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  87. Why do the British seem to have the worst reputation of being disorderly when drunk the Europeans?: life, train
  88. Scandinavia and the World: Greek, work, Finnish, Swedish - Europe
  89. How can this be allowed to happen in a civilized country?: life, people - Europe
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  92. Teaching English in Europe: best, life, country, jobs
  93. Relations between muslims and non-muslims in Belgium and the Netherlands?: people, living - Europe
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  95. most suitable place for ME: best, life, country, safer - Europe
  96. Strip clubs in Europe other than Netherlands, Austria,OTHER SCHENGEN COUNTRIES: best, cost
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  100. How representative are european intellectuals of their populations?: country, people, German
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  102. American leaving for Europe tomorrow...should we be worried about the global terror alert?: people, German
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  104. Your political stance: people, German, Norwegian, Hungary - Europe
  105. Jewish dance group stoned in Hanover, Germany: country, people, girls - Europe
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  107. CROATIA - Buy house: cost, country, place, work - Europe
  108. France Disregarding Roma People: life, Romanians, work, working - Europe
  109. The Dutch: More Nordic, Continental or Anglo-Saxon?: life, cost, country - Europe
  110. Do you enjoy visiting London or Paris more?? If you haven't visited, which would you rather?: life, people - Europe
  111. Are Germans rude or just direct?: best, country, people, English - Europe
  112. Road safety in Europe: country, safest, place, train
  113. Flemish Belgium vs Wallonia Belgium vs The Netherlands vs Luxembourg: life, cost - Europe
  114. Is Frankfurt worth visiting? Is it considered a boring city?: best, life - Europe
  115. What dialect of English has more in common with Irish English, American or British English?: country, people - Europe
  116. Spain & Latin America: country, jobs, people, moving - Europe
  117. Moving to Europe, where??: best, life, country, places
  118. Demographics of Europe vs the USA France/Germany: country, place, people
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  125. Eurovision 2013: black, Greece - Europe
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  128. European Men married to American Women?: people, moving, Spaniard, nationality
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  130. Snow in Newcastle: best, safe, place, UK - Europe
  131. Immigrants Often Better Educated than Germans: best, life, country, places - Europe
  132. The rule for traveling through Europe?: country, places, German, Hungary
  133. Vladimir Putin Signs Bill to Protect Children: life, country, people - Europe
  134. Which Country Has the Most Beautiful Coastal Towns/Villages?: best, cost, Romanian - Europe
  135. Moving to Barcelona. Questions: people, living, pay, German - Europe
  136. What is THE most impressive single building in Europe?: cost, theory, expensive
  137. Is racism not as politically incorrect in Europe as in USA?: country, people
  138. Barcelona, Spain vacation.... areas to avoid?: best, safe, place, people - Europe
  139. Mysterious Minoans Were European, DNA Finds: people, living, Greek, genetics
  140. What do Europeans think of Texas?: country, place, people, England
  141. White Britons 'will be in minority by 2066': life, country, people - Europe
  142. Would this be acceptable in Europe? [US High School]: black, move, kids
  143. 3 days in Paris and 3 days in Rome: best, safe, place - Europe
  144. Reasons why North Americans do not want to live in Europe: cost, country
  145. Why Does Europe Resent Germany So Much?: best, country, place
  146. What North American cities have the most similar climate to Paris and Rome?: best, places - Europe
  147. Where are people from?: Romanian, Bulgaria - Europe
  148. where northern European sunseekers and snowbirds go in the winter: best, cost
  149. In Italy, racist taunts for footballers and ministers alike: life, country, people - Europe
  150. At Eurovision, Britain may be out of tune: cost, country, people - Europe
  151. For Americans in europe: How did you learn the local language?: best, people
  152. Which country is more dominated by it's capital: the UK or France?: crime, train - Europe
  153. Street violence: UK versus Germany: country, people, Germans, England - Europe
  154. What if Britain left the EU?: country, people, German, UK - Europe
  155. Do Europeans watch American TV shows?: crime, people, Portuguese, theory
  156. Something rotten in Hungary: people, Russian, accepted, culture - Europe
  157. Hungarian Patriots Make Pilgrimage to Csíksomlyó: country, place, people - Europe
  158. Rule of thumb for traveling through Europe: life, cost, country
  159. Dutch Politician Geert Wilders: ‘What We Need Today is Zionism for the Nations of Europe’: people, German
  160. Party ferry between helsinki, talinn, riga, stockholm: best, people, work - Europe
  161. Europoids: country, people, German, Finnish - Europe
  162. Are the Balkans a bad place to go for us on tourism?: country, people - Europe
  163. Europeans who dislike living in Europe?: best, life, country
  164. The finger in Europe: cost, place, cons, time
  165. The Most Popular Country in the World: Revealed: people, German, Germans - Europe
  166. how popular is football in your european country?: people, German, international
  167. Most American-like city in Europe?: life, people, work, English
  168. I want to know what Europeans think about American troops in Europe: train, people
  169. Relocating in Germany. Which city?: best, life, cost, 2014 - Europe
  170. Racism against Muslims in Europe: country, people, UK, Hungary
  171. paris???: best, life, people, work - Europe
  172. Leaving for Spain on Wednesday.: country, place, people, black - Europe
  173. Australia, Canada or USA,: life, country, people, moving - Europe
  174. If EU was a country, which European city should be it's Capital?: people, German
  175. Is Scotland a Celtic or a Scandinavian country?: places, people, German - Europe
  176. Do Spaniards look more European or Latin American?: best, country, people
  177. Future of Belgium: country, people, German, Dutch - Europe
  178. German census 2011 reveals suprising data: country, people, pay, moving - Europe
  179. Which groups look similar to the Sicilians? Updated: country, places, people - Europe
  180. Flood in Europe. 2013: life, cost, places, people
  181. France vs Germany: life, country, people, black - Europe
  182. Arnhem/Nijmegen area; Netherlands: place, jobs, people, living - Europe
  183. Why is Europe's crime rising and America's falling?: crime rate, life, country
  184. who is more beautiful ?european girls or american girls: people, black, German
  185. to Europeans; Does fast growing Muslim population worry you?: life, country
  186. Is Catalan closer to French or Spanish?: country, people, Portuguese - Europe
  187. Who are Iberians really closest to?: Greek, Portuguese, Spaniard, English - Europe
  188. Does the Irish language have a future?: country, people, living - Europe
  189. Combine European countries: life, country, people, German
  190. Coping with high uneployment on the European continent: best, life, cost
  191. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - difference?: cost, country, people, living - Europe
  192. How European do you think of Ireland as being?: country, people, German
  193. Getting married and moving to Germany (never been there): life, country, work - Europe
  194. Moving out of Europe for economic reasons: places, people, features
  195. Vibrant youth - Europe
  196. Apartments in venice: best, move, Italy - Europe
  197. which European country is small business friendly?: German, UK, Germany
  198. News, Danish police officers chased each other in unmarked cars.: 2013 - Europe
  199. French service dress: Italian - Europe
  200. Netherlands Liberation Day: the Canadian Liberators - Europe