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  8. I love dogs!
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  23. watch for this Super Bowl commercial: rescue, adopt, cross, shelters - Dogs
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  27. Looking for surgeon: patella, vet, surgery, treatment - Dogs
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  29. Study: Dogs prefer praise over food: border collie, toy, stomach, train
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  38. Canned pumpkin: symptoms, food, store, average - Dogs
  39. Usda gets rid of on cruelty: labs, Washington, animals - Dogs
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  44. Knox is back home! - Dogs
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  63. DNA clears service dog: medium, canines, work, family - Dogs
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  75. Training dogs to find wild truffles?: train, kennel, puppy, best
  76. Decoding Dog Behavior: biting, cockapoos, barking, aggressive - Dogs
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  83. Poodle dyeing - Cool or cruel?: poodles, breeder, outside, breed - Dogs
  84. Trump Chooses His White House Dog - A Goldendoodle.: allergic, labradoodle, yorkie - Dogs
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  86. Dog Food Recalled: ears, Buffalo, year, animals - Dogs
  87. Need Help: border collie, how much, terrier, poop - Dogs
  88. Fed up with my dog!: how much, poop, train, natural - Dogs
  89. Cbd?: how much, vet, wound, train - Dogs
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  91. chihuahua itailian greyhound puppy: allergic, poodle, schnauzer, breeder - Dogs
  92. What do you get back from your dog?: border collie, how much, lab - Dogs
  93. Wish strangers wouldn't stop and pet my dog: bite, barking, skin - Dogs
  94. Dog pees in middle of night: boxer, clean, cleaning, puppy - Dogs
  95. What would you never do to a dog now, that you had learned in the past?: Shar-Pei, labrador - Dogs
  96. Dog Won't Eat: shepherd, shepherds, vet, prescription - Dogs
  97. Can you make your dog wag it's tail on cue?: shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  98. My dog was diagnosed with kidney disease: how much, vet, breeders - Dogs
  99. Puppy aggresive biting: ridgeback, border collie, how much, bite - Dogs
  100. After Larger Dogs, Can I Be Happy With a Small Dog?: shepherd, lab
  101. Why we are adopting old dogs: lab, chihuahua, vet, breeders
  102. Dog training books?: veterinary, train, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  103. Dog breed recommendation?: how much, bulldog, poodles, boxer - Dogs
  104. Scared to Death of Clipping My Bichon's Toenails !: infection, normal, cheap - Dogs
  105. looking at adopting getting along with others: shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  106. How to stop a dog from pulling on the lead.: breeders, barking - Dogs
  107. Owners Who Don't Use Leashes: golden retriever, chihuahua, vet, barking - Dogs
  108. i just wanted to hit the floor yesterday: shepherd, lab, allergic - Dogs
  109. etiquette with disposing of poop bag: walk, ears, home, neighbors - Dogs
  110. Why do people in the city leave their dogs outside when they go in stores?: poodle, terriers
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  112. Apartment dog: shepherd, boxer, shepherds, compatibility - Dogs
  113. Little high strung dogs: poodle, miniature, vet, barking
  114. What can I call a Pitbull Terrier (renting an apt purposes): pitbulls, border collie - Dogs
  115. Holistic Heartworm Prevention: how much, vet, heartworms, treatment - Dogs
  116. Meet Joey my New Service Dog!: shepherd, miniature, bite, clean - Dogs
  117. soft poos: how much, boxer, poop, vet - Dogs
  118. 2017 Westminster Dog Show....: shepherd, bulldog, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  119. You shouldn't hug your dogs, regardless of how adorable they are: shepherd, bulldog
  120. Interested in getting German shepherd: how much, shepherds, breeder, train - Dogs
  121. Submissive Peeing & Safety... Ideas Needed!: clean, vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  122. Where did you get your dog: border collie, breeders, wound, rescue - Dogs
  123. Malamute/Tamaskan/Akita - 'real world' exercise demands?: how much, shepherd, labradoodles - Dogs
  124. Getting him out of our bed: allergy, vet, prescription, training - Dogs
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  126. Potty training help!!!!: shih tzu, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
  127. wrist sprain: border collie, golden retriever, vet, collie - Dogs
  128. Why we are seeing more dogs on planes: allergic, training, cost
  129. Suggestions for when I go visit family for holidays: terrier, bites, clean - Dogs
  130. Sudden Change in Shih Tzu - Pain, Food: bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  131. Cane corso: how much, housebreak, train, rescue - Dogs
  132. did I get the right kind of peanut butter?: allergies, natural, best - Dogs
  133. what's the longest been away from your dogs?: stomach, adopted, shelter
