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  1. Yulex to open factory in Chandler: Scottsdale, Maricopa: storage, moving, business - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  2. Moving: Items to Unload: rated, donate, small business - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  3. Tax credits - To buy or to rent?: Phoenix: sales, real estate - Arizona (AZ)
  4. Chandler Court or Ocotillo Bay: Florence, Taylor: apartment complexes, for rent, townhouse - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  5. Phoenix lands supercomputer project - 1000 jobs?: home, tech jobs, salaries - Arizona (AZ)
  6. Arizona cancer rate lowest in U.S.: Tucson: health, places - Phoenix area, (AZ)
  7. The Farm at South Mountain - A must for in Phoenix...: food - Arizona (AZ)
  8. help me sort this out........: Phoenix, Scottsdale: apartments, crime, casino - Arizona (AZ)
  9. Area South of The 101 but North of Peoria Ave in Glendale: apartment complexes, neighborhoods - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  10. Anthem: Desert Hills Dr and Meridian Rd: New River: move to, vehicles - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  11. where is a good internet site to go to when looking for a job in the Phoenix area?: income - Arizona (AZ)
  12. with on Cheatham Farms in Laveen?: Phoenix: section 8, for sale - Arizona (AZ)
  13. BELLA TERRA and other condo comparison: Scottsdale, Sun City: short sale, apartments, rental - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  14. Indians in Chandler , close to Intel and Microchip: Phoenix: live in, moving - Arizona (AZ)
  15. First Solar headed to Mesa: appliances, house, manufacturing - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  16. IT/Tech groups?: Phoenix: trading, jobs, social - Arizona (AZ)
  17. Need help/advice on finding housing: Mesa, Scottsdale: apartment complex, for rent, home - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  18. Merrill Ranch ?: Parks: sales, foreclosures, HOA - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  19. Surprise or Gilbert for investment: Mesa, Avondale: for sale, rentals, condo - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  20. Gynecologist recommendation in North Phoenix or Scottsdale: best, dentists - Arizona (AZ)
  21. when do pools open?: rental, homes, neighborhood - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  22. Mesa Company lands $186 million contract: business, build, rain - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  23. Moving to Phoenix area, Maricopa: Chandler, Gilbert: short sales, foreclosures, HOA - Arizona (AZ)
  24. Nursing in Phoenix: job market, live, delivery - Arizona (AZ)
  25. Visiting SOON!: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe: houses, employment, to buy - Arizona (AZ)
  26. Needed - Moving to Phoenix: Glendale, Peoria: RV park, short sales, real estate - Arizona (AZ)
  27. Downtown Phoenix good place to raise a family?: condo, house - Arizona (AZ)
  28. Live soccer match in Phoenix: Chandler, Tempe: buy, school, income - Arizona (AZ)
  29. Kierland or N.Scottsdale for singles: real estate, apartments, lofts - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  30. Arcadia Remodel Contractors: Phoenix: home, kitchen, area - Arizona (AZ)
  31. Intelli-School charter schools: teaching, reviews, information - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  32. What the name of this tree?: better, owner - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  33. Glendale: school, relocating, nursing - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  34. Can kind soul recommend a good Scottsdale Acupuncturist?: Mesa: Chinese, traveling to - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  35. july 4: Tempe: hotels, gardens, beach - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  36. Need on Korean TV Options: Phoenix, Mesa: hair salon, 2015, live in - Arizona (AZ)
  37. Belle Pointe - Surprise: Phoenix: homes, live, price - Arizona (AZ)
  38. Planning on moving to the area, but have no clue where to: Mesa: neighborhoods - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  39. Mesa has weird morality laws?: Phoenix, Chandler: buying, codes, law - Arizona (AZ)
  40. Moving to Phoenix Area: Glendale, Peoria: real estate, houses, buy - Arizona (AZ)
