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  1. How do they know what a door-bell is?: barking, food, shelter - Dogs
  2. Sad news Alpha Transport: cross, attack, animals, mouth - Dogs
  3. Touching story about a blind husky: test, power - Dogs
  4. Huskies become drivers in sled race: barks, humans, fur - Dogs
  5. Surgeon Specialist: vet, surgery, ears, American - Dogs
  6. sad doggie: boxer, biting, vet, breeding - Dogs
  7. Specific Nuts?: bite, bones, causes, keep - Dogs
  8. what to do when your dog doesn't listen: training, puppy, average - Dogs
  9. Heavy breathing and vomiting: vet, stomach, food, cage - Dogs
  10. My drama queen boy: gagging, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  11. To keep our minds off of Artie...: poop, vet, pup - Dogs
  12. Help with stray dog: clean, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  13. Medalist adopts a Golden Retriever: adoption, people - Dogs
  14. Expose animal abusers: legal, rescued, shelter, cats - Dogs
  15. Dogs Poisoned: eat, animals, sleep, mean
  16. News, Why Do Dogs Howl at 'Law & Order' Song?: terrier, barking
  17. and Help Requested for Transport of a Puppy: skin, rescue, Delaware - Dogs
  18. Problem with little dog aggressive behavior:: lab, training, adopted, westie - Dogs
  19. Dog Park Story: bite, kids, cross, puppy - Dogs
  20. It's not the dog, it's the dog owner: how much, bite, breeder - Dogs
  21. A New Kind of Dog Sledding: Vermont, work - Dogs
  22. Dog eating stuff: shepherd, clean, vet, outside - Dogs
  23. My girls are fighting: shepherd, training, adopted, natural - Dogs
  24. Help with a Husky: vet, diet, rescue, odor - Dogs
  25. Help i make them get along: lab, boxers, bite - Dogs
  26. Back problem: vet, hernia, dachshund, outside - Dogs
  27. A great dog video....: home, stop, mean, work - Dogs
  28. Who rules NYC sidewalks?: clean, black, shelter, walk - Dogs
  29. Doggy Nightmare!!!: sleep, work - Dogs
  30. Weekend transport!!: labs, terrier, chihuahua, yorkie - Dogs
  31. work for a breeder or kennel?: shepherd, clean, vet - Dogs
  32. poop: allergic, training, food, walk - Dogs
  33. Determining body condition in large breeds: how much, labrador, golden retriever, vet - Dogs
  34. Appropriate food?: shih tzu, retriever, breeders, cost - Dogs
  35. Transporting Pets: biting, best, canine, safe - Dogs
  36. Deaf Barking Dog: clean, skin, training, teeth - Dogs
  37. Is Jax over protective or mental in way.: boxer, biting, barking - Dogs
  38. Is my dog only pees twice a day: puppy, outside, walk - Dogs
  39. Freezer clean out: vet, cleaning, diet, allergies - Dogs
  40. Weird Dog News, No more Mr. Brown Eye.: clean, cleaning, keep - Dogs
  41. A Beagle Story: bite, clean, vet, barking - Dogs
  42. Dog-Friendly vs. Dog-Enthusiastic: how much, adopt, adult, American - Dogs
  43. Junkyard dog rescue video share): afraid, people - Dogs
  44. Jake the Rescued Rottweiler gets praise from Judge for stopping an assault in a park: rescue, best - Dogs
  45. Visiting USA with children and dogs?: kennels, rabies, vaccinations, best
  46. have a dog with Cushings Disease?: vet, beagle, shots - Dogs
  47. Dirty little problem: clean, poop, cleaning, kennel - Dogs
  48. The Ethical Dog, and more...: American, Colorado, Boulder, Seattle - Dogs
  49. Dog's Breath Has Metallic Odor: allergic, boxer, clean, vet - Dogs
  50. Spaying a puppy with mild liver disease: yorkies, vet, prescription - Dogs
  51. Update on Danny Boy & Shiloh: how much, vet, rescued, bones - Dogs
  52. NY - French bulldog/basset hound mix found: leash, licking, family - Dogs
  53. Did something new with Bear and Angel.....: clean, collars, allowed - Dogs
