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  3. Corgi Video. - Dogs
  4. Dog possessive over toys against other dogs, animals... tips on what to do: toy, barking
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  6. Sniffer dog finds US bound missile in Serbia: Portland - Dogs
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  9. Skin care (sorta) and hair regrowth: vet, surgery, treatment, infection - Dogs
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  11. Cesar Millan being investigated for animal abuse. - Dogs
  12. Dominant and submissive dog behavior: how much, training, natural, canine - Dogs
  13. Appropriate Play - Young Dog: border collie, shots, puppies, breed - Dogs
  14. Golly I goofed today: clean, rescue, food, store - Dogs
  15. Oh boy people never fail to amaze me: breeder, cost, breed - Dogs
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  17. The Dog Aging Project: shepherd, natural, effects, vaccinations - Dogs
  18. Not sure what to do about my dog when I'm gone. Need advice/suggestions.: cross, pup - Dogs
  19. Vet says my friend's dog swallowed something: stomach, surgery, diarrhea - Dogs
  20. Do dogs remember their kennel mates?: yorkies, clean, barks, teeth
  21. Do old dogs decide, when they are ready to die. I think mine did.: golden retrievers, yorkie
  22. Is my puppy growing too fast?: how much, shepherd, shih tzu, miniature - Dogs
  23. Hot spot? Allergy? Why won't it go away?: how much, poop, vet - Dogs
  24. Dogs - Man's Best Friend, Evolved Parasite or Both?: science, rescue, ears
  25. Just moved to a new home and dogs are peeing on the carpet?: clean, train
  26. Obese rescue dog ‘Fat Vincent’ makes stunning transformation in quest for new owner: dachshund, shelter - Dogs
  27. Man Buys $95,000 Truck For His Dog: rescue, cost, neuter, food - Dogs
  28. lost pets/tags: vet, skin, puppy, free - Dogs
  29. Buddy, terminally ill dog, checks off ‘bucket list’: Detroit, work, county - Dogs
  30. Expensive surgery for Baseball sized lypoma/ sarcoma.: how much, lab, clean - Dogs
  31. Tick season: vet, heartworms, skin, treatment - Dogs
  32. My Chow chow only had 1 puppy is this normal?: vet, breeders, training - Dogs
  33. Do you prefer a wooden or wire dog crate pans?: clean, chews - Dogs
  34. Dazzle and the tow truck driver: shepherd, vet, skin, rabies - Dogs
  35. Free/cheap and clever dog bed: eat - Dogs
  36. Not your usual dancing dog routine: border collie, how much, collie, best - Dogs
  37. Puppy doing all tricks instead of one: training, noise, walk - Dogs
  38. How to find a local cardiologist: poop, vet, symptoms, coughing - Dogs
  39. dog scooting on butt: shepherd, yorkie, schnauzers, miniature - Dogs
  40. washing the puppys things: poop, training, children, outside - Dogs
  41. just want to say: rottweiler, poop, puppy, best - Dogs
  42. Does your dog have seizures?: vet, husky, rescue, symptoms - Dogs
  43. A fat dog for a fat man: best, animal, months - Dogs
  44. flea and tick season: border collie, lab, terrier, retriever - Dogs
  45. yorkie poo and cats: yorkies, barking, training, adopted - Dogs
  46. What I think I found out about Obie Dog.....: labs, yorkie, children - Dogs
  47. Puppy Peaks with Susan Garrett: skin, training, puppies, best - Dogs
  48. Travelling through a BSL state with a pit bull: vet, legal, cost - Dogs
  49. Queen Elizabeth has had to call dog psychologist to calm fighting corgis: problems, humans - Dogs
  50. Fecal incontinence: terrier, poop, vet, chews - Dogs
  51. Agility: training, puppies, home, vs - Dogs
  52. know if Calcium Choride shots work in reducing tumors?: how much, vet - Dogs
  53. My 2 yorkies pee everywhere !: terrier, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  54. Puzzle toy suggestions: border collie, shepherd, clean, teeth - Dogs
