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  70. Rare Earth Mineral Resource Index.: market, companies, ETF - Investing
  71. know a good hedge that is directly related to steel stocks?: ETF - Investing
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  81. way to get tax write-off for putting investment proceeds to charity?: options trading, fund - Investing
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  83. Who knew 30 year treasuries would be paying less than 3%: bond, fund, invest - Investing
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  100. Better than bank, save your money by buying Art ?!: fund, margin, trading - Investing
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  102. buying or shorting Netflix (NFLX) on Monday? Earnings released after hours: margin, trading - Investing
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  104. With a company like Vanguard why do others exist?: bond, IRA - Investing
  105. Steve Jobs - In His Own Words: credit, interest, compare - Investing
  106. October - Bogey month: fund, trading, dividend, DJIA - Investing
  107. how to go long on copper?: mutual funds, stocks, buying, sell - Investing
  108. One Primary Home or 3 Investment Homes: bonds, cash, income, stock - Investing
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  115. Salesforce: investment, stocks, buy, sell - Investing
  116. Do lower-middle income people invest in stocks?: IRA, brokerage, credit - Investing
  117. Dow down 150pts, Doomers say start of the end...Dow up 1,526 points, silence: stockbroker, trading - Investing
  118. Lousy interest rate in Emergency Fund?: bond, mutual funds, redemption, credit - Investing
  119. The devil is in the details. Hence I short the EURO: millionaire, stocks - Investing
  120. whether I want to stay in the stock market: bonds, IRAs - Investing
  121. investing in Groupon when it goes public?: bond, broker, mutual funds
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  123. we are witnessing the beginning of predictions made by others.: bond, IRA - Investing
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  125. Yes, China give the U.S. what we deserve. Send Congress home on permanant recess.: IRA, fund - Investing
  126. How Much More Could Stocks Drop?: bond, credit, cash, investment - Investing
  127. S&P Downgrade imminent: dividend, markets, purchasing, cost - Investing
  128. Investing to pay for university?: credit, invest, student loan, wage
  129. Star fund: mutual funds, cash, investment, Vanguard - Investing
  130. So, who is buying on this dip, and what????: fund, dividend, DJIA - Investing
  131. I think the stock market is irrational and short sighted: trading, 401k - Investing
  132. The stock market in one picture.: fund, trading, cash, corporation - Investing
  133. Technicians see stocks heading into bear country: bond, investor, salaries - Investing
  134. Who is moving into strictly cash?: fund, Fidelity, invest, trust - Investing
  135. Do your homework: IRA, brokers, 401k, small business - Investing
  136. Dow 5000 (or lower) We Come!: calls, investor, stock market, job - Investing
  137. 8/9/11 - Stock Futures UP 305 points, Is the market going to recover now?: investor, stock market - Investing
  138. Who rules America?: fund, commission, investment, budget - Investing
  139. Time to buy stocks?: IRA, mutual funds, credit rating, cash - Investing
  140. If the US Defaults On It's Debt Will this Crash the Stock Market?: bond, trust - Investing
  141. Best way to invest 10K to 20K in gold or silver?: fund, cash - Investing
  142. its all about total return: annuity, IRA, fund, retirement plan - Investing
  143. At what point do I dump my stock?: trading, credit, investment - Investing
  144. comes Italy: bonds, fund, stock market, buying - Investing
  145. LYNAS owners know why the stock is so weak?: broker, fund - Investing
  146. a new look at the proverbial 4% withdrawl rate for retirees: retirement plan, invested - Investing
  147. Apple 400$+ in After Hours trading: investment, income, stocks, buying - Investing
  148. needs help in investing, 401k: bonds, fund, cash, 401k plan
  149. Where is the best place to keep the Roth IRA account?: brokerage, mutual funds - Investing
  150. $1 billion Armageddon trade: hedge fund, credit rating, investment, trust - Investing
