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  2. Looking for son's father: child, last name, area, find - People Search
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  19. Greek lawyer looking for andrew's samios relatives in florida: records, county, last name - People Search
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  22. I'm looking for my father...: phone, old, name, address - People Search
  23. Russian girl Alla: name, member, person, letter - People Search
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  33. Looking for an old friend Mike Salas: finder, Facebook - People Search
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  37. How to track down a Former US Ambassador: record, name, addresses - People Search
  38. Jeff Mandler, friend in Seattle 81'-82': sister, lost, name - People Search
  39. Planning to visit and looking for old friend: photo, where, person - People Search
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  44. 2714 lombardy Place Memphis: address, person, information, searching - People Search
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  54. Ann Manuel Killeen: person, contact - People Search
  55. looking for a long lost friend: name, Washington, Virginia, about - People Search
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  59. James Ricky Perdue Jr.: children, friend, father, name - People Search
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  62. help search for old friend: phone, children, sister, lost - People Search
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  64. Site in the TV Commercial: information, reunion, results - People Search
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  68. looking for crew member of Riley: Vancouver, about, members - People Search
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  70. My Mother: name, history, SSN, law - People Search
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  73. This one is a challenge: lost, name, member, Louisiana - People Search
  74. Does any1 know Shane&Cassie Perry: record, lost, father - People Search
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  76. Would love to find my Friend: phone, children, daughter, old - People Search
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  78. Looking for Barbara Tilden Neitzey: phone, street, friend, lost - People Search
  79. Looking For Long Lost Sister Angela.: picture, daughter, father, brother - People Search
  80. Stolen Pet - Cumberland County, TN: friend, law, find, about - People Search
  81. Looking for Mark O'Brian, was in Grand Junction, CO in 1984....: phone, children - People Search
  82. help locate boy adopted in 1990 in Killeen, Texas — last name Roysdon: records, adoptees - People Search
  83. Trying to locate address of old friend: record, phone, children - People Search
  84. Need help finding Clark J Hall DOB: 5/24/38: location, record, children - People Search
  85. I need help!!!!!: lost, name, person, Netherland - People Search
  86. Looking for winston brown or wonston brown in Memphis: phone, county, sister - People Search
  87. Looking for John Hill: location, sisters, father, name - People Search
  88. Looking for mother and her family members: sisters, old, name - People Search
  89. way to find family member for free?: location, records, father - People Search
  90. Looking for about Bob Williams 1915-1985 New Mexico resident: baby, children - People Search
  91. Rodgers in Maine: phone, old, father, name - People Search
  92. Looking for friend: places, names, birth, about - People Search
  93. Looking for Elizabeth Deadman in Sault Ste. Marie: location, searches, lost - People Search
  94. Searching for old friends' email addresses: sister, lost, Virginia, high school - People Search
  95. Robert B. Lewis- Clairton: father, name, member, brother - People Search
  96. Looking for brother and sister Scott Vanderbilt & . . . son & daughter of Robert Vanderbilt of Nevada: children, father - People Search
  97. Looking for Ted: person, Germany, Texas, information - People Search
  98. Looking for long lost sister Thuy Giao Le: adoptees, dad, names - People Search
  99. searching for JANET DAY (maiden) about 63 yrs old: records, phone, friend - People Search
  100. Adopted in Buffalo, have amended birth certificate with SS# Need help!: brother, person - People Search
  101. Biogaphy of Missionary Heine Cs: where, about - People Search
