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  1. University of Florida wins 5th NCAA men’s golf team championship and it's 3rd men's individual championship: title (FL)
  2. Royal Highlands brooksville Fl: modular home, to buy, zoning - Florida (FL)
  3. Florida Dominates America's Priciest Neighborhoods Report — Bloomberg: Boca Raton, Delray Beach: to rent, how much (FL)
  4. Just a little edumacation about Lakeland: Lakeside, Wright: home, university - Florida (FL)
  5. Florida faces ‘mass migration’ as trans people flee state in fear of Ron DeSantis’ ‘hateful bills’.: hot (FL)
  6. Is there an easy place to fish near Seacrest? First time fishing for a child: Panama City: renting - Florida (FL)
  7. Daytona Beach 55+ communities: to rent, credit, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  8. Nearly 6 million-year-old 'elephant graveyard' unearthed in Florida: Clearwater, Gainesville: university, live (FL)
  9. Miami and Tampa top metro area home price increases in US, report finds: Jacksonville: renting - Florida (FL)
  10. Two Florida Towns Vie to Be Center of the Equestrian World — The Wall Street Journal: Miami: 2014 (FL)
  11. Ahhh, Florida: that great tax haven!: insurance, assess, move (FL)
  12. Florida ranks 2nd on 2023 Best States to Start a Business Report: insurance, college (FL)
  13. New bill would eliminate the Florida Democratic Party.: culture, cancel (FL)
  14. Destin/Panama City Health Care: Jacksonville, Tallahassee: costs, moving to, baptist - Florida (FL)
  15. Carrabelle, Franklin County: Demographics & other questions: Tallahassee: shop, distances - Florida (FL)
  16. More Gulf Coast beach issues starting next week: moving, map - Florida (FL)
  17. No see ums in North Florida or East Coast Florida: Port Charlotte: renting, place (FL)
  18. What is a CA Governor doing in FL?: Sarasota: hotel, home - Florida
  19. Overdevelopment of Ormond Beach, FL: Daytona Beach: townhouse, neighborhood, to buy - Florida
  20. Need help with finding the right area to move to.: Coral Springs: crime, how much - Florida (FL)
  21. homeowners insurance as executor: Miami: for sale, real estate, HOA - Florida (FL)
  22. Are Venezuelans going to become the largest South American group in FL???: Miami: island - Florida
  23. Florida resident mini vacation: Miami, Orlando: construction, live in, restaurants (FL)
  24. Florida EMT's and Paramedics: Miami: live, safety, counties (FL)
  25. Lee and Collier Counties: Miami, Tampa: real estate, apartments, crime - Florida (FL)
  26. seasonal winter employment: Key West: hotels, houses, maintenance - Florida (FL)
  27. The Florida Man Games: alligator, event (FL)
  28. Should I move to the Ocala Florida area or the Myrtle Beach South Carolina area?: Tampa: high crime (FL)
  29. Florida issues statewide ban against using phones in school: private schools, cost (FL)
  30. Gainesville to NC....: Ocala, Lake City, Baldwin: speeding ticket, drive, limit - Florida (FL)
  31. Daytona Beach Intersection: live, maps, international - Florida (FL)
  32. Florida has the smallest age gap between elected officials and their constituents: office (FL)
  33. 19 arrested...7 illegals....child sex trafficking Bay County, Florida: Jay: crimes, live (FL)
  34. 4-Point Requirements for Insurance Agencies: new home, inspection, property - Florida (FL)
  35. Termites in Florida: house, home inspector, pool (FL)
  36. Preparing your Fl home for a long summers nap: house, closing - Florida (FL)
  37. After a hurricane, do people buy places?: Miami, Miami Beach: transplants, real estate - Florida (FL)
  38. Brevard county's bizzare exclusion from greater Orlando: Miami, Palm Bay: law, airport - Florida (FL)
  39. Rick Scott’s self-aggrandizing column insurance: lease, theater - Florida (FL)
  40. What was the giant bug found everywhere in FL in 2010: home, live - Florida
  41. MIA sets record numbers: Miami, Tampa: hotel, taxi, live in - Florida (FL)
