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  6. Dogs Declawed: puppies
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  9. quarantine of dogs: rabies, best, breeds, transfer
  10. Old Roy Dog Biscuits- recalled: vet, barking, diet, food - Dogs
  11. CORGI stud service asp.: terrier, breeders, shots, pups - Dogs
  12. N.J. Dog Crowned World's Ugliest.: terrier, chihuahua, science, New Jersey - Dogs
  13. Jax FL puppies need short-term care: rescue, adopted, food, shelter - Dogs
  14. benedryl or tranqs: shepherd, allergy, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  15. keep control of your dogs: black, adult, Florida, attacked
  16. Poor Baby: Shar-Pei, terrier, vet, toy - Dogs
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  19. Rescue drug sniffer dogs get fired!: train, neutered, mean, work
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  21. new dog food recall: eat, Maryland, West Virginia, medicine - Dogs
  22. grossed out and freaking out-I just found hookworm symptoms: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  23. Bloat: boxers, terriers, vet, breeder - Dogs
  24. Shih-Tzu in Florida: fleas, outside, ears, keep - Dogs
  25. My wierod dog!: how much, lab, tropical, breed - Dogs
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  31. Who says dogs are smarter??: border collie, lab, rescue, cats
  32. How Do You...: labs, miniature, pinscher, toy - Dogs
  33. What is YOUR dog's view of training? :): how much, labs, vet - Dogs
  34. s dog not like wet food?: bite, stomach, puppy, best - Dogs
  35. Dogs in danger of being killed...: rescue, beagles, adopting, neutered
  36. have a Swedish Vallhund?: shepherd, breeders, drool, sheltie - Dogs
  37. body competing in Obedience?: vet, breeder, training, mice - Dogs
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  42. Bosten Terrier: vet, train, rescue, shedding - Dogs
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  48. Moving with Dogs: vet, treatment, symptoms, fleas
  49. Flyball START dog WOOT!!!: cross, home, Florida, Orlando - Dogs
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  51. Jack Russels: terriers, bite, aggressive, adopting - Dogs
  52. The Patience of a Golden Retriever: cats - Dogs
  53. How to prepare for a puppy: clean, best, outside, walk - Dogs
  54. tainted dog food: cats, problems, sick, people - Dogs
  55. Doggie DNA Test: vet, breeders, training, breeds - Dogs
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  58. Dogs-Training/Diet: vet, toy, train, food
  59. my pug - completely harmless but barks at kids: terrier, bite, barking - Dogs
  60. weiner dog races: black, best, ears, Colorado - Dogs
  61. News, Home For Elderly Dogs Opens In Japan.: puppies, canine, keep
  62. To Crate Or Not To Crate: lab, training, chewing, kids - Dogs
  63. Could this be a real dog?: children, people, mouth - Dogs
  64. Looking for Airedale Terrier (female) puppy: vet, breeders, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  65. Corgi owners: vet, surgery, rescue, reactions - Dogs
  66. Help finding a wagon for my older dog: how much, vet, diet - Dogs
  67. Guess the Mutt: pt. 2: shepherd, lab, breeding, aggressive - Dogs
  68. Preventing dog ticks: vet, prescription, skin, cost - Dogs
  69. Scaredy Lab: vet, training, adopted, natural - Dogs
  70. Dogs and Legal Liability: bite, clean, wound, training
  71. Rare Breeds: Shar-Pei, how much, lab, bulldogs
  72. Lost Dog (collie) In Linden Nj: rescues, adopted, rabies, cross - Dogs
  73. looking for a stud: labs, vet, breeders, neuter - Dogs
  74. Gassy dog- HELP!: bulldog, terrier, stomach, odor - Dogs
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  77. Vick heavy into dog fighting: cross, outside, breed, weight - Dogs
  78. How to Photograph a New Puppy.: clean, toy, shots, puppies - Dogs
  79. good dog training books out there???: terriers, kennel, puppy - Dogs
  80. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog: border collie, shepherd, labs, retriever - Dogs
  81. leash your dogs (and stop p***ing on my flowers): poop, train
  82. Shish Tzu Puppies and housetraining!: shih tzu, clean, poop, cleaning - Dogs
  83. Do you feed your dogs just meat?: lab, breeder, stomach
  84. Are Pit Bulls Iherently Dangerous?: pitbulls, shepherd, boxers, Staffordshire Terrier - Dogs
