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  6. song from Pirates of the Caribbean: scene, songs, album, singer - Movies
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  12. The Scarlet Pimpernel: dvd, action, history, actors - Movies
  13. THE LAST STAND (new Ahnuld flick): vs, Clint Eastwood, 2013, best movie - Movies
  14. Entertainment Weekly's BOND review 50th Anniversary: best film, scene, actor, Sean Connery - Movies
  15. Tickets not available at all? No way - no how?: movie theater, locations - Movies
  16. David Cronenberg's new film Cosmopolis. see it?: crime, drama, history - Movies
  17. Take This Waltz - see this one?: scenes, director, plot - Movies
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  19. Celeste Holm passes away at 95.: theater, actress, oscar, watched - Movies
  20. Movies with limited distribution
  21. When did the era of sequelitis and remakeitis begin: films, Hollywood, action - Movies
  22. Moonrise Kingdom: theater, fantasy, actors, director - Movies
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  25. Dinner for Schmucks: film, comedies, watching, subtitles - Movies
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  28. Help Finding Obscure Movie Scene: 70s, looking - Movies
  29. Do you remember The War of the Roses?: action, comedy - Movies
  30. AMC Mob Week: July 30 - August 5, 2012: best film, scenes, action, history - Movies
  31. Sherlock Holmes 2 vs. Dark Knight Rises: cinema, scene, action, watch - Movies
  32. The problem with superhero movies: films, Hollywood, director, Tobey Maguire
  33. God Bless America.: watch, life - Movies
  34. Full eclipse-Werewolf cops!: film, scene, reviews, acting - Movies
  35. help find old movie!: theaters, horror, actors, watched - Movies
  36. Keystone Studios 100 years!: films, comedies, watched, Bing Crosby - Movies
  37. Solomon kane: theaters, dvd, watch, natural - Movies
  38. movie nAME find//: bathroom, made - Movies
  39. Samsara: filmed, theaters, director, watch - Movies
  40. name of movie//: films - Movies
  41. Undefeated documentary: watch, screen, best - Movies
  42. The Found Footage genre: film, theater, scary, Cary - Movies
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  44. im looking forward to the new Lincoln film out in November: theaters, family - Movies
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  49. One problem with the Avenger movie: Hollywood, action, watched, storyline - Movies
  50. Dredd 3-D.: films, Bluray, watched, nice movie - Movies
  51. name of movie/: horror, scary, popular, Cary - Movies
  52. name of movie i looking for/ - Movies
  53. Help me with the title of a movie: cinema, scene, documentary - Movies
  54. Robot & Frank - delightful low key comedy: cinema, film, theater - Movies
  55. Two actors (Friends in one movie and enemies in another): films, romance - Movies
  56. Lawless: seen it: scene, action, watching, soundtrack - Movies
  57. Cloud Atlas Discussion?: film, actors, picture, watch - Movies
  58. Tom Hanks:Most successful commercial and critical star?: film, Hollywood, actor - Movies
  59. Movies Have REALLY REALLY Changed: films, scene, action, towns
  60. Famous Actors/Actresses in Lesser Known Films: Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson, Lukas Haas - Movies
  61. Troma films free on YouTube: watched, flicks - Movies
  62. Sinister: theater, horror, thriller, director - Movies
  63. help to find movie.: 90s, best, place - Movies
  64. Movies blue Americans like: films, comedies, Adam Sandler, Goodfellas
  65. Supercut of Kubrick's One Point Perspective: watch, thrilling - Movies
  66. Cold Light of Day: good film, theater, script, horror - Movies
  67. Jurassic Park IV: films, 2014, coming, made - Movies
  68. Why do online movies have no subtitles for foreign parts?: dvd, vs
  69. Remember the crazy guy on rec.arts.movies.past-films?: character, book, Florida
  70. Does remember the movie Z ?: films, dvd, Netflix - Movies
  71. Boys Don't Cry: Netflix, documentary, watched, good movie - Movies
  72. Find a movie name.: scene, action - Movies
  73. Crazy, Stupid, Love.: scene, best movie, character, acting - Movies
  74. The Man from the Future (2011) - amazing Brazilian movie: cinema, scenes, dvd - Movies
  75. The Buttercream Gang: film, dvd, family, watched - Movies
  76. Which of movies was the best?: picture, short, classic
  77. The Raid brings high-kicking success.: action, good movie, made - Movies
  78. help me to find the movie: family, Kevin Bacon, watching - Movies
  79. Better Actor/Actress for a Lead Role n Your Favorite Movie(s).: comedy, actors - Movies
  80. Need help finding movie title: action, history, actor, sci-fi - Movies
