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  1. News, Service dogs, people with special needs get spotlight in PBS doc.: golden retriever, children
  2. Allergic to Shampoo: clean, allergies, reactions, natural - Dogs
  3. Comedy, Long line - Dogs
  4. eye infections --- administering medication: labrador, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  5. Woodmere Park. 1600 Harbor Drive S., Venice, Florida. Designated a Paw Dog Beach: how much, boxers - Dogs
  6. Disappointed with the switch: labrador, allergic, poodle, poop - Dogs
  7. CET chews - OK? Do they really work?: clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  8. News, Meatball crowned Beautiful Bulldog at Iowa pageant.: pup, carpet, test - Dogs
  9. Favorite dog rescue stories: biting, clean, skin, treatment - Dogs
  10. Concert at the Dog Park: poop, sleep - Dogs
  11. Ice Cream Brain Freeze: lab, bite, teeth, children - Dogs
  12. Feeding raw... fish?: train, diet, cats, ears - Dogs
  13. socializing dogs?: barks, aggressive, training, beagle
  14. Another view of flea season: fleas, outside, ears, year - Dogs
  15. Spring bulbs: be careful with your dogs!: clean, vet, teeth
  16. Vehicle Anxiety! Help!: rescue, natural, paws, food - Dogs
  17. Dog Issue in the Parenting Forum Needs Dog Lover Advice: skin, train - Dogs
  18. Doggie daycare: husky, training, odor, neutered - Dogs
  19. flying my dog with me back to the states, airlines recommended?: vet, best - Dogs
  20. Agressive only to un-altered dogs...why??: vet, barking, aggressive, skin
  21. Uh,'s not going so well....: heartworms, treatment, neutered - Dogs
  22. Sick, sick, sick!: home, Arizona, year, animals - Dogs
  23. Corgi help: border collie, shepherd, vet, barking - Dogs
  24. Kidney/Bladder Infection: vet, surgery, doxie, natural - Dogs
  25. Used Freedom 45 (Permethrin), and now he's broken out: vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  26. Apartment Dwellers: How many times do you walk your dog per day?: poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  27. News, Faith The Two-legged Dog Spreads Message of Hope.: labrador, retriever, legs - Dogs
  28. Puppies Euthanized after Parvo Outbreak Infects Visalia Shelter: clean, adopted, vaccinations - Dogs
  29. How to introduce dogs to new exotic pet?: labradors, clean, barking
  30. three dashi pack: biting, aggressive, kennel, neutered - Dogs
  31. Smart dog... or would that be smartypants dog?: drool, kids, breed - Dogs
  32. No Dog Left Behind... Has seen this?: rescued, pups, safe - Dogs
  33. Help! My dog is eating my hostas: chewing, store, spray - Dogs
  34. Puppies stolen from a shelter... likely to be used as bait dogs: stomach, training
  35. Dog's Prayer: barks, home, allowed, animal - Dogs
  36. Flea and Tick Shampoo: terriers, clean, vet, breeding - Dogs
  37. Kangal + IrishWolfhound mix?: bite, vet, fleas, African - Dogs
  38. Dog DNA and Cancer Research: treatment, best, humans - Dogs
  39. Have you seen the new Pedigree commercial?: adopt, best, food - Dogs
  40. Dog eating like crazy: chihuahua, biting, clean, vet - Dogs
  41. Remote Training collars: aggressive, failure, puppies, best - Dogs
  42. Dear Cats and Dogs: adopted, children, food, walk
  43. on Pre-Anesthetic Blood Test results: shih tzu, vet, surgery, diet - Dogs
  44. Transport from Ok to MN - help needed: skin, rescue, puppies - Dogs
  45. Allergic to Dogs: English Bulldog, black, allergies, symptoms
  46. Large breed ACL surgery recovery time: vet, costs, effects, failure - Dogs
  47. Loyal to the end: labrador, vet, train, surgery - Dogs
  48. I found a new place to take Bella: walk, leash, size - Dogs
  49. Missing dog in Dallas, Tx (Lakewood Area): pitbull, kids, ears - Dogs
  50. A Pug Goes Green: pugs, breed - Dogs
