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  40. Incredible, Amazing Dogs and Trainer
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  89. Dog will NOT drink out of plastic bucket - glass or toilet bowl ok!: lab, allergy - Dogs
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  98. Why Dogs Can Tell If You're Happy: science
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  108. Ways to keep a neighbor's dog out of my garden: cost, cross - Dogs
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  110. Rant: People are idiots!: children, cross, outside, ears - Dogs
  111. How to Contact Moderator: walk, ears, popular, free - Dogs
  112. Million Dollar Doggy: chihuahuas, vet, husky, heartworms - Dogs
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  118. Rawhide?: golden retriever, bones, best, ears - Dogs
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  120. spay neuter: veterinarians, breeding, surgery, rescues - Dogs
  121. Woman who rescued freezing chained up dog faces 3 years in jail: legal, puppy - Dogs
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  125. Rachael Ray Dog Food: shepherd, lab, allergy, vet - Dogs
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  127. Leaving my dogs behind :(: barking, rescued, kennel, cross
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  129. Dry Eye: how much, vet, spaniel, breeder - Dogs
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  156. First foster dog....: lab, terrier, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  157. How blunt do I really need to be???: bite, train, surgery - Dogs
  158. Where do you wash your dogs clothes?: clean, poop, cleaning
  159. Green Beans: lab, bulldog, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  160. A Little Brag: toy, pups, breed, eating - Dogs
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  184. Delete - Dogs
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