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  2. Near Miss Collar Tragedy: yorkie, bite, shaking, teeth - Dogs
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  7. CBD Oil ON THE WAY!!: barking, aggressive, legal, collie - Dogs
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  9. feeling a little conflicted: how much, clean, cleaning, training - Dogs
  10. what to do when gentel leader doesn't work: labs, boxer, barking - Dogs
  11. Dog is lethargic, has dry cough. What can be done?: vet, disease - Dogs
  12. Looking for good breeder of solid Black German Shepherds: breeders, rescue, puppy - Dogs
  13. What could this bump on my dogs head be?: vet, black, skin
  14. Seizures?: shepherd, vet, breeders, treatment - Dogs
  15. Other Neem Oil/Natural Repellent Users; Found ONE Flea Today, Freaking Out. ADVICE?: allergic, skin - Dogs
  16. Changing a dog's behavior with just time: barking, training, kids - Dogs
  17. Training Advice For Playing Ball: shepherd, lab, train, puppy - Dogs
  18. Snapping at air: border collie, terrier, biting, vet - Dogs
  19. about TSA dog carriers: chew, maltese, cross, best - Dogs
  20. Liver Supplements for Dogs: vet, cost, pups, cats
  21. Dog peeing everywhere from steroids.: clean, vet, infections, outside - Dogs
  22. Old Westie with uncontrolled diabetes and now seizures: tumors, vet, cataracts - Dogs
  23. two pit bulls wandered into the hospital: owner, pound, fear - Dogs
  24. Dog keeps peeing in house after he goes out.: boxer, vet - Dogs
  25. Lighted collars for dogs: chihuahua, black, dachshund, walk
  26. Fire drill training your dog: train, noise, greyhound, cats - Dogs
  27. 12 year old Yellow Labrador Extreme Difficulty Walking: shepherd, labradors, vet - Dogs
  28. Possessive in cage: toy, barking, aggressive, training - Dogs
  29. Can anxiety alone have this effect?: clean, vet, schnauzer, chew - Dogs
  30. Comfortis (spinosad): vet, prescription, cheap, cheapest - Dogs
  31. Hero Dogs Honored
  32. When i let my dog out she stares at me: poop, breeding - Dogs
  33. Cost of Vetmedin (pimobendan) for CHF in dogs-not an advertisement, just an share for fellow dog owners: vet, prescription
  34. When Life Gives you Lemons ? Lemon the Lucky Chihuahua - Dogs
  35. Man proposes to girlfriend then their dog with pink rhinestone collar: Canada - Dogs
  36. Can someone tell me what breed my dog is: pitbull, terrier, rescued - Dogs
  37. Potty Training Young Pup: clean, train, odor, adopted - Dogs
  38. For Do It Yourselfers: What dog shampoo do you use??: poodles, black - Dogs
  39. When you think your heart will break....: symptoms, best, cats - Dogs
  40. No Pigs: skin, training, infection, odor - Dogs
  41. 6 year old GSD with Lymphoma: how much, vet, stomach, diarrhea - Dogs
  42. Transition for Blind Dogs: how much, shih-tzu, doxie, walk
  43. Does it appear that my dog misses me?: terrier, breeder, breed - Dogs
  44. my dog bites and rips his bed and my blankets when he hears noise outside: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  45. . Sick Dog.: labs, golden retrievers, vet, surgery - Dogs
  46. Natural Calming Remedies that WORK?: laser, aggressive, train, collie - Dogs
  47. Dog Only Eats When There's Competition For Food: vet, spaniel, training - Dogs
  48. hot weather and dogs rant: outside, walk, test, home
  49. Apartments in Nashville that allow German Shepherds?: veterinarians, aggressive, canine - Dogs
  50. best detangler: ears, safe, year, grooming - Dogs
  51. teaching 'down' - fading the hand to the floor: training, best, food - Dogs
  52. Collie nose, AKA Discoid Lupus: lab, allergy, vet, diet - Dogs
  53. Vetmedin (pimobendan): vet, prescription, skin, surgery - Dogs
  54. Femoral Head Osteotomy for bad hips (removing the ball): shih tzu, clean, vet - Dogs
  55. News, Funeral Home Dogs Offer Grieving Families Canine Comfort In Times Of Loss: allergic, kennel
