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  1. Tips for separation anxiety: training, symptoms, bones, adoption - Dogs
  2. Old dog, not eating much: border collie, lab, vet, teeth - Dogs
  3. Does know an effective cure for demodetic mange?: allergic, skin, treatment - Dogs
  4. Saw a new dog breed at the dog park yesterday: miniature, breeding - Dogs
  5. Why would Small Breed formula dog food cost twice as much as regular?: bulldog, yorkie - Dogs
  6. Tip the dog groomer?: how much, paws, puppy, medium - Dogs
  7. The Best Dog Treat.: bones, cross, home, allowed - Dogs
  8. Do you think dogs can sweat?: dachshund, hair, gland, sleep
  9. Very Sad Puppy: biting, poop, skin, training - Dogs
  10. I have a very old Labrador who loves medieval chant music: noise, solution - Dogs
  11. How Often Does Your Dog...: barking, aggressive, black, fleas - Dogs
  12. Dog pooping in house: barking, training, puppy, outside - Dogs
  13. Can you tell the breeds?: shepherd, terrier, chihuahua, rescue - Dogs
  14. Poison ivy from our dog?: lab, spray, swimming, safe - Dogs
  15. After CGC -now what? Rally-O? Therapy training?: border collie, poodles, clean - Dogs
  16. Cost of neutering: how much, vet, surgery, costs - Dogs
  17. Trying to turn an outdoor dog into indoor dog (chihuahua): breeders, train - Dogs
  18. dogs with fleas: allergic, bite, vet, schnauzer
  19. I'm speechless...: children, home, allowed, keep - Dogs
  20. My Doxie heart issue.: vet, treatment, diet, cost - Dogs
  21. 8 ways to show love for your Dog Love!: terrier, train, biscuits - Dogs
  22. Infections in dogs: terrier, vet, maltese, paws
  23. Another crate: poop, breeder, train, cost - Dogs
  24. Free TSA dogs!: adopt
  25. Experiences with,,: average, keep, elderly - Dogs
  26. Puppy training help: lab, walk, treats, mixed - Dogs
  27. can a puppy grow out of allergies?: allergy, clean, vet - Dogs
  28. trouble housetraining?: poop, train, people - Dogs
  29. The dangers of dog collars: safe - Dogs
  30. Photo New Puppy: Oregon, licking - Dogs
  31. Moving with a dog who's use to family?!?: poop, vet, pomeranian - Dogs
  32. My new shih tzu puppy only pees every 3-4 hours. Should I bet concerned?: poop, vet - Dogs
  33. 35 pounds of fur removed from this Great Pyrenees: grooming, nails - Dogs
  34. Artisanal pet sitting? LOL: terrier, vet, training, adopt - Dogs
  35. What's the link between fluoride and raisin toxicity in dogs?: training, medium
  36. Small house/apartment puppy?: terrier, vet, neuter, children - Dogs
  37. a kind of iffy sittuation: breeder, adopt, bird, kids - Dogs
  38. New puppy - photo: clean, vet, vaccinations, puppies - Dogs
  39. Rescue boxer puppy & going potty: daschund, boxers, vet, breeding - Dogs
  40. Vet with Service Dog denied boarding airplane- Law Suit: clean, training, kennel - Dogs
  41. Semi Retired Vet: teeth, cost, neuter, vaccinations - Dogs
  42. So my dog likes to play catch- with a very large ball.. Post your cool dog toys!: poop, toy - Dogs
  43. Almost A Snood Almost Worked: bulldog, clean, wound, shaking - Dogs
  44. Favorite Toy: how much, terrier, barking, wound - Dogs
  45. Do you think they know?: yorkie, poop, vet, surgery - Dogs
  46. First time flying with dog!: vet, treatment, weimaraner, home - Dogs
  47. Windows in fences: clean, cleaning, pups, best - Dogs
  48. On the local news last night: chihuahuas, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  49. Why no price?: how much, shepherd, clean, cost - Dogs
  50. has an intermittently seizuring dog...: vet, cross, dachshund, seizures - Dogs
  51. Leotards for dogs is all the rage!: allergy, shedding, Cary
  52. Dogs and window treatment: training, collie, chews, sheltie
  53. Torn knee ligament: shepherd, shepherds, vet, train - Dogs
