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  19. Blogs on Dogs: rescue, cost, neutered, shelter
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  35. 4 month old Cockapoo biting: bulldog, bites, training, teeth - Dogs
  36. Dog seat belt - front seat, back seat: infection, cross, cocker - Dogs
  37. Man and Baby'sBest Friend: work - Dogs
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  45. Doggie Merry-go-Round: puppies - Dogs
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  48. Stray dog joins bicycle racers in China and is one of 3 to complete the race: cross, causes - Dogs
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  50. Shedding: food, ears, year, hair - Dogs
  51. Dog deaths linked to Purina treats: train, biscuits, food, test - Dogs
  52. Pitbull stays with dead mate 14 hours: veterinarian, rescue, adopt, ears - Dogs
  53. Brave Cat?: cats, ears, claw, animals - Dogs
  54. New puppy pictures coming this weekend. :): retriever, breeder, black, breed - Dogs
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  56. Research into if disagreeable people 'prefer aggressive dogs': allergies, breed, walk
  57. Pet food recalls, pet food suspect in illness read: treatment, diarrhea - Dogs
  58. Training in one area of yard: poop, train, kennel, sheltie - Dogs
  59. Diabetic Alert Dog saves little girl's life several times: year, animal, people - Dogs
  60. State Farm dog bite prevention ( funny): breed, people - Dogs
  61. 9 week puppy with pneumonia: vet, barking, treatment, coughing - Dogs
  62. Another dog/soldier reunion video: year - Dogs
  63. can your dog jump rope like this? with his pals?: natural, hair - Dogs
  64. Great Help--A Spiral Stake: outside, shelter, aggression, California - Dogs
  65. Panic Attacks in Dogs: vet, effects, noise, best
  66. Dachshund with strage nipples??: vet, doxie, breed, normal - Dogs
  67. Faithful till the end ...and beyond: owner - Dogs
  68. News, Loyal dog: Yorkie left at rest stop waits for 2 days.: Arkansas, Kansas - Dogs
  69. News, Pit bull Dog hurt dragging owner out of path of oncoming train.: chihuahua, wound - Dogs
  70. Dog walker experiences: clean, poop, skin, diarrhea - Dogs
  71. barking during walks: best, walk, neighbors, treats - Dogs
  72. Endoscopy for this the best choice?: poop, vet, toy - Dogs
  73. Dog breeders and involved in showing dogs: labrador, breeds, ears
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  76. Top Dog - Dogs
  77. Irresponsible dog owner across the street: vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
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  82. Fighting the Waves: swimming, stop, water, beach - Dogs
  83. Could my dog have mange?: vet, skin, treatment, normal - Dogs
  84. My dog, Mr. Hobbs, my hero--so proud of him--warned me of danger: lab, barks - Dogs
  85. In need of a feel-good cry? Video pit bull saving owner: train, rescues - Dogs
  86. Whippet's Morning Ritual: ears, keep, size, white - Dogs
  87. Need interactive play ideas for non-retrieving lab mix: terrier, training, best - Dogs
  88. doggie cooling bed pads: border collie, how much, lab, shihtzu - Dogs
  89. Pudsy Wins Britain's Got Talent: training, free - Dogs
  90. Why does my dog walk around in circles before lying down?: shih tzu, poop - Dogs
  91. My mini doxy goes for a household run each night at 11 PM. WHY??: beagle, kids - Dogs
  92. Maggie's Beauty Treatment: poop, bird, maltese, cross - Dogs
  93. Dachshund UN Day: Australia - Dogs
  94. Sleeping dog - Dogs
  95. Why won't that puppy play with me? Gizmo: shih tzu, ears, year - Dogs
  96. Nut job vandalized dog shelter: rescue, Minnesota, animal - Dogs
  97. Last Chance Dogs...wanted to murder this owner: aggressive, adopt, kennel