  85. Has used Hartz flea and tick drops on their dog: vet, heartworms - Dogs
  86. Fence-builders unchain dogs: clean, aggressive, kennel, children
  87. Calling all Border Collie Fans (Agility, Training, and Proud owners): shepherd, patella - Dogs
  88. Puppy bite, police called: vet, legal, train, tooth - Dogs
  89. Multiple Dogs: terriers, bite, vet, breeder
  90. Pup pics needed...: border collie, bulldog, Staffordshire Terriers, rottweilers - Dogs
  91. dog massages: rottweiler, barking, skin, surgery - Dogs
  92. Sarplaninac Breed: breeders, kennel, children, puppies - Dogs
  93. My first videos...: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terrier, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  94. Holistic remedy for dog's ears: clean, vet, shaking, cleaning - Dogs
  95. Keeping teeth and gums healthy: rottweilers, yorkie, clean, vet - Dogs
  96. Food fight: boxer, aggressive, science, training - Dogs
  97. What is the sign of when your dog has dry hacking cough?: gagging, bite - Dogs
  98. Check out my foster dog!: shepherd, terrier, shepherds, training - Dogs
  99. Lab-border collie mix, barks at others, fear based- help?: labs, vet - Dogs
  100. St.Bernards: how much, clean, breeder, training - Dogs
  101. Overweight Dog...Help!: vet, prescription, science, diet - Dogs
  102. Dog Fungal Infection or nasal cancer: shepherd, lab, vet, black - Dogs
  103. dog understanding of English: how much, shepherd, labs, training - Dogs
  104. Does have a Dog with Diabetes?: terrier, vet, prescription - Dogs
  105. In praise of greyhounds: how much, clean, vet, breeder - Dogs
  106. Do dogs have a better sense of taste than we think?: lab, vets
  107. .what's the best heartworm med, mine keeps making the dog ill: rottweilers, vet - Dogs
  108. for who knows about good dog foods?!: pitbull, diet - Dogs
  109. My Dog Has Been Diagnosed with Diabetes...: poodle, chihuahua, bites - Dogs
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  111. New Foster Pup....: vet, barking, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  112. Miniature Schnauzer needs new home: rottweiler, chihuahua, schnauzers, vet - Dogs
  113. Weimie not eating: bites, vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  114. the terrier breeds: pitbull, Staffordshire Terrier, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  115. own a Flat Coat Retriever??: spaniel, breeders, puppies, best - Dogs
  116. 10 week old, female, Rottweiler pup in Jax, FL needs a good forever home!: pitbull, labs - Dogs
  117. Calling all Min Pins lovers!: gagging, how much, chihuahua, breeder - Dogs
  118. Shar-pei pictures! and other dogs: boxer, breeders, black, puppies
  119. Found a hunting dog: vet, skin, surgery, adoption - Dogs
  120. what kind of puppy is this: shepherd, lab, retreiver, rescue - Dogs
  121. Most prized posession = my dog: Shar-Pei, rescue, pugs, children - Dogs
  122. Male or Female, what's your preferance in dogs: Shar-Pei, tumors, vet
  123. Best Big Dogs w/small children in house: how much, shepherd, boxers
  124. American Pit Bull Terrier: pitbulls, bulldogs, poodles, boxer
  125. Dog problem? bladder?: Shar-Pei, lab, allergic, vet - Dogs
  126. Does your hometown allow Dogs to bark non stop?: barking, noise, best
  127. do your neighbors dogs poo in your yard???: lab, clean, skin
  128. bark collar?: lab, barking, noise, collars - Dogs
  129. Help- dog ear infection: terrier, clean, vet, shaking - Dogs
  130. My cocker spaniel has .... issues: vet, barking, aggressive, training - Dogs
  131. Clipping doggie toes!: lab, vet, black, natural - Dogs
  132. shar-pei pug mix got picture: allergic, labradoodle, retriever, breeding - Dogs
  133. What's the best dry food for dogs?: allergic, poop, science
  134. Adopted dog, heartworms :(: vet, train, treatment, rescues - Dogs
  135. Taking Bichon on plane?: shih tzu, terrier, vet, kennel - Dogs
  136. other pug owners? Post :): black, pugs, kids, cross - Dogs
  137. Homemade dog food recipes ...: vet, aggressive, teeth, diet - Dogs
  138. Pitbulls!: Shar-Pei, shepherd, terriers, rottweiler - Dogs
  139. Dog Lovers: Shar-Pei, shepherd, lab, yorkies - Dogs
  140. German Shepard: how much, shepherd, labrador, shih tzu - Dogs