  41. Employment Opportunities - Arizona Vs. Texas: Phoenix, Glendale: house, job market, transfer - (AZ)
  42. Union jobs: Phoenix: school, wages, fence - Arizona (AZ)
  43. Virgin Mobile: Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale: house, move to, bars - Arizona (AZ)
  44. local stations streaming: cost, monthly, town - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  45. Realtor Website for Arizona: Gilbert: for sale, real estate, condo - Phoenix area, (AZ)
  46. ASU? Need opinions on it?: Scottsdale, Peoria: school, college, living - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  47. Good Bank and Church around Chandler area: price, activities - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  48. Best places for crawfish in the valley: Phoenix: prices, eat - Arizona (AZ)
  49. I'm Canadian, about to be transferred to AZ, on mortgage...: Scottsdale: mortgage broker, credit - Phoenix area, Arizona
  50. Best neighborhoods in Gilbert - Tell me why you love yours!: Phoenix: fit in, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  51. Brachinus Beetles: Phoenix: house, scorpions, food - Arizona (AZ)
  52. What bills/taxes do homeowners pay in Gilbert?: Chandler, Page: home owners insurance, how much - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  53. Trilogy at Vistancia & Sun City Grand comparison needed: Peoria: sales, real estate market - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  54. want to move from TX TO AZ: Phoenix: home, job market - Arizona
  55. Different areas of Surprise: Phoenix: low crime, construction, good schools - Arizona (AZ)
  56. What kind of Computer Animation industry is there in Phoenix?: employment, contractors - Arizona (AZ)
  57. Hotel Advice?: Phoenix, Glendale, Scottsdale: extended stay, real estate, lease - Arizona (AZ)
  58. how far does $80,000 go in phoenix?: apartment, house, job market - Arizona (AZ)
  59. Affordable, short term housing near Goodyear: apartments, how much, month to - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  60. How is this area?: Chandler: house, good schools, live in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  61. 9-1-1 to VA: live, hospital, helicopter - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  62. What to do...: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe: casinos, club, shops - Arizona (AZ)
  63. Maricopa vs. Ahwatukee/South Tempe/Chandler: Gilbert: apartment complexes, renters, HOA fees - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  64. West Valley Industrial Area: Phoenix, Buckeye: houses, live, warehouses - Arizona (AZ)
  65. Symphony is moving back to Estrella!: Phoenix: HOA, promotional, airport - Arizona (AZ)
  66. interior decorating jobs in Phoenix area: homes, designer, firms - Arizona (AZ)
  67. Old funky buildings: Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe: locations, dog, owners - Arizona (AZ)
  68. number 6!: Phoenix, Surprise: real estate, foreclosures, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  69. Huge empty lot in San Tan Valley: house, closing - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  70. Looking for lawn maintenance and pool service for our Chandler home: vacation home, move - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  71. Phoenix Community College Theatre Program.: student loan, transfer, theater - Arizona (AZ)
  72. Moving to the Chandler area in July: Phoenix, Parks: elementary school, parks - Arizona (AZ)
  73. Scenic area for pictures?: Phoenix, Scottsdale: receptions, wedding reception, school - Arizona (AZ)
  74. Home inspection report confidentiality: real estate, HOA, sex offender - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  75. Condos/townhomes in Scottsdale or Mesa: Phoenix: for sale, foreclosure, crime - Arizona (AZ)
  76. Restaurant Israel and Italian Cusine on Glendale and 51st ave: neighborhood, restaurants - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  77. Birthday party suggestions for a 5 year old in August...: Mesa: apartment complex, rent - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  78. Alta Mesa?: Phoenix, Gilbert, Young: HOA fees, crime, house - Arizona (AZ)
  79. Buy a house in Tukee with crack in foundation and burst water pipe?: buying a house - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  80. 20 Something relocating to Phoenix: Scottsdale, Tempe: safe area, school, to live - Arizona (AZ)
