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  3. Looking for my brother Michael John Hillmann for my sick mother: phone, name - People Search
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  11. HELP Looking for someone.: name, Buffalo, where, searching - People Search
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  15. Looking for old friend, James Bennett: location, sister, father, last name - People Search
  16. Wildflecken: Germany, looking for, find, about - People Search
  17. Did you work at Charter Hospital in West Allis about 1997 or 1998?: records, Toronto - People Search
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  19. Gywnn family roots: genealogy, location, phone, children - People Search
  20. help me find my half sister?: child, old, dad - People Search
  21. help me find my uncles!!!!: zip code, record, father, last name - People Search
  22. FINDING PERSONS in Marion Alabama: record, phone, friend, birth - People Search
  23. Shirley Louise Johnson from OH and MA: old, last name, birth - People Search
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  25. Looking for my father Jose Lopez born April 1958, located in Miami Shores area: record, phone - People Search
  26. Want to find my friend Ronni: phones, friends, name, address - People Search
  27. Searching for long-lost cousin Rosemary Riley (possibly in Kentucky): phone, child, father - People Search
  28. Mr. Howard Trunnell - WWII American Test Pilot - Northern Ireland: county, photograph - People Search
  29. Looking for my father Michael George Zynda: phone, photos, sister - People Search
  30. Tracking a name to a cell number?: phone, trying to find, about - People Search
  31. ~my mom left when i was 1~: record, sisters, name, birth - People Search
  32. Looking For Michael Loren Moore: lost, member, address, tx - People Search
  33. Trying to find john r haines who knows renforths from wheeling w.v: friend, lost - People Search
  34. searching my lost guy... help: name, Atlanta, attorney, trying to find - People Search
  35. Chris Johnson: phone, friend, lost, names - People Search
  36. Looking for my sister's father: phone, name, birth, relatives - People Search
  37. help, I need to know how my son died.: birth certificate, records - People Search
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  41. Basiouny Eltaly. Father. help.: records, phone, name, relatives - People Search
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  43. Looking for Mendoza families.: father, name, Michigan, brother - People Search
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  45. Sites to find people through license plate, drivers license, phone number?: last name, address - People Search
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  48. Ardently searching for someone,Michael Summerton, Cleveland OH: name, person, family - People Search
  49. Looking for Jack H Collison: friends, names, member, United States - People Search
  50. Looking For TOMMY son of Thomas & Katherine: location, phone, father - People Search
  51. 1-11-1958: children, sister, last name, birth - People Search
  52. Searching for Shannon A. Sweeney: sister, father, name, birth - People Search
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  56. I look for the Baumann family: address, person, information, about - People Search
  57. Looking for William St. Clair: Kentucky, information, living, married - People Search
  58. Looking for John or Marlene Paul Avery TX: children, county, friends - People Search
  59. searching for Lloyd dad: child, county, name - People Search
  60. My father was in the navy would like to know dates of active service?: records, name - People Search
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  62. Looking for family of...: father, name, brother, information - People Search
  63. Looking for sister named kathy who worked in bar in Truth or Consequences NM: sisters, Mexico - People Search
  64. Looking to see if person is still alive...: genealogy, father, name - People Search
  65. looking for freda v shoup: phone, Virginia, number - People Search
  66. Looking for Nicholas Herman in San Jose or Plymouth, Calif: phone, friend - People Search
  67. Looking for a friend (Boise, ID): member, area - People Search
  68. Looking for my brother Ernest Price - California: records, phone, daughter - People Search
  69. Looking For Samantha Drew: photograph, names, brother, website - People Search
  70. Nancy Bowers: records, phone, county, friends - People Search
  71. Looking for 2 brothers: phone, county, father, names - People Search
  72. Looking for my brother that was adopted in valley, alabama (in 80 or 81): baby, children - People Search
  73. Searching for:: name, looking for - People Search
  74. deleted Anthony Jones- try again: old, dad, name, address - People Search
  75. Need help finding a person in Bronx: telephone, address, looking for - People Search
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  77. Looking for family of Bonnie L. Cranford: genealogy, records, phone - People Search
  78. Looking for Dennis Walter Johnson: location, phone, picture, father - People Search
  79. Want find my father (from Hong Kong): phone, old, names - People Search
  80. Looking for German Friends: photograph, name, member, address - People Search
  81. Looking for Reno Anderson of Wilmington, DE: daughters, old, father - People Search
