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  106. I am jealous......: border collie, boxer, black, collie - Dogs
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  109. Best dog food for Pomeranians: vet, toy, prescription, stomach - Dogs
  110. Journal Article on early spay/neuter and sarcoma: rottweiler, vet, science - Dogs
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  135. Happy Ending: rescued, home, Utah, animal - Dogs
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  141. Never owned a dog: bulldog, boxer, terrier, toy - Dogs
  142. Its time to neuter Sydney: shepherd, lab, English Bulldog, vet - Dogs
  143. Dog for hire: how much, shepherd, poodle, bite - Dogs
  144. your method for finding ticks?: bites, stomach, black, pup - Dogs
  145. Best dos for LITTLE kids: labradors, bulldogs, poodles, boxers
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  153. My American Bulldog and our apartment: pitbulls, labs, rottweilers, bite - Dogs
  154. Storm had his knee surgery today.: vet, treatment, puppy, outside - Dogs
  155. People who own dogs and work.: border collie, vet, spaniel, bones
  156. Dog foods recalled due to salmonella contamination: veterinarians, diet, bones - Dogs
  157. Doggie Diarrhea: clean, poop, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  158. Would you go into a burning house to save your dog?: black, puppy - Dogs
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  167. Trail running dogs: ridgeback, lab, boxers, aggressive
  168. Pet Insurance: vet, treatment, cost, cats - Dogs
  169. rhinos limping. nothings wrong?: pitbull, how much, bulldog, patella - Dogs
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  173. Happy Birthday Bella: paws, home, Madison, year - Dogs
  174. hemangiosarcoma treatments: how much, golden retriever, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  175. Our new dog (what do you think she is?): shih-tzu, poodle, schnauzer - Dogs
  176. How do you get ride of dog poop odors in a garbage can ?: clean, breeder - Dogs
  177. help with excessive barking: border collie, shepherd, training, collies - Dogs
  178. Licorice for dogs?: vet, black, shots, cross
  179. Feed dog smoked/slow roasted bones?: how much, lab, teeth - Dogs
  180. Tooth Extraction Cost?: how much, terrier, chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  181. with two dogs do you walk them together or seperately?: shepherd, lab
  182. Time to put to sleep? Feeling super guilty: labrador, clean, vet - Dogs
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  187. Pyoderma Skin Infection: clean - Dogs
  188. How much your dog ate the day? - Dogs
  189. stem cell treatment for arthritis in dogs
  190. Missy...hero dachshund: owner - Dogs
  191. News, Dog ate his homework: School board hopeful loses shot at ballot because his pet chewed up petition signatures. - Dogs
  192. If you're in the L.A. area and have a crate we can borrow, read...: shelter, Los Angeles - Dogs
  193. Dog rescue---don't try this yourself, this guy has military training - Dogs
  194. Louisville, KY: Grooming - Dogs
  195. Help us out?: test, free, keep - Dogs
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  199. I love sharing rescue videos, hope you guys enjoy them: pomeranian, best - Dogs
  200. News: Dog bites off owner's toe and saves his life: chews, Michigan - Dogs