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  3. If Somebody Asked You How Your Different From The World What Would You Say ?: testimony, church - Christianity
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  9. Loser: crucified, hell, godless, beliefs - Christianity
  10. Christ as Holy Spirit in Old Testament--By Name: believe, Moses, Jesus - Christianity
  11. does it matter to contemporary christian dispute if Jesus et al spoke Greek or Aramaic?: Orthodox, protestant - Christianity
  12. Loving The Darkness: believe, scripture, Jesus Christ, Israel - Christianity
  13. Will All The Bible Give A Bible Answer To Situation A Christian Faces?: hell, women - Christianity
  14. Master, this woman was taken in adultery, in the very act.: Sodom, church - Christianity
  15. Whats parts of the Law are Christians to follow now?: Torah, Gospel - Christianity
  16. How Are Christians Different From The World ??: Gospel, hell, women - Christianity
  17. For Catholics: What are your rosary type prefererences?: preferences, Celtic, people - Christianity
  18. How do you make something perfect and then it turns imperfect?: Jehovah, hell - Christianity
  19. Have You Ever Dug Your Own Swimming Pool?: sin, Christ, baptized - Christianity
  20. Do You Sign HIS Name?: church, believe, Jesus, worship - Christianity
  21. How Are You Different From The World While Saying Your A Christian ?: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  22. what did you hear in church today? 2-24-13: churches, zealous, believe - Christianity
  23. What is the Presence of God?: doctrine, believers, dogma, sin - Christianity
  24. Signs along the way: Gospel, believe, sinned, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  25. He That Serveth: praying, sinners, Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  26. All Good Things Will Be Added Unto You: believer, scriptures, Jesus Christ - Christianity
  27. What Makes Friendship With Christians Different ?: church, believers, sin, Bible - Christianity
  28. Why My Heart Alone: woman, church, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  29. Fighting for truth?: Jehovah, doctrine, woman, believe - Christianity
  30. Hmmm: Gospel, church, scripture, evolution - Christianity
  31. The Blood of The Lamb: church, believe, exodus, scriptures - Christianity
  32. Are We Self Wise People Knowing All The Character Of Jesus Christ ?: women, church - Christianity
  33. John 8:44 Is Out Of Love: Gospel, woman, believe, pray - Christianity
  34. I wish to thank the seed of Satan: hell, believe, God - Christianity
  35. The Real Sin SELF WISDOM ?: hell, women, church, Antichrist - Christianity
  36. You can easily be a witness of the WORD!: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  37. If Saved by God's Grace, then why don't all Christians Embrace this Great Gift?: churches, believe - Christianity
  38. If you could sit and talk with 5...: women, preach, believe - Christianity
  39. The Most Beautiful Heart (a short story): people, perfect - Christianity
  40. Is All The Bible Practical Christianity ??: church, believe, scripture, Moses
  41. Does God Have A Random Voice Talking To Us In Our Head Or Does He Talk Through All The Bible Really ?: doctrine, women - Christianity
  42. Can You Be A Good Person And Only Think Your A Christian ?: hell, believer - Christianity
  43. Christians on American Idol: Gospel, church, believers, worship - Christianity
  44. Jesus Had Shapeshifting Powers........: crucifixion, Bible, heaven, resurrection - Christianity
  45. If Theirs Godly & Ungodly Things In Everybody Who Really A Christian ??: women, church - Christianity
  46. Wife of Pastor, Persecuted in Iran, to Tesify Before Congress: testimony, churches - Christianity
  47. A Miracle Just Happened To Me: believe, prayer, verse, God - Christianity
  48. Christianity, surrogate parenthood, and IVF: churches, believe, Catholic, moral
  49. Perfect Love: Gospel, hell, punishment, Messiah - Christianity
  50. Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe in me.: Jesus - Christianity
  51. Does The Bible Teach All The Bible ?: women, church, believers - Christianity
  52. A Prayer for Lent I would like to share with you.: hell, perfect - Christianity
  53. This is a really sad day: Gospel, messages, doctrine, church - Christianity
  54. Who Has The Gospel Hid From Them ?: hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  55. I can't live without electricity, I'm so dependent on it.: testimony, believe - Christianity
