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  3. 1 Tim. 5.23: Jehovah, scripture, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
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  14. 8th Commandment in Perspective: Torah, HaShem, believers, pray - Christianity
  15. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness: church, sin - Christianity
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  23. And the fact about Newtown is ..... many lessons can be learned: women, exodus - Christianity
  24. Why do we give at Christmas?: tradition, Gospels, church, believe - Christianity
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  26. Dear God, Why do you allow so much violence in our schools?: prayers, Christian - Christianity
  27. Prayer Request: women, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  28. Glorious Kingdom of God on Earth: Jehovah, Revelation, scripture, sin - Christianity
  29. The good news that we are ambassadors of: hell, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  30. I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; not I, but Christ liveth in me: testimony, prayer - Christianity
  31. Zion-ism Is...: belief, Bible, translate, Isaiah - Christianity
  32. The Vineyard Of God: believe, scripture, disciple, Jesus - Christianity
  33. Hanukkah What does it mean to a believer in Christ?: Torah, Messiah - Christianity
  34. Why do Anglicans throw their thurible around?: church, Christ, Baptist - Christianity
  35. Prayer request and update!: doctrine, prayers, recall, God - Christianity
  36. Jesus: The greatest fraud ever told: testimony, myth, believe, suicide - Christianity
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  40. Christmas blessings.: praying, Jesus Christ, God, Lord - Christianity
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  42. Peace to all, and merry CHRISTtmas: God, bless, Christmas, rejoice - Christianity
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  44. who live according to the sinful nature have their minds set on what that nature desires: believer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  45. Salvation Is In Jesus It's On God's Legal Terms !!: crucified, Gospel - Christianity
  46. Can The Body Of Christ Function With 90% Bible Believers Only ??: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  47. Out of the Eater Came Forth Meat, and Out of the Strong Came Forth Sweetness!!!: doctrine, woman - Christianity
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  55. Trying to find the video to a sermon that was on tv: preacher, blood - Christianity
  56. The Gospel According To Bob: song - Christianity
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  64. progressive Christianity: Buddhism, hell, doctrine, churches
  65. Are you not much more valuable than they?: believe, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  66. What is God's message in the feeding of the 5000 and 4000?: HaShem, Gospels - Christianity
  67. Want to annoy a legalist ....... since the truth doesn't seem to matter: woman, church - Christianity
  68. Why does 'modern man' need the Old Testament?: Leviticus, doctrine, churches - Christianity
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  71. Wolves in sheeps clothing: the passion, crucifixion, myths, church - Christianity
  72. Hope for Homosexuals: church, believe, scripture, priest - Christianity
  73. PRAYERS for the Children of CT: soul, grace, God, Christians - Christianity
  74. Would you be upset if God later saved your unsaved son or daughter?: tradition, hell - Christianity
  75. So what actually does Satan DO and why can't or won't God stop it?: Eden, HaShem - Christianity
  76. Many will say to me on that day: believers, Jesus - Christianity
  77. Why is freedom so important to many Christians?: church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  78. This, Takes The Cake:: Jehovah, woman, Messiah, Revelation - Christianity
  79. 77% identify with the Christian 'religion': Mormons, hell, church, beliefs - Christianity
  80. Is teaching young kids about an eternal hell child abuse?: punishment, doctrine - Christianity
  81. ETers and INFANT SALVATION: hell, preaching, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  82. The Word Was God---AMEN!: incarnation, doctrine, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  83. The Mayans Were Wrong: church, sin, Jesus, Kingdom - Christianity
  84. What it all boils down to: forgiveness: believe, scripture, Jesus - Christianity
  85. Free to choose??: hell, punishment, Bible, salvation - Christianity
  86. Why do Christians say they don't believe in evolution..?: myth, minority, Bible - Christianity
  87. Debunking the debunkers: A defense of the traditional date for Christ's birth: myth, church - Christianity
  88. s the REAL Good News!: Gomorrah, Gospel, Sodom, myths - Christianity
  89. So was everyone saved?: hell, preaching, Moses, sinned - Christianity
  90. Why do so few traditionalists rejoice in the idea of the suffering of the damned anymore?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  91. God Answers...: traditions, Jehovah, believe, scripture - Christianity
  92. Do you consider Jehovah's Witnesses to be part of Christianity?: Gospel, hell
  93. I wonder if there are jobs in heaven?: hell, believe - Christianity