  102. im looking for stephen hilton.: records, phone, baby, children - People Search
  103. on my fiance's dad - MA: name, high school, where - People Search
  104. Looking for Bill George: lost, name, relatives, member - People Search
  105. maxine donaldson: birth certificate, children, friend, sister - People Search
  106. Looking for my girlfriend's familie,Cserhalmi: records, children, sisters, lost - People Search
  107. Looking for Monroe Family: names, Alabama, mobile, first - People Search
  108. Looking for my brother: daughter, birth, Arizona, where - People Search
  109. Long lost friend from Rotterdam: photo, friends, name, person - People Search
  110. Help me!!! I need information on how to find someone with just information from 25 years ago: record, searches - People Search
  111. Looking For High School Friend-Will Fountain: photos, daughter, dad, name - People Search
  112. an old friend in Maryland: friends, name, birth, member - People Search
  113. Matthew B. Kitts Charleston, SC: phone, neighbor, daughters, roommates - People Search
  114. Looking for my friend carmen M. from Brooklyn: friends, old, lost - People Search
  115. Can in search TX marriage records?: last name, where, Texas - People Search
  116. Looking for Michelle K. Fiorello: friend, name, Oregon, Kansas - People Search
  117. Know Gregorio Andreacchio and family?: location, records, children, village - People Search
  118. Searching Connections Smith Family Mary&Irvin 1940s: location, children, names - People Search
  119. try to help a friend to found his roots: location, phone, daughter - People Search
  120. Looking for Baggett's: friend, relatives, member, CA - People Search
  121. Osman Elsek: daughter, name, birth, New York - People Search
  122. Looking for Connie or Joann Jenkins: phone, children, daughter, sister - People Search
  123. READ! Looking for my best friend from another country (Charlotte Abendroth): photo, friends - People Search
  124. Looking for lost Cleveland, Ohio relatives.: location, street, friends, daughter - People Search
  125. Looking for relatives in Vietnam: places, phone, picture, friend - People Search
  126. Looking for old friend Patrick M. Sheehan: location, phone, name - People Search
  127. What's Best Way to Search for Someone w/ Few Facts?: records, friends - People Search
  128. Sheila M. Ferrell (Cismowski): location, phone, street, picture - People Search
  129. Looking for long lost friend previously living in New Jersey: location, records - People Search
  130. This Is Frustrating! Have To Vent...: birth certificate, zip code, records, phone - People Search
  131. Long lost sister never seen.: birth certificate, location, child, county - People Search
  132. Don't know if can help...: birth certificate, records, phone, children - People Search
  133. Looking for an old friend in Hong Kong: street, friends, lost - People Search
  134. How to find people in GERMANY - TIPS: telephone, children, friends - People Search
  135. Does Know Different Methods of Finding Lost Friends?: records, phone - People Search
  136. help find tanya faye delgadillo( Porter is maiden) shes my sister: buy, child - People Search
  137. looking for my biological dad: birth certificate, phone, father, last name - People Search
  138. FREE reverse phone number lookups?: child, searches, friend, name - People Search
  139. Looking for my brother: zip code, location, record, picture - People Search
  140. help me find my mother!!!!!!!!!!!!: location, records, phone, adoptees - People Search
  141. Hattie Augusta Pugh: record, neighbor, baby, children - People Search
  142. Earl Jay Watson husband of Jean Watson died 2001: children, photos, searches - People Search
  143. Looking for Nancy Valentine of San Antonio Texas: location, record, children - People Search
  144. looking for birth mother/ born tularosa NM 1966: records, phone, baby - People Search
  145. help me find my half siblings: birth certificate, children, photo - People Search
  146. Searching for biological son, Jonathan: records, phone, adoptees, children - People Search
  147. Looking for irish guys (prob Dublin): photos, lost, names - People Search
  148. searching for father i was born in 1971 laredo: child, last name, adopted - People Search
  149. Barclay: children, relatives, married, contact - People Search
  150. Fairfield CA: graduated from Armijo High 1988-89 or know of a Steve Martinez an (ex) K-9 Cop from Fairfield Ca?: street, picture - People Search
