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  1. In this country (and the world) like value of person depends on thier money/power: FBI, regular - Great Debates
  2. old and new technology (data Storage): generation, Christmas, compared, million - Great Debates
  3. Should we return to being dreamers?: enemy, drugs, soldier, radical - Great Debates
  4. Ipads,Ipods,Smart phones,: Have we as a society forgot how to connect as humans?: elect, problems - Great Debates
  5. Would More Monasteries Reduce the Number of Jails/Prisons?: drugs, death, revolution - Great Debates
  6. Has the Meaning of Humble/Humility Changed?: speeches, politicians, election - Great Debates
  7. Where do white collar conservatives in the USA live comparing to blue collar?: millionaires, cost - Great Debates
  8. Group identity and affliation...: identities, independence, stereotypes, dangers - Great Debates
  9. Why is it so much easier to ACT the way other people perceive you as BEING?: generation, independent - Great Debates
  10. are national movements coming out of N.Y. and LA still happening?: Al Gore, generations - Great Debates
  11. Shadow Rental Market and why are rents going up despite high housing supply?: interview, Pittsburgh - Great Debates
  12. The rainforests of Borneo are disappearing, but the locals rely on it, what should be done?: wages, illegal - Great Debates
  13. Good Intentions with Gov't Programs has increased poor in black communities: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  14. Conscience Historical Neglect: What Are the Reasons?: claim, European, world - Great Debates
  15. Defense Spending is way overdue to be cut: Iraq, Reagan, Pelosi - Great Debates
  16. Zeitgeist: What should we aspire to as a culture and civilization? -Ray Kurzweil, humanist: unemployment, ethical - Great Debates
  17. Taxes and depression: unemployment, salaries, polls, death - Great Debates
  18. If an illegal alien becomes a celebrity, then it's OK?: interview, drugs - Great Debates
  19. The State of Reality and What People Think It Means. What Do You Think the State of Reality Means?: politicians, laws - Great Debates
  20. The law and the lesser of the evils: death, marijuana, crimes - Great Debates
  21. Are wars a net positive for humanity?: wage, deaths, revolution - Great Debates
  22. Blunk, McQuinn & Teves: Masculinity and Sacrifice: generation, ethics, soldiers - Great Debates
  23. Love of Travel??: middle east, Israel, cocaine, suspect - Great Debates
  24. Child labor in the US: employment, fast food, interview, minimum wage - Great Debates
  25. Welfare Recipients who work under the table: unemployment, wage, illegal - Great Debates
  26. What happens with the middle class in the US ?: unemployment rate, wages, generation - Great Debates
  27. What Do You Think is the Current General State of Society?: salary, generations - Great Debates
  28. Gov shouldn't have laws regulating marriage/family/divorce! It is encroaching on ppl's private lives: legal, solution - Great Debates
  29. Should US companies be held accountable for their products made overseas?: minimum wage, illegal - Great Debates
  30. America very bland and boring compared to other countries?: interstate, highway, racist - Great Debates
  31. In This World, Do You Think People Are Able to Reach Their Full in Their Lives?: drugs, how much - Great Debates
  32. Americans spend less $$$ to buy food - the lowest of country that keeps such data.: employment, Franken - Great Debates
  33. Why Are People So Averse to Reading?: generations, drugs, how much - Great Debates
  34. Has most evil been commited by people trying to do 'good'? i.e. 'righteous anger'?: Iraq, middle east - Great Debates
  35. Is it ethical for people on unemployment and food stamps to go on a vacation?: Christmas, how much - Great Debates
  36. Why is alcohol legal?: unemployed, illegal, heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  37. Do the beautiful people have better lives?: regular, how much, cost - Great Debates
  38. Forget another Great Depression.. will we see a new Dark Age?: generations, suspect - Great Debates
  39. Does believe in Hard Determinism?: Putin, highway, death, how much - Great Debates
  40. The Invisible Hand Thumbs Its Nose At Us ( Laissez-faire Illusions In An Age Of Bailouts): Congress, ethical - Great Debates
  41. The need for skilled labor - America's hidden problem: minimum wage, illegal, pros and cons - Great Debates
  42. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment Demands the Separation of Church and State: Congress, illegal - Great Debates
  43. The Disconnected and Lonely Experience of Modern Society: employment, generations, death - Great Debates
  44. Shall the US Taxpayers Help Fund the Greek Bailout?: illegal, insurance, dollars - Great Debates
  45. Political Correctness: drugs, Merry Christmas, happy holidays, accuse - Great Debates
  46. Is Pedophilia a Sexual Orientation?: ethical, illegal, solution, how much - Great Debates
  47. Second amendment rights and with mental health issues: solution, free speech, carry - Great Debates