  81. Who likes Spaghetti Sci-Fi ?: films, western, showing, 60s - Movies
  82. Would I enjoy the Austin Powers movies?: films, watch, 60s
  83. Bond's Skyfall trailer released: filming, importance - Movies
  84. Help, with name of movie: film, scenes, western, Val Kilmer - Movies
  85. Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D (2012): film, documentary, reviews, California - Movies
  86. Movie Remakes: film, Netflix, drama, western - Movies
  87. Men in Black 3 quite entertaining!: film, scene, Josh Brolin - Movies
  88. Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection: film, comedies, Netflix, history - Movies
  89. Ted: family, watch, funniest, looking - Movies
  90. Which of the following do you recommend ?: cinema, films, theaters - Movies
  91. People Like US -Awesome flick: film, theaters, scene, drama - Movies
  92. Classic Flicks/Contemporary Flick Comparison: films, theater, Warner, Hollywood - Movies
  93. Escape to Witch Mountain (ending): film, actress, watching, 70s - Movies
  94. s the next Snakes on a Plane: comedy, horror, watching - Movies
  95. Movies of the '90s vs. movies of today: films, theater, Dreamworks
  96. What Happened To Theatre Popcorn??: cinema, movie theater, action, western - Movies
  97. The Town: A Stupid, Overrated, Crappy Movie:: cinemas, good film, script - Movies
  98. Adam Sandler-Like his movies or hate his movies?: films, comedy, actor
  99. Movie Critics: films, Hollywood, 70s, best movie - Movies
  100. Movies with ad-libbing: script, actors, oscar, Will Ferrell
  101. Ethos. Woody Harrelson: Netflix, documentary, watched, review - Movies
  102. Mulholland Drive. Wow!!!: films, theater, Hollywood, scenes - Movies
  103. What movie can you watch over and over and it never gets old: history, Peter O'Toole - Movies
  104. Rest in peace, Tony Scott (director, Top Gun, True Romance): best film, script - Movies
  105. Frailty: Bill Paxton, spoiler, scary, message - Movies
  106. The best and most ridiculous fight ever filmed!: script, scenes, watch - Movies
  107. What are good underrated 1980s comedy movies: film, comedies, cast
  108. Obama 2016: Highest grossing movie of the weekend: films, theaters, documentary - Movies
  109. Why are there no more westerns?: cinema, filmed, scenes, adventure - Movies
  110. What would you do if Groundhog Day happened to you?: action, crime - Movies
  111. The southern US accent people talk about: actors, watch, Miami - Movies
  112. Movies with unlikeable hero(ines): films, Hollywood, action, adventure
  113. Recommendations wanted... ...: films, comedies, drama, family - Movies
  114. Battleship: films, theater, action, oscar - Movies
  115. what's that 80's Horror movie?: films, script, Hollywood, comedy - Movies
  116. Song of the South: films, movie theater, vhs, action - Movies
  117. MOVIE Stars that are still too good to appear on television?: Hollywood, comedy - Movies
  118. Cities with the best music scenes???: musical, coming, book, Miami - Movies
  119. Best Action Actor in the last decade?: film, drama, actors - Movies
  120. What is the last movie you watched?: Netflix, The Departed, life - Movies
  121. Favorite alien abduction movies: film, scene, action, sci-fi
  122. DeNiro or Pacino: best film, comedy, actor, Jack Nicholson - Movies
  123. Ranking of Top 100 All Time Actors/Actresses: short, Orlando Bloom, Marlon Brando - Movies
  124. whats your favorite sci fi scene? mine Planet of the Apes 1968: animation, scifi - Movies
  125. Foreign (non-U.S.) film: cinema, films, Hollywood, dvd - Movies
  126. Star Trek title announced (Into Darkness): film, history, Eric Bana, watched - Movies
  127. Ryan Gosling: best film, Hollywood, scenes, action - Movies
  128. Do You Go To The Theater To See A Movie If You Know It Will Make You Cry?: films, movie theater - Movies
  129. Favorite Military/Patriotic Movies: comedies, western, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Bronson
  130. Les Miserables, 2012 The Film: theater, Hollywood, cast, history - Movies
  131. I hate all of the popular genres, am I alone?: cinema, films - Movies
  132. Western Movies: films, watch, Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood
  133. Basic Instinct - weird movie, unanswered questions: filmed, scene, drama - Movies
  134. Who Has Seen The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ?: film, theaters, script - Movies
  135. Actors You Like (Respect): Warner, Edward Arnold, Tom Berenger, Marlon Brando - Movies
  136. What makes a movie really scary to you AND what are your picks for the top ten SCARIEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME?: films, scene
  137. Just saw Hope Springs: theater, scenes, action, oscar - Movies