  54. Smells Like Dog Food: terrier, clean, schnauzer, teeth - Dogs
  55. So excited! New puppy soon!: yorkie, puppies, best, year - Dogs
  56. Mars Petcare US Announces Voluntary Recall of Limited Number of CESAR Classics Filet Mignon Flavor Wet Dog Food Because - Dogs
  57. s faith in humanity was restored: humans, plastic - Dogs
  58. Our 7 month old dog (puppy?) is still peeing in the house: train, noise - Dogs
  59. Need from folks who travel with their dog(s): how much, clean - Dogs
  60. List Your Dog's Kidney Failure Symptoms & What Happened?: border collie, lab - Dogs
  61. Scary lumps and bumps- Should they be removed?: lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  62. Not House Trained After All: training, home, Oregon - Dogs
  63. Which foods or products have you had success with for tear stains?: shih tzu, allergy - Dogs
  64. The best surprise ever!: beagle, paws, shelters, behavior - Dogs
  65. The new kid won't leave the old man alone: chihuahua, yorkie, bite - Dogs
  66. Pit Bulls are being trained to be police dogs: shepherd, shepherds, training
  67. Wow, am I getting the cold shoulder!!!: poodle, yorkie, puppy - Dogs
  68. Greater Tacoma Rental Large Breed Rental issue: apartments, Alaska, Washington - Dogs
  69. Update and thanks!: collie, puppy, best, breeds - Dogs
  70. Our cockapoo: chihuahua, clean, vet, cockapoos - Dogs
  71. Peanut Butter - intolerance?: vets, surgery, pup, food - Dogs
  72. How do I get my 10 month old puppy to ask to go out and go outside to potty alone?: bulldog, terriers - Dogs
  73. My dog panting - topical flea & tick: vet, shaking, prescription - Dogs
  74. In NYC dogs are allowed on subways if......: husky, Great Dane, animals
  75. Beagel puppy.: bite, aggressive, training, beagle - Dogs
  76. Sick dog with fecal incontinence: poop, vet, diarrhea, food - Dogs
  77. What it's like to adopt a dog cartoon: year, mean - Dogs
  78. Chiweenie in Fort Worth: clean, poop, housebreak, training - Dogs
  79. Guilt about returning puppy and a bunch of other stuff.: bite, aggressive - Dogs
  80. Dogs pooping and peeing in the house: clean, vet, cleaning
  81. New dog, old dog stressed and snappy: bite, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  82. Reactive behavior in dogs...: vet, barking, shaking, aggressive
  83. Expert on dogs and health? Rabies: bite, wound, infections
  84. On Losing A Dog: puppy, ears, year - Dogs
  85. My sweet jake: terrier, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  86. Three dogs, two major problems!: golden retriever, poop, vet, barking
  87. Today is National Dog Day!: puppies, canine, ears, year - Dogs
  88. Vomiting after water: lab, vet, skin, shots - Dogs
  89. A must see dog movie: year - Dogs
  90. Trainer saves dog's life: training, cross, animals, stop - Dogs
  91. Dog Pads and Flesh Swoolen and Red: labs, allergy, vet - Dogs
  92. How much would you pay for someone to investigate an excessively barking dog?: noise, outside - Dogs
  93. Sentinel Spectrum vs Trifexis: labrador, vet, effects, cross - Dogs
  94. Dog going grey: poodles, terrier, black, maltese - Dogs
  95. Death of a friend...: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, tumors - Dogs
  96. Min Schnauzer- liver issue...: allergic, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  97. Wanted to post couple puppy pics: ears, Mobile - Dogs
  98. Canine Good Citizen test - advice, tips, your experience,: border collie, toy - Dogs
  99. 18 week old pup scared of the garage: rottweiler, training, puppy - Dogs
  100. My friend's dog died and it could have been avoided.: labs, clean - Dogs
  101. I looked into the eyes of Teddy this morning: rabies, ears, home - Dogs
  102. What happens if you give Advantix to a small dog a dosage for lager dog: vet, size - Dogs
