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  1. 240-unit high-end multifamily development planned for North Macon: Bowman, Avalon: apartment complex, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  2. Voters approve E-SPLOST for Bibb schools: Savannah, Macon: sales, 2015, construction - Georgia (GA)
  3. The Telegraph redesigned AGAIN?!: Columbus: live, price, grocer - Macon, Georgia
  4. Ingleside Village adding new businesses to its small-town setting: Macon: rental, house - Georgia (GA)
  5. Uber in Macon..: Washington: credit, home, to buy - Georgia (GA)
  6. 1,000 new jobs coming to Milledgeville: Macon, Baldwin: sales, maintenance, live in - Georgia (GA)
  7. Tax Allocation District options for Macon-Atlanta railroad funding: Columbus: maintenance, cost - Georgia (GA)
  8. Tindall Heights transformation to begin in May: Macon, Gray: section 8, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  9. Warner Robins Georgia's Most Affordable Suburb: Atlanta, Macon: real estate, home - (GA)
  10. Macon-Bibb says next SPLOST may reach $240 million: sales, how much - Georgia (GA)
  11. Closure of Ocmulgee Traders: Macon: appointed, 2015, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  12. Looking for primary care for family member: Macon: house, living in - Georgia (GA)
  13. Downtown Macon getting 2 brew Pubs opening: restaurant, move, eat - Georgia (GA)
  14. ‘Project Sparta’ to bring up to 900 jobs to Milledgeville?: Atlanta: 2015, home - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  15. Does Macon have the leadership it needs?: Savannah, Warner Robins: for sale, salon - Georgia (GA)
  16. Reichert reveals plans for final term, reflects on past: Atlanta: neighborhood, university - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  17. The Lamar Hosts NewTown Macon Tour of Progress: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  18. Macon native seeks to transform South Macon neighborhoods: Concord, Gay: for sale, house - Georgia (GA)
  19. Medical Center, Navicent Health named second best hospital in the state: Atlanta: university, rankings - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  20. Macon is No. 2 ‘best value city’ for 2016 travel, Trivago says: Nelson: 2015, hotels - Georgia (GA)
  21. River clean up at Amerson Park: Macon: neighborhood, deed, cost - Georgia (GA)
  22. East Macon arts village part of redevelopment plan revealed Thursday: Atlanta: 2015, loan - Georgia (GA)
  23. about Perry and Kathleen: Warner Robins, Centerville: neighborhoods, subdivisions, rated - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  24. Population Estimates for Cities and Suburbs in the MACON-WARNER ROBINS CS: Albany: 2015, foreclosure - Georgia (GA)
  25. Barrington Hall Golf Couse area to live: Zebulon: place to live, safe - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  26. Which Location is Better 31210 or 31220?: Atlanta, Macon: apartment, homes, landscaping - Georgia (GA)
  27. Dublin how humid?: tornadoes, live in, moving to - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  28. Upgrades to Macon City Auditorium could cost $15 million: Ambrose: sales, renters - Georgia (GA)
  29. Ingleside district in Macon now part of National Register: credit, home - Georgia (GA)
  30. Study ranks FVSU number 1 for African-American math graduates: Fort Valley, Georgetown: 2015, transfer - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  31. Textile company eying Houston for Mexico operation: Perry: tax, moving - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  32. Aviation company to bring 80 jobs to Macon: Warner Robins, Harrison: leasing, inspectors - Georgia (GA)
  33. Stormwater upgrades in downtown Macon projected to cost $30 million: how much, taxes - Georgia (GA)
  34. Warner Robins takes next step in redevelopment plan: Atlanta: city hall, hotel - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  35. Another Publix coming to Warner Robins: Macon, Zebulon: shopping center, moving, land - Georgia (GA)
  36. State plans to pay for truck lanes for Interstate 75: Atlanta: sales, hotel - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  37. As downtown Macon attracts more residents, new challenges arise: Atlanta: real estate market, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  38. Valmiera Glass expansion to create 425 new jobs in Laurens: Atlanta: buy, college - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  39. Questions about North Macon: Atlanta, Savannah: how much, neighborhoods, movie theater - Georgia (GA)
