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  115. in sc! Help us & our pups!!: rescue, adoption, best - Dogs
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  117. Stop leash-free dog owners and fake service dogs in grocery stores and restaurant: how much, terrier
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  127. Dawn: Have the Kleenex box handy for this one: best, test - Dogs
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  129. WAHOOO! Found my Papillion Puppy!!! Soo Excited!!: best, ears - Dogs
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  136. socialization: barks, train, adopted, maltese - Dogs
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  146. help our seemingly unique pack situation!: how much, labs, boxer - Dogs
  147. Ideas?: rottweiler, barking, aggressive, train - Dogs
  148. Yes! Will be heading to Utah in the next few weeks: lab, vet - Dogs
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  167. Dog hates taking a bath: lab, bulldog, poodle, spray - Dogs
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  170. what can you tell me about english bulldogs?: border collie, English Bulldog, allergic
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  172. We can pretend its a dog....: yorkie, puppy, outside, cats - Dogs
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  193. It's Time: labrador, vet, children, outside - Dogs
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  195. Babysitting the puppy across the street. Need advice on the best way to help her with separation anxiety,: labrador, puppies - Dogs
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  198. Bigun's looking for friends: stop, people - Dogs
  199. Can pets discern different accents? - Dogs
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