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  11. Lump in breast area: terrier, tumors, vet, surgery - Dogs
  12. News, Dog mugged for wool coat.: westie, outside, safe, New York - Dogs
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  14. Chihuahua Vs. Snow: cold - Dogs
  15. Found: One Westie: labs, poop, vet, skin - Dogs
  16. Did I screw up!: wound, aggressive, teeth, kennel - Dogs
  17. Doing a drive by visit to my folks place with 2 dogs
  18. UTI and food: poop, vet, prescription, science - Dogs
  19. Be Soothed use it/like it?: labs, allergy, biting - Dogs
  20. New Dog Food-Fresh Pet Select: cross, store, treats, keep - Dogs
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  22. how to get a puppy to walk on a leash..HELP!: toy, pomeranian - Dogs
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  24. Cherry eye: bulldogs, allergy, vet, surgery
  25. Dogs' Life and Death is a Poignant Tale: animal, stories
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  27. Does have a WORKING cocker: spaniel, breeders, shedding - Dogs
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  31. De-Barking: terrier, veterinary, toy, surgery - Dogs
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  36. Supplements for older dogs?: lab, vet, rescues, ears
  37. News, Ice-floe dog joins crew of ship that saved him.: rescued, blanket - Dogs
  38. Missouri one of top puppy mills states?: shepherd, labrador, breeders - Dogs
  39. Stray dogs in Moscow
  40. How Clean is a Dog's Mouth?: cats, transfer, mean, work - Dogs
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  43. 14 dogs stolen - Johnson City TN: barking, skin, rescue, adoption
  44. My little Jupiter Is Growing up...:,(: surgery, neutered, puppy, best - Dogs
  45. (((♥♥♥Urgent♥♥♥))) Mom lab/mix and babies need out of a cold shelter!: pitbull, rescue - Dogs
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  47. News: Dogs give blood donation: vet, adopt, greyhound, treats
  48. Referral time: tumors, vet, surgery, best - Dogs
  49. Biggest Dog in the World: Tucson - Dogs
  50. Fibrosarcoma behind inner corner of my dogs eye lid...: vet, black
  51. News, Dexter Blanch invents chastity belt for dogs.: neutering, free, Louisiana
  52. Weird drive combo: biting, toy, aggressive, train - Dogs
  53. Torn ACL ligament: how much, vet, husky, surgery - Dogs
  54. Have about puppy: food, legs, eating, animal - Dogs
  55. Doggie Play: vet, toy, neutered, dominant - Dogs
  56. What's with all this yawning?: how much, skin, teeth, noise - Dogs
  57. News, Dog leads owner to elderly, unconscious Minn. man.: best, walk, german - Dogs
  58. NuVet vitamins: breeders, diet, rescue, infections - Dogs
  59. Jr. AKC Shows: bulldogs, schnauzers, miniature, schnauzer
  60. Beesley the hobo: how much, poop, vet, skin - Dogs
  61. News, Priest's parish pooch 'never barks' at Mass: cross - Dogs
  62. Lucky dog: puppies, home - Dogs
  63. medical causes for dog obesity?: vet, skin, diet, symptoms - Dogs
  64. Surprised Dog!!!: popular, stop, work - Dogs
  65. Update on Rocky the puppymill dog: yorkie, breeder, housebreak, training - Dogs
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  67. Settling down: ridgeback, boxer, bite, vet - Dogs
  68. News, Labrador shocks owner Deborah Allen by bringing home deadly snake.: black, test - Dogs
  69. Metuchen, NJ - dog activities: training, breed, year - Dogs
  70. Vetsulin for my dog: insulin, information - Dogs
  71. Lucy is starting to remind me of Linda Blair in the Exorcist!: yorkie, bite - Dogs
  72. Elk Antler: pitbull, bite, train, teeth - Dogs
  73. kids don't need dogs: how much, vet, puppy, outside
  74. Prairie dogs have there own language :x: lab, animals, people
  75. Does use Novox instead of Rimadyl?: vet, size, mean - Dogs
  76. Lucy Update - Liver Disease: vet, diet, symptoms, neuter - Dogs
  77. Our Best Friend: power - Dogs
  78. OdorzOut: skin, best, food, carpet - Dogs
  79. dog emergency - vets help ASAP: lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  80. Dog With Personality: work - Dogs
  81. i've got my dog trained, now i need to train my roommate!: vet, train - Dogs
  82. Issue with two female beagles.: boxer, chihuahua, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  83. is dental a new fad for dogs: chihuahua, yorkie, clean