  98. My daughter is fascinated with picking up dog poo!: poop, yard, work - Dogs
  99. Affordable Dog Sitting for about 1 Month: shih-tzu, vet, shelter, home - Dogs
  100. This lost dog in So Cal. is getting a ton of great press: lab, rescued - Dogs
  101. Can your dog ride a bicycle?: train - Dogs
  102. Great dog story: rescued, swimming, New Hampshire, water - Dogs
  103. Dachshund Road Rage......: barking, doxie, collars, sleep - Dogs
  104. Dog waits for owner for two days at rest stop (happy ending): yorkie, ears - Dogs
  105. Wimpy puppies!! She didn't touch you - Dogs
  106. Have you seen this DANCING DOG on Britain's Got Talent? Adorable!: training, ears - Dogs
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  108. Horse VS Pitbull: stories - Dogs
  109. Dog with perfect pitch: train, kids, pup, ears - Dogs
  110. Dog Attacking Cleaning Supplies and Causing Explosion: Exactly Like My Dog!: breeder, training - Dogs
  111. My Little Rose's New Toys: bulldogs, biting, toy, teeth
  112. Dog's Birthday: What do you do: shih tzu, children, walk, normal - Dogs
  113. Broken leg, can't pay, put to sleep?: poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  114. Best diet - crystals found in urine: allergy, boerboel, vet - Dogs
  115. Ideas Needed for Games to Play with Non-Retrieving Dog: lab, biting, laser - Dogs
  116. Dog with oily skin: shepherd, allergy, clean, vet - Dogs
  117. used petsmart dog training classes?: how much, lab, bulldog, vet - Dogs
  118. What is your favorite dog?: how much, shih tzu, English Bulldog, Mastiff - Dogs
  119. dog owners and their assumptions: skin, diet, kennel, children - Dogs
  120. My dog is limping on rear leg w/o predictability or cause: how much, patella - Dogs
  121. barking help: poodle, terrier, toy, training - Dogs
  122. My dog caught a possum!: lab, retreiver, bite, clean - Dogs
  123. Upcoming HBO documentary: clean, poop, treatment, rescues - Dogs
  124. Seat belts required for pets in N.J.: doxie, illegal, cats - Dogs
  125. Found a Husky puppy this morning: shepherd, vet, toy, training - Dogs
  126. Go figure.... (crate or no crate): lab, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  127. Dog Owners have big hearts & a lot of Nerve!!!: clean, poop - Dogs
  128. Using 1 large frontline applicator instead of 2 little ones (2 separate dogs): vet, rescue
  129. Should we take our 2.5 month old, 2 lbs, puppy with us on vacation?: clean, vet - Dogs
  130. Acana Dog Food: yorkies, breeder, stomach, pup - Dogs
  131. A simple solution for fleas.: allergy, bite, vet, skin - Dogs
  132. Off leash dog ruined service dog: bite, children, walk, store - Dogs
  133. food for dogs: boxer, science, stomach, diet
  134. The transition from wolf to dog: poodle, miniature, schnauzer, toy - Dogs
  135. Boston Terriers?: shepherd, English Bulldog, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  136. Has your dog ever made you laugh?: how much, terriers, vet - Dogs
  137. Fighting Dachshunds: terriers, chihuahua, yorkies, vet - Dogs
  138. Custody battle over dog: poop, legal, skin, costs - Dogs
  139. My kooky dog is obsessed with her bed: daschund, poodle, biting - Dogs
  140. What time do you wake up to walk your dog?: lab, clean - Dogs
  141. What would you a person to do in this situation?: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  142. Good breeds for children?: labrador, terrier, toy, spaniel - Dogs
  143. DUMB But NEED to Know ..potty training!: breeder, stomach, skin - Dogs
  144. For of you with unfenced yards: poop, barking, rescues - Dogs
  145. Doggie sympathy!: bite, puppies, food, home - Dogs
  146. Introducing Talon: Cary, size, mean, months - Dogs
