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  1. Tax & commute from AL to Benning: Columbus: income, income tax - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  2. Summer programs for Kids: Columbus, Brooks: chapel, YMCA, preschools - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  3. where to live in columbus?: Auburn: apartment complexes, to rent, lofts - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  4. College student needs help: Columbus, Bibb City: crime rate, to buy, live in - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  5. Columbus Georgia has a massive 29% foreclosure surge!: Between: foreclosures, hotel - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  6. Clay House???: Columbus: college, live in, studio - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  7. Hiking & outdoor activities?: Columbus, Auburn: home, camping, live in - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  8. temp housing with a cat: Columbus, Jackson: extended stay, appointed, apartment - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  9. Questions about Overlook area: Columbus, Buena Vista: for sale, real estate, apartment - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  10. Lance / Tom's Foods ????: Columbus: home, buying, food - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  11. Greystone Summit or Columbus Park: Auburn, Tiger: shop, moving to, food - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  12. Traffic and Wikipedia: Atlanta, Columbus: how much, construction, live in - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  13. Jobs! Jobs! and more Jobs!: Columbus: area, hiring, news - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  14. Community Theatre in Area for 7 year old?: Columbus, LaGrange: house, county - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  15. Need Help around Colombus GA!: Atlanta, Columbus: rental car, rental, hotel - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  16. Rental Companies: Columbus: house, mold, deposit - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  17. relocating: Columbus: foreclosures, daycare, broker - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  18. Want to Re-locate this Summer!: Columbus, Savannah: to rent, crime rate, chapel - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  19. Filing bankruptcy in Columbus. recommend an attorney: time, reasonable - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  20. Litter bugs in Columbus: gangs, cars, parking - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  21. in Columbus have horses?: home, find a job, school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  22. How many would say Columbus, Ga needs a better mall?: Atlanta: sales, apartments - Georgia (GA)
  23. I need to donate my piano in Columbus, GA: how much, to buy - Georgia
  24. Cable Systems in Columbus Area - Braves: house, moving - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  25. Pre-school Columbus: Brooks: preschool, price, tuition - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  26. What new retail would you like to see in Columbus?: Atlanta: sale, apartments - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  27. High School Boys Lacrosse?: Columbus: high schools, costs, moving to - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  28. Columbus now rated #11 in nation for Crime: Gordon, Warm Springs: apartment, middle school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  29. Christmas Tree Recycling: parks, year, creek - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  30. can air compresser cause damage?: floors, water bill, plumbing - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  31. Relocating: Columbus: transfer, military, moving to - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  32. Water from neighbors lake onto my property: attorney, damage - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  33. MEtal Detecting Allowed in Columbus, GA???: parks, permit, town - Georgia
  34. Happy Thanksgiving: Carlton, Carl: college, nicest, best - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  35. Economists: Columbus Remains Georgia's Star in Georgia's Wobbly Economy: Savannah: 2014, job market - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  36. Recycling drop off spots??: Columbus: airport, Walmart, parking - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  37. Relocation Assistance: Columbus: sales, home, schools - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  38. Economist: Columbus Economy Poised for Takeoff: 21st Annual Columbus Regional Bi-State Economic Outlook: home - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  39. Columbus Companies: sale, real estate, home - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  40. Synovus to layoff ANOTHER 850 in Columbus Georgia: Commerce: price, dangerous - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  41. North columbus or Midland or Fortson???????Help: best neighborhood, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  42. Fish: market, seafood, sell - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  43. Korean Auto Parts Maker Coming to Phenix City: West Point: moving, park - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  44. Pratt & Whitney Expanding Creating 180 New Jobs: Columbus: house, to buy - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  45. Murders in GA: murder rate, rank - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  46. Looking for a room to rent in columbus, ga: college, live - Georgia (GA)