  84. dog has stones: how much, vet, prescription, surgery - Dogs
  85. have dog allergies AND a dog?: border collie, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  86. FOR SALE: My GSD Hair!!: how much, shepherd, shedding, allergies - Dogs
  87. Wheels for my pug: cost, legs, weight, Mobile - Dogs
  88. Does have pros or cons on this companies dog beds ?: how much, rottweiler - Dogs
  89. fear agressive: toy, barks, aggressive, training - Dogs
  90. Update on Kota the WolfDog: diet, natural, failure, best - Dogs
  91. Help in picking a toy breed: poodle, chihuahua, yorkie, breeding - Dogs
  92. My Tibetan Terrier is so smart.....: golden retrievers, rottweilers, clean, breeders - Dogs
  93. How often can dog eat a scrambled egg?: border collie, lab, poop - Dogs
  94. Family can't afford vet bill to fix pup; vet to put pup down; so teen kidnaps own pup from vet to save it: surgery, rescue - Dogs
  95. How can you tell if a house has an invisible fence?: training, collars - Dogs
  96. people love their dogs more than family members: bite, children, best
  97. My dog keeps falling off the bed: sheltie, children, cross - Dogs
  98. Again? Toy Poodle wins the Toy Group....: bulldog, poodles, miniature - Dogs
  99. What other veggies or fruits does your dog like to eat?: rescued, cocker - Dogs
  100. Post a VIDEO of your dog!: bulldog, clean, barking, pups - Dogs
  101. Old dog breed book: poodle, boxer, breeds, german - Dogs
  102. For people with show dogs: breeders, skin, costs, children
  103. How much does your dog sleep?: shepherd, poodle, terrier, toy - Dogs
  104. Need advice with dog behavior: labs, boxer, clean, vet - Dogs
  105. Pilots and Paws: Has experience with this transport: terrier, black - Dogs
  106. Spot was Attacked in his own Yard: boxer, vet, wound - Dogs
  107. Good-bye Wellness and Hello again to TOTW: skin, tooth, diarrhea - Dogs
  108. Nervous about a long flight for my dogs!: black, food, breed
  109. Dog not pooping in a pile: chihuahua, walk, ears, normal - Dogs
  110. Dog doing something strange: poop, vet, stomach, diarrhea - Dogs
  111. Dog pee on feather down comforter: clean, cleaning, cost, puppy - Dogs
  112. Duct tape kid!!: vet, surgery, chew, adult - Dogs
  113. News Man 'operated on his own dog because vet too expensive': labrador, tumors - Dogs
  114. How many times per day does your dog poop?: vet, paws, outside - Dogs
  115. Neosporin or Benedryl for cuts, wounds?: shepherd, clean, vet, surgery - Dogs
  116. Does this make sense in terms of doggy feelings?: allergic, poop, vet - Dogs
  117. Mixed breed dogs: barks, black, basenji, African
  118. Puppy Bowl VI: puppies, home, year - Dogs
  119. Vacuuming our dog: shepherd, golden retriever, clean, barking - Dogs
  120. Modern doggie dental care: border collie, shepherd, terriers, clean - Dogs
  121. Shadow's Friends: black, teeth, puppy, best - Dogs
  122. My problem child/dog! help!!: pitbull, clean, vet, science - Dogs
  123. Liver disease in German Shepherd: lab, vet, diet, protein - Dogs
  124. Do Dogs Dream: barking, sheltie, noise, legs
  125. Road Trip!: rescue, best, home, safe - Dogs
  126. How to mark good behavior for a deaf dog?: barking, housebreak - Dogs
  127. Puppy Breath!: doggie - Dogs
  128. This is so confusing!: yorkie, clean, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  129. have a deaf dog?: border collie, shepherd, barking, training - Dogs
  130. The beast!! LOL: how much, chihuahua, bite, toy - Dogs
  131. How to stop a dog from freaking out: clean, cleaning, skin - Dogs
  132. What kind of dog is this?: poodles, terrier, toy, black - Dogs
  133. UPDATE: Jax is Back: boxers, rescue, cross, best - Dogs
  134. Dog Rescued from LA River: rescue, adopt, home, California - Dogs
  135. Serious: vet, shaking, best, walk - Dogs
  136. My puppy ate poop, now she's sick throwing up---: how much, goldendoodle, vet - Dogs
  137. Irritation quickly turning to fury!: poodle, toy, aggressive, training - Dogs
  138. new dog owner: lab, clean, poop, stomach - Dogs
  139. keep Danny Boy (and my dad) in your thoughts: vet, treatment - Dogs
  140. Vestulin Discontinued-have a: vet, black, skin, cost - Dogs
  141. Dog hates men?: lab, biting, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  142. crating: chews, puppy, home, neighbors - Dogs
