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  39. Wheel Chairs for Pets: shepherd, pup, best, breed - Dogs
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  55. The Dep't of Agriculture Came Out 5 Times and Gave Them a Clean Bill of Health: breeders, skin - Dogs
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  60. When I'm crying my dog won't stop licking my face?: ears - Dogs
  61. Bailey the sad lab has a home!: labrador, bites, adopted - Dogs
  62. Tics: vet, mice, treatment, fleas - Dogs
  63. Video, Aging Bulldog Gets Homemade Stair Lift: owner - Dogs
  64. H3N2 Canine Influenza: labs, vet, skin, surgery - Dogs
  65. Housemate's Dog: how much, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
  66. Doggy sitting for a dog who is positive for Leptospirosis: clean, vets - Dogs
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  70. Dog and owner die in Corvette in the heat: normal, Texas, mean - Dogs
  71. Removing dogs bred like The Hulk from Pit Bull gene pool: breeders, bones
  72. 13 yr old with stage 4/5 heart murmur: how much, boxer, euthanize, kids - Dogs
  73. Excellent resource for finding a great breeder: spaniel, breeders, rescued - Dogs
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  77. People That Dump Dogs!: lab, veterinary, adoption, kennel
  78. My Jenny has Bartonella, have suggestions to help her live?: terriers, vet - Dogs
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  81. The Majority Project: year, owner, fight, people - Dogs
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  83. Beautiful tribute to Denali: poop, shots, ears, man - Dogs
  84. Former pet sitter looking for more exposure to dogs - s?: how much, vet
  85. What's a catchy pet business name? walking, sitting, scooping?: poop, paws, puppy - Dogs
  86. 100 Mill for Dog Bite!: home, neighbors, Detroit, attack - Dogs
  87. Video, Dog Thinks Owner is Drowning and Saves Him!: safe, year, water - Dogs
  88. Customs agent wins case: train, animals, stories - Dogs
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  90. Feeling emotional (long post): chihuahua, vet, barks, training - Dogs
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  92. The heartbreak of dogs lost and found in the Texas floods is almost more than I can bear.: train, rescued
  93. Aggressive dog transfer: bite, vet, legal, skin - Dogs
  94. Dog pee-ing in new apt. I need your help dog people: clean, cleaning - Dogs
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  98. I am heartbroken: euthanize, best, ears, eating - Dogs
  99. Schnauzer biting excessively: border collie, bite, vet, barking - Dogs
  100. Best training approach to aggressive dogs: bite, vet, train, rescue
  101. How Can An Owner Lose His Dog?: shepherd, lab, terriers - Dogs
  102. Calming collar: border collie, shepherd, rescue, collie - Dogs
  103. If you have a Dog who became extremely sick or died from Beneful dog food, or anything from Purina: allergic, vet - Dogs
  104. We sleep together every night but its got to end: allergic, retriever - Dogs
  105. Service Dog jumps in front of bus to save his Mom: golden retriever, veterinary - Dogs
  106. How are Golden Retrievers in general?: pitbull, labs, golden retriever, rottweilers - Dogs
  107. keeping your dog cool: black, skin, training, cost - Dogs
  108. Support for dogs operation: yorkie, poop, vet, spaniel
  109. Rejected by a Rescue? Read this.: yorkie, housebreak, aggressive, black - Dogs
  110. debarking for Cavalier: vet, training, surgery, rescue - Dogs
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  112. Leash Agressive with new dog.: labs, vet, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  113. What's a good name for a pooper scooper business?: clean, cleaning, animal - Dogs
  114. dog only 3 1/2 and getting white hair in eyebrows?: how much, terriers, vet - Dogs
  115. Kidney failure - how did you know when it was time?: border collie, labs - Dogs
  116. Found dog's private urinal behind our love seat. What should we do?: miniature, clean - Dogs
  117. Fla cop lets TWO Police Dogs die in the back seat of his car: how much, train
  118. Dogs Owners - I got an idea: clean, poop, train
  119. The last 3 hours with my girl... Rogue the Chocolate Lab: breeder, puppies - Dogs
  120. Dog with muzzle taped shut: laser, shelter, Charleston, animal - Dogs
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  123. Tipping The Groomer: how much, bite, costs, problems - Dogs
  124. How long does kibble last once opened?: clean, science, diet - Dogs
  125. Dog dies at PETCO groomers: clean, cleaning, training, treatment - Dogs
  126. dogs and thunderstorms: border collie, chihuahua, science, euthanize
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  128. No petting service dogs: shaking, black, skin, rescue
  129. Dogs and being Kept outside, What is your opinion?: border collie, poop, toy