  42. Crystal River/Homosassa area: for sale, real estate, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  43. Parent Power Index: Florida ranks No. 1 for school choice: schools, income (FL)
  44. Does the DMV vision exam test up-close or distance?: licenses, medical - Florida (FL)
  45. Florida hurricane vulnerabilities: Parker: homes, new construction, codes (FL)
  46. Questions re living in and repairing mobile homes - after 6 months in one: how much - Florida (FL)
  47. Publix seafood desk: to buy, price, store - Florida (FL)
  48. Most commonly seen birds in Florida: Osprey, Christmas: live, design, backyard (FL)
  49. Views of stage from sections of the Mahaffey Theater: live, prices - Florida (FL)
  50. Wealthiest Towns in Each Part of Florida: Miami, Miami Beach: real estate, house (FL)
  51. Moving Senior Parents from SC to FL: Gainesville, Largo: apartments, lease - Florida
  52. Is Lake City safe? Which area is the safest along/near I-75 in North Florida?: Tallahassee: high crime (FL)
  53. Rollerblade instructors: zip code, shop, licensed - Florida (FL)
  54. Fuller Heights - Mulberry area (south of Lakeland): Lakeland Highlands: low crime, mobile home - Florida (FL)
  55. Inside Florida's ATV racing culture: live, legal, vs. (FL)
  56. homestead exemption after death or property owner: mortgage, lawyers - Florida (FL)
  57. Orlando to PVB/Jacksonville: Plantation, Country Club: homes, college, gated community - Florida (FL)
  58. Romaine Lettuce: Jay: groceries, agricultural, Whole Foods - Florida (FL)
  59. I hated FL, moved, now miss FL...: Jay: rentals, insurance - Florida
  60. Floridians stunned by their electric bills!: Tampa: house, donate - Florida (FL)
  61. Driver License Fees: vehicle registration, DMV, income - Florida (FL)
  62. Florida breaks third quarter travel record with more than 35 million visits: tax, beach (FL)
  63. Aldi purchases Winn Dixie/Harveys in FL: house, landlords - Florida
  64. New Brightline Train Connecting South Florida To Orlando To Open In 2023: Miami: rental car, transporting (FL)
  65. Residents at the 55+ community Century Village Pembroke Pines said they'll be paying $100-$200 more due to skyrocketing: Fort Lauderdale: rent, HOA fees - Florida (FL)
  66. The Culture of FL Cities and Regions: Miami: wages, living in - Florida
  67. And the most expensive city in Florida is.......NOT MIAMI!: Tampa: low income, apartment (FL)
  68. Orlando's self driving bus....crashes on the 2nd day: Sanford: living, safe - Florida (FL)
  69. Floor Choice for Florida Humid Environment: Tampa: hardwood floors, transplants, apartments (FL)
  70. Pasco County -- Not a bad choice: Tampa, Bradenton: renters, car insurance - Florida (FL)
  71. Business friendly Florida keeps bringing in the big names: Naples: sales, leasing (FL)
  72. Florida may be dumbing down: Sarasota: student loans, school, college (FL)
  73. Florida gets tough on illegals.....E-Verify or you're out of business: Bell: employment, construction (FL)
  74. Florida sea may have set world record == this headline is all over the's a flat out lie: Clearwater: house, cabin (FL)
  75. How far does $250k/yr take you in Jax, Tampa, & Miami vs. the rest?: Orlando: rental car, rental - Florida (FL)
  76. FL losing medical school graduates: Orlando, University: ob-gyn, insurance, student loans - Florida
  77. How much does a pool cage cost?: insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  78. Republicans in Florida gain another 53,000 on Democrats in October alone: Brandon: house, income (FL)
  79. Spider in my lettuce: how much, buy, organic - Florida (FL)
  80. Florida is more expensive than NYC: Jacksonville, Tampa: car insurance, house, income (FL)
  81. African/Saharan dust alert.......: Miami, Bell: allergies, vs, area - Florida (FL)
  82. Relocating looking for affluent African American/Upper Middle Class city: Jacksonville: real estate, crime rates - Florida (FL)