  151. Looking for---: baby, born - People Search
  152. Schwab: sisters, adopted, brother, New Jersey - People Search
  153. Edward Mayes: children, father, name, family - People Search
  154. Looking for children of Harry Milton Wilson: genealogy, about, born - People Search
  155. Looking in Wartrace, TN: daughter, sister, old, about - People Search
  156. David Marcel Lalande: picture, New York, Jersey, looking for - People Search
  157. Kerri Marshall Or Nick Thornton? Manchester Area: lost, contact - People Search
  158. Sklodowski Konstanty 1892-1971, zip code 19134, Pennsylvania: brother, looking for, find - People Search
  159. search for wife's half brother: name, area, information, searching - People Search
  160. Biological mother looking for adopted son: name, San Antonio, Mississippi - People Search
  161. PS 58 in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn: last name, looking for, first - People Search
  162. Grażyna Alina (Ryba) Sielczak: photography, friends, name, Toronto - People Search
  163. Twin Boys Adopted by Doctor of Mid-Eastern Descent: friend, father, Michigan - People Search
  164. Valley City, ND HS Class of 1961: find, contact - People Search
  165. Armando Flores: daughter, father, name, house - People Search
  166. Roberta Moore Darby: daughter, member, family, looking for - People Search
  167. FRAZIER/BEBRAUSKIS - Looking for birth parents, family: adoption, lawyer, searching - People Search
  168. Looking for Jim Finch of Hackensack NJ in 1983: county, friend, member - People Search
  169. Enoch Caverhill: information, born - People Search
  170. Looking for nieces and nephew in Texas / New Mexico: children, daughter, sister - People Search
  171. searching for brothers and sisters!!: children, county, old, father - People Search
  172. Troy, NY Bartender named Scottie-late 1950's worked at Siena Bar: children, last name - People Search
  173. Searching people who was 1962/63 stationed Kreuzberg barracks in Zweibruecken: father, name, looking for - People Search
  174. Audrey Dunton (married name Smith), Mark & Nicky: children, names, mother - People Search
  175. Looking for tammy weber, hanscom air force base, old friend. Trying to find her.: father, American - People Search
  176. Adopted parents (Sue & Todd/Twin Falls, Idaho); DOB: 8/14/1990: name, looking for, born - People Search
  177. looking for a friend in holland (the hauge).: name, address, finding - People Search
  178. looking for brother: sister, Kansas, Arkansas - People Search
  179. Who was Ralph Larson (1898-1974) (Lived in Larimore ND in 1974?): record, county - People Search
  180. Looking for Brother 8): old, dad, name, Birmingham - People Search
  181. Waverly, Tenn.???: family - People Search
  182. Looking for an old friend in the UK: phone, address, born - People Search
  183. Looking for Brian McGuinness: street, father, name - People Search
  184. looking for gypsy fortune tellers in Los Angeles CA: lost, father, family - People Search
  185. locate a friend (moved from TN): name, Cleveland, find, local - People Search
  186. Searching for a cute guy from Rotterdam, saw him at his work at Chasin' Store: street, Germany - People Search
  187. Looking for Tom Roach in Springfield, Ohio: daughter, sisters, brother - People Search
  188. Looking for you: children, contact - People Search
  189. Belfast, Andrews Family: sisters, father, name, relatives - People Search
  190. searching for my granmother: name, UK, age - People Search
  191. Looking for Rudolph or Rudy Bubalo: teacher - People Search
  192. need help locating someone, don't want to post publicly, would appreciate establish CD members sending a DM for: phone, searches - People Search
  193. Male Born In 1951 Pickens, South Carolina: children, father, names, birth - People Search
  194. searching for relatives Taylortown, NC.: children, member, brother, family - People Search
  195. Trace someone with photos only: person - People Search
  196. Iwona Wieczorek has been missing since July 17, 2010: picture, searches, friends - People Search
  197. Otis Stewart (Stuart): county, brother, information, mother - People Search
  198. Searching For Brother: name, birth, adoption, Ontario - People Search
  199. looking for Ester Spiegel from Poland or her daughter born on April 1947: find, important - People Search
  200. Looking for my father, ROBERT LEE CROSS, Detroit MI: daughter, old, name - People Search