  48. Is selfishness actually a form of altruism?: employment, minimum wage, military - Great Debates
  49. Can Capitalism survive without growth or too much growth?: unemployed, wages, health care - Great Debates
  50. Why do Poor people have the highest Birth Rates?: generation, death, crime rates - Great Debates
  51. Do people under estimate money needed to be wealthy/Upper Class? I say $10 million is needed atleast: millionaires, how much - Great Debates
  52. Why don't kids Play Anymore?: generation, regular, fence, school - Great Debates
  53. Killing Sharks - (Why not?): environmentalist, school, party, flag - Great Debates
  54. is our sensitivity to death changing: generations, drugs, premium, insurance - Great Debates
  55. If *Everyone* had strong work ethic and got educated, how would the lower class fare?: fast food, minimum wage - Great Debates
  56. What would it cost - if made in the USA?: wages, Christmas - Great Debates
  57. Is a life of constant toil worth living?: salary, drug, money - Great Debates
  58. Is blocking out genitals on babies and children on TV going too far?: drugs, border - Great Debates
  59. What is a Westerner?: generations, legal, soldiers, Canada - Great Debates
  60. Are people worth more than others?: death, how much, insurance - Great Debates
  61. Southern culture may be conservative/tradition, but is it really that puritanical?: interview, regular - Great Debates
  62. What Does The Intent of the Founder Mean?: interstate, Congressmen - Great Debates
  63. Are people just incapable of thinking beyond logical fallacies?: salary, enemies - Great Debates
  64. Historical Legitimacy of Spanish in the SW United States: generations, Mexicans, military - Great Debates
  65. Is There Enough People That Know What Matters The Most In Life and What To Look For In Life?: drug, death - Great Debates
  66. Do you think too many people are too easily overly judgmental with each other for the wrong reasons?: state, percentage - Great Debates
  67. 1910 8th Grade Test: regular, Miami, Hispanic, private school - Great Debates
  68. What if Pregnancy Had to be Government Approved?: unemployed, illegal, drugs - Great Debates
  69. What do etiquette and manners give a person, if not education?: generation, Mexicans - Great Debates
  70. Do you think nostalgia is real or delusional?: conspiracy, how much, school - Great Debates
  71. Do violent movies and music create violent children?: death, crime rates, school - Great Debates
  72. Once Again, the Debate will Rage: Congress, illegal, heroin - Great Debates
  73. I think we can all agree that the Holocaust was far greater tragedy than slavery...: Iran, Iraq - Great Debates
  74. Has America Been Had By Biblical Literalism?: Iran, death, wisdom - Great Debates
  75. Are we living through an ‘Invisible Depression’ ?: unemployment rate, interstate, gallon - Great Debates
  76. Is a basic Federal Income Tax a good solution?: Corporate Profits, unemployment, wages - Great Debates
  77. If you have kids born after 2000, why would you want the economy to improve?: salaries, generations - Great Debates
  78. Should Algebra be taught as a general education subject?: salary, fence, high school - Great Debates
  79. Will there be a solution to the 1/1/13 Fiscal Cliff , or will we trigger another economic crisis?: unemployment, Congress - Great Debates
  80. Are eras more prone to being nostalgized than others?: unemployment, Iraq - Great Debates
  81. should paternity test be mandatory?: suspect, money, states, support - Great Debates
  82. Can children be raised in a gender free environment?: generations, radical - Great Debates
  83. Does statutory rape really cause damage to the victim?: illegal, FBI, 18 year old - Great Debates
  84. Are we seeing a re-emphasis on gender roles?: suspect, fence, Miami - Great Debates
  85. Should unsuccessful crime be punished less severely than successful crime?: ethics, legal - Great Debates
  86. Why do people fear (and resist) change?: independence, solutions, versus - Great Debates
  87. Why shouldn't people be able to eat dogs and cats?: ethical, illegal - Great Debates
  88. Are people too paranoid about crime? irrational: stats, wisdom, Obama - Great Debates
  89. Is perpetual competition the 'right road'?: regular, brainwash, economic, money - Great Debates
  90. Is it popular to be misanthropic?: enemy, racism, crime, examples - Great Debates
  91. How to end this horrible recession...: unemployment, interviews, Reagan, drugs - Great Debates
  92. When do we curtail individual freedoms for the good of all? Climate Change, Pollution: Al Gore, generations - Great Debates
  93. Would you say Couples without Children are happier than Couples with Children?: military, financial - Great Debates
  94. Life extension: Congress, generation, death, solutions - Great Debates
  95. Do Americans love war, or are we just apathetic to its consequences?: Congress - Great Debates
  96. Tolerance and love vs. lack of understanding: generations, drugs, accuse - Great Debates
  97. Why do Musicians decline in quality: generation, heroin, cocaine, drugs - Great Debates