  141. Cutest thing your dog does: labrador, shih tzu, boxer, golden retriever - Dogs
  142. Your favorite dog ..breed or mutt?...and why?: border collie, Shar-Pei, lab - Dogs
  143. have a dog that needs adoption/help?: pitbull, Shar-Pei, labs - Dogs
  144. EXCESSIVE shedding in Dogs: shepherd, labs, allergy, clean
  145. Guess the mutt: border collie, shepherd, golden retriever, chihuahua - Dogs
  146. puppy wanted: shepherd, breeder, aggressive, husky - Dogs
  147. pitbull in centennial???: pitbulls, how much, terrier, yorkie - Dogs
  148. My dog has heartworm!!!: border collie, labs, vet, breeder - Dogs
  149. My new pooch!: shih tzu, terrier, paws, puppy - Dogs
  150. What kind of dog is this?: retriever, black, chew, paws - Dogs
  151. little dogs vs. big dogs: border collie, shepherd, labs, shih tzu
  152. Dogs- house pets or outside animals: labs, shih tzu, clean, training
  153. Trouble with Dog Breeder: yorkie, breeders, rescue, cost - Dogs
  154. Light Carpet & a Dog??: shih tzu, clean, cleaning, odor - Dogs
  155. advice for travel with dog?: labs, vet, puppy, best - Dogs
  156. Calling Shih Tzu owners: how much, labs, shihtzu, bite - Dogs
  157. Furmanator: how much, boxer, vet, shedding - Dogs
  158. Black Lab / Golden Retriever mix!: labs, bite, beagle, children - Dogs
  159. Need recommendations on Flea prevention: vet, prescription, heartworms, skin - Dogs
  160. Sheltie, Border Colie owners should I take my dog on vacation: vet, collie - Dogs
  161. How Do I Stop My Dog From Doing #1 & 2 In His Crate: bulldog, biting - Dogs
  162. a good family dog?: border collie, labrador, shih tzu, poodle - Dogs
  163. lumps in older dogs: lab, rottweiler, tumors, vet
  164. this is inecusable-: vet, skin, best, cats - Dogs
  165. wanted female shar-pei or mix: pitbull, breeders, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  166. Share pet stories!: Took my dog to the park....he is smart....: Shar-Pei, bites - Dogs
  167. Do dogs sleepwalk?: surgery, noise, cross, outside
  168. Why do people put beautiful nice dogs in kill shelter?: Shar-Pei, lab
  169. Which of three do you leash your dog with?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  170. Boxers: lab, rottweiler, spaniel, skin - Dogs
  171. Moving with German Sepherd: shepherd, clean, vet, cross - Dogs
  172. Stupid woman with dogs off lead...: bites, toy, legal, best
  173. my dog almost attacked someone help: shepherd, lab, boxer - Dogs
  174. My dog just got attacked! What should I do about it?: pitbull, shepherd - Dogs
  175. Are there free puppies anymore???: lab, boxer, terriers, golden retrievers - Dogs
  176. Barking Dogs, is bothered?: bullmastiff, aggressive, training, kennel
  177. Aarrrgggghhhhh!!! want a chocolate lab pup?: labs, clean, toy - Dogs
  178. small tick- help!: Shar-Pei, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  179. The Ultimate Chew: labradors, vet, toy, stomach - Dogs
  180. Problems with Neighbor's Dogs: shih tzu, terrier, barking, shaking
  181. Yorkies?: terriers, miniature, breeders, housebreak - Dogs
  182. Ear Infections in dogs: labrador, shih tzu, retrievers, clean
  183. Dog breed ban: rottweilers, bite, aggressive, infection - Dogs
  184. cockapoo puppy: how much, poodles, vet, cockapoos - Dogs
  185. Dog (Thunder + Lightning) + Trapped + window = Bad: lab, vet, wound, sheltie - Dogs
  186. Could a dog be this big?: English Mastiff, miniature, breeder, paws - Dogs
  187. Best place to live for dogs: vet, black, costs, yeast
  188. my dogs smell like corn chips: lab, poodles, foods, bassett
  189. BSL.. How do you feel about it?: terriers, rottweilers, bites - Dogs
  190. Husky hair drive me NUTS!!: clean, huskies, skin, shedding - Dogs
  191. Neighbors complaining about dogs....: allergic, barking, train, cost
  192. What are the smartest Breed of Dogs and why?: border collie, how much, shepherd
  193. Dog on plane: noise, pup, food, ears - Dogs
  194. calling all rottie owners - Dogs
  195. Dog Helps Rescuers Find Elderly Owner.: rescue, year, female, man - Dogs
  196. Need Dog Food?: spaniel, cocker - Dogs
  197. Jack Russell Terrier Rescue: adopting, year, family - Dogs
  198. Bulldog From Iowa Wins Beauty Contest.: cost, legs, eating - Dogs
  199. found puppy beagle mix hudson fl: months, county - Dogs
  200. Bloodhound owners - Dogs