  83. Spent a few days at Disney - My observations: Miami: homeowners insurance, hotel - Florida (FL)
  84. Killer Whales in Key Largo: Key West, Gulf Stream: live, land, temps - Florida (FL)
  85. Life In The Freedom State!: Tampa: real estate, rental, insurance - Florida (FL)
  86. Farmers Insurance is leaving Florida. Dropping home, auto, and umbrella policies.: Bristol: homes, neighborhoods (FL)
  87. Fla Senate introduces bill to end permanent alimony...DeSantis signs: employment, wage - Florida (FL)
  88. Florida now America's inflation hotspot: Miami, Tampa: insurance, condos, houses (FL)
  89. No, not another hurricane, so sorry.: Tampa, Orlando: homes, construction, rooftop - Florida (FL)
  90. Next HOT SPOT where people will relocate in USA?: Pensacola: transplants, income - Florida (FL)
  91. Parts of Florida that are still relatively affordable: Jacksonville, Miami: rent, insurance (FL)
  92. Jeff Bezos moving to SE Florida..another win for FLA: Miami: sales, real estate
  93. HELP! Move from Delray to Port Saint Lucie, Jacksonville, or Palm Coast?: Port St. Lucie: 2014, condo - Florida (FL)
  94. Curious that Desantis is seen as so unlikable: insurance, homes - Florida (FL)
  95. FL almost as dense as NY???: Jacksonville, Miami: income, live, statistics - Florida
  96. Demographics of people moving into Florida: Tampa, Orlando: live, restaurants, airport (FL)
  97. Sign of the times: $121,000 for homeowners insurance in Florida: Cape Coral: for sale, house (FL)
  98. Random Why do I see so many Florida license plates far, far outside of Florida?: Jacksonville: rental car, sales (FL)
  99. Why does Miami look noticeably more tropical than West Palm Beach?: Jacksonville: vs, vacation - Florida (FL)
  100. Cars cutting you off dangerously on turnpike?: Miami, Orlando: transplants, construction - Florida (FL)
  101. Harvard Report: 8 of 10 U.S. metro areas with highest rent increases were in Florida: Miami: low income, real estate (FL)
  102. Florida house prices are about to collapse: for sale, real estate market (FL)
  103. Governor DeSantis brings trapped Floridians home from Israel: insurance, tax - Florida (FL)
  104. The median sale price for single-family homes in Palm Beach hit $14 million: Miami: where to stay, house prices - Florida (FL)
  105. Florida Has Seen 850,000 Registered Voters Swing Republican: insurance, house (FL)
  106. Lakeland tops in the nation for real estate appreciation: Miami: real estate market, apartments - Florida (FL)
  107. Gainesville deserves it's own sub-forum, Pro's and cons of living there.: Jacksonville: real estate, renting - Florida (FL)
  108. Every Time I Think I Made a Mistake Moving to Florida...: dermatologist, health (FL)
  109. Miami Mansions pay $620,000 for insurance!: mortgage, credit, house - Florida (FL)
  110. 2022 Census shows Florida population growth fastest in Country; First time since 1957: Gainesville: real estate market, houses (FL)
  111. Florida's high cost of living cancels out lack of state income tax?: Orlando: apartment, rental (FL)
  112. Florida has of the worst ACT scores in the country: home, school districts (FL)
  113. Has transferred insurance and registration into FL: purchase, DMV - Florida
  114. One of the dumbest things I've ever seen! Leonardo Arms condos: Miami: insurance, buy - Florida (FL)
  115. National Guard activated to the Florida Keys...local law enforcement overwhelmed with migrants: Key West: how much, buy (FL)
  116. who left Florida, where did you go?: Live Oak: insurance, house (FL)
  117. Best dining experiences in Central Florida: Miami, Tampa: houses, live, restaurants (FL)
  118. DeSantis Demands Universities Report on CRT and ‘Diversity, Equity, Inclusion’ Spending: rent, insurance - Florida (FL)
  119. Having Difficulty Selling Their Home?: for sale, real estate market, renters - Florida (FL)