  40. Atlanta to Jekyll, stopping in Macon for lunch. Ideas?: Forsyth: restaurant, shop - Georgia (GA)
  41. H&M coming to the shoppes at river crossing: Macon: 2015, loft - Georgia (GA)
  42. Company plans to open Infiniti car dealership in Macon-Bibb County - the first in Middle Georgia: sales - (GA)
  43. New roundabout could be coming to north Bibb: Macon, Thomaston: college, transportation - Georgia (GA)
  44. Macon Ga. cities with fastest-growing rent prices, new report says: Atlanta: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  45. New Macon blight projects could take off in 2016: Jefferson, Unionville: crime, credit - Georgia (GA)
  46. Work underway on new long-term Middle Georgia plan: Monroe, Baldwin: unemployment rate, assess - Macon, (GA)
  47. Macon's Industrial Authority agrees to buy properties to help attract new industry: Sardis: 2015 - Georgia (GA)
  48. Warner Robins council approves funds to expand public transportation service: buses, move - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  49. Milledgeville one of seven U.S. cities chosen for downtown revitalization assistance: Lexington: neighborhoods - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  50. Economic Forecaster: Proposed Export Import Highway Could Have $20 Billion Economic Impact: Atlanta: credit, airport - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  51. Streetwear Shop Downtown: Macon: trendy, farm, best - Georgia (GA)
  52. Study suggests renovating downtown Macon building into apartments: lofts, home - Georgia (GA)
  53. Best Lofts/Apartments Downtown?: Macon: luxury, living in, young professionals - Georgia (GA)
  54. Work continues on Riverside Drive development: Macon, McDonough: 2013, attorney - Georgia (GA)
  55. Cherry Blossom Festival: best, trees, temps - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  56. Upcoming Visit!: Macon, Washington: houses, restaurants, buses - Georgia (GA)
  57. on Macon: Lilly: crime, houses, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  58. Sierra Development leaving a huge impact on Macon-Bibb: apartment, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  59. Two more apartment complexes proposed for north Bibb, one for seniors: Macon: loft, subdivisions - Georgia (GA)
  60. Macon mayor pushing Atlanta-Macon commuter rail line: Columbus, Savannah: loan, quality of life - Georgia (GA)
  61. Rigby's water park in Warner Robins opening in summer 2016: Macon: 2015, homes - Georgia (GA)
  62. Macon Charter Academy put on probation, faces termination: school district, inspection - Georgia (GA)
  63. Governments joining forces to build up I-75 in Peach, Houston: Macon: 2015, to move - Georgia (GA)
  64. Moving to NE Georgia, need help: Macon, Franklin: buyer, tax, living - (GA)
  65. Arts village in east Macon receives $134,000 grant to set up artist residency program: 2015 - Georgia (GA)
  66. Sneak peek at Rigby's water park plans: prices, design - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  67. 55+ communities: Macon, Perry: to move, housing, senior - Georgia (GA)
  68. Lofts, hotel, apartments s for downtown Macon tower: real estate, insurance - Georgia (GA)
  69. Macon-Bibb Commission approves lower millage rate: Warner Robins, Monroe: 2014, schools, property taxes - Georgia (GA)
  70. Warner Robins Development Authority wants to urbanize: lofts, employment - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  71. been to new water park sandy beach: Macon: 2015, prices - Georgia (GA)
  72. Exchange Block Development Update-Downtown Macon: Riverside: apartments, lofts, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  73. People seek shelter above Macon bus stops: Gordon, Butler: authority, transit - Georgia (GA)
  74. Property management companies: Macon: renting, house, price - Georgia (GA)
  75. Old South melds with new ideas in Macon's College Hill Corridor: Woodstock: 2015, apartment - Georgia (GA)
  76. Are you feeling the heat?: Macon: apartment complex, luxury, live - Georgia (GA)
  77. Middle Georgia Regional Airport Pick New Airline: Atlanta, Macon: rental car, rental - (GA)
  78. Large Mixed Use Development Proposed near Medical Center: Macon: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  79. Plans proceeding for historic designation in Macon’s Ingleside neighborhood: Register: 2015, credit - Georgia (GA)
  80. I-75 improvements: Atlanta, Warner Robins, Forsyth: university, bill, commute - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  81. Distribution Center planned for South Bibb to bring 200 jobs: Macon: 2015, live - Georgia (GA)
  82. Downtown Macon Tower Obstruction Lighting: Atlanta: condos, hotel, safer - Georgia (GA)