  147. Dog went crazy - help!: English Mastiff, bite, vet, breeding - Dogs
  148. Found a dog a good home...feeling very good :): lab, chihuahua, yorkie - Dogs
  149. Dogs barking at feral / wild animals; complaints: black, train, neutering
  150. Dog Food Suggestions: skin, allergies, costs, natural - Dogs
  151. Chessie pup in need: allergy, vet, breeders, fleas - Dogs
  152. Like the look or I Always Wanted One Is Not Enough of a Reason!: shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  153. My dog just ate a raisin.: poop, vet, dachshund, pup - Dogs
  154. Microchips! Beware!!: vet, cost, adopted, shelter - Dogs
  155. experiences with Orijen dog food?: golden retriever, clean, vet, diet - Dogs
  156. Is it necessary to have my dog's anal glads expressed at the groomers?: miniature, vet - Dogs
  157. Microchip in Dog Saves Toddler: rescued, kids, problems, keep - Dogs
  158. keep my dog in your thoughts: vet, treatment, best, eat - Dogs
  159. Long Lasting Chew, Not Rawhide?: toy, teeth, bones, natural - Dogs
  160. MRI for dogs: labrador, barks, train, best
  161. cataract surgery for boston: how much, vet, cataracts, cost - Dogs
  162. Lazy dog owners (Rant): barking, aggressive, legal, skin - Dogs
  163. People who don't watch their dogs..: yorkie, bite, train
  164. When God drops a puppy from the sky you keep him!: rescued, puppies - Dogs
  165. What kind of Dog do you think she is?: shepherd, boxer, terrier - Dogs
  166. Of Dogs and Small Children: Shar-Pei, shih tzu, spaniel, rescue
  167. Teddy Dog &Teddy Bear: puppy - Dogs
  168. stop all donations to PETA: treatment, adoption, shelters, illegal - Dogs
  169. Dog licking and making sores?: lab, allergy, bite, vet - Dogs
  170. More dog park friends: pitbull, poodle, noise, best - Dogs
  171. What do you use on your dogs for fleas?: vet, skin, treatment
  172. Your loose dog could be responsible for someone's death: poop, train, cross - Dogs
  173. Stolen dog,: how much, yorkie, legal, cost - Dogs
  174. Car Trip with Heart Disease Dog: vet, failure, best, test - Dogs
  175. Kodi and his swim vest: shots, adult, weight, water - Dogs
  176. Let Us Not Forget the Military Dogs: veterinary, training, pups
  177. New Rescue On the Way - So Excited!: breeders, cross, puppies - Dogs
  178. Caution about dog treats at Walmart: veterinarians, prescription, train, diet - Dogs
  179. Picking up after your dog: clean, poop, kids, food - Dogs
  180. quick double check. Change in food issue: bite, poop, vet - Dogs
  181. sick bloodhound puppy: clean, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  182. Neighbor's dog howling all day (8 hours at this point)...: spaniel, barking, puppy - Dogs
  183. Introducing new rescue/what to name him: yorkie, vet, black - Dogs
  184. Total Frustration: bulldog, vet, wound, skin - Dogs
  185. we go again.......: breeder, bird, paws, cross - Dogs
  186. Do you give your dogs people food?: shepherd, bite, poop
  187. More inter-species love - Dogs
  188. Richardson Rescue in S.C.: maltese, normal, work - Dogs
  189. The Kiss - Dogs
  190. The Two Babysitters: safe - Dogs
  191. News, Stray dog follows bikers over 1,100 miles to Tibet: travel - Dogs
  192. Rude husband turns into pug: wound - Dogs
  193. Soldiers facing more obstacles in getting Service Dogs
  194. Hawk drops Mother's Day puppy from sky, new momma keeps puppy *video* - Dogs
  195. The Dog and whales - Dogs
  196. Pet Detective trying to find missing beagle who was rescued from lab in Spain - Dogs
  197. A great wet nurse story and picture. - Dogs
  198. That time of year again- Don't leave your pet in the car: animal - Dogs
  199. I'm thinking dogs do stuff like this for our amusment: science
  200. bionic paws for dog: legs - Dogs