  120. FL water and sewer rate comparison: Davie, Deltona: calculator, costs, bill - Florida
  121. People moving out.: homes, neighborhoods, to buy - Florida (FL)
  122. 11-month-old girl dies after left in car for 3 hours while parents went to church.: Orlando: condo, to buy - Florida (FL)
  123. Remember when there was “debate” on which coast of Florida has the best beaches?: Miami: spring break, hotel (FL)
  124. Article: Why Are Retirees Leaving Florida?...: Naples: for sale, real estate, houses (FL)
  125. Florida to force high school girls to disclose when they have their periods in order to play high school sports.: Iona: insurance, home (FL)
  126. Do you think Florida has the best and/or most unique beaches, nightlife, theme parks and water activities in the U.S.?: Hudson: theatres, living (FL)
  127. Where in Florida….: Clearwater, Fort Myers, Port Charlotte: new home, schools, to live (FL)
  128. of you who are so unhappy what's keeping you from leaving?: for sale, real estate - Florida (FL)
  129. Could you help me find the best place in Florida to live?: Jacksonville: rent, condo (FL)
  130. Favorite Florida Supermarket: Baldwin: home, organic, live (FL)
  131. Insurers slashed Hurricane Ian payouts far below damage estimates, documents and insiders reveal: Fort Myers: insurance, lawyers - Florida (FL)
  132. Got new water heater! $2100!!!!! Is this the norm now? Itching too: Sarasota: insurance, house - Florida (FL)
  133. Vibrant downtowns within an hour of calm waters?: Jacksonville, St. Petersburg: house, schools - Florida (FL)
  134. Florida still leading the nation with 5 of the top 10 most popular metro areas people want to migrate to — Redfin: Miami: for sale, buying a house (FL)
  135. 2020-2022 Census stats Fastest growing counties in Florida: Orlando, Cape Coral: insurance, house (FL)
  136. Warning for all the Florida newcomers!: Miami, Tampa: power lines, condo, co-op (FL)
  137. Flood insurance to be required by 2027: homeowners insurance, house, to buy - Florida (FL)
  138. Best place to live in FL for a family of 4: Miami: renting, cinema - Florida
  139. Florida HOAs and Towing Cars: Palm Coast: cul-de-sac, apartment complexes, lease (FL)
  140. Cost to retire comfortably in Florida- $730K or same as New York: Miami: apartment, insurance (FL)
  141. Best Cities for Dogs — Florida has 4 of the top 7 cities: Miami: professionals, pit bulls (FL)
  142. Florida property insurance rates expected to jump 40% to 50% in June: Miami: HOA fees, homeowners insurance (FL)
  143. Teacher Who Perpetrated 'Empty Shelves' Hoax to Attack DeSantis...Fired: Jacksonville: unemployment, middle school - Florida (FL)
  144. Family of 4 moving to Florida.. Looking at Orlando, Tampa, & Palm Coast.: apartments, house (FL)
  145. How Florida’s Homelessness Problem Compares to the Nation: Miami: condo, neighborhoods (FL)
  146. Have we seen peak Florida?: Gainesville: sale, real estate, brokers (FL)
  147. Tell me about Florida!: Miami, Tampa: neighborhoods, income, income tax (FL)
  148. Why Florida homes so many small garages.: Naples, Golden Gate: fit in, insurance (FL)
  149. America’s Priciest Neighborhoods are Changing as Ultra-Rich Move to Florida: Miami: transplants, sales (FL)
  150. Florida's climate exodus has begun: insurance, homes, to buy (FL)
  151. Florida dominates Top 10 cities for all-cash home sales list: Jacksonville: short sale, foreclosures (FL)
  152. What are the most underated and affordable cities/area in florida?: Tallahassee: housing, single - Florida (FL)
  153. Sales Tax for out of State car: insurance, transfer - Florida (FL)
  154. There's more to life than not paying taxes: HOA fees, homeowners insurance - Florida (FL)
  155. Which cities in Florida are most like the northeastern U.S.?: Miami: taxes, shop (FL)
  156. Best tires for Florida?: buying, prices, manufacturing (FL)
  157. Florida Was The Fastest Growing State By Percentage In 2022, Census Says: mortgage, house (FL)