  83. Macon Action Plan draft released: friendly, parks, photos - Georgia (GA)
  84. Job offer in Oglethorpe..where to live? Macon, Perry, Warner Robins?: Americus: waterpark, vacation home - Georgia (GA)
  85. Electric bus to be used in Macon for a week: Tiger: buying, buses - Georgia (GA)
  86. Boeing to convert its Macon military plant to a commercial airplane facility, 200 new jobs coming: Commerce: business - Georgia (GA)
  87. Macon’s Tindall Heights homes OK’d for demolition: Atlanta: apartments, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  88. Wal-Mart planning third Neighborhood Market in Houston County: White: real estate, city hall - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  89. Moving to Warner Robins Area: Atlanta, Macon: transplants, chapel, home - Georgia (GA)
  90. New Georgia Export/Import Highway(Lagrange-Macon): Atlanta, Columbus: yard, build, county - (GA)
  91. Macon-Bibb to close household garbage landfill in the future: neighborhood, price - Georgia (GA)
  92. I-16/I-75 Interchanges and Pending Construction: Atlanta, Savannah: working, east coast, freeway - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  93. Sandler AG to bring 140 jobs to Houston County in 2016: Perry: sales, 2015 - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  94. Warner Robins council considers new hotel, convention center: Martin: 2015, school - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  95. Macon Connects looking to bring Copenhagen to downtown: neighborhood, cost of - Georgia (GA)
  96. Mercer University to turn old art deco building into art gallery and studio: Macon: receptions - Georgia (GA)
  97. Marine helicopter unit, 300 jobs leaving Robins Air Force Base: Columbus: 2015, move - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  98. Macon-Bibb project list: Unionville, Zebulon, Sardis: apartments, lofts, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  99. I-16/I-75 Interchange construction to start fall 2016: Atlanta, Savannah: 2015, lawyer - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  100. Macon Correct Population Figures: Atlanta, Savannah: 2014, living in, shopping centers - Georgia (GA)
  101. 50+ teens vandalize Zebulon Rd Walmart: Macon, Harrison: sales, 2015, renting - Georgia (GA)
  102. Macon-Bibb looks to drum up support for transportation sales tax: Atlanta: 2015, homes - Georgia (GA)
  103. move to Macon.: Warner Robins, Forsyth: best city, apartment, to rent - Georgia (GA)
  104. Macon 2045( Projection's, Predictions): Atlanta, Warner Robins, Monroe: sales, lofts, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  105. Names of neighborhood's in Macon.: Atlanta, Savannah: apartment complex, homes, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  106. Magnificent Macon: homes, new construction, college - Georgia (GA)
  107. Milledgeville - 14 Drive-by shootings in a month: Atlanta, Columbus: 2015, crime - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  108. Study says Macon can support baseball team: Warner Robins, Martin: 2014, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  109. Areas to avoid in Warner Robins?: Atlanta, Macon: for sale, apartment complexes, rental market - Georgia (GA)
  110. $25 million makeover planned for Central City Park: Atlanta, Macon: sales, vacation home - Georgia (GA)
  111. Another major mixed-use development planned for North Macon: Atlanta, Forsyth: 2015, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  112. Proposed new residential development in downtown Macon 'a watershed moment': Martin: apartments, lofts - Georgia (GA)
  113. Macon-Bibb officials to discuss feasibility study for minor league baseball team: Atlanta: 2014, hotels - Georgia (GA)
  114. Macon,GA: The Heart and Soul of the South: Atlanta: 2015, dorm - Georgia
  115. Macon's College Street launching Open Streets festival in April: Atlanta: activities, vehicles - Georgia (GA)
  116. pickle ball players on: school, best time, kids - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  117. Proposal shaping up for Roberta, Crawford unification: utilities, property tax - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  118. $30 million could help east Macon students: neighborhood, middle school, education - Georgia (GA)
  119. Plans are underway to turn a former Macon hotel into temporary housing for veterans: Harrison: apartment - Georgia (GA)
  120. Daycares recommendations: Macon: relocating, top, looking for - Georgia (GA)
  121. U.S. House okays bill designating Georgia’s first national historic park: Macon: shop - (GA)