  82. Lookinf for Robert Dent: phone, lost, name, member - People Search
  83. Genealogy Search in Alabama on Brownfield's: record, daughter, father, names - People Search
  84. Looking for childhood friends Kristie & Kathie Johnson from Lomita, CA...Mom's name Susan: lost, where - People Search
  85. Dorothycallaway in arkansas: searches, friend, old, last name - People Search
  86. Looking for Thomas family from Howard, PA: children, sister, name - People Search
  87. Taylorrelatives: lost, father, name, Oklahoma - People Search
  88. Looking for Joseph Michael Acord 70's was in the military: phone, friend - People Search
  89. looking for lisa from 1992: lost, name, relatives, Kansas - People Search
  90. Need advice on how to find on my birth father.: birth certificate, name - People Search
  91. Looking for half brother Arthur Brooks or Donald Baker Jr or Arthur Baker who may of been adopted.: baby, children - People Search
  92. TRYING TO FIND MY FATHER HELP have on him: phone, old - People Search
  93. Finding Relatives in Korea?: sisters, old, father, family - People Search
  94. Looking for my Bio-Dad - TX?: name, birth, finder, city - People Search
  95. Looking for first love: location, phone, searches, friend - People Search
  96. Looking For My Dad James Ward and Siblings: searches, friends, sisters - People Search
  97. help me find a lost love: location, friends, name - People Search
  98. searching for daughter: records, children, name, birth - People Search
  99. Looking for silbings: birth certificate, lookup, location, neighborhood - People Search
  100. Looking for puerto rican relatives help: old, father, name - People Search
  101. I want to find my uncle: location, phone, photo, friend - People Search
  102. A half sister search (Santa Barbara CA): birth certificate, children, sisters - People Search
  103. Looking for two families.: phone, baby, friends, daughter - People Search
  104. Looking for Joe Gorman (former teacher) and others: records, phone, street - People Search
  105. Looking for children of Shaun Burwell: phone, daughter, father, last name - People Search
  106. Louis Tiger: genealogy, records, children, county - People Search
  107. Dolores May Mitchell...looking for my sister..: location, children, sisters - People Search
  108. Relatives moravec joseph (born 25.nov.1900) lived in pittsburgh: genealogy, father, name - People Search
  109. Help finding Alicia Kathryn Bowser?: phone, sister, old, father - People Search
  110. At what port of departure would a Naval enlistee have left from in 1985?: friends, lost - People Search
  111. Looking for Sue Yen Kuyper.: phone, county, lost, name - People Search
  112. searching for adopted daughter: county, father, last name, New York - People Search
  113. Gregory woods from chicago..died 1981: children, friends, daughters, sisters - People Search
  114. LookinLooking For Relatives of Robert Moore Born 1936: find, son, state - People Search
  115. Looking,for Adopted Children, Philadelphia area: names, adoptive, databases, looking for - People Search
  116. Searching for girl: name, member, person, age - People Search
  117. Tyrone Vail, Snyder PA: records, baby, children, daughter - People Search
  118. Daughter searching for birth mother.: records, children, daughters, father - People Search
  119. looking for SHANNON MICHELE CUNNINGHAM: phone, sister, last name, birth - People Search
  120. Looking for family of Ernest Malone of Cumberland Maine: location, county, father - People Search
  121. looking for someone in SWEDEN-named emelie larsson: picture, friends, birth - People Search
  122. from Ada Merritt Jr. High ?: friends, member, history, members - People Search
  123. I am searching for my cousins who were adopted in 1996, Pittsburgh, PA: baby, sister - People Search
  124. Looking for cousins adopted in 1996 Rebecca and clifford.: photo, old, last name - People Search
  125. Looking for Bob Taylor from Montreal - West African Business Consultant: phone, friend - People Search
  126. Need Help finding ex-girlfriend: lost, looking for, contact, Facebook - People Search
  127. looking for Hope Hamor (Hamer)(maiden name) Greenville, S.C. area: location, records - People Search
  128. Celia Raenell Graham(Murphy): phone, father, name, address - People Search
  129. Courtney Kaplan Looking for long lost sister: old, name, Ohio - People Search
  130. Search-Janis Miller-Black-SF-Born Galv/TX 1948: phone, friends, daughter, sisters - People Search
  131. Looking for Kenneth Anderson used to be of Chicopee Ma: records, child - People Search
  132. BM ISO adopted son born 9/26/74 in Buffalo, NY: records, adoptee, baby - People Search
  133. I am trying to find my father: records, street, children - People Search
  134. Looking for my father... Whitney, TX: phone, county, sister, name - People Search
  135. family of late larry eugene lakey: friend, sisters, father, last name - People Search
  136. looking for an old friend from high school: friends, names, member - People Search
  137. Looking for my father whos was a military police officer: records, photos - People Search
  138. Looking for decendants of Theophilus L. Lucy aka Theadore L. Lucy: genealogy, children - People Search
  139. Victor C. Rico: location, record, buy, sister - People Search
  140. Looking for Gunne Brinkman, born in Germany: telephone, sister, name - People Search