  51. Unexpected Outcome of Stiff New Pet Breeding Laws: euthanize, shelters, disease - Dogs
  52. News, New York club offers dogs royal treatment.: popular, keep, year
  53. Flea/heartworm meds: boxers, bite, vet, breeding - Dogs
  54. My son said the dreaded to our older dog: lab, terrier - Dogs
  55. Glucose Moniters On Dogs: how much, vet, cost, ears
  56. Raw Feeding Dogs in Alaska..... Looking for a supportive VET: feeder, cats
  57. Peach and Peaches: best - Dogs
  58. Ringo saves the day: biting, bird, noise, walk - Dogs
  59. My dog is afraid of walks!: lab, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  60. My little guy turns two tomorrow: rottweiler, cough, puppies, breeds - Dogs
  61. Golden Retriever yeast infection and hemotoba (sp) advice needed...: how much, allergy, clean - Dogs
  62. News, Dog racing industry decline worsens.: food, greyhound, eating, cage - Dogs
  63. Aggressive Maltipoo at 6 months, need help: train, kids, dominant, testing - Dogs
  64. Potty Training: clean, poop, cleaning, train - Dogs
  65. Fosterer being treated for rabies: symptoms, vaccines, puppy, test - Dogs
  66. Does know why Solid Gold Sun Gold 75% Pure Yacca is no longer on the shelves?: how much, lab - Dogs
  67. Surfing dog raises money - Dogs
  68. Is Your flea/tick product counterfeit?: vets, best, cats, problems - Dogs
  69. good senior food for wt loss?: lab, adopted, best, weight - Dogs
  70. what breed of dog is this?: spaniel, adopted, shelter, ears - Dogs
  71. Deaf Dog- Scuffle at Dogpark.: bites, schnauzer, humping, puppy - Dogs
  72. I have a dog in Africa.: cross, walk, attack, mean - Dogs
  73. Is Brody overprotective?: terrier, barking, aggressive, train - Dogs
  74. this is the last word on dogs vs. cats: allergies, bones, bird
  75. Troopers say hero dog Buddy led them to rural Mat-Su fire: shepherd, german - Dogs
  76. Struvite crystals ...8 high acid...: vet, science, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  77. Good News, Dog's barking saves choking three-year-old.: backyard, family - Dogs
  78. traumatic day...: terrier, vet, children, cross - Dogs
  79. News, Digging into the great dachshund decline.: breeding, puppy, breed - Dogs
  80. My very first adoption event!!: pitbull, boxer, chihuahuas, barking - Dogs
  81. Used essential oils for your dog's flea control?: vets, stomach, skin - Dogs
  82. hyper after neuter??: vet, neutered, outside, home - Dogs
  83. Pug Being a Pig (video): diet, food, bowl, work - Dogs
  84. bad breath: clean, cleaning, tooth, cost - Dogs
  85. My dog attacked his dad: labrador, biting, poop, vet - Dogs
  86. for the Dog Lovers: labrador, vet, barks, housebreak - Dogs
  87. Shi Tzu and bronchospasm: shih tzu, vet, skin, teeth - Dogs
  88. Alsation/German shep and hip dysplasia: shepherd, shepherds, breeders, treatment - Dogs
  89. Very Happy News!!!: vet, surgery, food, ears - Dogs
  90. Stage 4 renal failure (12.5 yr. old yellow lab): border collie, vet, diet - Dogs
  91. double row of puppy teeth: poodle, vet, toy, neutered - Dogs
  92. Newest foster - just confirmed her!: vet, heartworms, black, treatment - Dogs
  93. Would you attack someone to defend your dog?: barking, kids, walk - Dogs
  94. At what age do dogs stop growing?: labs, rottweilers, neutered
  95. puppy breathing fast when resting: allergy, vet, barking, allergies - Dogs
  96. My Corgi Mix Sandy Just Had Surgery: vet, diet, infection - Dogs
  97. A very unhappy Chessie :(: bulldogs, golden retriever, bite, neuter
  98. depressed dog?: pitbull, ridgeback, lab, boxer - Dogs
  99. Rainbow spayed but very very restless. What can i do?: vet, skin - Dogs
  100. Do YOU have separation anxiety?: adopted, kennel, kids, walk - Dogs
  101. Does your dog eat rice?: vet, stomach, diarrhea, allergies - Dogs
  102. Best dog with children: shepherd, labradors, bulldog, poodle - Dogs