  122. Del Taco and Wing stop: Warner Robins: construction, restaurant, America - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  123. J's on Cherry new restaurant downtown and radio station coming downtown: Atlanta: house, live - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  124. Navicent planning new Children’s Hospital in Macon: construction, cost - Georgia (GA)
  125. T-SPLOST effort on the move again: Macon, Monroe: sales, calculated, sales tax - Georgia (GA)
  126. New TV series set to shoot in Macon beginning later this month: credit - Georgia (GA)
  127. Wallyball. interested in playing: Macon, Ivey: college, gym, station - Georgia (GA)
  128. Macon leaders renew efforts to revive Cotton Avenue’s past: Douglas: house, high school - Georgia (GA)
  129. Creatively ‘messy’ art and performance hall opens in old Macon warehouse: home - Georgia (GA)
  130. Eight ideas to come to life in College Hill: Macon: home, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  131. Blue Bird adds 200 jobs in Fort Valley: 2015, school - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  132. Air Force might build innovation center near Robins: colleges, maintenance - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  133. Ocmulgee Outdoor Expeditions has Petition to be vendor @ Amerson River Park: Buford: rentals, safety - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  134. Historic Macon to offer new tools to help build better neighborhoods: house, live - Georgia (GA)
  135. Pedestrian bridge construction to delay traffic near Mercer: Macon, White: lofts, hotel - Georgia (GA)
  136. Mercer University Drive pedestrian bridge hailed as new gateway to Macon: lofts, construction - Georgia (GA)
  137. 2015 population estimates for Metro Macon and Warner Robins: Monroe, Crawford: estimated, metro area - Georgia (GA)
  138. New Interstate 75 lighting in Bibb County part of new DOT awards: Macon: 2015, neighborhoods - Georgia (GA)
  139. Macon-Bibb officials future sales tax projects: lease, university - Georgia (GA)
  140. Marriott hotel, restaurants coming to Macon near Mercer University’s football stadium: lofts - Georgia (GA)
  141. Two Bibb schools named 2015 National Blue Ribbon Schools: Macon: magnet school, closing - Georgia (GA)
  142. International manufacturer eyeing Houston County: high school, authority, company - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  143. Macon-Bibb commissioners to vote on economic development initiatives at industrial parks: Sardis: purchasing, move - Georgia (GA)
  144. Filmore Thomas park, Log Cabin Drive work moving forward in Macon-Bibb County: sales - Georgia (GA)
  145. Macon-Bibb commissioner wants state to amend blight property law: foreclosed, bill - Georgia (GA)
  146. Various events planned for 2016’s centennial anniversary of Terminal Station: Macon: transfer, bus - Georgia (GA)
  147. Macon’s Ocmulgee Monument expansion on track, congressmen say: Douglas: theatre, shop - Georgia (GA)
  148. New company in Milledgeville to create 80 new jobs: Baldwin: centers, authority - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  149. Two Coliseum Health System facilities are ranked the best in the nation for patient care: Macon: floor - Georgia (GA)
  150. Robins planning to hire 200 new aircraft maintainers: Warner Robins, Tucker: military, build - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  151. Middle Georgia State University is expanding its flight programs in Macon: Eastman: leasing, school - (GA)
  152. Macon-Bibb planning to replace blighted neighborhood with athletic field: houses, asbestos - Georgia (GA)
  153. Atlanta food trucks bring thousands to Centreplex: Macon: school, moving - Georgia (GA)
  154. Burlington Stores to relocate to Macon Mall next month: transfer, price - Georgia (GA)
  155. Dublin ready to light up its skyscraper: Savannah, Macon: college, live - Georgia (GA)
  156. LEDs to light up Macon streets: 2015, quality of life, install - Georgia (GA)
  157. Prayers for the Haleigh Cox family: Forsyth: 2015, house, local - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  158. MAP to provide direction for downtown Macon improvements: Riverside: 2015, house - Georgia (GA)
  159. Macon making aggressive educational upgrades: Forsyth: construction, public school, university - Georgia (GA)
  160. What does the new Georgia Gas Tax mean for (MTA) Macon Transit Authority if thing?: systems - (GA)
  161. Macon chamber announces $2.7 million campaign to attract businesses, jobs: Commerce: 2015, attorney - Georgia (GA)