  81. Moving to Phoenix - How do I find nice to rent?: Chandler: real estate - Arizona (AZ)
  82. Internet Providers for Chandler: to buy, moving to, installation - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  83. Mom and Baby Activities / Groups - Best City?: Phoenix, Gilbert: club, moving to - Arizona (AZ)
  84. CityScape: appointed, 2014, live - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  85. Driving Time: Phoenix, Peoria, Litchfield Park: home, moving, building - Arizona (AZ)
  86. Tempe Tavern (Apache Blvd & McClintock): Phoenix: rating, business, place - Arizona (AZ)
  87. Dual citizen Needs moving on Phoenix: Scottsdale: job market, transfer - Arizona (AZ)
  88. Hospitals and Cancer Center in/near Gilbert: Phoenix, Mesa: schools, centers - Arizona (AZ)
  89. local food challenges: Phoenix, Tempe: school, restaurants, vs - Arizona (AZ)
  90. Why isn't South/SW Phoenix Developed?: Scottsdale, Tempe: foreclosure, homes, employment - Arizona (AZ)
  91. Seville: home, live in, club - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  92. Gold Canyon Arizona: Mesa, Apache Junction, Florence: sale, rental, homes - Phoenix area, (AZ)
  93. Dobson Woods versus Dobson Ranch: house, neighborhood, home inspection - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  94. small business Ideas? For Phoenix or outlying areas.: Chandler: house, college - Arizona (AZ)
  95. The easiest drive from Phoenix to Lubbock , TX: Flagstaff, Sedona: maps, directions - Arizona (AZ)
  96. Small Aircraft Business Ideas............: Scottsdale: airport, market, mechanic - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  97. ahwatukee meet up: good, sports, parkway - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  98. Need your opinions about Phoenix as a college town?: Tempe: schools, universities - Arizona (AZ)
  99. Larger lots, no HOA's - recommendations?: Mesa, Gilbert: homes, landscaping - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  100. Was that Phoenix I flew over?: Mesa, Chandler: living, metro, cities - Arizona (AZ)
  101. Where to buy waterlilies?: Phoenix: for sale, real estate, Home Depot - Arizona (AZ)
  102. Do you like living in Phoenix?: Scottsdale: real estate, home, find a job - Arizona (AZ)
  103. Basis Charter School will have a new campus in Chandler. Are you gonna send your kids there?: Phoenix: best school, college - Arizona (AZ)
  104. Bed Bugs in Phoenix-How Serious?: consignment, hotels, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  105. Good West Valley areas?: Phoenix, Peoria: condos, neighborhoods, school - Arizona (AZ)
  106. Air Conditioning a 2 story house in Phoenix: Prescott: purchase, contractor - Arizona (AZ)
  107. Empty Houses taking toll on Valley: Phoenix, Scottsdale: real estate, apartment complex, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  108. goodyear, south of Yuma: Phoenix, Avondale: custom home, neighborhoods, school district - Arizona (AZ)
  109. Parking halfway on sidewalk...................: Phoenix: legal, shop, title - Arizona (AZ)
  110. Another wonderful AZ vacation! Still hope to call it home someday!: Phoenix: apartments, loans - Arizona
  111. Know good realtors?: Phoenix, Buckeye: for sale, foreclosures, house - Arizona (AZ)
  112. Moving to Maricopa city AZ? need: Phoenix, Scottsdale: foreclosures, renters - Arizona
  113. Need a Property Management company referral: Phoenix, Mesa: appointed, rental, townhome - Arizona (AZ)
  114. Just back from Scottsdale: hotel, house, landscaping - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  115. Eyeglass frames - Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler: Avondale, Sun Lakes: eyeglasses, insurance, buying - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  116. Is Buckeye a nice area?: Phoenix, Sun City: for sale, real estate, apartments - Arizona (AZ)
  117. help with foreclosure/advice: short sales, real estate, lease - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  118. what is the catch with investment properties in AZ?: Phoenix: real estate, foreclosed - Arizona
  119. Moving to Phoenix: Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler: cul-de-sac, for sale, rent - Arizona (AZ)