  47. I won a 1st place in the Oklahoma Friendly National Juried Art Exhibition: title - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  48. Alligators in C-town??: Columbus, Oliver, Mitchell: live, swimming, housing - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  49. Doctor Recommendations: Columbus: dermatologist, pharmacist, moving to - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  50. Columbus metro area adds only 400 jobs over past year: find a job, vacation - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  51. Airport/Moon Road Area/ Allendale Shopping Center: Columbus: live, shoppers - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  52. Olympian Whitewater Competitors Support Plan for Whitewater Course: Atlanta, Columbus: home, new construction - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  53. Kia Adding Another 1,000 Jobs in West Georgia: West Point: taxes, live - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  54. Finished a new painting Turkeys In The Hills: oil, landscape - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  55. Cable and internet: Columbus: home, companies, phone number - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  56. What type of job are you doing in Columbus, Georgia?: home, job openings - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  57. Why is the Unemployment Rate in Columbus Georgia so High?: Dallas: credit, find a job - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  58. Different ethnicities in Columbus: Atlanta: how much, schools, universities - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  59. Looking for a ENT: Columbus: specialist, doctor, good - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  60. Dance Lessons: area, year, how to get - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  61. Moving to Phenix City, Alabama/Columbus, Georgia area: employment, buy - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  62. vickiesrn: Atlanta, Columbus, Albany: houses, live, plantation - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  63. Looking for raw land anywhere around Thomaston, LaGrange, Columbus area: Pine Mountain: real estate, lease - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  64. Major Retail Center Planned for Northern Harris and Southern Troup County: Atlanta: apartment complex, hotels - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  65. Recent visit to FT. Benning / Columbus Ga.: moving, friendly - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  66. Moving at the end of this month :): Columbus, Savannah: new house, buying - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  67. Vote!: Columbus: theatre, mayor, fowler - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  68. Dog Boarding Kennels?: Columbus: military, licensed, discount - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  69. Short but nice..: Columbus, LaGrange, Auburn: hotels, school, restaurant - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  70. Commute from Peachtree City to Columbus, GA: Atlanta, LaGrange: schools, living in - Georgia
  71. Where are the best lakes to Wakeboard and Waterski around Columbus?: Atlanta: safe, moving to - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  72. Columbus, GA. where 2 live w no car? NYC now.: apartment, lofts - Georgia
  73. Columbus, I come (I hope...): apartment, lease, dorms - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  74. Columbus Eyecare insurance: live, move to, employers - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  75. churches in Columbus GA?: home, school, transit - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  76. Columbus Ga Mothers Day out programs: Summerville: daycares, preschool, living - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  77. Racism in columbus: living in, average, race - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  78. relocating to columbus ga area: Atlanta, Savannah: insurance, condos, good schools - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  79. Monograms....(Columbus): Macon: shop, gangs, cars - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  80. Columbus Turner YMCA vs. downtown: construction, bill, building - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  81. Doctors In Columbus, Georgia: live in, dentist, location - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  82. Looking for upscale areas in Columbus: low crime, neighborhoods, subdivisions - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  83. Outdoor Games in Columbus: Auburn: hotel, area, venue - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  84. Columbus High Schools and where to live: Brooks: daycare, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  85. Relocating to Columbus, Ga? I have housing.: house, property taxes - Georgia (GA)
  86. Single mom relocating to GA, need advice on Columbus!: Atlanta: apartment complexes, to rent - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  87. Good ob in columbus ga: nurses, hospital, background - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  88. : need rental home in Columbus/Ft Benning: apartment complex, rentals - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  89. Columbus, GA and New Retail: real estate, condos, loan - Georgia
  90. Who lives in Columbus, who really likes it, and why?: college, places to live - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  91. Columbus, GA Grocery/Organic: Montezuma, Warm Springs: co-op, buying, shopping center - Georgia
  92. Columbus: buying a house, buying, elementary school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  93. Columbus, Georgia Now On Google Street View.: home, cities - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  94. Columbus Nightlife: live, military, club - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  95. Spanish Salon - Columbus Ga: LaGrange, Riverdale: hair salon, live, shops - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  96. Tattooed Army Wife moving to Columbus....: Atlanta: 2015, apartments, leases - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  97. Jobs in Columbus, Georgia: Atlanta, Manchester: employment, military, moving - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  98. Lips Speech Method around Gainesville or Columbus, GA: Atlanta: insurance, homes - Georgia
  99. Columbus, GA: Atlanta, Macon: apartments, hotels, houses - Georgia
  100. Relocating to Columbus Georgia-HELP!: Atlanta, Macon: fit in, apartment, lawyers - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  101. Columbus Suburbs: West Point, Hamilton: sales, construction, high school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  102. Columbus: Growth and Development: Macon, Dallas: apartments, homes, best school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  103. Housing in Columbus, Georgia: Macon, Ideal: neighborhood, camp, to live in - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  104. Columbus Ranks 2nd in Per Capita Income Georgia's Metro Area: Savannah: unemployment, closing - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  105. Columbus, Georgia: Atlanta, Macon, Auburn: crime rate, house, movie theaters - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  106. Huntsville vs Columbus vs Columbia, SC: best city, crime, homes - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  107. The peculiar city of Columbus, GA: Savannah, Macon: school, horse, area - Georgia