  56. Breeding of Amstaff or Pit Bull: Staffordshire Terrier, breeders, kennel, ears - Dogs
  57. Brown flecks between dog's legs: clean, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  58. Pre diabetic: vet, diet, shots, failure - Dogs
  59. Are preventic tick collars going out of business?: vet, chew, best - Dogs
  60. Redlands Rock Pit Abandoned Dogs Project: poodle, vet, rescue, beagle
  61. Need advice. About my dog.: vet, shaking, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  62. Got the dog a kitten...: breeding, adopt, puppy, best - Dogs
  63. Dogs do not forget: yorkies, cross, puppy, ears
  64. How to get an older dog to use puppy pads: skin, train - Dogs
  65. Interpreting Dog Body Language: how much, labs, terriers, yorkies - Dogs
  66. Woman Wins Right to Use Family Sick Leave to Care For Dog: surgery, animals - Dogs
  67. My parents dog is having vision issues. Can anything be done?: vet, cataracts - Dogs
  68. Puppy won't eat wet or dry food!: vet, diarrhea, shots - Dogs
  69. A plane full of vacationing dogs and their people: NYC
  70. Video, Take whatever you want there, lilí buddy: animals - Dogs
  71. Bloat and the seriousness of it: vet, stomach, surgery, symptoms - Dogs
  72. Dog Saves Fawn from Drowning: food, eat, hurt, water - Dogs
  73. Why has my dog decided to potty in the house?: shih tzu, clean - Dogs
  74. Poor dog choice: bites, aggressive, husky, train - Dogs
  75. Socialization: barking, pomeranian, aggressive, training - Dogs
  76. Two dogs: The same sex or opposite sexes: border collie, shepherd, lab
  77. ideas to have our 2 dogs get along: terrier, toy, barking
  78. Do dogs have a place in modern society?: poop, prescription, train
  79. Friederik and Allie Cat: how much, bite, vet, barking - Dogs
  80. My dog never runs to have his dinner: how much, labs, shih tzu - Dogs
  81. Where do You let Your Dog Off-Leash?: rescue, kids, ears - Dogs
  82. Does Your Dog Counter-surf?: lab, clean, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  83. Danger: border collie, shepherd, bite, barking - Dogs
  84. Puppy dies after one year booster shot: vet, toy, pomeranian - Dogs
  85. Worried about dog. like neck pain: boxers, vet, tooth - Dogs
  86. Curiosity what would cause a young dog to lose teeth?: vet, rescue - Dogs
  87. I'm Freddie, and I'm a stress-pooper.: border collie, vet, black - Dogs
  88. Looking for large dog to keep coyotes away.: border collie, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  89. Peeing versus Marking: golden retriever, clean, training, rescue - Dogs
  90. $55 for office visit: clean, vet, prescription, black - Dogs
  91. Dog Abuse? WWYD?: labrador, vet, black, beagle - Dogs
  92. Dog food, possibly sensitive stomach: allergy, vet, spaniel, prescription - Dogs
  93. Pee and Poo: All the same to dogs?: clean, poop, kennel
  94. Nervous.... 4 dogs, 1450 miles and challenges: lab, terrier, bite, stomach
  95. Is there way to possibly work around 'aggressive breed' rules?: science, legal - Dogs
  96. Have you ever flushed out your dog's ear/s?: shepherd, shih tzu, shepherds - Dogs
  97. Dogs Can Commit Suicide?: rottweiler, vet, aggressive, surgery
  98. Lost our 6 yr. old Dachshund today...I'm in shock and confused: vet, barks - Dogs
  99. Pup depressed over loss of Border Collie: vet, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  100. Hearing Loss in Bulldogs: shepherd, boxers, shepherds, breeding
  101. My Blind Shih Tzu is an Exception - not good!: shihtzu, clean - Dogs
  102. I for one think dogs are nicer than people: cats, home
  103. about female pecking order: aggressive, adoption, cross, best - Dogs
  104. My Things....Halloween fun: cost, pups, cats, walk - Dogs
  105. Do dogs know best?: toy, barking, aggressive, skin
  106. Cancer and the food dogs eat: how much, allergy, golden retrievers, poop