  54. Prayer and good wishes for Mia: best, cancer, positive - Dogs
  55. animal urine and hardwood floors: clean, housebreak, train - Dogs
  56. Losing clumps of fur from same spot on both legs: lab, allergy - Dogs
  57. Tell Me About Your Wheaton Terrier: allergy, aggressive, stomach, training - Dogs
  58. How do I get my dog to obey the ladies?: breeder, barks - Dogs
  59. News, Would you put Pants on your dog?: chihuahua, wound, rescued - Dogs
  60. My dog was bitten by another dog: lab, chihuahua, biting - Dogs
  61. Getting Tough on Animal Abusers/Hoarders: clean, vet, treatment, rescue - Dogs
  62. News, Guiness Crowns George World's Tallest Dog.: Great Dane, Arizona, Tucson - Dogs
  63. Dog limps into ER: New Mexico, owner, hurt - Dogs
  64. Strange dog obsesed with bird & squirrel feeders: mice, treatment, food - Dogs
  65. Adopting a dog with light case of heartworm...???: vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
  66. News, Police Credit Dog With Saving Lost Girl's Life.: outside, home, Arizona - Dogs
  67. A Beagle: rescues, fleas, natural, cats - Dogs
  68. Amazing Guard Dog!!: sleep, work - Dogs
  69. Need advice from with pitbull experience: toy, aggressive, train - Dogs
  70. How old is too old to learn new tricks?: labrador, retriever, biting - Dogs
  71. Discouraging Breeding: retrievers, yorkies, pinscher, vets - Dogs
  72. Giving pills: vet, skin, cough, kennel - Dogs
  73. Meet Our Newest Foster Dog: how much, bulldog, vet, kids - Dogs
  74. Doggy & The Fawn: labs, black, yard, work - Dogs
  75. A little venting...: pitbulls, vet, children, breeds - Dogs
  76. Old dog in bad shape: how much, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  77. Boys in a box!: kids, puppies, Utah, pound - Dogs
  78. Blue Buffalo- changed recipe-suggestions?: best, food, cats, eating - Dogs
  79. Pit bull owners: breeders, barking, training, rescues - Dogs
  80. What breed is closest to my dogs?: border collie, shepherd, labrador
  81. Scottish Labrador Video: barks, wound, rescue, bird - Dogs
  82. Canine Nasal Lesion: clean, vet, cleaning, black - Dogs
  83. Does use Kirkland Dogfood from Costco?: bulldogs, rottweiler, science
  84. Fostering a dog?: vet, black, training, rescue - Dogs
  85. More issues with the Boston: lab, clean, poop, housebreak - Dogs
  86. denver facing ADA class action suit over breed ban: pitbull, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  87. Odie wore pink underwear to bed last night: ridgeback, poop, vet - Dogs
  88. Crate Training Issues: how much, poop, chewing, pup - Dogs
  89. Need help naming our dog: black, beagle, sheltie, puppy - Dogs
  90. It's Dylan's birthday!!!: black, cats, treats, stop - Dogs
  91. Who puts a bandana on their dog??: pitbull, border collie, poodle - Dogs
  92. Where is Our Artie Update?: poop, barking, husky, skin - Dogs
  93. What breed do you think my girl is mixed with?: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  94. last ideas before the Boston has to go?: poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  95. What are you feeding your dogs?: labrador, bulldog, allergic, breeder
  96. Do I need to correct this behavior?: vet, skin, train - Dogs
  97. Barkoff to stop barking: train, rescue, food, collars - Dogs
  98. New bed for old dog at low cost: clean, rescue, chew - Dogs
  99. Overprotective foster dog with new puppies: breeding, rescue, adoption, kennel - Dogs
  100. Body Jerking, like hicups, but not hicups?: labrador, vet, barking - Dogs
  101. Procrit for dogs: lab, vet, prescription, skin
  102. Does this rescue dog sound like the dog for us?: boxers, clean - Dogs
  103. Congestive Heart Failure: vet, prescription, legal, treatment - Dogs
