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  1. This dog does tricks!: work - Dogs
  2. News: Firefighters rescue dog that fell through ice: best, ears, home - Dogs
  3. dog kisses -- is he grooming me?: dominant, walk, test - Dogs
  4. What breed?: chihuahua, husky, beagle, dachshund - Dogs
  5. Canine Good Citizen testing?: training, rescue, kennel, breeds - Dogs
  6. This is Why Mutts Are Awesome!: work - Dogs
  7. My Next Best Friend: shepherd, skin, adopt, shelter - Dogs
  8. Uti: English Bulldog, vet, science, surgery - Dogs
  9. Just Randoms from this Week: clean, treatment, best, test - Dogs
  10. Adding an 8wk old to a 3mo old: puppies, best, keep - Dogs
  11. about shedding/allergies: shih tzu, allergic, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  12. Dog allergy??????: allergic, skin, allergies, Great Dane - Dogs
  13. Stitches out today: vet, breeders, drool, shots - Dogs
  14. Dog insurance: veterinary, prescription, neutered, vaccination - Dogs
  15. Crate training a second dog: toy, aggressive, train, shelters - Dogs
  16. Pemphigus Foliaceus(auto immune skin condition) in Cocker Spaniel: ridgeback, how much, bulldog - Dogs
  17. McDonald's happy meal dog: poodle, toy, adopt, kids - Dogs
  18. Great Pyrenees Attacking Our Beagle!: miniature, food, dominant, weight - Dogs
  19. Minature Dachshunds (weiner dogs): terrier, miniature, vet, breeders
  20. Help rescue groups get free food: cost, kennel, cats, keep - Dogs
  21. Has ever tried Soft Paws on their dogs?: labrador, retrievers
  22. German Shepherd slanted crooked ear. Video: shepherds, breeding, teeth - Dogs
  23. Abused dogs: poodle, toy, shaking, aggressive
  24. Papillon Breeders: rescues, kennels, puppy, breeds - Dogs
  25. Dog after spine surgery: cocker, cage, Mobile, year - Dogs
  26. Favorite Dog parks?: labs, cross, outside, swimming - Dogs
  27. Hilarious Video Clip. Poor Dog!: diet, year - Dogs
  28. Now I am paranoid....: yorkie, vet, infection, maltese - Dogs
  29. Special dog toys: toy, cost, ears, cheap - Dogs
  30. 6 month weimaraner doesn't like walks: vet, toy, training, kennel - Dogs
  31. 127 Pit Bulls Seized: shepherd, golden retrievers, rottweiler, shepherds - Dogs
  32. Hindquarter Harnesses: neighbors, leash, year, stop - Dogs
  33. double coated dogs: husky, skin, surgery, outside
  34. News: Big mutt on campus!: border collie, poop, breeds, eat - Dogs
  35. Would liked rmation on Diabetes in Dogs: shepherd, lab, black
  36. I am still not gripping the use of rescue remedy: how much, shihtzu - Dogs
  37. Where to get canine good citizen in NH? - Dogs
  38. Old english sheepdog/kidney problems?: tumors, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  39. News: Dog alerts Mass. owners to a pre-dawn fire: barking, cats, home - Dogs
  40. First Michael Vick dog gets a home: vet, rescue, cough - Dogs
  41. Bichon Frise Chihuahua mix: terrier, toy, spaniel, rescue - Dogs
  42. News, Pa. woman accused of illegally selling a neighbours' 2 terriers on Craigslist.: puppy, ears - Dogs
  43. Newstory: Stray dogs being killed in Baghdad: veterinarian, best, eating
  44. new barking technique: train, noise, pups, best - Dogs
  45. Escapee Dog: shepherd, barking, adopted, puppy - Dogs
  46. Ticks in winter?: bite, walk, year, hair - Dogs
  47. Need help with AKC name!: breeder, black, kennel, breed - Dogs
  48. Can my breed do that?: pitbull, border collie, English Bulldog, train - Dogs
  49. News, Woman's nose retrieved from pet poodle.: aggression, allowed, stop - Dogs
  50. . we go again (neighbors dogs bad behaivor): bite, poop, barking
  51. Rescue Remedy, how to: vet, treatment, paws, best - Dogs
  52. Sheltie owners???: barking, kids, puppies, best - Dogs