  107. Dog woke up sister - NorCal Fires: kids, ears, safe - Dogs
  108. Increasing costs in vet care?: how much, shepherd, wound, skin - Dogs
  109. Dog loves my boyfriend a bit too much: shepherd, barking, skin - Dogs
  110. Housebreaking regressing after arrival of kitten: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  111. Artists paints portraits of euthanized dogs: chihuahuas, breeders, training, rescues
  112. help with leash-reactive foster dog: border collie, labrador, barks, train - Dogs
  113. Snapping at the vet: border collie, terrier, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  114. First time flying with dog! Tips/Tricks/Advice?: how much, poop, vet - Dogs
  115. Very Discouraged - Crate Training FAILING - We could really use advice: border collie, clean - Dogs
  116. Tell Us About Your Yorkshire terrier?: yorkies, patella, clean, toy - Dogs
  117. Furious at neighbor (Puppy tethered for hours): aggressive, legal, black - Dogs
  118. Questions about Dachshund dogs.: boxers, miniature, clean, poop
  119. Adopted another senior dog: labs, retriever, train, surgery - Dogs
  120. New Puppy with Diarrhea: how much, lab, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  121. Advice for my friend with slight allergy to dogs: labradors, allergic, poodles
  122. Big dilemma dog rescue experience: clean, vet, breeder, wound - Dogs
  123. How many dogs have you had in your life?: border collie, poodle, retriever
  124. have experience with large dogs and spiral staircases?: labs, training, cost
  125. Can someone tell me what kind of puppy this is?: pitbull, border collie - Dogs
  126. How to report a fraudelent breeder-: golden retriever, patella, breeders, pomeranian - Dogs
  127. Separation Anxiety and Training Methods (Combo Topic): how much, train, rescue - Dogs
  128. Practically in tears over dog's fears: terrier, clean, vet, prescription - Dogs
  129. Rescue Return Guilt: how much, biting, vet, treatment - Dogs
  130. Elderly dog had a seizure. Dog is in pain, what should we do?: vet, diet - Dogs
  131. Expensive dog food and products: vet, skin, teeth, costs - Dogs
  132. Pet insurance for dogs: vet, surgery, treatment, costs
  133. Shiba Inu Chow mix...funny things he does: how much, lab, bite - Dogs
  134. Feral puppy: Am I good fit to help this dog?: poop, barks - Dogs
  135. My experiences with lying Dog Rescue organizations , deceitful, Humane Societies & CHF, other genetic defects in dogs: border collie, shepherd
  136. New Puppy - How Far Would You Go With Parvo Avoidance?: shepherd, clean - Dogs
  137. adopting a sibling for my pup: shih tzu, vet, breeders - Dogs
  138. 15 year-old golden retriever: border collie, vet, stomach, collie - Dogs
  139. Do you think i should take my boston terrier to the vet for CHIGGERS: allergic, bite - Dogs
  140. My sweet little dog, Sable, is dying: vet, breeder, pomeranian - Dogs
  141. dogs in truck beds / enclosed carriers?: border collie, clean, skin, shedding
  142. Is it ok to ask to take a picture of a dog at the park?: poodle, skin - Dogs
  143. Am I overreacting?: lab, terrier, skin, children - Dogs
  144. a friend told me her dog killed one of her cats: allergic, bites - Dogs
  145. Heartbreaking Issue - Feedback: how much, vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  146. What can I do with this odor ?!: daschund, miniature, clean - Dogs
  147. Introducing new dog (lab) to existing pet rabbit: labs, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  148. How many dogs do you have?: shepherd, shepherds, yorkie, spaniel
  149. My dog has hotspots HELP!: bites, vet, prescription - Dogs
  150. My dog's tooth fell out: miniature, clean, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  151. Pitbull boxer mix rescue reaching social maturity and showing signs of fear aggression - advice?: vet, barking - Dogs