  130. Egg Allergy?: allergic, bite, stomach, diet - Dogs
  131. Overly protective dog: shepherd, biting, clean, aggressive - Dogs
  132. complaining Neighbors: how much, bite, clean, barking - Dogs
  133. I was standing next to the stupidest woman at a dog event: poodle, chihuahua - Dogs
  134. Purebred vs. Mutts: daschund, how much, shepherd, shih tzu - Dogs
  135. Dominance theory and the alpha: biting, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  136. Square faced dogs----gross: poodle, natural, ears, popular
  137. Don't be indifferent: training, bird, walk, eating - Dogs
  138. help...Rescue dog: allergic, bites, clean, vet - Dogs
  139. Red stains on mouth, paw, rear: shih tzu, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  140. When you own a Dane: border collie, clean, vet, science - Dogs
  141. Doggy wheels: shih tzu, vet, rescues, shelters - Dogs
  142. It looks like it is cancer....: how much, poodle, vet, surgery - Dogs
  143. need fencing advice for a dog: labs, black, train, rescue - Dogs
  144. Doxies eating poop: skin, train, diet, odor - Dogs
  145. Underground fence: train, basenji, reactions, cross - Dogs
  146. Pomeranian with Collapsed Trach and CHF: how much, shepherd, chihuahua, yorkie - Dogs
  147. Natural Flea Medicine that works: shepherd, skin, treatment, fleas - Dogs
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  151. How to tell breeder we've decided to wait without sounding like a flake?: breeders, kids - Dogs
  152. How could the death of a canine possibly hurt as much as that of a family member?: border collie, science - Dogs
  153. Advice on getting a family dog: border collie, shepherd, labrador, poodle - Dogs
  154. They Do Love Us! And We Love Them!: science, skin, train - Dogs
  155. My Dog Swallowed a Corn Cob: clean, vet, diarrhea, eating - Dogs
  156. Why you never want to post FREE to a good home on Craigslist or other swap site: how much, vet - Dogs
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  160. Wyatt Was Attacked: miniature, breeding, aggressive, neutered - Dogs
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  162. Dog Rescue Transporters: bulldogs, wound, cost, kennel
  163. LARGE flea infestation! Help?!: vet, wound, science, fleas - Dogs
  164. Service Dog and Therapy Dog requirements.: legal, black, train, kennel - Dogs
  165. go to/or participate in dog shows?: labradors, boxers, breeders - Dogs
  166. Do You Miss Your Dogs When You're Gone All Day?: clean, barking
  167. I Wish My Dog Knew..... Patricia McConnell: how much, surgery, pup - Dogs
  168. Stomach spasms: how much, allergy, vet, training - Dogs
  169. Shelter employees statements about PETA's killing of healthy dogs: vet, rescue, euthanize
  170. dog hair infestation?: how much, shepherd, boxer, shepherds - Dogs
  171. Terrier and regular, clear/foamy vomit: vet, toy, stomach, adopted - Dogs
  172. Dog is socially retarded: yorkie, barking, aggressive, black - Dogs
  173. WHY does my dog do this?: shepherd, lab, shepherds, clean - Dogs
  174. Dog sitter service said her dog was dead and buried. Guess what?: best, shelter - Dogs
  175. Have to give a dog up - Advice: pitbull, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  176. why do dogs hate me so much?: border collie, poodle, chihuahua
  177. Why are Chihuahuas and pitbulls so popular?: labs, golden retrievers, chihuahua - Dogs
  178. Not getting over it: goldendoodle, poodle, vet, breeders - Dogs
  179. [long read] My experience with rescue group ESRA: border collie, how much, vet - Dogs
  180. Two year old Rottie rescue pulls leash and jumps fence: shepherd, labradors - Dogs
  181. Dogs and non-standard work schedules.: border collie, shepherd, yorkie, spaniel
  182. Hotels and dogs: allergy, vet, toy, barking
  183. Jerky treats made in USA causing illnesses in dogs: vet, American
  184. A dog named Ukraine - Dogs
  185. Another Vicktory Dog has passed: adopted, best, medium, animal - Dogs
  186. Hack Noise - Cough: vet, year, months - Dogs
  187. War Dogs of WWII: medium, canine, American
  188. Unusual friendship: Osiris and Riff - Dogs
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  192. Get 75% Off Frontline-Plus For Dogs + Free Shipping with Code
  193. Blind dog has 2 guide dogs: animals
  194. Happy Mother's Day, Dog Moms!: sick - Dogs
  195. Cost of Nexguard & discount pet meds: months, medicine - Dogs
  196. Jerkey treats claimed to be made in USA causing illnesses in dogs: vet, American
  197. News, New York Man Takes Dying Dog on Bucket List Adventure Across the Nation: breed, New York City - Dogs
  198. Badger the hero dog: man - Dogs
  199. News, Eye Contact Helps Strengthen The Bond Between Pooches And Their Owners: puppy - Dogs
  200. The heartbreak of dogs lost and found in the Texas floods is almost more than I can bear.: owner, information