  56. [B]“Killing the prophets” …. today.[/B]: churches, sin, disciples, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  57. Doctrine of Laying of of Hands: Revelation, Deuteronomy, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  58. Bible Symbols Of Prophecy: Gospel, messages, abominations, doctrine - Christianity
  59. Matthew 4:4: tradition, scriptures, Moses, Jesus - Christianity
  60. +*+*+*+*+God is not saving us from Hell+*+*+*+*: Gospel, testimony, punishment - Christianity
  61. What is the authority of the Pastor?: tradition, doctrine, churches - Christianity
  62. What I declare clean is clean.: HaShem, believe, prayers, sin - Christianity
  63. Dallas Church Opening New State of the Art 3,000 Seat Worship Center: Gospel, doctrine - Christianity
  64. How can you reconcile the history of evolution, with God's nature?: believe, scripture - Christianity
  65. What's so special about the Sabbath Day?: woman, church, preach - Christianity
  66. Pancakes,: tradition, Lutheran, church, Episcopal - Christianity
  67. Why do our kids leave church?: Lutheran, doctrine, churches, believe - Christianity
  68. How come only the Catholics can have a Pope?: presbyterian, churches, believe - Christianity
  69. Why don't Christians follow their own religion?: Leviticus, Deuteronomy, beliefs - Christianity
  70. The last Pope prophecy of St Malachy 1139 AD.: Gospel, church, Antichrist - Christianity
  71. Today's us all: women, churches, preacher, believe - Christianity
  72. for Catholics choosing a new pope.: pray, Jesus, atheists - Christianity
  73. News, Mother Teresa 'Anything but a Saint,' Says Study: paradise, church - Christianity
  74. Choice of religion - why are so many L.E. employees Christian?: churches, beliefs - Christianity
  75. Quandary.... a cheating(?) friend ---: testimony, church, praying, Bible - Christianity
  76. Highway to heaven: Gospel, woman, church, believe - Christianity
  77. Why Is The Bible Hid From The Wise And Prudent ?: traditions, Gospel - Christianity
  78. Who told You that you were naked ?.: woman, sinned, soul - Christianity
  79. The talking Donkey of Numbers 22:21-30: believe, scripture, sin, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  80. Happily and anxiously awaiting the Rapture...: doctrine, church, Messiah, preacher - Christianity
  81. Sears hears america and sides with jesus: paradise, crucifixion, incarnation - Christianity
  82. Getting Saved: Gospel, hell, church, believe - Christianity
  83. What are your thoughts about Emanuel Swedenborg? The Christian Mystic: LDS, hell - Christianity
  84. Habemus Papam: pope, anti-gay, organizations, world - Christianity
  85. People Who Bring Up Their Faith In Business Situations.: Gospels, woman, church - Christianity
  86. Thousand Year - Millennium Christianity: coffin, Lutherans, presbyterian, doctrine
  87. The Context of 1 Peter 3:21: Gospel, zealous, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  88. Why don't you all follow your own religion?: Gomorrah, Leviticus, Sodom - Christianity
  89. Will all Atheists,Catholics, Buddhists, Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Hindu's..not be able to get into Heaven?: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  90. For ever Everlasting and Eternal are not proper: punishment, Revelation - Christianity
  91. Reading the Holy Bible through in one Year: Gospel, hell, preacher - Christianity
  92. Romans 3:2: scriptures, Jesus, Bible, Israel - Christianity
  93. Can too much mercy/sympathy be a bad thing?: punishment, believe, scripture - Christianity
  94. The Importance of Understanding God's Intentions: punishment, doctrine, women, church - Christianity
  95. News, Pope Reaches Out to Islam, China, Atheists: Gospel, preach, believer - Christianity
  96. Why Are Christians Called A Peculiar People In The World ?: testimonies, women - Christianity
  97. Do you practice Pure Religion?: believers, Jesus Christ, Bible, worship - Christianity
  98. for Christain MEN Only (females refrain from commenting): HaShem, women - Christianity
  99. I'm not perfect.: Gospel, Epistles, hell, punishment - Christianity
  100. for Christian Parents who believe Homosexuality is a sin: women, church - Christianity
  101. Could God choose to sin?: Gospel, hell, believe, scripture - Christianity
  102. Where did the Noahide Laws come from?: Torah, Tanakh, traditions - Christianity
  103. Adam or Eve in Heaven?: hell, believe, sin, Jesus - Christianity