  55. Teaching our dog to speak: shepherd, skin, german - Dogs
  56. dogs noses: shih tzu, vet, diarrhea, symptoms
  57. Looking to adopt a dog? Don't rely too much on the breed labels!: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  58. New Dog Questions & Prep - Housetraining??: clean, train, infections - Dogs
  59. What kind of dog is this? Schipperke? Pomeranian?: terrier, vet, skin - Dogs
  60. He pointed me in the right direction: free, year, behavior - Dogs
  61. Growl Class: A Workshop Demo for Reactive Dogs taught by Dr. Ian Dunbar: aggressive, training
  62. toxic and/or deadly dog food components: veterinary, effects, pups - Dogs
  63. dog got bit: yorkie, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  64. Good Dog! Pet Brings Home $1,000 Worth Of Marijuana: lab, black, allowed - Dogs
  65. Lost Doxie walks 80 miles to find his family: dachshund, legs, ears - Dogs
  66. LAT training works! A real life example.: border collie, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  67. Apoquel for itchy dogs and cats: how much, bulldogs, allergy, vet
  68. Dog reunited with crash victim's family: home, people, stories - Dogs
  69. Cross Arm Sit: training, rescue, bird, pup - Dogs
  70. Dog, Conjestive heart failure ER or am vet: infection, symptoms, coughing - Dogs
  71. vets are closed, about bloat in small breeds: yorkie, poop, vet - Dogs
  72. Yippeeee! A Food Truck For Dogs: ears, Washington, year
  73. Katie 11 years old Spayed at 4 years... Bleeding??: vet, shaking, infection - Dogs
  74. Military handler gets his promised dog back: vet, adoption, illegal - Dogs
  75. Before/After Victories Against Animal Abuse/Neglect: vet, rescued, shelter - Dogs
  76. My Doberman has a growth in between in toe? Help?: vet, skin - Dogs
  77. Shock Collars.....GET A CAT !: barking, train, cats, claw - Dogs
  78. Change in Bark: vet, barking, maltese, cross - Dogs
  79. How to Teach a Puppy to...: how much, bite, toy, wound - Dogs
  80. Dog and lovebird are best buds: bird, medium - Dogs
  81. Teaching Front Finish To a Maniac: train, paws, food, walk - Dogs
  82. Met an awesome Bernese Mountain Dog: breeder, puppy, food, breeds - Dogs
  83. dog pee/carpets: clean, cleaning, black, odor - Dogs
  84. Dog has smelly and dirty ears: Shar-Pei, lab, bulldog, allergic - Dogs
  85. Returning dog back to shelter???: shepherd, labrador, poodle, retriever - Dogs
  86. Dog as crime deterrent - a good idea: barking, aggressive, science - Dogs
  87. Does being an abused/neglected dog an excuse for aggression: shepherd, bites - Dogs
  88. What to expect after spaying: how much, vet, breeding, skin - Dogs
  89. Getting dog to greet more calmly when I come home: toy, barks - Dogs
  90. so irritating!!!!: rottweilers, training, kids, puppy - Dogs
  91. 2 females or one female/one male?: breeders, aggressive, rescue, collie - Dogs
  92. Natural Death or Euthanasia, which is more humane?: terrier, vet, costs - Dogs
  93. Dog Leash: how much, chihuahuas, yorkie, schnauzer - Dogs
  94. Made mistake letting puppy on couch: clean, spaniel, skin, train - Dogs
  95. 50 Secrets Your Veterinarian Won’t Tell You: chihuahua, laser, poop - Dogs
  96. starting dog training: vet, breeder, costs, neutered - Dogs
  97. Looking for a small, indoor dog, s on a good breed?: shih tzu, poodle - Dogs
  98. slip rope leash as collar?: English Bulldog, boxer, bite, black - Dogs
  99. Taking doggie to swim: labrador, vet, train, mice - Dogs
  100. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - get puppies in pairs?: shepherd, vets, breeder - Dogs
  101. I'm new in the appt (Male) with my girlfriend and her 9 month old maltipoo: labrador, rottweiler - Dogs
  102. It's now legal to smash a car window to rescue a dog in Florida: outside, Oregon - Dogs
  103. shots/booster for pups: lab, vet, natural, rabies - Dogs
