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  2. Trained Assistance Dogs for Disabled Veterans Program: vet, train, costs
  3. Should Blackie the Doberman be voted Top Dog?: puppies, fur - Dogs
  4. Had a rough day....: hurt - Dogs
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  8. Follow-up on of 144 dogs in U Haul found in TN- are getting help: shelter, Colorado
  9. Service dog saves a woman's life: training, rescued, elderly, owner - Dogs
  10. Frantic pica behavior in dog: shepherd, vet, outside, seizures - Dogs
  11. Bulldog adopts baby piglets:): outside, german, animals, raccoon - Dogs
  12. Dogs are stars of super bowl ads- they're us!: rescue, puppies, disease
  13. I think my puppy is playing a trick on me...: vet, spaniel - Dogs
  14. Do you know how to do CPR for your pet?: kids, cross - Dogs
  15. Your dog thinks you are Super Cool - Dogs
  16. Have the Kleenex read for this rescue video: cold - Dogs
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  18. Doberman makes a great baby sitter: breed, gentle - Dogs
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  20. Peole beware............: bulldogs, chihuahuas, skin, train
  21. A sick little boy and his rescue dog: test, animals - Dogs
  22. Questions about a puppy's socializing: how much, spaniel, aggressive, puppies - Dogs
  23. Puppy Love: animal, size, hurt, horses - Dogs
  24. Feeding the Diabetic Dog Non-Prescription Food: border collie, vet, science, diet - Dogs
  25. What do I do: clean, best, ears, treats - Dogs
  26. For of you who never read it: lab, children, best - Dogs
  27. need a toy rec: allergic, collie, noise, outside - Dogs
  28. Pet Airways Rolls Over: rescue, failure, puppy, leash - Dogs
  29. News Video, Puppy rescued from basement drain: dachshund, free, Michigan - Dogs
  30. Have Wheels- Will Travel - Dogs
  31. Amazing, amazing dog: barking, paws, ears, New York - Dogs
  32. Puppy: how much, biting, vet, training - Dogs
  33. Go get the Kleenex for this one.: man - Dogs
  34. Women's shelter now allows pets: animals - Dogs
  35. Show Dogs: bulldogs, poodle, boxer, terriers
  36. Cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs: lab, veterinarian, surgery
  37. vicious bullmastiff: vet, rescues, puppy, best - Dogs
  38. Sh#t my pets ruined blog is funny: chew, carpet, ears - Dogs
  39. Dog tested dog approved - Dogs
  40. Dogs and Bikes: shih tzu, cross, eating, home
  41. Underwater dog pictures... WOW!: best, animal, floor, stories - Dogs
  42. The sad situation of Japanese pets in the nuclear debris zone: rescued, animal - Dogs
  43. Ohio's New Puppymill Bill: breeding, puppies, breed, - Dogs
  44. Help, my dog is aggressive to strange men and dogs: bite, vet
  45. Can your dog pray before meals?: puppies - Dogs
  46. Vet's receptionist has dog breath - Dogs
  47. Fat suit was made for dog in Super Bowl commercial: solution, year - Dogs
  48. News, What breed of dog is best for me?: border collie, huskies, collies - Dogs
  49. Massive shrinkage: cost, natural, food, store - Dogs
  50. Go, dog, go!!!!: bulldogs, food, keep
  51. Dog caught on fence gets rescued: rescue, adopting - Dogs
  52. Soldiers' Dogs Rescued from Afghanistan: rescue, puppy, best, shelters
  53. Helping dogs may help people-spinal cord injuries: animals
  54. What a good friend!!!: bird, animal, differences, humans - Dogs
  55. Missing Pit Bull dog pet: paws, cross, legs, ears - Dogs
  56. Cat massages are the best: cats, sleep - Dogs
  57. Unfriendly pekapoo: barking, train, odor, food - Dogs
  58. News, Austin, Texas, to build largest fur ball.: shih tzu, boxer, maltese - Dogs
  59. Service dog becomes surf-ice dog & changes lives: people - Dogs
  60. News, Bulldog Adopts 6 Wild Boar Piglets in Germany.: outside, Phoenix, animal - Dogs
  61. ADVICE NEEDED! Breeders/Vet Tech/Vets??: cough, pups, cage, year - Dogs
  62. Animal Abuser Registries- It's About time: legal, training, rescues, adopting - Dogs
  63. The Great Pyrenees Rescue: vet, kennels, shelter, grass - Dogs
  64. All you need is love: rescue - Dogs
  65. mini dachshund eye goo: vet, breeding, breed, legs - Dogs
  66. I think my dog is mad at me - started peeing all over the house: poop, vet - Dogs
  67. dog likes to catch socks: cross, best - Dogs
  68. Don't overlook the matted, frightened dog: clean, maltese, best, afraid - Dogs
  69. The Winter Huskies!!!!: ears, Mobile, year, female - Dogs
  70. Turn up the sound and rock this one out.....: terriers, maltese, grass - Dogs
  71. Groomers, this one is go you!: Denver, grooming, people, family - Dogs
  72. For DashDog ... In Memory of the Queen.... :): children, home, allowed - Dogs