  120. Phoenix residents give city an 'A' for being good place to live - Arizona Republic article: Scottsdale: for sale, home - (AZ)
  121. Intel would not have come with education cuts planned: Phoenix: high school, universities - Arizona (AZ)
  122. Arizona has Lowest Cancer Rates: Phoenix: insurance, homes, school - (AZ)
  123. Fiesta Bowl in hot water, might lose BCS status (Title Game) to Cotton Bowl: Tucson: hotels, weddings - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  124. Why no trash service today in Phoenix?: neighborhood, tax - Arizona (AZ)
  125. Help - where to find a rental house: Phoenix, Scottsdale: apartment complex, rentals - Arizona (AZ)
  126. Why is it so boring West of I-17?: Phoenix, Glendale: amusement parks, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  127. Discouraged about housing - downtown Phoenix: Glendale, Scottsdale: crime, appliances, motels - Arizona (AZ)
  128. Phoenix not in 20 worst commutes.....: live in, train, cars - Arizona (AZ)
  129. Make an educated guess: The valley in 10, 20 and 30 years: Phoenix: homes, employment - Arizona (AZ)
  130. Phoenix Ranked the Most Miserable City in the U.S.: houses, unemployment - Arizona (AZ)
  131. My take on CityScape: Phoenix: hotel, house, construction - Arizona (AZ)
  132. Adjustments and Diversity ?: Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa: rent, mover, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  133. Moving from MN to Gilbert Fall 2011: Phoenix, Mesa: appointed, real estate market, HOA - Arizona (AZ)
  134. Is it legal to have people living out of an RV in backyard?: Tempe: spring break, for sale - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  135. Did The Big One make our properties worth more?: Phoenix: for sale, apartment - Arizona (AZ)
  136. Thinking of moving to Gilbert, AZ: Phoenix, Maricopa: house, place to live, restaurants - Arizona
  137. C.A.N.D.O. area in Mesa: low income, house - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  138. Bachelor party advice?: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe: hotel, club, bars - Arizona (AZ)
  139. Planting trees/tall plants in backyard...can neighbors/HOA say anything?: houses, fence - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  140. another where to live post. help.: Phoenix, Mesa: apartments, rental - Arizona (AZ)
  141. Wholesale Wolf Appliances in Phoenix?: foreclosed, homes, buying - Arizona (AZ)
  142. Job in Tempe - Moving from Mass: Phoenix, Mesa: best city, to rent - Arizona (AZ)
  143. Chandler proving to be mecca for Asians in the Valley - republic article: Phoenix: apartment, car - Arizona (AZ)
  144. Are the summers as bad as I hear in Gilbert?: Phoenix: insurance, groceries - Arizona (AZ)
  145. Relocating... Gilbert vs. Fountain Hills: Mesa, Scottsdale: low crime, homes, movie theater - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  146. Don't forget to not set your clocks ahead: Phoenix: live, move to - Arizona (AZ)
  147. To move to Phoenix or not to move (From Portland, OR): Mesa: rent, house - Arizona (AZ)
  148. Was I served.a ticket or not?: photo radar, living in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  149. Bank Short Sale Problems Continue: Phoenix, Scottsdale: bank owned, short sales, foreclosure - Arizona (AZ)
  150. AZ jobless rate up 114% since recession began: Phoenix: real estate, lenders - Arizona
  151. Moving to AZ nxt year, Peoria, Maricopa - whats best?: Phoenix: for rent, crime - Arizona
  152. hunting or shooting area: Mesa, Scottsdale: house, casino, living in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  153. Need commute for working Scottsdale Muni Airport: Phoenix: townhomes, school district - Arizona (AZ)
  154. Is my dream house in the Ghetto?: Phoenix, Mesa: crime, credit - Arizona (AZ)
  155. Visiting Phoenix: Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler: to rent, hotel, house - Arizona (AZ)
  156. How crowded are the Spring Training games this year?: Scottsdale: home, prices - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  157. Gas vs. Electric: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert: appliances, house, heat pump - Arizona (AZ)
  158. Pictures of Gilbert: Phoenix: houses, shops, title - Arizona (AZ)