  104. I've just got to get a Husky day.: how much, huskies, train - Dogs
  105. Dog teeth falling out: allergic, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  106. alternative to spay?: rescue, adopted, neuter, shots - Dogs
  107. comments about my dog: poodle, rottweiler, black, skin - Dogs
  108. My friend's dog hates me, what can we do?: how much, miniature, bite - Dogs
  109. Can a puppy fail at socialization?: bite, clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  110. NATURAL flea/tick prevention?: vet, black, symptoms, cost - Dogs
  111. Things not working out with rescue dog..: how much, lab, allergic - Dogs
  112. Vomiting Dog, Am I Overreacting?: poop, vet, barking, stomach - Dogs
  113. Yearly hear worm test: vet, prescription, heartworms, costs - Dogs
  114. Puppy wakes up at night?: labs, yorkie, vet, train - Dogs
  115. Survival Odds On Distemper For A Puppy?: poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  116. 24/7 Neighbor's barking do: cost, kennel, bird, noise - Dogs
  117. More about My Dog: how much, poodle, breeder, train - Dogs
  118. How to make dogs food taste a little nicer?: border collie, allergy, diet
  119. Jogger Stroller For Senior Dog?: shepherd, lab, bite, puppy - Dogs
  120. Smooth Collie Breeder DE, PA, MD, NJ: laser, breeders, train - Dogs
  121. Ruh roh: Dog creates epic mess with calligraphy ink while home alone: clean, cost - Dogs
  122. dog clickers for training: poop, skin, train, noise - Dogs
  123. Vent: Breed Restrictions: pitbull, border collie, boxers, pinscher - Dogs
  124. Selfish neighbor: poop, aggressive, kids, best - Dogs
  125. home remedies for dog that will not Stop Scratching?: allergic, terrier - Dogs
  126. Cesar doesn't get it at all: border collie, aggressive, train, collies - Dogs
  127. Neighbors are getting rid of their 7 month old puppy: shepherd, lab, bites - Dogs
  128. 16-Year-Old Dog Emitting Foul Stench: how much, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  129. new dog owner of 3 month old rottweiler: clean, poop, breeders - Dogs
  130. People food vs pet food My Beef with People Food: vets, breeders - Dogs
  131. My dog got into a scuffle: shepherd, golden retrievers, clean, vet - Dogs
  132. Struggling with the passing of our sweet dog.: lab, vet, euthanize - Dogs
  133. Choosing a food and down to three: lab, poop, vet - Dogs
  134. Quick about kids 6 an 8 yr.old and new 3mo. old rott puppy: rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  135. If you are a Cesar Milan fan...: how much, lab, biting - Dogs
  136. Just said goodbye: clean, vet, best, outside - Dogs
  137. dog training class -- negative reinforcement: cost, best, collars, causes - Dogs
  138. pure breed rottweiler puppy , afc competitions: biting, breeders, skin, training - Dogs
  139. Tomorrow is my dog's last day and I'm heartbroken: border collie, golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  140. How to get this barking to stop?: aggressive, training, neutered - Dogs
  141. This takes the prize for most ridiculous reason to surrender a dog to a shelter: how much, poodle - Dogs
  142. My young Shih Tzu is terrified of the groomer: clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  143. The old lady and her dog: vet, surgery, rescue, infection - Dogs
  144. My dog is afraid of ME!: how much, poodle, vet, toy - Dogs
  145. Ever feel a little guilty about your awesome rescue dog?: how much, breeder - Dogs
  146. ? About Dogs Having an Aversion to Certain People: breeder, barking
  147. ID your dogs on their collars!: black, rabies, best
  148. Does your vet/vet office keep track of your dog's shots?: prescription, surgery - Dogs
  149. Great pyr versus Standard poodle: border collie, bulldogs, poodles, boxer
  150. Chinese factory worker cooks and eats employer’s ‘wild’ corgi: skin, cross - Dogs