  73. So what do I do..: mean - Dogs
  74. Dog feeding/weening: food, itching, necessary, brand - Dogs
  75. DogTV! Not just for dogs...: chihuahua, puppies, cats, ears
  76. Questions for who has used a professional dog trainer: skin, train - Dogs
  77. OK Go with Talented dogs: training, rescues, work, white
  78. List of Cities with BSL (Breed Strict Legislation): adopt, shelter, breeds - Dogs
  79. It's always nice to get an update on a former foster: lab, black - Dogs
  80. Serial killer?: stomach, American, keep, Houston - Dogs
  81. worried about my dog: vet, barks, beagle, cost - Dogs
  82. Vet Recommendation for a Boxer: boxers, surgery, treatment, allergies - Dogs
  83. Dog Beds That Don't Get LUMPY?!?!?!!: labs, bones, solution, keep - Dogs
  84. Need for dog kidney disease: vet, urine - Dogs
  85. Unlikely friendship: best - Dogs
  86. That dog ain't right in the head: toy, tooth, bones - Dogs
  87. Blue Buffalo price increase??: food, breed, adult, weight - Dogs
  88. Homemade dog treats: biscuits, best, store, keep - Dogs
  89. Dog outreach programs for the disabled/elderly?: pups, outside, ears - Dogs
  90. Feel good story for the day: Minnesota, Alexandria, owner - Dogs
  91. oral cacer in dogs?: how much, labrador, vet, aggressive
  92. Precious pups need homes in Ohio NOW: rescue, adoption, puppies - Dogs
  93. sad bulldog listens to Adele - Dogs
  94. Ice rescue - Dogs
  95. 6 new breeds welcomed at Westminster Dog Show: shepherd, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  96. Which vaccines & preventative care do you give your pup?: labrador, bite - Dogs
  97. Now that's what I call creative thinking!: bulldog, bite, maltese - Dogs
  98. Surgery for torn ACL?: lab, vet, husky, training - Dogs
  99. Name that breed!: terrier, schnauzer, doxie, paws - Dogs
  100. Need Advice: It's partly in the Basset's head. He's coo coo! I swear!: toy, barking - Dogs
  101. Walking Your Dog: Do you or don't you: how much, labrador, diet - Dogs
  102. The Old Lab thinks he's young again: poop, vet, skin - Dogs
  103. Doggy Wheelchair Ramp Suggestions: surgery, cost, best, outside - Dogs
  104. Need ideas for framed memorials......: shepherd, bulldog, vet, toy - Dogs
  105. Why do dogs chase people?: bite, teeth, natural, kids
  106. Cleanest Dog Bed: allergy, cleaning, black, surgery - Dogs
  107. My basset! My baby is hurt!: lab, patella, vet, treatment - Dogs
  108. Shift work and dogs?? What do you do with yours?: clean, rescue
  109. I dont know what breed my dog is ! Help ;/: how much, lab, terrier - Dogs
  110. Yorkie Won't Stop Pissing Everywhere!!: yorkies, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  111. Policy changes at United Airlines will mean increased cost to pet owners: chihuahuas, pups - Dogs
  112. Groomer woes...: allergic, poodle, schnauzers, schnauzer - Dogs
  113. Dogs won't eat: labrador, vet, train, surgery
  114. Identify This Breed: labs, poodle, paws, puppy - Dogs
  115. She cried while she ate..........: rescue, kennel, noise, shelter - Dogs
  116. pulling on the leash: terrier, toy, training, pup - Dogs
  117. Opinions on HSUS: legal, train, rescue, puppies - Dogs
  118. News Anchor Bitten by Dog Received 70 Stitches, Mouth Stitched Shut: rescued, adoption - Dogs
  119. Feeling really disturbed...: puppy, shelter, ears, keep - Dogs
  120. Sick: cats, canine, test, allowed - Dogs
  121. leash training and exercise: terriers, yorkies, toy, train - Dogs
  122. Is this Dog really BIG or not?: shepherd, shedding, breeds - Dogs
  123. I know a secret: treats, Denver, year, park - Dogs
  124. Dog Food advice for giant breed: labs, boxer, poop, vet - Dogs
  125. Friend is giving me dog I am unsure about: breeder, aggressive, training - Dogs
  126. So in love with this puppy!!: husky, rescue, adopt, kennel - Dogs
  127. Guidance needed - trouble introducing new dog: terrier, biting, schnauzer - Dogs
  128. Food at Dog Parks?: train, outside, adult, treats - Dogs
  129. First week at the shelter: boxer, bite, clean, breeding - Dogs
  130. Basenji ???: breeder, train, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  131. Saving a puppy from Afghanistan: rescue, adopted, euthanize, vaccine - Dogs
  132. help with ID'ing the breeds in my new dog?: pitbull, daschund - Dogs
  133. How to deal with a dog attack?: shepherd, lab, barks - Dogs
  134. got my long awaited hardwood floors BUT...BUT...BUT...: how much, labrador - Dogs
  135. News, TV Anchor Undergoes Surgery After Newscast Dog Bite.: boxer, yorkie, aggressive - Dogs
  136. Freezing dry dog food?: best, store, causes, ears - Dogs
  137. My dog was shot and killed tonight: shepherd, rescue, cross - Dogs
