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  76. I saw my Congressman (Jim Moran) and talked to him about illegal immigration: visas, website
  77. Not just our problem. Looks like we all need to build fences.: illegal immigrants, salaries - Illegal Immigration
  78. News, Connecticut city approves municipal I.D. cards for illegal aliens.: drivers license, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
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  80. The American’s Creed: enemies, United States, elect, states - Illegal Immigration
  81. Excellent Website!: Israeli, illegal immigration, Baghdad, soldiers
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  92. There are 100 violent gangs in Palm Beach County, FL alone! 1/2 are illegal alien members!: birth, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
  93. 70 Illegals in One 'Single - Family' House: laws, Spanish, racist - Illegal Immigration
  94. La Raza in '08...The New Political Party!!!!: Reed, racist, treason - Illegal Immigration
  95. Section 413 Your tax $ at work- in Mexico: health care, 9/11, illegal immigration
  96. Traffic on the 405 Freeway: born, illegals, Spanish, country - Illegal Immigration
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  99. Border agents recruited for Iraq: illegal immigration, laws, prison, spokeswoman
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  109. Disabled US Citizen Deported to Mexico: born, illegals, American, United States - Illegal Immigration
  110. Don't say it can't be done. Eisenhower did it.: illegals, Reagan, salaries - Illegal Immigration
  111. Reconquista de Aztlan: quotes, Palestinians, website, born - Illegal Immigration
  112. By the busload..........: illegals, law, Mexican, drivers - Illegal Immigration
  113. LOS ANGELES, 12 June 2007: green card, Aztlan, license, quotes - Illegal Immigration
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  120. Hispanic brothels move in on Nashville Tennessee.: law, Mexico, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  121. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS have to many advocates- they will be legalized (amnesty coming): house of laws - Illegal Immigration
  122. he just wont stop!: Mexico, Reed, Iraq, Americans - Illegal Immigration
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  174. NO Cloture Bill!: McCain, illegal immigration, suspect, Kennedy
  175. Wake up and smell our demise: illegal immigration, prison, spokeswoman, holidays
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  186. The cost of Illegal Immigration only for the State of California. Devastating news.: health care, drivers license
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  191. Prediction made in 2001 on Bush,,,,Materialized exactly: middle east, illegal immigration, Mexican
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