  151. Is this common? People are VERY actively/aggressively responding to our pet rehoming ad.: lab, schnauzers - Dogs
  152. I Want to Adopt a Tiny Senior or Adult Dog: yorkie, clean - Dogs
  153. Dog won't eat chewable medications: vet, fleas, odor, chews - Dogs
  154. Professional dog walker has a puppy: vet, puppies, outside - Dogs
  155. Thoughts on the amount of fruit & veggies?: terriers, poop, breeder - Dogs
  156. Howling in the Ex pen.: training, bones, chew, puppy - Dogs
  157. what do people think about the collars that shock when dogs go past invisible fence: aggressive, train
  158. Bereavement leave when pet dies: skin, adoption, cats, ears - Dogs
  159. Basket muzzle?: shepherd, skin, train, teeth - Dogs
  160. We have to change foods--again: lab, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  161. content dog growl?: border collie, terriers, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  162. stinky bones: clean, poop, vet, toy - Dogs
  163. Is a muzzle a good solution to stop puppy from eating stuff on the ground?: shepherd, boxer - Dogs
  164. Dog TV,: shepherd, shih tzu, laser, barking - Dogs
  165. Purchasing a retired 4/5 year old female from a Breeder: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  166. Remember the boy who had a severe allergic reaction to a service dog on a plane?: treatment, allergies - Dogs
  167. Canine blood donors are heroes: vet, kennel, sheltie, cross - Dogs
  168. my rottweiler pup an me: labrador, vet, barking, training - Dogs
  169. Dog in a crate?: border collie, bulldogs, clean, collie
  170. Teach your dog to file his own's easy!: lab, natural - Dogs
  171. dog collars: bite, train, chews, paws - Dogs
  172. cutting pups nails: rottweiler, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  173. dogs/kids: pitbulls, bite, toy, skin
  174. Who knew it would be so hard to find a dog: pitbulls, how much - Dogs
  175. Behavior questions about my new dog: bite, poop, toy, barking - Dogs
  176. Have you tried long lasting Anco root dog chews?: terrier, clean, vet - Dogs
  177. After the death of a dog how long to wait before getting another: poodle, vet - Dogs
  178. NYC + grad school = Border Collie?: shepherd, lab, prescription, black - Dogs
  179. Crate trained dog pooping/peeing everywhere: biting, clean, vet, diarrhea - Dogs
  180. Havanese going Crazy: bulldog, chihuahua, biting, poop - Dogs
  181. How to treat pet skin allergies?: border collie, labs, allergic, bites - Dogs
  182. Backyard: barking, cost, best, collars - Dogs
  183. Best Vacuum for pet hair.: clean, skin, cost, bird - Dogs
  184. Dog breed DNA tests: vet, spaniel, pomeranian, science - Dogs
  185. My Yellow Lab is a bully: labradors, training, teeth, puppy - Dogs
  186. Adult French bulldog rescue and marking: poop, vet, housebreak, surgery - Dogs
  187. Dog Walker photographers his pack in fun places: pups, medium - Dogs
  188. Smallbatch Pets Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Dog Duckbatch Sliders Due to Salmonella and Listeria Monocytoge - Dogs
  189. iud mirena - Dogs
  190. Coconut Oil and Pets: clean, teeth, food, eating - Dogs
  191. Amazing what Diabetic Alert Dogs can do: sleep, stories
  192. Recognize in this ad?: ears, elderly, Wisconsin, year - Dogs
  193. This story will break your heart and give you hope at the same time: paws, medium - Dogs
  194. Once again a microchip saves the day and the dog: ears, Illinois - Dogs
  195. A upsetting sight today: puppy, leash - Dogs
  196. The pup behind Stand Up For Pits has died - Dogs
  197. Foundation exercises: Sue Ailsby's Training Levels aka Doggie Zen: ears, free, leash - Dogs
  198. Housebreaking a 6 month old pup: training, adopt, puppies, shelters - Dogs
  199. Just for fun~~~~ - Dogs
  200. Can help this man?: medium, Colorado Springs, Colorado - Dogs