  138. Aggressive Breed of Dogs: pitbulls, how much, shepherd, labs
  139. only have dog(s) if you have your OWN YARD.: how much, labrador - Dogs
  140. Freedom No-Pull Harness??: lab, bulldogs, boxer, barking
  141. International effort to save Lennox has failed: aggressive, black, euthanize - Dogs
  142. best non-slip kitchen floors for dogs: clean, treatment, paws, cross
  143. Help with socializing 3 yr old dog: Shar-Pei, vet, barks, aggressive - Dogs
  144. I touched my first pit bull: pitbulls, Shar-Pei, bulldogs, allergic
  145. Thinking of adopting this little girl...: shepherd, lab, schnauzer, rescue - Dogs
  146. Advice on introducing a new dog to our dog: daschund, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  147. When rescue goes wrong: biting, black, adoption, euthanize - Dogs
  148. Is there a way to control a dog's urges: toy, neutered, ears - Dogs
  149. Kong alternatives: gagging, allergic, boxer, vet - Dogs
  150. ever get frustrated while looking to adopt a dog?: labs, poodle - Dogs
  151. Help :( My puppy has hepatitis. :((: poop, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  152. Will a coyote attack a Boxer?: boxers, bite, breeding, barking - Dogs
  153. do dogs ever really get tired?: how much, labs, poodle, golden retriever
  154. share!: vet, skin, beagle, adopted - Dogs
  155. So what would you do?: how much, spaniel, barking, housebreak - Dogs
  156. Swollen eyes and welts-allergic reaction?: lab, bites, vet, treatment - Dogs
  157. Training Border Collie/Lab Shelter Dog: poop, housebreak, rescued, adopted - Dogs
  158. The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Gameday Commercial: barking, cost, pups, greyhound - Dogs
  159. Wiener dog and a high bed...: labrador, poodle, clean, doxie - Dogs
  160. Rapist Targeted Dog Owners: shepherd, lab, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  161. Excellent article!: boxer, vet, training, rescue - Dogs
  162. what do you consider a good kennel?: clean, vet, stomach - Dogs
  163. Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday: shepherd, black, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  164. How often should a dog pee?: how much, poop, train, cross - Dogs
  165. How many St. Bernards is too many?: poop, vet, walk - Dogs
  166. Would you permanently preserve your deceased pet?: natural, pup, best - Dogs
  167. old dogs/no vacation: vet, rescue, adopted, kennel
  168. McDonalds pulls ad which enraged pit bull owners: pitbulls, labrador, black - Dogs
  169. My one month report on working at the shelter: terrier, vet, breeders - Dogs
  170. getting my dog cataract surgery: shih tzu, poodle, terrier, vet - Dogs
  171. Miniature pinscher fencing issues - advice needed: breeder, train, collie - Dogs
  172. Our two small dogs got hurt-caught on collars: terriers, rottweilers, vet
  173. Help with training: train, maltese, pups, best - Dogs
  174. Anal glands as a defensive move....: vet, odor, vaccinations, outside - Dogs
  175. Dog wakes up at night panting heavily???: lab, terrier, clean - Dogs
  176. Most popular names for dogs: bulldogs, boxer, adopted, chew
  177. Does our dog have PTSD?: border collie, shepherd, vet, rescue - Dogs
  178. Hilarious video of herding dog: teeth, ears, attack - Dogs
  179. Larry has a throat clearing issue.: allergic, biting, poop - Dogs
  180. I'm torn. Two dogs - one adoption, can't choose.: how much, poodle, terrier
  181. 4 month old puppy teething/biting: bulldog, bite, toy, spaniel - Dogs
  182. toy ideas for pit bull pup: bulldog, poop, skin, training - Dogs
  183. Found dog: What will I do?: vet, skin, neutered, rabies - Dogs
  184. Man tased for walking dogs off leash- can you believe this?: train, walk
  185. update: neighbors b*tching about my dogs again: how much, chihuahuas, clean
  186. More Chaos in the dog park: puppy, best, mean - Dogs
  187. dog eating cat food: clean, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  188. Cyclosporine Available: vet, skin, treatment, cost - Dogs
  189. Call to support SB1322 to repeal breed specfic restrictions in Florida: breeders, hair - Dogs
  190. Are you my father? love a Bulldog! - Dogs
  191. Canine Chronicles--great pictures - Dogs
  192. Birthday Dog - Dogs
  193. Apology to Group - Dogs
  194. Nipping Issue: terriers, yorkie, walk, blanket - Dogs
  195. Help ban dog fighting app!: causes - Dogs
  196. Poor Uggie from Artist is sick - Dogs
  197. This Boxer loves his baby: ears, year - Dogs
  198. Boxer Ulcers: vet, treatment, outside, white - Dogs
  199. Chicken Jerky Dog Treats and the FDA: sick - Dogs
  200. Dog and Monkey Playing - Dogs