  104. Now the disciples had forgotten to take bread,: traditions, hell, punishment - Christianity
  105. Divorced Pastor: myth, woman, church, believer - Christianity
  106. God's kingdom is on earth: Gospel, woman, church, Revelation - Christianity
  107. The Resignation of the Pope: church, quotes, translation, archbishop - Christianity
  108. Troubled....: churches, beliefs, suicide, prayer - Christianity
  109. Is the B-I-B-L-E the mark of the beast?: traditions, hell, abomination - Christianity
  110. Did You Ever Dabble, as a child, In the Power of FEAR?: Gospel, hell - Christianity
  111. Basic differences between FAITH and UNBELIEF: Jehovah, Messiah, believe, scriptures - Christianity
  112. Has ever heard God's voice literally...or has had a near death experience and met Jesus?: woman, church - Christianity
  113. Election revealed in John 1:12-13 and Ephesians 1:19--2:9: HaShem, Gospel, Jehovah - Christianity
  114. for Catholics that though JP2 & Benedic 16 were great: traditions, Gospels - Christianity
  115. Build-a-god: Pentateuch, believe, scriptures, Moses - Christianity
  116. The Bible is the Holy Word of God!!!: Gospel, testimony, doctrine - Christianity
  117. Coming To A Planet Near You...: Revelation, believe, Jesus, Biblical - Christianity
  118. Pat Robertson Said...: Revelation, scripture, Holy Spirit, Jesus - Christianity
  119. Is unquenchable fire quenchable?: hell, myth, Revelation, scriptures - Christianity
  120. Why Are People More Interested In What Church You Go To Church Then Whether You Just Believe All The Bible ?: Gospel, testimony - Christianity
  121. Reasons why i am a member of the church of christ: Gospel, women - Christianity
  122. Salvation: It doesn't just mean one thing: hell, church, Revelation - Christianity
  123. Undergoing the sanctification process is necessary for salvation!: Gospels, abomination, churches - Christianity
  124. a basic form of christianity: Gospel, doctrine, churches, believe
  125. The Original Twelve Apostles: crucified, Gospels, believe, suicide - Christianity
  126. Does Predestination Negate Free Will: Gospel, presbyterian, doctrine, believe - Christianity
  127. Limited Apostles In Revelation: church, gnostic, believe, scripture - Christianity
  128. The Fifth Kingdom Of Daniel: Messiah, Antichrist, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  129. Will the WAR between fundamentalists and Catholics/other liturgical Christians EVER go away?: Lutherans, church - Christianity
  130. Do Christians believe God is an Imbecile?: hell, woman, scripture - Christianity
  131. 3 Times in Acts--In His Name: HaShem, Gospels, Revelation, preacher - Christianity
  132. Which do you chose? everlasting/eternal life or everlasting/eternal damnation?: punishment, churches - Christianity
  133. The Fourth Kingdom of Daniel: crucifixion, Harry Potter, hell, myth - Christianity
  134. Free Will--Man Of Sin: punishment, doctrine, church, Revelation - Christianity
  135. The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy: believe, scripture, evolve, Bible - Christianity
  136. Test Who Say: Sodom, woman, Antichrist, Revelation - Christianity
  137. Is this a sin?: church, scriptures, Bible, worship - Christianity
  138. The Pauline letters: Epistles, messages, hell, doctrine - Christianity
  139. Understanding god: messages, beliefs, reason - Christianity
  140. Sola Scriptura - Illogical and Unbiblical: doctrine, church, believe, dogmas - Christianity
  141. Mini-series The Bible Begins March 3rd on The History Channel: traditions, doctrine - Christianity
  142. Did God command that who speak evil of father or mother be put to death under the Mosaic Law?: Leviticus, hell - Christianity
  143. Seeing Jesus in the Written Torah: tradition, Gospel, woman, preacher - Christianity
  144. The First Hebrew Knew?: Revelation, Commandment, Abraham, Jews - Christianity
  145. Do most Catholics pray the rosary?: Lutherans, church, believing, praying - Christianity
  146. This pop culture theology is seductivaly false, Jesus loves me this I know, and that is all I want to know: Gospel, believe - Christianity
  147. Scripture cannot be broken- It is the word of God: tradition, Gospel - Christianity
  148. The Arrival of The False Prophet...?: crucifixion, Jehovah, abominations, church - Christianity
  149. Lend to whoever asks?: woman, churches, funeral, believe - Christianity
  150. What if You Cannot Believe in Jesus/God?: hell, after-life, disciples - Christianity