  104. Artie is… home!: poop, training, kennel, cross - Dogs
  105. We have 3 cats does it matter if we adopt a female/male puppy/dog?: lab, train - Dogs
  106. Another happy ending story: shepherd, vet, shots, german - Dogs
  107. Meet Otis: training, rescue, beagle, adoption - Dogs
  108. Groomer Negligence Causes Tail Amputation: vet, legal, treatment, costs - Dogs
  109. Excesssive Urination After a Traumatic Event: lab, vet, stomach, diarrhea - Dogs
  110. Dog friendly Home Owners Insurance Companies: pitbulls, border collie, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  111. intermittent weakness/dragging back leg: shih tzu, chihuahua, patella, vet - Dogs
  112. Torn ACL: border collie, how much, bulldog, vet - Dogs
  113. New rescue...: rottweiler, shaking, paws, cross - Dogs
  114. Labrador: What age is too old to be trained?: clean, breeder, skin - Dogs
  115. Labrador retriever vs Condo, or house?: labradors, vet, breeder, black - Dogs
  116. Dog Washing Machine: poodle, clean, skin, ears - Dogs
  117. Protection from at large dogs while on a walk: boxer, biting
  118. Watch this rescued dog transform from terrified to tail-wagging: vet, black, skin - Dogs
  119. Puggle Genetics: pitbull, breeders, training, beagle - Dogs
  120. Jai and Dash: teeth, rescue, best, cats - Dogs
  121. Dog Park. What's Your Opinion?: shepherd, boxers, rottweiler, clean - Dogs
  122. licking,rubbing,bald spots,bleeding ...: English Bulldog, allergy, vet, toy - Dogs
  123. cody is borderline nuts ;): border collie, how much, boxer, bite - Dogs
  124. What Breed do you think he is?: bulldog, terrier, breeders - Dogs
  125. De-worming: clean, poop, vet, breeder - Dogs
  126. Dog food... FILLER: allergy, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  127. the documentary shelter dogs: terrier, vet, spaniel, barking
  128. What kind of Mutt?: shepherd, rottweilers, shepherds, vet - Dogs
  129. sudden aggression in Bull terrier: how much, bite, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  130. idea on what mix this pup is?: pitbull, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  131. Nervous about new puppy: bulldogs, patella, vet, spaniel
  132. I don't want an unhappy ending...: border collie, bite, vet, toy - Dogs
  133. The answer for all finicky eaters!: poop, costs, chew, food - Dogs
  134. dog food allergy: allergic, veterinary, husky, black - Dogs
  135. Dog Sounds: poodle, chihuahua, toy, barking - Dogs
  136. Dog will only go poop at 3am: lab, chihuahua, housebreak - Dogs
  137. HELP! Jupiter + Windshield Washer Fluid! help!: vet, teeth, symptoms - Dogs
  138. Does My Dog Sense Something?: chihuahua, barking, skin, puppy - Dogs
  139. Setting an extra plate for Pooch....: teeth, diet, bones, natural - Dogs
  140. Your thoughts...: labradors, vet, black, puppies - Dogs
  141. Traumatic vet visit: allergic, clean, stomach, diet - Dogs
  142. Heartless Vet at Euthanization: poodle, rescue, costs, cough - Dogs
  143. Help! Yorkies in heat!: how much, terrier, clean, veterinary - Dogs
  144. My dog had a panic attack tonight: vet, prescription, skin - Dogs
  145. Leash training dogs: poodle, veterinary, train, biscuits
  146. when did you start leaving the kennel door open at night?: poodle, yorkie - Dogs
  147. My deaf dog and my other dog got in a viscous fight: bites, poop - Dogs
  148. My Doxie peed on me: terrier, clean, vet, barks - Dogs
  149. Peeing Problem in a house trained dog.: clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  150. What constitutes a Puppy Mill ?: poodles, yorkies, poop - Dogs
  151. RIP Daddy: yorkie, adopt, best, breed - Dogs
  152. Coughing: vet, toy, symptoms, adopted - Dogs
  153. New dog owner - Mastiff: how much, bullmastiff, English Mastiff, boerboel - Dogs