  138. Best Superhero Films/Franchise: good film, scripts, picture, watching - Movies
  139. Best zombie movies of all time: Hollywood, versus, actors, director
  140. Dark Shadows: action, comedy, cast, watch - Movies
  141. Trailer for Cloud Atlas: film, theater, 20th Century, action - Movies
  142. Happy Feet -- Anti-Religious Motives?: films, animation, puppet, watching - Movies
  143. World War Z: filming, theaters, scenes, watching - Movies
  144. Have You Been to a Movie Theatre Since Aurora?: theater, watching, big screen - Movies
  145. The car is the star: scene, actor, music, watch - Movies
  146. What's the longest had to wait for movie on Netflix? 3 1/2 months waiting for Game Of Thrones: films, dvd - Movies
  147. Batman was alright.....: films, theater, scenes, action - Movies
  148. The amazing spider-man: film, Sony, scenes, action - Movies
  149. Movie attendance sinks to record lows: cinemas, films, theaters, Warner Bros - Movies
  150. Best overractors of all time: scene, vs, watched, David Caruso - Movies
  151. Feel Bad movies?: film, scenes, war, director
  152. Magic Mike: movie theater, showing, coming, looking - Movies
  153. Theatre shooting in Colorado: movie theater, Hollywood, crime, family - Movies
  154. Best/Worst Superhero Movies: Christian Bale, Eric Bana, watch, Michael Keaton
  155. Movies where there ain't no good guys: films, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction
  156. Movies with horrible, depressing settings that make you want to kill yourself: scenes, actor
  157. Movies--Moonrise Kingdom and others: theaters, Netflix, family, fantasy
  158. Favorite Batman Era: action, actors, serials, Christian Bale - Movies
  159. What is your favorite kind of movies to watch?: films, script, vhs
  160. What's with the genital shots in movies days?: films, watching, best
  161. Brave: films, theaters, dvd, versus - Movies
  162. Do you like movies older than you?: films, action, horror
  163. What's with all the politically charged movies lately?: cinema, Hollywood, watch
  164. Movies where the bad guy got away: film, Ben Affleck, watching
  165. Movie stars grown to like over time.: films, actors, Kevin Bacon - Movies
  166. The Campaign: theater, dvd, comedy, watching - Movies
  167. Clint Eastwood's New Movie?!: films, war, director, watching - Movies
  168. Ernest Borgnine dead at 95 - Favorite Movie: films, cast, western - Movies
  169. What do you think of 3D in movies?: cinema, films, animation
  170. Help Find Obscure teen/sex comedy/road Movie from the 70's or early 80's: good film, script - Movies
  171. What kind of characters do you find especially compelling in film?: cinema, filmed - Movies
  172. Rock of Ages?: film, Netflix, Redbox, actors - Movies
  173. Oliver Stone's Savages: scenes, dvd, action, cast - Movies
  174. Deliverance 40th Anniversary: filmed, 20th Century, scenes, Blu-ray - Movies
  175. Bourne Legacy Official: filmed, scenes, vs, action - Movies
  176. Movies with a message or theme that made you angry: theater, Hollywood
  177. The most scariest movies ever?: scene, horror, watching, Psycho
  178. Modern movie cliches: Hollywood, accuracy, action, cast - Movies
  179. Actors/Actresses better as the villian?: Vincent Cassel, Lon Chaney, Sr., Billy Drago, Rutger Hauer - Movies
  180. Goodfellas:: watch, Ray Liotta, Joe Pesci - Movies
  181. Contagion: film, theater, script, Hollywood - Movies
  182. Jim Carry out of Dumb and Dumber sequel!: filmed, scene, adventure - Movies
  183. How do you prefer to watch your movies?: cinema, films, theater
  184. Total Recall (new): films, dvd, horror, actors - Movies
  185. Whats the movie title?: scene - Movies
  186. Best Exotic Marigold Resort: actors, location, Tom Wilkinson, English - Movies
  187. Shoot to Kill: watched - Movies
  188. The Road (2009) - bible verse: film - Movies
  189. Citizen Kane: the hip hop version: watch, review - Movies
  190. Films to Commemorate Memorial Day: watched, Memphis - Movies
  191. Are there movies about men leaving their wives for the mistress and...: ending
  192. West Side Story--The Classic That Never Grows Old:: cinema, filmed, script - Movies
  193. 'Top Gun' director Tony Scott dies after jumping off bridge - Movies
  194. Which movie to see?: theaters, action, watch, best - Movies
  195. Elijah Wood goes off his rocker in Maniac.: film, Hollywood - Movies
  196. For outlier movie suggestions: cinema, film - Movies
  197. The Bay horror movie: film, watch, scary, Maryland - Movies
  198. name of movie/ help?: 90s - Movies
  199. Watch Dexter Season Six Episode 12: This is The Way The World Ends - Movies
  200. 'Last Exit to Brooklyn': book, based - Movies