  151. Interesting conversation last night: Gospel, Jehovah, believe, praying - Christianity
  152. The biggest adversary: our own selves!: believe, scripture, sin, Christ - Christianity
  153. You need no one to teach You / You have need for someone to teach You: Context!!!: Gospel, Jehovah - Christianity
  154. Are you antinomian?: Gospel, believe, Holy Spirit, mystic - Christianity
  155. Predestination--God's Elect and Chosen: Gospel, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  156. Anthropomorphisms: Mormonism, LDS, myth, doctrine - Christianity
  157. Celibacy until marriage ... a hypothetical: women, church, Bible, divorced - Christianity
  158. Do you believe in prophecy that the next Pope will be the last one?: churches, Antichrist - Christianity
  159. Hindsight is always 20/20: paradise, Gospels, hell, Messiah - Christianity
  160. Poll Finds That Evangelicals Are Addicted to Porn: testimony, women, church - Christianity
  161. The Church of Me: churches, Revelation, preacher, believers - Christianity
  162. What if I don't want to live forever?: paradise, hell, myth - Christianity
  163. Rev. James Cooper earns 1.3 MILLION a year and lives in a 5.5 MILLION $ house PAID FOR BY THE CHURCH----EXPLAIN: doctrine, churches - Christianity
  164. Divorce--Can We Remarry? Is It A Sin?: hell, women, church - Christianity
  165. What'a Christian view on suicide: reincarnation, believer, scripture, sin - Christianity
  166. What is the purpose of Jesus coming to earth?: sinners, blood, faith - Christianity
  167. 2013 Lent = 47 days: scripture, recall, Catholics, God - Christianity
  168. When to give up on a goal?: prayer, soul, faith - Christianity
  169. Did jesus or his apostles ever flat out tell they were lost?: women, preaching - Christianity
  170. Ash Wednesday Services?: tradition, Lutheran, presbyterian, churches - Christianity
  171. Something I never understood: women, Deuteronomy, believers, scriptures - Christianity
  172. Wisdom is crucial: church, believer, prayers, sin - Christianity
  173. Matthew 7:21, What is the will of the Father?: hell, doctrine, church - Christianity
  174. Our sins: crucified, Gospel, hell, abomination - Christianity
  175. What parts of the Old Testament should everybody read?: Micah, Gospels, Leviticus - Christianity
  176. What IS Evil--Did God Create It?: Gospels, Jehovah, believe, scripture - Christianity
  177. Jesus Is The Ancient Of Days: HaShem, Revelation, believe, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  178. The Recorded Words of Jesus as He hung on the Cross: the passion, paradise - Christianity
  179. Moses Had The Holy Spirit: Gospel, church, Revelation, believe - Christianity
  180. Are you a Dispensationalist?: doctrine, church, Revelation, preaching - Christianity
  181. Can you be a good Christian and not believe all of the Old Testament?: Torah, beliefs - Christianity
  182. 8th Day Crration: hell, woman, Revelation, exodus - Christianity
  183. Has Read The Apocrypha?: Eden, Gospels, doctrine, women - Christianity
  184. Finding a Church home for the Church weary - advice.: Gospel, women - Christianity
  185. Plagued!: HaShem, believers, pray, Holy Spirit - Christianity
  186. Why Do People Have Delusional Ideas Of What Christianity Really Is ??: Gospel, church
  187. Christians and belief in reincarnation: Messiah, beliefs, Jesus, Bible - Christianity
  188. Madonna and Child Painting: Catholic - Christianity
  189. Indy Car Race Team for the Kingdom: believing, prayer, faith - Christianity
  190. If A Loving Heart And Sin Confession Is All You Need Why Carry A Bible ?: hell, women - Christianity
  191. The Myth of Persecution. By Candida Moss: tradition, churches, believers - Christianity
  192. Does God Want A Blood Boaster With A Loving Heart Only ?: church, believe - Christianity
  193. Who Are The Self Wise People Playing Saved ?: women, church, preach - Christianity
  194. I Know What His GLORY Is.: creation, Creator, God, bless - Christianity
  195. Continuing In God's Word Means What--John 8:31 ?: hell, church, beliefs, Christ - Christianity
  196. What BOOK? Jeremiah/Revelation: woman, Bible, God, bless - Christianity
  197. Constantine - his influence on the bible and the churches: creation, Christian - Christianity
  198. The Lord's Prayer in Aramaic with Translations: Kingdom, verse, Matthew - Christianity
  199. He Stabbed Me In The Heart: women, God, bless, reasons - Christianity
  200. Pope Francis Meets with Emeritus Benedict XVI: Earth - Christianity