  53. Molossers In The Snow: how much, shots, home, beach - Dogs
  54. Dogs: Declining Westie: euthanize, best, outside, canine
  55. Do you really think the BSL is going to stop at Pit Bulls?!: shepherd, bulldog - Dogs
  56. Pedigree Dogs Exposed: Staffordshire Terriers, patella, breeders, surgery
  57. Old Drum and the origin of man's best friend: wound, black - Dogs
  58. The Dog And The Killer Whale!!: black, diet, ears, eat - Dogs
  59. Watch a video, help a dog!: skin, food, bowl, people - Dogs
  60. Recommend clipper/trimmer,: clean, vet, skin, surgery - Dogs
  61. Dog Pet Peeves: poop, vet, barking, chew - Dogs
  62. Dog Tags: ridgeback, labs, vet, legal - Dogs
  63. Jarhead: vet, rescue, puppy, best - Dogs
  64. dog acting very odd: vet, symptoms, seizures, causes - Dogs
  65. Follow up: Charges filled in Rescued puppy mill dogs case: breeders, stomach
  66. U.K. News, Fat dogs seized by RSPCA: labradors, legal, kennel
  67. Dog Breeds: allergy, poodles, terrier, miniature - Dogs
  68. To get a puppy or not: bites, clean, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  69. If You're Hesitant to Adopt Senior Dogs...: border collie, shepherd, poodle
  70. *My First Groom*: shih-tzu, poodles, maltese, outside - Dogs
  71. The Daily Coyote: skin, adopted, puppy, cats - Dogs
  72. Puppy Potty: housebreak, training, diarrhea, vaccinations - Dogs
  73. weak people should not own large dogs: how much, shepherd, terriers
  74. HELP- Can a dog get a concussion?: yorkies, vet, puppies - Dogs
  75. At the end of my rope: lab, poop, spaniel, barks - Dogs
  76. Tipping for dog services: clean, vet, schnauzer, toy - Dogs
  77. Cheerios as treats?: chihuahua, yorkie, skin, training - Dogs
  78. What's wrong with my puppy?: English Bulldog, vet, breeder, diarrhea - Dogs
  79. Getting used to new food?: allergic, poop, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  80. My dog's behavior towards a child this weekend has me concerned: poodle, barking - Dogs
  81. Cesar Millan or Victoria Stilwell: black, cross, problems, eating - Dogs
  82. Very Strange mix: lab, shih tzu, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  83. Pooping in the floor: clean, vet, cleaning, training - Dogs
  84. Pup will pee on paper and poop: clean, toy, training - Dogs
  85. Man who beat, burned dog learns his fate: poodle, miniature, stomach - Dogs
  86. Slightly under-feeding your dogg: how much, vet, diet, food - Dogs
  87. Puppy with cabin fever: training, adopt, shelter, walk - Dogs
  88. Cute tricks your dog does?: beagle, noise, puppy, food - Dogs
  89. Heartgard Plus - why need a prescription?: vet, aggressive, heartworms - Dogs
  90. Guess the breed: border collie, terrier, golden retriever, miniature - Dogs
  91. Night barking is driving me NUTS!!!!!!!: mice, kids, cross, puppies - Dogs
  92. Ill behaved, but very lovable St.Bernard: lab, bite, breeders - Dogs
  93. Dog bitten by another dog: yorkie, bite, vet, wound - Dogs
  94. Puppy scratched at the door to go outside...then pooped outside!!!: months, difference - Dogs
  95. Dash's valentine request: bulldogs, noise, test, free
  96. Did You folks see ALL cities wanting to Band Pits: pitbull, lab - Dogs
  97. Green Eyes: labs, retrievers, huskies, black - Dogs
  98. Advice for traveling by air with my dogs: shepherd, clean, vet
  99. Before you get a puppy from a breeder...: labradoodles, poop, vet - Dogs
  100. What is your relationship with your dog?: how much, aggressive, children - Dogs
  101. Need Advice: breeder, train, costs, neutered - Dogs
  102. Aggressive Elderly Cocker: bite, vet, spaniel, training - Dogs
  103. CKC registration?: yorkie, breeders, kennel, maltese - Dogs