  162. SparkMacon and the Macon League of Creative Interventionists creating fresher, more vibrant Middle Georgia: 2015 - (GA)
  163. Centerville approves land for downtown: Macon, Warner Robins: 2015, buying, restaurant - Georgia (GA)
  164. Macon-Bibb deadliest counties in Georgia for pedestrians: Atlanta, Augusta-Richmond County: 2015, install - (GA)
  165. 2040 transportation plan for Warner Robins: Macon, Perry: cost, transit, money - Georgia (GA)
  166. Phase one of Second Street corridor opens: Macon: sales, 2015 - Georgia (GA)
  167. Macon’s historic Miller school burns in suspicious blaze: gym, moving - Georgia (GA)
  168. Large warehouse planned for 259 acres in Twiggs County: Atlanta, Columbus: 2015, option to buy - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  169. College Hill Alliance fades, but volunteer commission set to continue: Macon: neighborhood, university - Georgia (GA)
  170. Industrial authority agrees to buy three warehouse buildings in downtown Macon: Eastman: assessors, attorney - Georgia (GA)
  171. Book project aims to connect neighbors in Macon's Mill Hill community: 2015, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  172. $14 million hotel to be built near Lake Sinclair: Milledgeville, Jackson: hotels, rooftop - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  173. Historic Macon saves three properties on Fading Five list: Oglethorpe: 2015, house - Georgia (GA)
  174. Warner Robins to launch public transportation system: Macon: live, cost - Georgia (GA)
  175. College Hill Corridor Commission announces new round of grants, new leadership: Macon: appointed, neighborhood - Georgia (GA)
  176. Efforts underway to restore train, offer trips through Middle Georgia: Atlanta: shop, cars - Macon, (GA)
  177. Roberta, Crawford leaders consider consolidation: Macon, Milledgeville: city hall, contractor, property taxes - Georgia (GA)
  178. GDOT to review pedestrian safety on Eisenhower Parkway in Macon: Gray: homes, university - Georgia (GA)
  179. Downtown Macon targeted for environmental testing, redevelopment: Payne: assessments, campus - Georgia (GA)
  180. Warner Robins Plaza: McDonough: location, good, plans - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  181. $87.1 million warehouse proposed for Butts County: Jackson: tax, cars, business - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  182. $3 million offered for ideas to enhance downtown Macon: neighborhoods, to live - Georgia (GA)
  183. seen The 5th Wave: Macon, Hampton: theater, camp, bus - Georgia (GA)
  184. SRTA Go! Transit Grant: Savannah, Macon: authority, cities, county - Georgia (GA)
  185. Macon-Middle Georgia Black Pages expo aims to acknowledge downtown growth: lofts, moving - (GA)
  186. Macon-Bibb leaders want to connect Amerson River Park and Ocmulgee Heritage Trail: Riverside: construction - Georgia (GA)
  187. Transformation of the Miller school site is underway: Macon: apartments, rental homes - Georgia (GA)
  188. Nu-Way Weiners plans to open in Macon's Mercer Village: lofts, closing - Georgia (GA)
  189. Macon's Navicent Health and Mercer University create partnership: school, live - Georgia (GA)
  190. High School graduation rates up in Bibb County: 2015, high schools - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  191. Robins Air Force Base to hire 200 support personnel: military, county - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  192. Bostick Center brings 225 jobs to Milledgeville: house, new construction, kitchen - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  193. Next phase of Second Street Corridor Connector to begin Tuesday: Macon: construction, cost - Georgia (GA)
  194. Macon-Bibb residents offer ideas for neighborhood blight projects: Atlanta, Unionville: sales, house - Georgia (GA)
  195. Tattnall Square Park fountain flows again after 80 years: construction, elementary school - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  196. Between exchange block and Capricorn lofts 260-270 apartments: hotel, restaurant - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  197. Houston County Commission approves tax district for Warner Robins: Martin: city hall, taxes - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  198. First dual-certified mega site/super park in U.S. is in Laurens County: Atlanta: centers - Macon, Georgia (GA)
  199. Mercer University announces plans for center to encourage and develop entrepreneurs: Macon: school, salary - Georgia (GA)
  200. Residential sales, values in Middle Georgia trended upward in 2015: Warner Robins: real estate, foreclosures - Macon, (GA)