  103. How long will Toby grieve?: border collie, how much, poodle, vet - Dogs
  104. Going on a trip with dog: chihuahua, vets, cost, chew - Dogs
  105. Vet will not allow me to get insulin online: prescription, cost, weimaraner - Dogs
  106. Pitbull Terrier and family members: pitbulls, labs, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  107. Ideas to help my overly hyper dog: biting, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  108. Should you let your dog lick your face?: shaking, science, train - Dogs
  109. Let's Play Guess the Breed: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  110. Cost Of Kibble: border collie, lab, boxer, yorkie - Dogs
  111. Lessons learned from looking for a new rescue: poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  112. I spanked my dog this morning...: chihuahua, barking, aggressive, train - Dogs
  113. 8-year-old dog going through false pregnancy ....again.: border collie, vet, toy - Dogs
  114. He adopts only older dogs: border collie, poodle, terrier, vet
  115. Dog Wont Potty Train- HELP!!!!: clean, housebreak, cleaning, surgery - Dogs
  116. Dog foster queston: vet, training, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  117. Improved Dog's Health Through Diet: poop, vet, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  118. Crating my dogs for about 9 hrs - reasonable?: poodles, boxers, miniature
  119. Dog friendly restaurants.. Go!!!: shepherd, shepherds, best, foods - Dogs
  120. How Do You Feel About Dogs Only Used For Home Security?: barking, skin
  121. Young puppy grabs socks or shoes or slippers when walking: terrier, vet - Dogs
  122. puppy eats everything: poop, vet, surgery, bird - Dogs
  123. Witch doctor dogs: bites, cost, bones, cross
  124. Dog suckles on her toy: English Bulldog, cost, adopted, kennel - Dogs
  125. Dogs To Discourage Burglars: pitbull, golden retriever, bite, barks
  126. English Bulldog breed in jeopardy: shepherd, terriers, shepherds, spaniel - Dogs
  127. Have you rehomed a dog? How did you do it?: shepherd, vet - Dogs
  128. How we miss our dear little dog: yorkie, vet, adopting - Dogs
  129. How Does Your Dog Tell You I Need To Go ?: lab, poodles - Dogs
  130. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?: bite, black, teeth - Dogs
  131. Settlement: Expensive food does NOT extend the life of dogs: lab, clean
  132. Life is short. hug your dog tonight: vet, surgery, ears - Dogs
  133. Does your senior dog groan?: labs, bulldog, golden retriever, aggressive - Dogs
  134. I Have A New Puppy: poodle, yorkie, cockapoos, breeder - Dogs
  135. Something my dog can lick besides her feet: allergy, patella, clean - Dogs
  136. Struggling with guilt over returning puppy to rescue: how much, terrier, bite - Dogs
  137. Has adopted a dog from Korea through Donghea?: breeders, aggressive, stomach - Dogs
  138. My Precious Lucy Girl: vet, surgery, maltese, shots - Dogs
  139. 4.5 year old Doberman. Fine yesterday, really lethargic today.: vet, black, diarrhea - Dogs
  140. What is your dog's day like?: poop, barking, stomach, training - Dogs
  141. Greyhound tried to attack my shih tzu in park: poodle, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  142. Dog barking in the early morning: science, train, noise, outside - Dogs
  143. What dog breeds should I consider?: pitbulls, shepherd, labs, boxers - Dogs
  144. Why do dog owners take their dogs to children's playgrounds?: bulldog, bites
  145. Eating - Such a dumb: poodle, yorkie, bite, vet - Dogs
  146. Dobermans: pitbulls, shepherd, labradors, bulldogs
  147. Gay for guy to get dog like this?: poop, maltese, best - Dogs
  148. Photo of New Puppy: cross, bassett, breeds, ears - Dogs