  104. HSUS on course for new laws in most states: veterinary, breeders, legal - Dogs
  105. Low Protien Dog food: allergic, biting, poop, vet - Dogs
  106. What Would You Do?: allergic, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  107. Need Pitbull Advice.: how much, lab, boxer, terrier - Dogs
  108. Help - one of my dogs is viciously attacking my elderly feeble dog: lab, poodle
  109. How old does my puppy need to be to get...: labs, vet - Dogs
  110. Scary Encounter: labs, miniature, retreiver, schnauzer - Dogs
  111. Proof that dogs care: wound, teeth, rescues, humping
  112. If dogs ran the world....: pitbulls, bite, cats, ears
  113. Where is all the dog owner ettiquette days?: clean, poop, barking - Dogs
  114. Need for a friend about Australian Shepards and small kids: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  115. My Dog is pooping in his crate: clean, diet, food - Dogs
  116. House training help!: chihuahua, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  117. Pet insurance: bulldog, vet, breeder, infection - Dogs
  118. Aggression/Dogs will be dogs: labs, bulldog, miniature, bite
  119. 1st time puppy owner, what should I buy? (and where): clean, vet - Dogs
  120. Huey/My 14yo girl/advice needed: border collie, vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  121. owns owner, not other way around: how much, bites, skin - Dogs
  122. excitable puppy nipping: bite, training, teeth, chewing - Dogs
  123. Your Dog's Breed & Name: border collie, shih-tzu, English Bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  124. Rescued dogs pregnant with 1,500 puppies: terrier, breeding, adopt, kennels
  125. Senior Dog Escape Artist: border collie, terrier, vet, breeder - Dogs
  126. diagnosed with pancreatitis today: poop, vet, science, black - Dogs
  127. Pit Bull Owners - Training tips,: pitbulls, how much, lab - Dogs
  128. My puppy is getting spayed monday: vet, surgery, neutered, natural - Dogs
  129. More on Treats....: training, bones, natural, chews - Dogs
  130. Opinions on Canidae Grain Free...: barking, skin, diet, infection - Dogs
  131. stomach ulcer questions: shih tzu, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  132. Is a dog groomer?: training, outside, walk, store - Dogs
  133. Exercising mastif puppies?: pitbulls, how much, shepherd, labradors - Dogs
  134. First year check up...what will they do to my dog?: clean, vet - Dogs
  135. Chihuahua with hacking cough: gagging, yorkies, vet, infection - Dogs
  136. Long Haired Daschunds: beagle, doxie, dachshund, puppy - Dogs
  137. Thrombocytopenia: vet, treatment, infections, vaccinations - Dogs
  138. Wanted to Introduce myself: daschund, schnauzer, cocker, keep - Dogs
  139. Ice cubes for young dogs as an alternate chew toy?: bites, clean
  140. use Greenies?: vet, teeth, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  141. We know what America likes, What's YOUR favorite breed?: shepherd, English Bulldog, Mastiff - Dogs
  142. AKC vs APRI: clean, breeders, rescue, cost - Dogs
  143. does the submission peeing go away?: allergic, boxers, vet, breeder - Dogs
  144. Does know?: allergy, vet, train, treatment - Dogs
  145. Dog barks constantly for HOURS...: vet, barking, skin, train - Dogs
  146. Today is my dog's Gotcha Day: adopted, best, ears - Dogs
  147. Indoor Gates: border collie, collie, puppy, cats - Dogs
  148. What am I doing wrong? Housetraining: clean, poop, barking - Dogs
  149. How to get a dog to stop humping: English Bulldog, terrier, vet - Dogs
  150. Anal glands and issues: allergy, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  151. News, My Name Is Kujo. I Am a Nice Dog.': puppy, shelter - Dogs
  152. Puppy Vaccinations: vet, breeders, teeth, diet - Dogs