  151. 7 ways to identify a market crash: IRA, cash, mortgage, investment - Investing
  152. What's is the best discount brokerage company?: Ameritrade, brokers, mutual funds - Investing
  153. If US Defaults, Stocks Fall 30%, GDP 5%: Credit Suisse: fund, retirement plan, invested - Investing
  154. Guess how high gold will go: cash, investment, millionaire, markets - Investing
  155. Is this the time to accumulate bank stocks?: credit, investment, purchase - Investing
  156. in 1970, minimum wage bought 3 gallons of gas, after tax,: fund, investment - Investing
  157. News, SKorean police say stock broker jumped off building after suffering heavy losses.: income, job - Investing
  158. The one thing that bugs me about investing in stocks.: mutual funds, trading
  159. alwats set a stop loss sell order, at 10% when first get in: trading, investor - Investing
  160. safe dividend stocks for the IRA?: invest, income, companies, interest - Investing
  161. Bizarre EU scenario: IRA, bankrupt, investment, income - Investing
  162. After Hours Trading: bonds, brokerage, trade options, mutual funds - Investing
  163. Oil falls ?: IRA, how much, bill, year - Investing
  164. Goldman's move to collapse the world economy: fund, cash, investment - Investing
  165. Should stock options be eliminated: fund, trading, corporation, investment - Investing
  166. Health/Pharmaceutical Stocks: Scottrade, buy, sell, job - Investing
  167. With facts on gold how can it be a reserve or safe haven?: trust, stocks - Investing
  168. 401K Funds allocations: bond, fees, Vanguard, stock market - Investing
  169. Top 10 stocks you recommend to BUY as of 8/28/11?: dividend, mortgages, invest - Investing
  170. Are you buying and holding in this terrible market?: daytrading, puts, invested - Investing
  171. What do you guys think about SodaStream?: wholesale, invest, stock - Investing
  172. Should I buy gold now ?: mutual fund, mortgages, invest, stock market - Investing
  173. US Dow going down like Japan Nikkei?: IRA, fund, investment - Investing
  174. what business is wall street in?: bonds, fund, trading, credit card - Investing
  175. Mutual Fund advice.: bond, IRA, rollover, Fidelity - Investing
  176. $200 to invest every month what should I do?: Scottrade, IRA, brokers - Investing
  177. Real Estate or Stocks?: cash, dividend, invest, income - Investing
  178. Hewlett Packard may spin off consumer computer unit, so.....: stock, buy, sell - Investing
  179. Investing in America: fund, credit, dividends, collection
  180. ..played the stock market simulator for a year, now want to use real money...advice?: Scottrade, mutual funds - Investing
  181. wake up america: fund, credit rating, collection, stock market - Investing
  182. 2013 tax increases. Portfolio adjustments?: self-directed, IRA, cash, 401k - Investing
  183. gold madness...: invested, markets, buying, stores - Investing
  184. Tech Stocks and Apple: trading, puts, invest, purchasing - Investing
  185. Sellings US Bonds before maturity: bond, sell, banks, transfer - Investing
  186. College Student: Getting into Private Equity: bonds, investment, stocks, work - Investing
  187. Raising capital...: fund, lawyer, past, exemptions - Investing
  188. investors in Eastman Kodak following the stock and the news stream? - Investing
  189. The Bullion Report for August 3rd, 2011: Attractive at price: trading, credit rating - Investing
  190. Silver and white metals...: market, ETF - Investing
  191. High Frequency Trading: If You Think 400 pt Swing Is Bad, You Ain't Seen Nothin' !: interest, money - Investing
  192. Zero Coupon Bond: margin, sell, interest, tax - Investing
  193. Solyndra Presidential loan: company, economy, best, problems - Investing
  194. Need a financial planner?: IRA, mutual funds, 401k, invest - Investing
  195. leave etrade for brick and mortar credit union: bank, savings - Investing
  196. david lerners and assoc being investigated: bonds, investment, trust, stock market - Investing
  197. Excersizing rights?: trading, stock, shares, fixed - Investing
  198. How will global commodities react to this?: invest, markets, financial - Investing
  199. News, Kraft Foods plans to split into 2 companies.: markets, Portland - Investing
  200. Vanguard's 9 Tenets of Investing!: bond, investment, stock, cost