  103. Just when you it was safe to play football on the beach...: bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  104. help me finding a good dog: pitbulls, shepherd, golden retriever - Dogs
  105. Have to work..Have to crate...: labs, retrievers, clean, poop - Dogs
  106. Huskies on Agressive Breed List: pitbulls, golden retrievers, rottweilers, chihuahuas - Dogs
  107. What Could I Have Done Differently? (Dog Park): how much, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  108. So who watches dog whisperer?: train, walk, versus, average - Dogs
  109. And you wonder why dogs are afraid of cats!: best
  110. Need Help Getting Dog Adjusted To Being Alone: adopted, kennel, best - Dogs
  111. News, FDA: Don't give your dog bones of size.: veterinary, science - Dogs
  112. Jai ears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: cross, best, cats, eat - Dogs
  113. Dangerous Encounters with Squirrels and Cats while Walking Dog: aggressive, black, beagle - Dogs
  114. Crossing my fingers that this dog will be ..: lab, terrier, vet - Dogs
  115. Don't buy a puppy in a parking lot!: vet, breeders, adopt - Dogs
  116. Bike basket??: noise, puppy, keep, San Diego - Dogs
  117. Feral Dog: bite, vet, barks, rescue - Dogs
  118. What do you pay for boarding?: how much, clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  119. Getting over the fear: vet, rescue, drool, natural - Dogs
  120. Finding a mixed breed breeder: vet, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  121. Rottie: rottweiler, breeders, rescue, cost - Dogs
  122. Ringo doesn't like us anymore: labrador, yorkie, toy, train - Dogs
  123. The Kitchen Dog Food: skin, diet, natural, protein - Dogs
  124. Ellie update: terrier, rescue, infection, adopted - Dogs
  125. Eliminating odor from carpet, upholstery, ???: clean, cleaning, stomach, children - Dogs
  126. Bad Apple at the Dog Park: lab, terrier, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  127. How to get my dog from barking at other dogs: labrador, terrier
  128. Uh, pitbull, clean, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  129. Lilly pug baby: black, pugs, puppy, outside - Dogs
  130. What to do when your dog is only aggressive with CERTAIN dogs: lab, terrier
  131. Problem with snapping: yorkie, bite, aggressive, kennel - Dogs
  132. My blind/deaf dog needs a groom, but I'm afraid to leave her.: spaniel, barking - Dogs
  133. Sense-ation Harness: my observations: how much, black, natural, cross - Dogs
  134. Is my do unsociable?: lab, barking, training, rescue - Dogs
  135. What can we cover our carpet with for puppies a few weeks old?: clean, poop - Dogs
  136. What would you do?: poop, toy, train, kids - Dogs
  137. Rhino update (Long))photo heavy**: pitbulls, barking, shaking, aggressive - Dogs
  138. Flying 2 Large Dogs From England to SA, Texas!: how much, labs, boxer
  139. what is she?: shepherd, vet, chew, puppy - Dogs
  140. Adopted foster dog update!: pitbull, boxer, walk, problems - Dogs
  141. The Rocket Dog After Neutering -- More Hyper!: how much, toy, training - Dogs
  142. News, Smiley Riley, the dog with a human grin.: man - Dogs
  143. Do you buy your Flea meds online, if so which site do you recommend.: prescription, rescues - Dogs
  144. why you should never give your dog children's toys: vet, toy, stomach - Dogs
  145. Dog does not how to use Kong: shihtzu, clean, toy - Dogs
  146. What breed to get?: border collie, labs, rottweilers, poop - Dogs
  147. Rescued Pit Bull from dog fighting ring saves the day: puppy, outside - Dogs
  148. Muddy yard: help!: shepherd, clean, natural, paws - Dogs
  149. House Breaking new puppy: lab, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  150. Pug baby: bulldog, breeder, rescue, pugs - Dogs
