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  32. Close all Check Cashing Businesses- that will eliminate Illegal Immigration: visa, Americans
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  34. Eco-warrior Al Gore serves up endangered fish at daughter's party: illegal, environmentalists - Illegal Immigration
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  51. A Former CA Highway Patrol Officer Explains How Illegal Aliens Get Away With It: interstate, enemy - Illegal Immigration
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  56. It Just Ain't Over 'Til The Alien Wins: license, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  57. News, U.S. Unable to Deport Most Illegal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes.: deporting, USA - Illegal Immigration
  58. FBI: Iraqi's Are Being Smuggled Across Mexican Border: Canadian, 9/11, middle east - Illegal Immigration
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  61. Schanna Gayden, 13, Shot And Killed By 27 Time Arrested Illegal Alien Mwenda Murithi: visa, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  75. Now is the time.: illegal aliens, law, Americans, senators - Illegal Immigration
  76. Outsourcing: How to Skirt the Law - an article: H1B, certificate - Illegal Immigration
  77. why not sue?: house of illegal immigrants, laws, activist - Illegal Immigration
  78. Now is the time to call. KILL THE BILL!: illegal aliens, represent, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
  79. News, Tennessee, Police feel heat from both sides on immigration.: illegal immigration, law
  80. Open Borders Advocates want people to believe America has eliminated LEGAL Immigration: visas, NAFTA - Illegal Immigration
  81. How to convince others?: health care, hiring illegals, Mexicans, regular - Illegal Immigration
  82. Unauthorized Migrant Worker: illegal aliens, Hispanic - Illegal Immigration
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  88. Immigration and the Environment: health care, born, illegal immigration, laws
  89. It's workin'!! follow this link and pass it on!!: legal, USA - Illegal Immigration
  90. GoogleBombing Pro-Amnesty Senators!: illegal, Republican, democratic, conservative - Illegal Immigration
  91. News, Illegal immigrant sentenced to life in prison after brutally attacking a Limestone County teenager: Mexican, crimes - Illegal Immigration
  92. Aztlan: The Cancer of Racial Hatred: Mexicans, American, lobby, citizen - Illegal Immigration
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  98. The Amnestybill Horror: support - Illegal Immigration
  99. PUTNAM COUNTY Tennessee, Van had 13 suspected illegal immigrants.: laws, citizen, Hispanics - Illegal Immigration
  100. El Cenizo, A success story: illegal aliens, Spanish, working, dollar - Illegal Immigration
  101. Information on contacting your Senators of the 110th Congress.: Durbin, Levin, elect - Illegal Immigration
  102. police told to do nothing in CT: illegals, laws, deportation - Illegal Immigration
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  104. Revolution Is The Answer: health care, birth, illegal immigration, represent
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  108. Nashville, Tennessee Illegal Immigrant Charged In Student's Death.: Americans, deport, borders - Illegal Immigration
  109. Reality Check: illegal aliens, Mexico, how much, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  110. China Makes SUV in Mexico for Export to US: NAFTA, representation, wage - Illegal Immigration
  111. El Cenizo, TX - Official 'Spanish' Town: illegal aliens, law, unemployment - Illegal Immigration
  112. Tues. night, Repubs just voted against bill: law, Republicans, Kennedy - Illegal Immigration
  113. Kill The Bill! ... Part 2: Harry Reid, born, illegal aliens, laws - Illegal Immigration
  114. STOP BUILDING THE FENCE!!...insects may be disturbed.: website, birth - Illegal Immigration
  115. No more twenty-to-a-house: illegals, laws, Mexico, suspect - Illegal Immigration
  116. Colorado uses inamtes to do jobs Americans do not want . *Rolleyes*: born, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  117. Did you guys hear the news which broke yesterday? Mexico is advising the US to NOT build a fence/ border....: green card, illegals - Illegal Immigration
  118. Shot At and Fired for BP cap!: illegal immigrants, law, controversial - Illegal Immigration
  119. Stop pointing fingers...: illegal immigrants, law, represent - Illegal Immigration
  120. SHOCKER! Border Enforcement Introduced in the Senate: Harry Reid, visas, website - Illegal Immigration
  121. Senate OK's 3 Billion Dollars for Border Enforcement: green card, visas, website - Illegal Immigration
  122. Clinton and Obama call for amnesty of illegal aliens: poll, Republicans, democratic - Illegal Immigration
  123. 10% of Arizona's workers are ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!: positives, prison, fast food, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  124. Would you hire illegal workers?: hiring illegals, law, wages, Reed - Illegal Immigration
  125. Think About It This is a real eye opener: license, multiculturalism, enemy - Illegal Immigration
  126. Which states have low immigration rates?: Canadian, illegal immigrants, laws, Mexican - Illegal Immigration
  127. Do you think Illegals will riot soon if they do not get AMNESTY?: enemies, illegal immigrants - Illegal Immigration
  128. A Public Data Base of Illegals: website, illegal aliens, Reed, Americans - Illegal Immigration
  129. Do You Have One in Your Local High School?: naturalization, Aztlan, born - Illegal Immigration
  130. Giuliani and illegal immigration: naturalization, visa, illegal immigrants, laws
  131. A Silent Invasion?: illegal immigration, laws, Mexicans, conspiracy
  132. rate of croatian inmigrants in the us?: immigrants, represent, immigrate - Illegal Immigration
  133. A new entitlement for illegals: health care, illegal immigrants, employment, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  134. Why Are Only a Select Few Nations Required to Be Multicultural?: multiculturalism, married - Illegal Immigration
  135. Venezuelan Exiles coming to Miami: Hugo Chavez, illegal, education, revolution - Illegal Immigration
  136. Sheriff Joe sets up a hotline for residents to report illegal immigrants: Mexico, deport - Illegal Immigration
  137. To much paid to Border Security- to little to people who overstay their Visas: green card, H1B - Illegal Immigration
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  152. The Awakening of American Black People: medical, enemies, birth, illegal aliens - Illegal Immigration
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  155. Unsafe Mexican Trucks Coming to US: NAFTA, illegals, law, Mexicans - Illegal Immigration
  156. Oklahoma HB 1804 solves the illegal problem!!: green card, illegals, laws, Spanish - Illegal Immigration
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  158. Do you really want to stop illegal immigration?: laws, treason, fence
  159. News L.A. anti-illegal rally w/ permit, stopped by police: website, illegals - Illegal Immigration
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  161. Why do i need to speak spanish !: medical, illegals, Mexico - Illegal Immigration
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  163. Cuban could give me a rational explanation for this? American comments welcome.: medical, visas - Illegal Immigration
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  167. Illegal Alien Deported for Sexually Assaulting 3-Year Old: medical, 9/11, born - Illegal Immigration
  168. The Criminal Trend Continues Unabated: health care system, license, 9/11, birth - Illegal Immigration
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  170. Castro death- millions expected to flock to miami/keys: born, education, Americans - Illegal Immigration
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  172. Would significantly increasing LEGAL Immigration cause ILLEGAL Immigration to drop?: green card, born
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  174. Are New York City's Immigrants better than in LA (Southern California)?: visas, illegal immigration
  175. News, Harsh US immigration rules force Microsoft to open shop in Canada.: H1B, visas - Illegal Immigration
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  182. William Gheen of ALIPAC - Investigate Bush!: interview - Illegal Immigration
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  186. Danger of Open Borders: More Americans Killed By Illegals than Iraq War: naturalization, visa - Illegal Immigration
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