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  105. Before Computer: work, print, device, speakers - Computers
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  117. Window 7 - Computers
  118. Wireless speed: laptop, dsl, server, work - Computers
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  120. Need Computer: RAM, operating system, high end, games - Computers
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  134. help for a non-techie: DVD, laptops, HDD, modem - Computers
  135. mac vs. windows from a web dev perspective?: laptop, Linux, monitor - Computers
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  139. Facebook: screen, reset, click, settings - Computers
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  142. Electronics and low temperatures?: DVD, laptops, sound, Office - Computers
  143. Mouse sticks or freezes ......: CD, laptop, RAM - Computers
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  154. Nero 7 Essentials Burning DVD?: hard drive, screen, server, icon - Computers
  155. How do you use wi-fi on a daily/weekly basis without getting KILLED by snoopers and hackers?: laptop, desktop - Computers
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  173. Windows 7?: operating system, how to, Windows Vista, software - Computers
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  179. HP 2533t expandability: laptop, hd, flash, 1GB - Computers
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  189. retrieving data from lightning struck xp computer: CD, DVD, laptop - Computers
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  191. News, Smoking is so bad it voids your computer warranty: Office, Windows - Computers
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  193. Configuration Management ITIL 2 & 3: access - Computers
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  198. I can't stop posting good deals!!: email, Word, Toshiba - Computers
  199. USB Modems: laptops, Verizon - Computers
  200. whats up with cricket broadband and craigs list: server, security, free - Computers