  158. FL weather and being 'happier': Marco Island: buy, allergies, living in - Florida
  159. Tropical Storm Arlene forms in Gulf.: Tampa, Rio: Home Depot, buying, living in - Florida (FL)
  160. Panhandle or Space Coast: Miami, Orlando: crime, neighborhood, college - Florida (FL)
  161. Where do you go to the mountains?: Venice: rent, credit card - Florida (FL)
  162. An open letter to NYers moving to Florida: Tampa, Tallahassee: transplants, house (FL)
  163. Is the Florida citrus industry doomed?: houses, subdivision, living in (FL)
  164. Our lovely transplants from NY: Sarasota: HOA, condo, house - Florida (FL)
  165. What is your A/C Set Point (Thermostat setting)?: Bell: houses, costs - Florida (FL)
  166. Nice/clean/safe neighborhoods close to I4 between Orlando and Tampa for couple in their 50's?: Miami: for sale, condo - Florida (FL)
  167. Florida passes full E-Verify for employment: hotels, landscaping, construction (FL)
  168. Is this a thing now, in Florida?: Orlando: insurance, felony (FL)
  169. Historic Number of New Yorkers Flocked to Florida in 2022: Miami: transplants, real estate (FL)
  170. FCC...Florida the number one spot in the United States for black-owned businesses..#2 for Hispanic and Women: Venice: living in, moving (FL)
  171. What's more rednecky, Jacksonville or the Emerald Coast?: Tallahassee, Melbourne: transplants, living - Florida (FL)
  172. Is the Florida west coast a scam and impending real estate/tourism bubble?: Miami: house, buy (FL)
  173. Too many gated communities: Orlando: how much, neighborhoods, buyer - Florida (FL)
  174. Do people living in Florida become tanned as part of regular life?: dermatologists, insurance (FL)
  175. By july all your crops will rot in the fields: live in, move to - Florida (FL)
  176. Sen. Rick Scott issues a travel advisory for Florida: Tampa: buy, live in (FL)
  177. I saved a Turtle: Miami, Osprey: deed, living in, fence - Florida (FL)
  178. DeSantis and Insurance Companies: 2013, homeowners insurance, brokers - Florida (FL)
  179. HB 1557 — Parental Rights in Education Bill aka Don't Say Gay: renting, insurance - Florida (FL)
  180. The FL County That Every Californian-New Yorker-Chicagoan Is Headed To Is........: Lakeland: crimes, homes - Florida
  181. Man vs Mouse: taxation, lawsuit, legal - Florida (FL)
  182. When will it rain?: Tampa, Marco Island: moving, rated, island - Florida (FL)
  183. Florida had the lowest unemployment rate behind only AL, MT, NE, ND, SD and UT in February: Jacksonville: renters, home (FL)
  184. 26the State in the Nation to Have Constitutional Carry: purchase, live - Florida (FL)
  185. Florida's love affair with fart can vehicles: home, live (FL)
  186. Climate change impacts on Florida migration: 2013, insurance, camp (FL)
  187. DeSantis at Guantanamo: camp, residential, ticket - Florida (FL)
  188. Buying and owning an older home in FL...(and a condo: sales, rental - Florida
  189. Recommendation for a young family: Jacksonville, Tampa: low crime, home, neighborhoods - Florida (FL)
  190. Florida is a snoozefest compared to New York: Miami, Sarasota: rent, house (FL)
  191. Florida property insurance crisis: I almost had a heart attack: Tampa: home, school (FL)
  192. 2023 hurricane season: Tampa, University, Bell: homes, university, living - Florida (FL)
  193. Florida Dominates List of Top Retail Metros to Watch This Year: Miami: beach, cities (FL)
  194. Happy Easter, CDFL: safe, difference, time - Florida
  195. Looking for Advice and Realtor in Lake Placid-Sebring areas.: Homestead: homes, living - Florida (FL)
  196. auto-glass-florida-insurance: business - Florida (FL)
  197. Life During Summer Time.: Tampa, Sebring: apartment, townhouse, gated - Florida (FL)
  198. Mass shooting in Florida, Jan 16: county, venue, local (FL)
  199. Thoughts on Poinciana? - Florida (FL)
  200. What is the recipe you always go back to?: moving to, eat - Florida (FL)