  153. just talk to the next person who talk about breeding their pets...: how much, English Bulldog - Dogs
  154. Wireless dog fences...: golden retriever, wound, black, skin - Dogs
  155. Ideas of what to put in a Kong: how much, chihuahuas, clean - Dogs
  156. Passer-by kills dog as it attacks Iowa woman, 77: bulldog, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  157. Sasha is home!!!: surgery, shelter, recovery, sleep - Dogs
  158. Dog Eats EVERYTHING! Help!: how much, terrier, clean, poop - Dogs
  159. Puppy howls all nite in crate: toy, train, surgery, adopted - Dogs
  160. Do you change food flavors with each bag?: English Bulldog, vet, breeders - Dogs
  161. Puppy Bowl on Superbowl Sunday: toy, black, training, beagle - Dogs
  162. Say hello to Edward!Newest and last addition!!: adopt, puppy, food - Dogs
  163. Mia- my 13 yr old Golden: vet, black, treatment, symptoms - Dogs
  164. Dog has bladder and liver cancer: how much, poodle, terrier, clean - Dogs
  165. Number of dogs and cats put to sleep every year: allergic, terrier
  166. TPLO - Trying to Make a Tough Decision: how much, labrador, retriever - Dogs
  167. Predatory Aggression in Dogs: border collie, boxer, chihuahua, vet
  168. Worlds Best Dogs; Forgotten: poodle, chihuahua, clean, aggressive
  169. So I was at the vet today and asked them how the recession is hitting them...: lab, breeders - Dogs
  170. Negative aspects of neutering/spaying: veterinarians, breeders, black, reactions - Dogs
  171. Anniversary of when we got our dog!!: rescue, puppy, best - Dogs
  172. Akita/Husky Puppy Pix!: huskies, adopt, neuter, vaccinations - Dogs
  173. Dog urinating blood: vet, skin, infection, effects - Dogs
  174. How to plan a dog wedding: cats, neighbors, - Dogs
  175. need low cost canine teeth cleaning: chihuahua, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  176. Help!!!!!!: biting, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  177. Tax on animal heath care: vet, skin, rescues, costs - Dogs
  178. German Shepherds: how much, labrador, terrier, bites - Dogs
  179. Class action lawsuit against Canidae: veterinarian, stomach, food, cats - Dogs
  180. So why do lots of people dislike Cesar Millan?: terrier, aggressive, train - Dogs
  181. Dry-Can or mix them???: lab, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  182. News, Encore! Couple spend $155,000 to clone dead dog.: labrador, skin, rescue - Dogs
  183. Quiet Dogs: shepherd, English Bulldog, poodles, terrier
  184. Bringing adopted baby home in a few days.... (Long): labrador, barking, shaking - Dogs
  185. Best small dog??: shepherd, lab, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  186. Dog food advice: allergy, terrier, vet, stomach - Dogs
  187. there is a scary discussion on BSL of pit bulls in the Raleigh forum: daschund, terrier - Dogs
  188. Rescued Dogs: daschund, breeder, rescue, cost
  189. Best flea/tick treatment: clean, vet, heartworms, skin - Dogs
  190. Seizures: golden retriever, vet, beagle, kids - Dogs
  191. Whats ur favorite dog breed ?: labrador, shih tzu, terrier, retrievers - Dogs
  192. HSUS Maps Agenda For President: black, skin, cats, American - Dogs
  193. WATCH: Dog Saves Family From Flames - Dogs
  194. News, Police find 22 dogs in station wagon with owner.: Texas
  195. San Francisco dogs - pt. 2: breeds, owner, beach, doggie
  196. News, New Drug Helps Paralyzed Dogs Walk Again.: science, people
  197. Pet Flyer Generator: adoption, free, animal - Dogs
  198. AKC Agility Invitational on Animal Planet coming up! - Dogs
  199. Leash laws in Illinois, Jackson and Williamson county: walk, liver, work - Dogs
  200. AKC/Eukanuba National Championship on Animal Plant tonight!: breeds, test - Dogs