  152. tips for new dog/ getting to know you Period :) ?: training, rescue - Dogs
  153. Do you let your dogs sniff butts?: terrier, shaking, aggressive
  154. Senior dog is sick & cannot walk with fluid sack on face: poop, vet - Dogs
  155. Aggressive 5 month old boxer: shepherd, boxers, bite, skin - Dogs
  156. Dogs are animals so why has this changed?: border collie, bite, vets
  157. I feel like I want to give my dog back to my mom..: terrier, paws - Dogs
  158. New Puppy won't eat, poop or play help!: bite, vet, train - Dogs
  159. Small apartment dog recommendation(s): border collie, shih tzu, poodle, golden retriever - Dogs
  160. Newly adopted GSD does not like to share: shepherd, labs, terrier - Dogs
  161. Snuggliest dogs?: border collie, shepherd, lab, shih tzu
  162. Rough Play?: ridgeback, how much, biting, wound - Dogs
  163. Dog Food Advisor - How much to trust?: allergic, vet, science - Dogs
  164. Ranch-bred dogs: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, bite
  165. Unfriendly neighborhood dogs: toy, barking, aggressive, train
  166. Why do dogs fear power going out?: shaking, black, noise
  167. To Crate or Not to Crate: That is the: border collie, train - Dogs
  168. Meeting other dogs for the first time: barking, aggressive, training
  169. Speaking of treating dogs like children.......: adopt, kennel, humping, shelter
  170. Dog Parker...thoughts?: clean, outside, shelter, store - Dogs
  171. People Food Treats: clean, vet, stomach, training - Dogs
  172. pain in my heart: vet, breeder, rescue, symptoms - Dogs
  173. Hurricane Harvey pets: clean, vet, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  174. Dog training: laser, barking, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  175. Does your dog smile ?: shepherd, aggressive, teeth, dachshund - Dogs
  176. Our Last Night with Bella...: how much, lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  177. Thyroid issue: vet, prescription, stomach, symptoms - Dogs
  178. Toy suggestions: training, chew, food, outside - Dogs
  179. Pet door: chihuahua, barking, husky, skin - Dogs
  180. Emergency Kennel-ing: vet, skin, surgery, kennels - Dogs
  181. Rudy refusing to walk (non-medical): vet, barking, kids, noise - Dogs
  182. Did my 6 yr old Standard Poodle have a seizure?: poodles, bite, poop - Dogs
  183. Dogs breeds that are typically good with cats: border collie, shepherd, shepherds
  184. Frustration setting in -- could use advice: golden retriever, clean, poop - Dogs
  185. How can I tell if my dog is dog friendly?: vet, barking - Dogs
  186. Getting over losing Sable: vet, wound, natural, children - Dogs
  187. Housebreaking: labrador, clean, poop, train - Dogs
  188. Why did my dog do this last night?: chihuahua, clean, poop - Dogs
  189. Senior Dog With Spinal/walking Issue: laser, vet, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  190. Adopting adult german shepherd with 4 chihuahuas and a cat: shepherds, vet, rescue - Dogs
  191. Our dog bit (nipped) our six year old. Faced with a difficult decision: how much, bite - Dogs
  192. Heart murmurs in dogs: terrier, vet, coughing, kennel
  193. What to feed mature (senior) dogs?: lab, terrier, rottweiler, clean
  194. Happier news about my little dog, Sable :): test, dental - Dogs
  195. store brand stuffed toy felt sticky after my dog played with it.: animal, bought - Dogs
  196. Lies I told by Tacoma, WA Humane Society re misleading & & lies told by Seattle-based ddog rescue: failure, work - Dogs
  197. News, Vast majority of online puppy ads are fraudulent, report shows: puppies - Dogs
  198. Fresher Breath with Coconut Oil for Pets: vet, teeth, food - Dogs
  199. Video, Dog pulls baby deer from water to save it from drowning: golden retriever, rescue - Dogs
  200. Stop The 77: Prevent Dog Bites in Children: adult, ears, year - Dogs