  98. The American Dream? How much wealth is too much?: Brown, millionaire, dollars - Great Debates
  99. Only one teacher needed per subject.: high school, examples, education, abuse - Great Debates
  100. Would you rather live in a blue state or red state?: Reagan, radical - Great Debates
  101. Is American culture really on a downslide? If so, when did it start?: unemployment, Franken - Great Debates
  102. Should we agree to divorce propositions or arguments from their speakers?: illegal, drug - Great Debates
  103. Is there anyting positive about the U.S.?: generations, health care - Great Debates
  104. World Population Out of Control: solution, terrorist, carry, education - Great Debates
  105. What if Full Employment is 8% - 9% Unemployment rate?: generations, cost, dollars - Great Debates
  106. Would you really want to survive the end in 2012?: regular, death - Great Debates
  107. Natural Masculinity versus Culture: generation, suspect, borders, how much - Great Debates
  108. Income Disparity between Federal and Private Sector Workers: unemployment rate, Congress, wages - Great Debates
  109. What are the great accomplishments of US Gov in last 10 or so years? like none: Iraq, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  110. When did the concept of White Guilt start?: drugs, Christmas - Great Debates
  111. Tornadoes and Climate Change: global warming, deaths, Missouri, Indiana - Great Debates
  112. Is it better to rule with love or fear?: citizen, parenting, selfishness - Great Debates
  113. What is so bad about socialism? It the better option to me: unemployment rate, salary - Great Debates
  114. Is desire self-afflicted slavery?: rating, examples, money, work - Great Debates
  115. Do you miss the Business/Dotcom culture of the Nineties?: unemployed, fast food - Great Debates
  116. Should There Be A Death Tax?: legal, solutions, insurance, abortion - Great Debates
  117. Does Attorney Client privilege harm society?: Iran, attorneys, crime, states - Great Debates
  118. Why is pop culture so superficial?: states, world, broadcast, document - Great Debates
  119. Are wars becoming more ineffective?: Iraq, wage, soldiers, weapon - Great Debates
  120. The of Life: religion - Great Debates
  121. Is the recent anti-bullying movement overplayed?: generations, illegal, weapons, racism - Great Debates
  122. What would happen to the world if the Internet ceased to exist tomorrow?: how much, companies - Great Debates
  123. Is work easier today than for earlier generations?: Baby Boomers, companies, school - Great Debates
  124. It's 2011: Are our 'needs' still basic, or more advance?: regular, how much, cost - Great Debates
  125. Is entitled to the fruits of your labor?: generation, how much, dollars - Great Debates
  126. Earth Day and the environmentalist movement... necessary?: generation, drugs, death - Great Debates
  127. Should a teen ever be sentenced to life in prison?: injection, FBI - Great Debates
  128. Domestic Violence, from childhood to adulthood: drugs, carry, abuse, alcohol - Great Debates
  129. NRA and PETA: activist, radical, millionaires, lobby - Great Debates
  130. Prolonging the lives of the terminally ill vs. quality of life: enemy, legal - Great Debates
  131. Does the perfect family with the white picket fence exist or has it ever existed?: heroin, drugs - Great Debates
  132. The strong have always preyed upon the weak: wisdom, Jesus - Great Debates
  133. Free Housing For Everyone: illegal aliens, drugs, economy, money - Great Debates
  134. The N & B Words...: generations, how much, school, status - Great Debates
  135. Would you drink alcohol if...: legal, drug, brainwashing, school - Great Debates
  136. Tainted Food From Japan: Michigan, claim, support, Kansas - Great Debates
  137. How far should schools go to accommodate the health needs of one student?: private school, politicians - Great Debates
  138. Various small discriminations and prejudices: racism, money, state, claim - Great Debates
  139. Do you really believe that people are born gay?: racism, Sanders, compared - Great Debates
  140. Do statistics indicate that Public Assistance actually helps the receipient: unemployment, minimum wage - Great Debates
  141. If the ideological divide cannot be bridged, USA fails?: gas prices, Congress, Mexicans - Great Debates
  142. How can we combat ageism and the stigmatization of dementia?: generations, racism - Great Debates
  143. Is it wrong to judge a person's 'goodness' by how hard they work?: millionaires, how much - Great Debates
  144. The problem with Facebook, privacy and social networking sites: enemies, generation, regular - Great Debates
  145. Being judged solely by the bad things we've done: Christmas, crimes, party - Great Debates
  146. The Fundamental Duty of a Society.: generations, legal, drug, economic - Great Debates
  147. How can we best take care of older adults (senior citizens) who need ongoing care?: Baby Boomers, health care - Great Debates
  148. Do you think that life is misery punctuated by joy, or ...: fence, examples - Great Debates