  143. Bad dog: how much, poop, toy, barks - Dogs
  144. Best Dog Bed????: lab, bulldogs, clean, cost
  145. Just a Dog: black, costs, ears, normal - Dogs
  146. dog losing hair! help!: vet, prescription, skin, allergies - Dogs
  147. Should I give my dogs away?! Help!: shih tzu, poop, housebreak
  148. what type of food should I feed?: bulldog, yorkies, clean - Dogs
  149. Boys 10 & 12 accused in Orange FL dog fighting cases: children, shelters, spray - Dogs
  150. I had to bite my tongue: pitbull, terrier, aggressive, husky - Dogs
  151. Acute diarrhea: poop, vet, diet, symptoms - Dogs
  152. Meeting a vet before using him?: puppy, best, legs, problems - Dogs
  153. I click this every day...: rescues, shelter, ears, test - Dogs
  154. agility class story: pitbull, border collie, bulldog, clean - Dogs
  155. How many people shovel snow paths for their doggies?: rescue, cross, eating - Dogs
  156. Saturday I Adopted TWO Papillons!!!: black, train, breed, ears - Dogs
  157. help me to set myself straight: border collie, shepherd, poodles - Dogs
  158. Help! My dog won't pee in the snow: shepherd, bulldog, poop - Dogs
  159. Thinking of adopting a greyhound.: lab, boxer, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  160. buy their dog a Snuggie?: retreiver, collies, natural, westie - Dogs
  161. Fiber-filled food supplements other than pumpkin?: poop, vet, schnauzer, surgery - Dogs
  162. Super fat dog :(: chihuahua, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  163. getting two puppies at once?: how much, chihuahuas, yorkie, bite - Dogs
  164. Our adventure with a bike leash: problems, normal, keep, size - Dogs
  165. What is going on?: lab, cross, puppy, food - Dogs
  166. Pit Boss on Animal Planet: pitbulls, how much, adopt, best - Dogs
  167. Puppy food: shepherd, shepherds, natural, best - Dogs
  168. Dog Won't Leave The House: boxer, toy, training, rescue - Dogs
  169. Kneeing dog in chest...makes me so upset!: how much, training, puppy - Dogs
  170. The Marley Effect: labs, golden retrievers, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  171. I have an issue with pre-grieving: how much, lab, golden retriever - Dogs
  172. My min-pin is breaking my heart...: how much, terrier, rottweilers, chihuahua - Dogs
  173. What does your vet charge for an office visit?: allergic, treatment, costs - Dogs
  174. Chihuahua bites: pitbull, bite, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  175. Do does the vet check for pain in a nervous dog?: aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  176. my dog wont listen to me: boxer, train, diarrhea, bones - Dogs
  177. need housebreaking tips (long): clean, poop, stomach, train - Dogs
  178. Need advice on newest rescues,: chihuahua, bites, barking - Dogs
  179. lime dipping: clean, vet, wound, skin - Dogs
  180. crating a 3 yr old...?: boxer, train, adopted, kennel - Dogs
  181. Just One Dog ( an amazing video): vet, training, rescue, shelters - Dogs
  182. Big Fight And Now They Won't Make Up...Uh-Oh...: lab, rottweiler, bite - Dogs
  183. My old dog and the vet: train, surgery, bones, adopted - Dogs
  184. on socializing a 4-year-old corgi who's aggressive towards other dogs?: bite, barking
  185. Dog Saves Unconscious Man in Minn.: walk, german, elderly, leash - Dogs
  186. Best in Show is on - woof - Dogs
  187. Study of Obsessive Dogs Turns up OCD Gene.: pinscher, breed, canine
  188. Dog Catcher Shoots Strays & Buries Them: problems, test, solution - Dogs
  189. Help a great rescue group win money: surgery, paws - Dogs
  190. Help fight canine heart disease: walk, ears, Arizona, year - Dogs
  191. Is this inappropriate licking?: stop, mouth - Dogs
  192. Darwin Pet- Raw dog Food delivery: natural, Buffalo - Dogs
  193. FYI-Interesting article on dog genes: science, behavior - Dogs
  194. News, Study of Obsessive Dogs Turns up OCD Gene.: pinscher, breed, canine
  195. cast a vote for homeless animals******: rescue, paws, test - Dogs
  196. Merrick beef fillet square recall: best, food, treats - Dogs
  197. Dog People are more Extroverted & Agreeable - Dogs
  198. If you like dogs and have a Facebook acct, read this:: rescue, paws
  199. Dog saves owner from a icy death: Colorado, Denver, water - Dogs
  200. Bellas gas + TOTW = New food: skin, infection, cross, shelters - Dogs