  159. Chandler - N Ray / W McQueen: rental, crime, house - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  160. New resident: Glendale: DMV, living, safer - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  161. Help wanted ads in PHX: Phoenix, Gilbert: apartment, job market, neighborhood - Arizona (AZ)
  162. Relocating to Gilbert Many Questions: Phoenix: apartments, rental homes, homes - Arizona (AZ)
  163. High Schools in Chandler: Tempe, Gilbert: layoffs, neighborhoods, private schools - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  164. Utility bill prices?: Phoenix: apartment complexes, rent, condo - Arizona (AZ)
  165. Chandler/Gilbert - Gay friendly?: Phoenix, Mesa: apartments, rent, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  166. Alarm Company/Home Security System Recommendations?: Phoenix: house, contractor, prices - Arizona (AZ)
  167. A Reminder on Snake Safety Near Houses, Parks, and Playgrounds: Tempe: scorpions, living - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  168. Weekend Visit: Phoenix, Peoria: neighborhood, construction, school - Arizona (AZ)
  169. How many saw the Dan Rather report about Phx?: Phoenix: crime, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  170. Play pool vs. standard size pool: Phoenix, Glendale: homes, to buy, tile - Arizona (AZ)
  171. Is the economy improving in Phoenix area?: Glendale, Gilbert: violent crime, new home - Arizona (AZ)
  172. Just moved and LOVE it!..............: Phoenix: cul-de-sac, foreclosed, house - Arizona (AZ)
  173. 19 year old looking to relocate to Mesa Area. Advice.: Phoenix: fit in, apartment - Arizona (AZ)
  174. Mary Coyle Ice Cream shop is closing in may per AZcentral: Phoenix: buy, school - Arizona
  175. Tight Rental Market: Phoenix, Gilbert, Peoria: for sale, apartment, foreclosures - Arizona (AZ)
  176. Cox - ANOTHER price increase!: Scottsdale: house, live in, prices - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  177. Average Bills: Electric, home/car insurance: Phoenix, Scottsdale: mortgage, how much, houses - Arizona (AZ)
  178. Will I need my generator?: Phoenix: to buy, camping, live - Arizona (AZ)
  179. Commute distance to work (Poll): Phoenix, Scottsdale: house, living, price - Arizona (AZ)
  180. Jobs in Phoenix area: real estate, insurance, employment - Arizona (AZ)
  181. Thoughts from a relative about Phoenix as a city, and concerns: Scottsdale: rentals, transfer to - Arizona (AZ)
  182. Maple-Ash and other neighborhoods near Mill in Tempe: Phoenix: rentals, buying a house - Arizona (AZ)
  183. Too hot in home office: house, to buy, tax - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  184. South Phoenix - Pecan Road Homes: Tempe: for sale, power lines, rentals - Arizona (AZ)
  185. Pay pal in mesa: Chandler: live, floor, office - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  186. Found a great Thai-New Mex place......: live, food, ethnic - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  187. investment property: to buy, better, complex - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  188. ATF agents help Phoenix criminals fence stolen guns and drugs: crime, purchasing - Arizona (AZ)
  189. relocator/tour guide service phoenix and other areas: home, neighborhoods - Arizona (AZ)
  190. Scottsdale commute to Gilbert?: live in - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  191. Nammo/Talley: Phoenix, Mesa: wage, relocate to, place - Arizona (AZ)
  192. Pool Equipment Installer and Cleaner Recommendations: install, deal, good - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  193. Arizona Tech Industry report Job Gains: business, central, news - Phoenix area, (AZ)
  194. Boeing Mesa: design, engineering, entry level - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  195. San Tan Heights - Fissure Inspection?: inspections, offer, advertising - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  196. Child Care in phoenix!!: preschool, centers, best - Arizona (AZ)
  197. church: African American, American, good - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  198. meet up time...seriously (Bleachers Sports Bar in Ahwatukee): directions, green - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  199. Small project landscaper recommendations - Chandler/Gilbert: home, landscaping - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)
  200. this huge building in Goodyear is occupied!: appliances, school - Phoenix area, Arizona (AZ)