  151. Rescued Puppy Breed Help: pitbull, how much, lab, biting - Dogs
  152. What breeds are in this dog?: shepherd, rottweiler, beagle, adoption - Dogs
  153. How did your dog get its name?: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  154. dog walking etiquette: clean, poop, train, natural - Dogs
  155. Jai and the comb over ears: leash, floor - Dogs
  156. Rocky the tiny yorkie may not make it..: rescue, puppy, best - Dogs
  157. Homeade pet treats: bite, training, allergies, chews - Dogs
  158. I need help naming my new pet service business: barking, training, biscuits - Dogs
  159. Latest rescues!: chihuahua, clean, vet, training - Dogs
  160. Happy Birthday Buster: chew, ears, home, Texas - Dogs
  161. Blind dog wakes wakes up during the nite and barks continuously: border collie, vet - Dogs
  162. Shih Tzu getting spayed at age 5 - Questions: poodle, biting, clean - Dogs
  163. Leg injury: biting, vet, shaking, cross - Dogs
  164. What Breed of Dog do you think This Is?: labrador, boxer, black - Dogs
  165. Dazzles progress in agility: border collie, shih tzu, bulldog, shelter - Dogs
  166. What can I say this little guy is mixed with??: vet, skin - Dogs
  167. Is it me or is it that rescue dogs just don't like us?: how much, lab
  168. Bailey and I need of your good karma: poop, vet, surgery - Dogs
  169. Hot spots created out of boredom: allergic, bite, vet, wound - Dogs
  170. Can rescue this dog before 4-13 euthanasia?: labrador, skin, adopt - Dogs
  171. I am smitten: chihuahua, yorkie, miniature, bites - Dogs
  172. Swollen eyelid: bite, ears, home, normal - Dogs
  173. Puppy on pause: shepherd, vet, symptoms, drool - Dogs
  174. I'm afraid I'll kill the next dog I get...: clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  175. Does your dog groom your cat?: lab, clean, paws - Dogs
  176. Best way to introduce non-social adult dog to other dogs?: barking, aggressive
  177. My 3rd Golden :): skin, train, adoption, kids - Dogs
  178. Dog With Anxiety: labs, vet, prescription, skin - Dogs
  179. Where does your dog sleep at night?: outside, ears, home - Dogs
  180. My puppy has parvo...: lab, terrier, vet, breeder - Dogs
  181. My new found puppy... what am I?: beagle, adopted, paws - Dogs
  182. A sad doggie nightmare: shepherd, shihtzu, miniature, pomeranian - Dogs
  183. Ringo's tummy issues: clean, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  184. Rage Syndrome in Siberian Husky Puppy?: border collie, bite, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  185. Raw food....your experience: border collie, how much, bulldog, poop - Dogs
  186. In the words of a shelter manager: shepherd, bulldog, vet - Dogs
  187. Refusing to eat from the bowl: skin, costs, food, walk - Dogs
  188. Part pit bull?: pitbull, lab, bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  189. Happy Birthday to the Lovely Miss Naala! (Lots of pictures): husky, adopted - Dogs
  190. a near tragedy: vet, tooth, rescue, natural - Dogs
  191. Mellow small dog....: shih tzu, terrier, train, rescue - Dogs
  192. My puppy barks nonstop when outside: border collie, labrador, yorkies, barking - Dogs
  193. Intelligence: Has your dog done anything that really surprised you?: border collie, Shar-Pei - Dogs
  194. Camping with dogs... tips and tricks?: labrador, vet, training, adopted
  195. Looks like I'm going to be one of people.: how much, shih tzu - Dogs
  196. News, Stray Dogs Master Complex Moscow Subway System, 30,000 to 35,000 Stray Dogs Live in Russia's Capital City.: stop
  197. Nature's Variety expands voluntary recall: diet, best - Dogs
  198. Flea Repellant safe to use with Revolution: allergic, bite, skin - Dogs
  199. Doggy daycare out of my home: golden retriever, people, excited - Dogs
  200. Recommendation for dog boarding kennel: travel - Dogs