  149. My dog will not eat or drink water , how long does she have left: how much, vet - Dogs
  150. I fired my longterm vet: surgery, treatment, rescues, euthanize - Dogs
  151. Senior dog anxiety/illness: shepherd, boxer, vet, toy - Dogs
  152. Dogs and Vacations: vet, surgery, cost, kennel
  153. So I just tried Advantage II on my dog.....: bite, vet, wound - Dogs
  154. Lab puppy - strange behaviors: poop, noise, food, outside - Dogs
  155. Advised my friend to get a dog rather than a gun - did I get it right?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  156. what options are: adopt, euthanize, cross, outside - Dogs
  157. How to go to the bathroom with dog on a solo trip: clean, poop - Dogs
  158. Reactive Dog?: how much, labs, biting, vet - Dogs
  159. New rescue dog fears husband: how much, chihuahua, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  160. Safest chew toys for dogs: how much, clean, vet, toy
  161. Dogs really do know what we are saying: adopt, kids, puppy
  162. Dear Former Owners of My Dog: border collie, bite, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  163. I said goodbye to my baby today...: bulldogs, vet, skin
  164. I don't like dogs, but I really want to: shepherd, golden retriever, clean
  165. Feeling overwhelmed by my dog: how much, bulldog, retrievers, barking - Dogs
  166. Our dog is having seizures, vet dropped meds and went into status!: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  167. Vomiting/diarrhea and Convenia: clean, poop, vet, shaking - Dogs
  168. Do your dogs like antlers?: mice, teeth, bones, chew
  169. How old to spay?: shepherd, labrador, vet, breeders - Dogs
  170. Fleas everywhere: allergic, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  171. stinky poop and farts: bulldog, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  172. New dog has heart worms :(: vet, heartworms, train, treatment - Dogs
  173. Pet Names For Pets: poop, chew, best, cats - Dogs
  174. How do you keep your dog out of the kitty litter?: clean, poop - Dogs
  175. Extreme yeast infection in dog: allergic, vet, prescription, black - Dogs
  176. Teddy gets sick after Dog School: bite, vet, toy, stomach - Dogs
  177. Had to say goodbye to my dog last night: cross, best, ears - Dogs
  178. Diarreha to Soft Stool: Could it be from the food: how much, terrier - Dogs
  179. teeth cleaning: shihtzu, vet, bones, chews - Dogs
  180. Would you leave your dog home alone during a hurricane?: how much, toy - Dogs
  181. Could a Papillion be a legit Service Dog?: chihuahuas, yorkies, skin - Dogs
  182. Introducing Theodore Patrick: poodle, toy, adopting, maltese - Dogs
  183. Help, dog peeing while we are are work.: boxer, clean, vet - Dogs
  184. Wife and kids want dog...I'm just not sure.: allergy, golden retrievers, chihuahua - Dogs
  185. Dogs and apartments??: poop, barking, pomeranian, training
  186. need advice!: clean, vet, prescription, chew - Dogs
  187. Looking to adopt a dog - other than Petfinder, where should I be looking?: border collie, toy - Dogs
  188. Wolf dog: legal, rescue, adopt, maltese - Dogs
  189. How does having a dog and working long hours work?: shih tzu, veterinarians - Dogs
  190. Will it confuse a dog to be called 2 different names?: how much, kids - Dogs
  191. Landlord's dog bit me, safe to stay?: allergy, bite, barking - Dogs
  192. Dewclaws: breeders, breed, work - Dogs
  193. Cesar wet food recall: plastic - Dogs
  194. Forbid - Dogs
  195. Not your usual rescue story: puppies, medium - Dogs
  196. His mom helped him take his dog to college: medium - Dogs
  197. The Cinnamon Trust: elderly - Dogs
  198. TSA has dogs who need to be adopted
  199. Buying Antibiotics: ears, year, water - Dogs
  200. Pet Food Diva: vets, science, diet, canine - Dogs