  108. Great Thrift Stores in Columbus: Manchester, Madison: consignment, house, live - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  109. Columbus Voted #6 Best City for Business and Careers by Forbes: Atlanta: apartments, lofts - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  110. Schools in Columbus: Brooks, Harrison: low crime, home, best schools - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  111. re US 82/GA 520 from Columbus to Tifton...: Atlanta, Albany: construction, living - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  112. Dowtown Columbus Growth: Atlanta, Auburn, Dawson: construction, store, moving - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  113. Columbus, Georgia: Manchester, Hamilton: crime rate, houses, neighborhoods - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  114. Columbus Voted #4 For Best City To Raise A Family: Savannah: best cities, foreclosures - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  115. What would you like to see in Columbus?: live, restaurants - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  116. Columbus, GA Advice on where to live?: Atlanta, Macon: real estate, crime - Georgia
  117. Peachtree Mall loses more tenants: Columbus: construction, school, closing - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  118. Growth for Columbus?: Atlanta, Macon: apartments, loft, condos - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  119. Moving to Columbus, GA Area: Auburn: low crime, homes, best schools - Georgia
  120. Why are people so rude, uneducated and segregated in Columbus?: Atlanta: transplants, home - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  121. Smoke in Columbus is normal?: Atlanta, Gainesville: home, allergies, live - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  122. thinking of moving to columbus ga: Pine Mountain, Oliver: transplants, job market, to buy - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  123. Need about closest gates to Sand Hill area at Benning: Columbus: house, find a job - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  124. When Will Columbus Overtake Augusta as Georgia's 2nd Largest City?: Atlanta: 2014, living in - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  125. Making Military Move to Columbus Ga, N-S-E-W ?? Which is good neighborhood: Hamilton: for sale by owner, apartments - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  126. Thoughts on Columbus: Atlanta, Savannah, Macon: amusement park, lofts, condominiums - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  127. about Lagrange,GA: Columbus, West Point: house, best schools, subdivisions - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  128. Mcdonough or Columbus: Atlanta, Macon, Newnan: real estate, low crime, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  129. Medical field in Columbus, Georgia: Warm Springs: home, job market, university - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  130. Does that lives in Columbus, Georgia absolutely LOVE it???: Atlanta: amusement parks, crime rate - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  131. Columbus, GA: Sort of a military town?: Atlanta, Savannah: spring break, amusement park - Georgia
  132. BRAC Growth: Impact on Area Schools - 6,000 New Students Expected: Columbus: high crime, house - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  133. cities that were different than you expected? Columbus, GA for me. (Needs replies from my younger crowd): Atlanta: high crime, employment - Georgia
  134. Moving to Columbus and single: Macon: condos, living in, places to eat - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  135. Give it to me Str8. Pros and Cons of Columbus,GA: Macon: crime, house - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  136. Columbus, fresh perspective: sale, rentals, house - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  137. Moving to Fort Benning and need on housing and schools there...: Columbus: to rent, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  138. Columbus Future Transportation Possibilities: Atlanta, Savannah: credit, how much, versus - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  139. Columbus: A New Economy: Atlanta, Savannah: sales, movers, hotels - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  140. Why isn't there an interstate/large freeway that connects Mac/Aug/Col? Why does Columbus have limited interstate access?: Atlanta: money, metro area - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  141. Visits from Jehovah's Witnesses lately?: Powder Springs: sales, city hall, homes - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  142. columbus ga: Atlanta, Savannah, West Point: apartment, to rent, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  143. Pine Mountain: Atlanta, Columbus, Warm Springs: appointed, renters, hotel - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  144. New Development on Manchester: Columbus: apartment complex, how much, home - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  145. Downtown Columbus crime continues to escalate.....why?: Bibb City: lofts, condos - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  146. Columbus now rated #11 in nation for Crime: Atlanta, Savannah: high crime, how much - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  147. Relocating/ decisions: Atlanta, Columbus, Douglasville: real estate market, crime rate, chapel - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  148. Columbus Suburbs - Family Neighborhoods?: Manchester, Waverly Hall: appointed, best neighborhoods, for sale - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  149. Columbus Georgia: Macon, Jefferson: house, gated, live - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  150. Opinions on Columbus GA for relocation: Macon: appointed, crime, houses - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  151. Alligators in Columbus?: Atlanta, Marietta, Oliver: house, school, camp - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  152. Columbus Georgia trouble??: Atlanta, Savannah: sale, real estate, foreclosures - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  153. Columbus Sub Forum: sales, quality of life, sales tax - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  154. Georgia's and Columbus' Economic Outlook: 2009 Preview: West Point: sales, mortgage, credit - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  155. Columbus Needs More Unique Shopping: Atlanta, Savannah: movie theaters, living in, restaurants - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  156. Artist Looking to Move to Columbus, GA: Atlanta, Savannah: to rent, lofts - Georgia
