70's, rapper, dancing - Music
  117. Poll - What color best represents smooth jazz?: blues, genre, Rolling Stones - Music
  118. Todays Music?: sing, great song, classic, song
  119. What is your favortie decade(s) of music and why???: bands, dance
  120. Best Anti-War song.: lyrics, singing, band, classic - Music
  121. Todays modern Country is just like hip hop in terms of self respect: singers, band - Music
  122. nauseating country songs: singers, videos, genre, artists - Music
  123. Opera Music: Does enjoy it?: singers, classic, Madonna
  124. Bob Seger or Bruce Springsteen ?: singing, great songs, band, dance - Music
  125. Atlanta Rythm Section: favorite song, band, classics, album - Music
  126. Modern Day Music Genious: blues, cd, artist, best
  127. Johnny Cash song: sing, blues, best - Music
  128. What's Your Favorite Romantic Song or Songs: lyrics, album, Madonna - Music
  129. Why do you listen to music?: singer, dance, genre, artists
  130. City Pride....Bands/Artists from your Town!!!: bootleg, favorite songs, bands - Music
  131. 1984: soundtrack, videos, bands, heavy metal - Music
  132. Aerosmith !?! I'm sick of 'em: band, blues, itunes, song - Music
  133. Who was YOUR favorite entertainer of all time?: singing, pop, albums - Music
  134. Why won't the myth that John Mayer is a good guitarist die?: blues, genre - Music
  135. What are your favorite Blondie songs?: classic, cd, cd player, album - Music
  136. Guitarist of Paul Revere and the Raiders Drake Levin 1946-2009: favorite songs, band - Music
  137. Male artist with the most #1 singles? Justin Timberlake and Timbaland share the record with 4 hits each: bands, pop - Music
  138. Joe Walsh: blues, album, song, top - Music
  139. Need Reggae/Ska Suggestions!: band, classic, cd, song - Music
  140. Brazilian Music: lyrics, dance, artists, sixties
  141. Creepy music!: lyrics, soundtrack, favorite bands, country
  142. which music has been more commercalized into crap?-Country or Hip-Hop: singers, bands
  143. Best guitarist of all time.: jazz, player, instruments, style - Music
  144. Random song discussion: music and lyrics, singing, classic, player
  145. Why is Southern Rap so popular?: lyrics, singing, country, cd - Music
  146. The most Talented artist Dead or Alive!: band, single, musician
  147. Appropriate song for the occasion!: singing, band, best, chorus - Music
  148. Alice in Chains is back! 1st new song in 14 years!!: lead singer, band - Music
  149. Thoughts on this song: great song, band, drum, 50s - Music
  150. Music trends: sing, bands, rock, genre
  151. Best and worst songs by Paul McCartney?: OST, great songs, rock - Music
  152. Name an artist and then list your LEAST favorite hit single from them: favorite songs, band - Music
  153. If Paul MacCartney came to your town, would you go see him?: bands, artist - Music
  154. Who Were The Best Guitarists Before The Era Of Distortion & Fuzz Pedals?: electronic, player - Music
  155. Moon Songs!: band - Music
  156. Weirdest mainstream song?: lyrics, heavy metal, 1980s, top - Music
  157. song or artist that you just HATE: country, genre, 80s - Music
  158. Why do you listen to the kind of music that you listen to: lyrics, soundtrack
  159. Music people-Let's Visit:): music videos, song, better, stations
  160. I'm looking for informations about a song: lyrics - Music
  161. Do you listen to Barry white ?: Soul, record, amazing - Music
  162. MIDI music: mp3, player, song, best
  163. Your favorite Carol King song: lyrics, singing, house, albums - Music
  164. music lessons: band, electronic, player, Doors
  165. If you had one wish to bring an Artist back from the dead. Who would it be and why?: rap, talented - Music
  166. New Age Music: electronic, artists, best, solo
  167. What is wrong with music anymore?: lyrics, band, classic, genre
  168. Stage fright when singing?: lyrics, singers, band, rock - Music
  169. Can't Find A Song/ Lyrics Search - (Use this for song searching): band, album - Music
  170. Song written after real life events.: lyrics, Beatles, American, listen - Music
  171. Songs with great intros: singers, classics, Beatles, 60's - Music
  172. Harry Chapin fans: lyrics, favorite songs, band, albums - Music
  173. Does listen to hard Rock anymore??: classic, scorpions, good - Music
  174. Top 10 RnB singer's of all time.: singers, bands, jazz, artists - Music
  175. One of my greatest regrets in life - - - queen!: singing, bootleg - Music
  176. folk, bluegrass, americana, alt country: album, group, song, best - Music
  177. Why is Ozzy Osbourne suing Tony Iommi for the Black Sabbath name?: singing, song - Music
  178. Jay-Z-Death of Autotune (D.O.A.): lyric, hip-hop, artist, song - Music
  179. What ''Rockin'' Country songs do you listen to???: singing, 70's, best - Music
  180. Songs that leave you speechless: Springsteen, DJ, performance, cover - Music
  181. Worst genres of music: sing, heavy metal, song, top
  182. Nameless, Faceless session musicians...: 60's, song, best, record
  183. Dave Somerville and the Diamonds fans? Listen up!: radio, hear - Music
  184. Mikey Bubble: GOD this guy is overrated: singing - Music
  185. Robben Ford -: blues, hear - Music
  186. Jimmy Rosenberg-Sinti- In the vein of Django Reinhardt: blues, cd, better - Music
  187. this is the best song i have heard on the radio in a long time - Music
  188. Breaking Benjamin's 4th album: itunes, single - Music
  189. Stevie Wonder album - Music
  190. Participation on behalf of the All Msiqah favorite artist or favorite - Music
  191. New York Dolls renunion: band, bass, player, group - Music
  192. Help!: lyrics, sing, song, good - Music
  193. new Son Volt out today: album, American, records - Music
  194. Gary Go....and then he'll be gone. ahah: best, single - Music
  195. seeing M.S.G. in concert??: singing, classics, album - Music
  196. News, Manchester, Tennessee, Bon Iver rocks Bonnaroo.: singer, band, drum - Music
  197. Nielsen Soundscan Sales Data How To Get It?: artists, top, industry - Music
  198. M Jackson - Music
  199. Backup singers seen on videos - Music
  200. music videos.: good