  134. Blacklisted dog breed and breed specific (Malinois): shepherd, lab, boxers - Dogs
  135. Rescue Remedy not working: how much, barking, training, adopted - Dogs
  136. Potty training new yorkie puppy in MN..too cold for outside . Help!: bulldog, poop - Dogs
  137. Project: DOG: border collie, how much, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  138. Avoid this movie.: biting, treatment, ears, german - Dogs
  139. Pit Bull Rewarded After Saving Teen From Rape: shepherd, allergic, shepherds - Dogs
  140. Should I take the steak bone from my dog?: lab, clean, vet - Dogs
  141. 's dog have stomach problems mornings?: poop, vet, treatment - Dogs
  142. Had to return our rescue dog to the rescue. I'm completely heartbroken.: bite, clean - Dogs
  143. Figuring out how much time outdoors in the winter: shepherd, bite, spaniel - Dogs
  144. Board and Train A Fearful Aggressive Dog?: lab, breeding, children - Dogs
  145. New Pooch: border collie, lab, black, collie - Dogs
  146. My dog has been put down.: how much, vet, wound, stomach - Dogs
  147. Do of you keep a first aid kit for your dogs ?: vet, wound
  148. $500 fine for leaving an animal out in the cold: skin, kennel, cross - Dogs
  149. Jaundice, my experience: poop, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  150. Why is my dog such a fussy eater: clean, teeth, diet - Dogs
  151. i was looking to adopt a bigger dog: shepherd, vet, breeder - Dogs
  152. Petsmart Grooming experiences: vet, schnauzer, training, treatment - Dogs
  153. Dog torn it's nail off, can't afford VET! HELP! [URGENT]: chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  154. I'm urging all dog owners to boycott Petsmart: clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
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  158. My new (and first) little fur baby: boxers, biting, schnauzer - Dogs
  159. Toy dogs / real dogs: poodle, terrier, yorkie, poop
  160. Adding a third dog to the mix: border collie, shepherd, chihuahua - Dogs
  161. Recommend a soft kibble for a senior dog?: biting, clean, vet - Dogs
  162. Protecting your pets from aggressive animals: pitbull, border collie, labs, rescue - Dogs
  163. Are there specific breeds that follow you into the bathroom?: shepherd, terriers - Dogs
  164. I have to wonder about an animal rescue that allows unfixed animals to be posted on their site: lab, vet - Dogs
  165. Dog keeps getting UTIs: clean, vet, prescription, training - Dogs
  166. Dog ate used tampons!: border collie, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  167. i have had it and then: rescue, adopting, cross - Dogs
  168. Who feeds a rotational diet?: allergic, skin, allergies, best - Dogs
  169. The Amish and their puppy mills: shepherd, boxers, shepherds, breeders - Dogs
  170. curious about how people walk their dog on road with traffic: train, cross - Dogs
  171. Tooth brushing: clean, vet, cleaning, train - Dogs
  172. does know what might be wrong with my dog: vet, beagle - Dogs
  173. Pitbull friendly states (Washington)?: pitbulls, chihuahuas, chewing, cross - Dogs
  174. Mama wuvs her widdle schnookie poo! Yes she does!: puppies, cats - Dogs
  175. 13 yr Retriever mixed Chemo or not: how much, lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  176. Thinking off rescuing a Pitbull: pitbulls, border collie, shepherd, aggressive - Dogs
  177. My dog is experimenting with doors!: border collie, vet, breeders, barks - Dogs
  178. Do you give your dog monthly heartworm & flea medication during the coldest winter months (like now)?: vet, skin - Dogs
  179. Dire consequences when trying to force a dog to wear a sweater.: pitbull, poodle - Dogs
  180. idea what type of dog this is?: terrier, black, basenji - Dogs
  181. This is terrifying...: shepherd, barking, legal, skin - Dogs
  182. Mom's dog biting her 4 times a day: border collie, bites, vet - Dogs
  183. Dog suddenly won't go upstairs: rottweiler, vet, kennel, pup - Dogs
  184. Would I be able to get away w/owning a beagle?: labrador, terriers - Dogs
  185. Neighbors won't leash their dogs: pitbull, clean, aggressive, cleaning
  186. I think my vet is mad at us: prescription, neuter, shots - Dogs
  187. Enormous medication markup: vet, prescription, legal, treatment - Dogs
  188. Our eldest Cavalier is 11 today: black, rescues, pups, best - Dogs
  189. Dachsund: vet, stomach, natural, dachshund - Dogs
  190. Christmas presents: toy, diet, bones, children - Dogs
  191. What does the world look like to dogs? Now we know: animals
  192. Breed Identification DNA Test Kit $55.47!!: veterinary - Dogs
  193. Watch this video to feed a shelter dog: puppies, food, people - Dogs
  194. Water intake with Lasix: terrier, vet, failure, Boston - Dogs
  195. 900 dogs in one dog park!
  196. Dog with infiltrative lipoma: surgery, outside, hair - Dogs
  197. Puppy Broker sentenced to a year in the slammer - Dogs
  198. Angus can sniff out deadly bacteria: infection, medium, Canada, sick - Dogs
  199. Seeking Opinions: seizures, canines, eating, treats - Dogs
  200. Dog's friendship: rescued, adopted, animal - Dogs