  154. Are most veterinarians ignorant about what food is good for your pet?: vet, prescription - Dogs
  155. breed specific legislation . chime in {opinions }: pitbulls, lab, boxer - Dogs
  156. Spaying an older dog: chihuahua, yorkie, vet, training - Dogs
  157. help me identify this dog breed: lab, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  158. Utah Court Sends Dog Abuser to Prison: shepherd, legal, puppy - Dogs
  159. Yes.... its definately spring!: lab, clean, shedding, pups - Dogs
  160. Let dogs be dogs: pitbulls, terrier, golden retriever, chihuahua
  161. Dazzle has a girlfriend: how much, breeders, shedding, noise - Dogs
  162. help this OLD Akita: allergy, skin, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  163. At Times I can't stand my dog - am I a bad person?: shepherd, labrador - Dogs
  164. Does have adopting a rescued Italian Greyhound or a retired Greyhound: train, rescue - Dogs
  165. Gentle Leader vs. Halti: training, cross, best, collars - Dogs
  166. Help for tear stains: English Bulldog, poodles, diet, yeast - Dogs
  167. Experience with Congestive Heart Failure in Dogs?: gagging, labrador, vet
  168. 17 dogs and a brainless skunk: barking, beagles, paws, cross
  169. Pet hair... vacuum... arg!: how much, clean, cleaning, black - Dogs
  170. Alternative Heartworm preventative: border collie, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  171. behavior help: ridgeback, clean, poop, rescue - Dogs
  172. Older dogs & anesthesia, what should I expect?: lab, vet, surgery
  173. People who leave their dogs in their cars: kennel, children, best
  174. Frustrated Chihuahua Mommy: clean, poop, vet, barks - Dogs
  175. My golden had episioplasty surgery (to fix recessed vulva/UTIs): shepherd, golden retriever - Dogs
  176. House training puppy: pitbull, lab, boxer, clean - Dogs
  177. Tea tree oil shampoo?: allergic, vet, skin, allergies - Dogs
  178. Rescued a dog and need help identifying his breed...: poodle, schnauzer, eating - Dogs
  179. German Shepherd Protection Dog: bite, breeders, train, teeth - Dogs
  180. Muzzles: how much, rottweiler, biting, poop - Dogs
  181. ! incident: vet, aggressive, surgery, neutered - Dogs
  182. Neglected bulldogs - what would you do?: English Bulldog, vet, skin
  183. Dry skin on nose: laser, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  184. separation anxiety when someone is home: golden retriever, toy, train, rescues - Dogs
  185. Update my dog falling out of the bed... not good.: gagging, vet - Dogs
  186. Introducing Winston!: terrier, puppies, breed, carpet - Dogs
  187. Artie's in jail: shepherd, lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  188. Can I report my neighbor?: pitbulls, bite, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  189. SO purchased a baby German Shepherd: terriers, shepherds, yorkie, aggressive - Dogs
  190. dog parks and dog fights: bulldog, bite, aggressive, training - Dogs
  191. What type of puppy/dog would be good with a cat and children in househol: border collie, bulldogs
  192. Nose turned pink on a yellow lab: clean, breeder, black - Dogs
  193. Interesting read...: training, chewing, puppy, New York - Dogs
  194. Great book on DOGS and dealing with Cancer: eating, fur, information
  195. Road warriors - VA to PA Sat overnight and Sun: vet, rescue - Dogs
  196. News: A Happy 'Tail' Dog saves little girl's life from cold.: bite, Phoenix - Dogs
  197. Dog days of summer - Dogs
  198. Free shipping on pet food (up to 50 lbs) til 3/21: brand - Dogs
  199. Beagle with leg problems: vet, diet, walk, home - Dogs
  200. Retinal Detachment after Cataract Surgery: cataracts, breed, months - Dogs