  94. Friday Was A Sad Day For True Christians: Mormon, churches, beliefs - Christianity
  95. The Merry Christmas: messages, beliefs, Jesus Christ, Bible - Christianity
  96. When Christians say they are 'spiritual but not religious'...: birth control, doctrine, women - Christianity
  97. Do you remember? (psalm 22): Gospel, abomination, Revelation, scripture - Christianity
  98. Do who Christ actually 'know' they are rebelling against God?: crucified, Gospels - Christianity
  99. ... an ultimatum ! You decide... Is Jesus a spokesman for Satan or for God: hell, doctrine - Christianity
  100. Christ died for our sins: believe, scriptures, priest - Christianity
  101. Where was God during the Newtown Massacre?: believe, prayer, sin - Christianity
  102. Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men: Antichrist, believe - Christianity
  103. As a Christian Should we put up with racism?: Leviticus, women, churches - Christianity
  104. Queen James Bible: Leviticus, myth, believe, scripture - Christianity
  105. What did it show when Simon of Cyrene carried Jesus' cross?: crucifixion, Gospels - Christianity
  106. Nothing, But The Blood 0f Jesus?: Messiah, Revelation, after life, preaching - Christianity
  107. God the Father handed Jesus into the hands of sinful men: crucifixion, Gomorrah - Christianity
  108. Whose offense brought condemnation?: Gospel, churches, believe, pray - Christianity
  109. Hope for heterosexuals: sinners, Bible, Jacob, homosexual - Christianity
  110. Three Heads Are Better, Than One?: doctrine, Revelation, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  111. I left my church for good on sunday: women, churches, preacher - Christianity
  112. Jesus, Incarnate?: incarnation, doctrine, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  113. Lessons that can be learned from Newtown: hell, women, exodus - Christianity
  114. Entering into God's Rest: Gospel, testimony, church, Messiah - Christianity
  115. The 'majority' is wrong ... and time is short: Gospel, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  116. Smile from Heaven: hell, punishment, believer, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  117. Jesus The Claus:: traditions, Jehovah, doctrine, Revelation - Christianity
  118. Christianity and Sexual Orientations: you can use the Bible to debate: Gomorrah, Sodom
  119. Serious answers, put away your Bibles: Why does Christianity have to be the only path to salvation?: crucified, hell
  120. True Christians Should Not Celebrate New Year's Because It Is Pagan to the Core...: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  121. Is Saten More Powerful than God?: paradise, Jehovah's Witnesses, hell, preacher - Christianity
  122. Advent: church, Christ, worship, Isaiah - Christianity
  123. Hurricane Sandy, God's warning before final judgement: hell, Revelation, prayers - Christianity
  124. Worshiping In Spirit and In Truth?: Revelation, scripture, Solomon, Jesus - Christianity
  125. What happened to the Altar Call?: Jehovah, doctrine, churches, preach - Christianity
  126. Read about Love in 1 Corinthians 13 then: Gospel, Epistles, hell, punishment - Christianity
  127. The Menora Is ALL about Jesus !!: churches, Messiah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  128. The Protestant Reformation was a Catastrophe: traditions, Gospel, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  129. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it: believer, disciples - Christianity
  130. Where Your Heart Is...: traditions, Jehovah, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  131. Things we *think* we know..: testimony, preacher, believe, pray - Christianity
  132. What do Christian Universalists believe they are saved from ? - Christianity
  133. Jesus Was Not God (John 1:1; 5:7): Gospel, Jehovah, doctrine, women - Christianity
  134. why do Christian Pastors not speak out on the Prosperity Gospel preachers: churches, Deuteronomy - Christianity
  135. The Meaning Of The Entire Bible In One Sentance: Revelation, creation, Creator - Christianity
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  141. Christ died for sinners: crucifixion, doctrine, Messiah, believe - Christianity
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  143. Cults: Mormons, LDS, doctrine, women - Christianity
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  148. Reading the Bible: Gospels, Epistles, hell, church - Christianity
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  162. 1000 bc: Torah, Gospel, hell, punishment - Christianity
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  179. Wise Simple Scriptures?: hell, pray, sin, Jesus - Christianity
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  183. you need to be crazy or in a cult: presbyterian, church - Christianity
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  193. To That Feel Correction Is Passing Judgment !!: doctrine, churches, believers - Christianity
  194. For the eyes of the Lord are over the righteous, and his ears are open unto their prayers - Christianity
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  196. The Holy Spirit Does Not Divide Men Theologically With 10% Of The Bible ?: the passion, Gospel - Christianity
  197. Can The Holy Spirit Have Christians Disagreeing With Of The Bible Too Long ??: church, lukewarm - Christianity
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