  157. What Can Columbus Expect in 2009?: Atlanta, Savannah: sales, how much, middle school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  158. Moving to Columbus Need to Find a job: college, Walmart - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  159. Very Proud of Columbus: Monroe, Fayetteville: crime, theater, school - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  160. Columbus Metroplitan Area: Atlanta, Macon, LaGrange: construction, live in, shop - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  161. Can the anti Columbus Folks stop jacking every ?: Macon: crime, income - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  162. Fort Benning's Growth Impact on Columbus: real estate market, buying, bankrupt - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  163. Columbus Crime Map: Atlanta, Macon, LaGrange: crime rates, home, unemployed - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  164. Back from Columbus: Atlanta, Savannah, Macon: pros and cons, live in, restaurants - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  165. Columbus Georgia decline..what happened?: Atlanta, Savannah: sales, real estate market, 2013 - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  166. Columbus Georgia - what's it really like?: Atlanta, Auburn: house, find a job - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  167. Fort Benning Growth: Atlanta, Columbus, Hampton: hotels, house, unemployment - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  168. Downtown Columbus Whitewater Rafting Project Set to Begin: Sharon: hotel, schools - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  169. Columbus Projects: Albany: apartment complexes, lofts, layoffs - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  170. Columbus vs. Phenix City: Atlanta, Auburn: to rent, school districts, college - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  171. BRAC and Kia Set to Make Columbus an Economic Oasis: Atlanta: apartments, lofts - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  172. Columbus subforum?: Savannah, Macon: credit, home, YMCA - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  173. Which part of Columbus should I avoid?: Atlanta, Fayetteville: real estate, apartment - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  174. Skyline???: Columbus, Savannah: cities, buildings, pictures - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  175. What I do and don't miss about Columbus, GA: Atlanta: fit in, apartment - Georgia
  176. Columbus Georgia going broke?: sales, layoffs, construction - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  177. Johnston Mill Lofts Columbus Georgia: apartments, leasing, crime - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  178. Columbus,GA vs. Raleig,NC for a 15yo teneeger ?: Between: crime, home - Columbus, GA, Georgia
  179. Relocating to Columbus from Chicago? Family questions...: Summerville: apartment, crime - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  180. many questions...: Atlanta, Columbus, Buckhead: renting, loft, hotel - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  181. So I went to Columbus last week. . . . . .: Atlanta, Macon: crime, home - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  182. What makes Columbus Georgia so undesirable?: real estate market, crime, schools - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  183. Columbus Georgia Peachtree Mall on the way out?: Atlanta, Macon: for sale, real estate - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  184. Columbus, Georgia: high schools, live, retiring - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  185. http://www com/forum/georgia/1189017-should-georgia-downsize-merge-counties.html - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  186. Need property manager Fort Benning area: to rent, house, good - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  187. Hr1177 good for the state?: university, property tax, live - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  188. Another single mom relocating to the Columbus area: Atlanta: apartment complexes, to rent - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  189. Gini Woolfolk performing on Kissin' 99.3 Thursday morning: live, company - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  190. I won a 1st place and honorable mention, yahooooooo.: oil, friendly - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  191. Camper/RV Rentals Columbus area?: spring break, park, company - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  192. Downtown Columbus car thefts are now 3rd highest city area: Lumpkin: crime, attorney - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  193. Relocating/PCSing to Ft Benning/Columbus: apartment complex, rental, house - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  194. Midtown Columbus Project: new construction, moving, parking - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  195. Historic downtown Columbus Georgia?: to live in, friendly, tree - Columbus, GA, (GA)
  196. Looking for my father!: Columbus: fiance, cancer, interest - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  197. Is Columbus a good place for interracial couples?: apartments, to live - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  198. Crossroads Career Network at St Mark UMC: Columbus, Auburn: monthly, church - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  199. Postal Service closing Columbus mail processing center: Macon: lease - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)
  200. New city ice rink recent revenue projections are Zero Dollars and Civic Center manager quits in disgust: mayor - Columbus, GA, Georgia (GA)