  149. Why are we supposed to be 'sensitive' to the views of homophobes but not racists?: Hispanics, stereotypes - Great Debates
  150. Having a Car vs Public Transportation: gallon, crime, insurance, school - Great Debates
  151. Do you really believe people are born conservative or liberal?: McCain, generation - Great Debates
  152. Does minimum wage law encourage collusion against low skilled or non-union workers?: unemployment, fast food - Great Debates
  153. church bullies: Iraq, regular, school, government - Great Debates
  154. Do Americans suffer from magical thinking when it comes to politicians?: ethical, controversial - Great Debates
  155. Shall The U.S. Budget Be Balanced?: unemployment rate, Congress, wage - Great Debates
  156. Racial double standards for hate crimes?: Marines, statistics, death, racist - Great Debates
  157. Is the internet turning us into Cynical, Negative Armchair Know it alls?: legal, lawyers - Great Debates
  158. Medias role in society: Ron Paul, interview, gasoline, death - Great Debates
  159. Restoring Status to Elders . . .: generations, Baby Boomers, wisdom, brainwash - Great Debates
  160. New Cigarette packaging: Ron Paul, fast food, interview, generations - Great Debates
  161. Is the EU a Superpower: unemployment rate, Iraq, arsenal, Afghanistan - Great Debates
  162. Are mixed nationality marriages a good idea?: generations, Mexican, states - Great Debates
  163. Communicating wih other intelligent life in outer space or not...: laymen, state - Great Debates
  164. Is America Headed for Civil War Again?: unemployment, generations, global warming - Great Debates
  165. America in 2050: Putin, gas prices, gallon, salary - Great Debates
  166. Donating Food to the Needy: unemployment rate, salaries, Christmas, holidays - Great Debates
  167. As a human being, do you have rights just by your existence?: health care, independent - Great Debates
  168. promiscuity and STD's: drugs, revolution, cost, dollars - Great Debates
  169. Are We Prepared?: Congress, Iran, enemy, soldiers - Great Debates
  170. Is Goal Setting worth doing?: financial, state, problems, world - Great Debates
  171. Is Capitalism responsible for America?: ethical, illegal, regular, conspiracy - Great Debates
  172. Education shouldn't be completely free for all.: illegal, illegals, military - Great Debates
  173. Would you ever associate with, or be in love with, a former terrorist?: drug, Marines - Great Debates
  174. Immortality: health care, death, cost, dollars - Great Debates
  175. If you could clone yourself, would you?: high school, elect, children - Great Debates
  176. What's good for business is good for America: unemployment, wages, salary - Great Debates
  177. Marijuana: States Rights vs Federal rights: Ron Paul, illegal, borders, Obama - Great Debates
  178. Will the US end up like Greece in a few years?: Congress, interview - Great Debates
  179. Why is rudeness so common on the Internet?: enemies, regular, school - Great Debates
  180. Are we heading towards a police state: middle east, drugs, death - Great Debates
  181. Do certain groups in America excel in certain fields? If so, why?: employment, generations - Great Debates
  182. Anything wrong with not being Patroitic towards single country?: Congress - Great Debates
  183. Union vs Non-Union: unemployment, wages, independent, fence - Great Debates
  184. Mentally ill people?: death, crimes, Miami, elect - Great Debates
  185. Best place to live: The Country, The City or The Suburbs: generations, stereotypes - Great Debates
  186. Early Riser or Night Owl -- which is more productive?: employment, how much - Great Debates
  187. Humans and Old Age Vs. Other Animals: generations, deaths, wisdom - Great Debates
  188. What Would America Be Like If Canada and America Became One Country?: Mexicans, border - Great Debates
  189. Is it to understand what you have not experienced?: revolution, how much - Great Debates
  190. When did Art become elitism?: generation, controversial, Canada, border - Great Debates
  191. Is learning a foreign language now a waste of time?: legal, school - Great Debates
  192. Are we all too dependant on Employers?: unemployed, salaries, ethical - Great Debates
  193. Are schools, parents, society, or all to blame for children’s poor performances?: ethics, wisdom - Great Debates
  194. Should paternity testing be mandatory?: statistics, conspiracy, solution, federal government - Great Debates
  195. Society with Alcohol or Tobacco in 30 years: generations, legal, drugs - Great Debates
  196. Do you think that society or nations fall if it isn't focused on the family?: fast food, generations - Great Debates
  197. In 2020 Will There Be a Labor Shortage in the US?: unemployment rate, wage - Great Debates
  198. Evolution in public schools: high school, money, state - Great Debates
  199. Community Service Graduation Requirement: highway, speech, how much, high school - Great Debates
  200. Simplicity vs. Complication and how much of each should go into someone’s life, existence, and perception.: influence - Great Debates