  141. help me find my mother, Sylvia Nancy Rodrigues, age 74: birth certificate, location - People Search
  142. Looking for this guy: picture, person, area, find - People Search
  143. Looking for Birth Family last name Dykes: record, phone, children - People Search
  144. Old obituaries: location, telephone, neighbor, street - People Search
  145. I never meet my biological father Maurice Jordan 11/1942 -05/2005, Philadelpia PA: genealogy, phone - People Search
  146. Missing Person! Help!: location, photos, friends, where - People Search
  147. Hit a brick wall with divorced name: birth certificate, records, phone - People Search
  148. If My Dad had other kids.: children, friend, sisters - People Search
  149. Carolyn Jean Chance: genealogy, records, phone, county - People Search
  150. Can you help me fined my mother JR: record, phone, street - People Search
  151. Help Find My Biological Father: phone, county, photo, friends - People Search
  152. help me find my sister ive never met: baby, child, friends - People Search
  153. Raymond Berkshire, looking for information.: record, children, county, daughter - People Search
  154. Im looking for my younger brother Aaron Storm Stanley: birth certificate, location, phone - People Search
  155. Looking for Sean Bolin born 1981: phone, baby, picture, friends - People Search
  156. Looking for a relative: neighbor, street, county, photo - People Search
  157. Need help finding my mothers bio mom: genealogy, children, friend - People Search
  158. Help find biological father and brothers (Judd): location, county, old - People Search
  159. Patrick D. Morrow: location, records, phone, street - People Search
  160. Do you recognize people from Detroit?: photos, name, Kansas - People Search
  161. Searching for long lost grandmother: genealogy, location, records, street - People Search
  162. I am looking for my half sister!: county, daughter, father - People Search
  163. I am looking for my biological Father- Charles Ira Newton: records, telephone - People Search
  164. Looking for my dad cleto lomas: location, records, phone, children - People Search
  165. Searching for brother Thomas B Watts: phone, photos, old, lost - People Search
  166. Searching for American father.: birth certificate, phone, children, searches - People Search
  167. Looking for Victor Martinez Jr. DOB 07/23/57: telephone, street, friend, daughters - People Search
  168. Looking for Harry Dorfman's Children/Grandchildren: genealogy, daughter, father, name - People Search
  169. help me find my mom: location, phone, neighborhood, neighbor - People Search
  170. Looking biological sister Tammy (possibly maiden last name Judd) born around 1973-1975 to Debbie and Shirley Judd: birth, Dallas - People Search
  171. Looking for Child of Laura Virginia Briggs b. abt 1944-49 up for adoption: Washington, person - People Search
  172. Debbie Stahl: Michigan, Detroit, looking for - People Search
  173. looking for my adopted cousin: daughter, father, name, birth - People Search
  174. Trying to find Christine (Bedner) and daughter Barbara Marie, former residents of White Plains: records, old - People Search
  175. Looking For Susan: name, finding, first - People Search
  176. Looking for the children/grandchildren of Mary Quick: daughter, father, names - People Search
  177. Abducted!!!! KYRON HORMAN Portland, Oregon: picture, where, information, profile - People Search
  178. williams family in western tennessee: daughter, names, relatives, looking for - People Search
  179. Looking of my friend's relatives: children, photo, about - People Search
  180. Looking for momi davis or family of momi davis's: daughter, father, name - People Search
  181. Carrizozo, NM Schools, 1968-1972: Albuquerque, information, area, teacher - People Search
  182. Looking for my half brother living in Texas: daughters, father, name - People Search
  183. Mars a Band from 1977: name, Minnesota, Chicago, looking for - People Search
  184. Hong kong lost friend need help: old, UK, contact - People Search
  185. scott paulson: co, Germany, AZ - People Search
  186. Looking for my grandfather... help.: location, baby, old, last name - People Search
  187. Estrella Pitas Garcia (Grace): children, old, name, address - People Search
  188. Debbie and Michael Lewis born in Wolcott, NY: sister, father, brother - People Search
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  190. looking for my brother: father, name, adopted, information - People Search
  191. Looking for dream lady: Germany, about - People Search
  192. Looking for friends from Alexandria, Virginia--1957-1962: member, address, brother - People Search
  193. Need help in locating my Mom: daughter, sister, lost, name - People Search
  194. Looking for Kristine and Steven Shugars Greer, South Carolina: phone, child, address - People Search
  195. Eleanor *****rd/Walter Fite: children, father, family, searching - People Search
  196. Shari Simmons, class of 1959 Inglewood high (CA) - People Search
  197. Looking for friends that lived in Alexandria, Jefferson, Penn Daw areas from 1957-1962: old, lost - People Search
  198. Lynn Cherry from Medford, NJ: looking for, about - People Search
  199. lookin for ole friend Jesus from eastside: where - People Search
  200. looking for jeffery allen wetzel: father, name, adoption, Washington - People Search