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  1. Recently neutered brother cats fighting- HELP!!: smells, food, medicine
  2. Just have to share good news...: kittens, foods, house - Cats
  3. Kitty problem, help!: carpet, siamese, blankets, litter - Cats
  4. Cat people vs dog people- do you agree: dogs - Cats
  5. Artificial knee for a 10 year old cat- would you put your cat through this?: surgery, vet - Cats
  6. Oh my lord. Needy cats and feeding schedule: eating, canned food, meowing
  8. Cat Urination Behavioral: male, carpet, kidney, sleeping - Cats
  9. Cat is howling at night and waking me up....: eating, weight, blood - Cats
  10. Howling, scratching, not eating, but eating cardboard!: male, food, meowing - Cats
  11. Too cute!: kitty - Cats
  12. My cat rolls in poo.: carpet, litter, butt, kitty - Cats
  13. What We've Been Overlooking in Our Discussion of Cat Food Brands: eating, foods - Cats
  14. Do you have a mean cat who torments a fellow cat?: kittens, eating - Cats
  15. MaxiGuard OraZn Pet Oral Care: teeth, urine, cleaning, best - Cats
  16. Home-made cat food: male, feline, canned food, diet - Cats
  17. Foster cat with allergies: limited ingredient foods and can a cat fed a home-prepared diet ever go back to dry food?: eating, stomach - Cats
  18. Best Style of Wellness Canned Food: eating, UTI, ragdoll - Cats
  19. Projectile Vomiting - trying to transition to wet food help!: weight, foods - Cats
  20. Best way to train a cat....: crystals, litter, kitty, litterbox - Cats
  21. Fat cats and dogs---more than half our pets obese: eating, weight, foods
  22. everyonce in awhile my cat makes a funny noise when opening up mouth sometimes and his body smells like feces..?: male, kidney - Cats
  23. How come a 15 pound cat needs a queen size bed?: dogs, blanket - Cats
  24. Cat Losing Tail Fur: rug, coons, food, furniture - Cats
  25. Cat survives gas chamber?: throw, dogs, kitty, humane - Cats
  26. In bread cats- again: dog, best, strange, spayed
  27. Seeking help re-homing a cat: kittens, dog, furniture, house - Cats
  28. The Secret Lives of Cats: older, keeping, price
  29. Protest over euthanized cat: house, shelter, tuna, humane - Cats
  30. Frontline Plus-but still see fleas-help: felines, food, dogs, dose - Cats
  31. Testing Weruva canned now (on my finicky feline): kitten, eating, canned food - Cats
  32. Bath time......: kitten, dog, rescue, humans - Cats
  33. Need advice: Going to try bringing FIV+ cat home: food, antibiotics, howling - Cats
  34. My baby is growing up?: kitten, bite, litter, licks - Cats
  35. protective cat: kitten, dogs, bite, house - Cats
  36. Inter species interaction and protection-kitten and a wolf: feline, dog, house - Cats
  37. Now THIS is fearless!!!!!!: kitty, grown - Cats
  38. A ray of sunshine as twilight descends: eating, weight, food - Cats
  39. Cosequin- wow!: eating, stomach, canned food, litter - Cats
  40. Album Covers reimagined with Cats: kitten
  41. cats that hate each other: siamese, peeing, vet, older
  42. Kitty Whining & crying: laser, throwing, crystals, domestic - Cats
  44. If your cats are not getting along, i may have found something: food, medication
  45. Do cats in the wild have hairballs?: eating, male, pukes
  46. CatGenie 120: litter, bathroom, room - Cats
  47. Brother cat tries to kill sister cat: eating, male, smells - Cats
  48. Soulistic Canned Cat Food: feed, diarrhea, protein, tuna - Cats
  49. Wellness and Before Grain Combo Platter: food, diet, meat, stray - Cats
  50. What's in your cat's diary: weight, sleeping, canned food, meowing - Cats
  51. News, Cat gets new home in exchange for kidney.: eating, feline, siamese - Cats
  52. Birthday cat...: kitten, dog, price, jump - Cats
  53. Stowaway cat survives wild ride on fuel tanker - Cats
  54. News, Former street kitten inherits fortune.: kitty, elderly, names - Cats
  55. Throwing Up, Lethargic,: eating, vomiting, canned food, dog - Cats
  56. Lola Update!!: kittens, weight, sneeze, antibiotic - Cats
  57. Hartz Ultra Guard Ear Mite Treatment for Cats: kittens, olive, flea
  58. Does your cat like catnip balls? (toy/treat): ferral, female, kitty - Cats
  59. Saying Goodbye and Saying Hello...: kitten, felines, smells, dog - Cats
  60. Who is the pet in your house?: canned food, training, water - Cats
  61. A Cat's Christmas.....(video): dangerous, claws - Cats
  62. Beautiful dance with Cat and Woman: dog, claws, time - Cats
  63. Adopted stray male cat - other 2 male cats not pleased: kitten, felines
  64. Need support: will this work out with the FIV+ stray??: eating, safe - Cats
  65. Cat door training tips?: food, litter, kitty, litterbox - Cats
  66. Duck, Lamb or Venison?: feline, canned food, houses, feed - Cats
  67. Lymphoma, Can food & Oral cancer, Antioxidants or Probiotics?: canned food, house, feed - Cats
  68. Cat massages are great!: dogs, female - Cats
  69. JJ is a genius- awesome video: dog, kitty, collar, bathroom - Cats
  70. Cars and Oranges - Cats
  71. Liquid treat: food, cheap, cheese, kitchen - Cats
  72. Optimize cat's diet?: eating, weight, stomach, canned food - Cats
  73. She's a good mouser but...: kitten, siamese, food, dogs - Cats
  74. Introducing cat to ferrets?: male, dog, bite, medicine - Cats
  75. I love coming home....: rug, sleeping, food, meows - Cats
  76. Bad Bad Kitty: urinating - Cats
  77. Evangers cat food?: foods, dog - Cats
  78. ColoradoRambo: kitty, ragdoll - Cats
  79. Bringing home a new cat tomorrow- tips?: kitten, eating, smells - Cats
  80. 3.0 Ounce Cans vs. 5.5 Ounce Cans: eating, smells, canned food, feed - Cats
  81. HELP!!! Serious ....: blood, puking, canned food, liquid - Cats
  82. Feeding a feral cat while welcoming a new addition: feline, safe, hair - Cats
  83. two different cats: eating, food, dog, litter
  84. older cat with greasy fur: kidney, blood, smells, coons - Cats
  85. We wish you a very Merry Christmas!: kitty - Cats
  86. Cats make good babysitters!: bite
  87. An Indelicate Subject: Elimination: kitten, eating, vomiting, drinks - Cats
  88. For SARA GIRL: eating, felines, bathroom, room - Cats
  89. Time tested & approved method to deter kitty from restricted area of the house.: dogs, furniture - Cats
  90. Poor baby- Hope he finds his home soon: kitty, travel - Cats
  91. with new foster: eating, weight, feline, rescue - Cats
  92. SO MANY GOOD ARTICLES in the NOV/DEC Newsletter of LITTLE BIG CAT - Cats
  93. Great way to hold ipad for reading......: keeping, time, special - Cats
  94. Advice about a stray?: smells, food, medicine, litter - Cats
  95. going on vacation..what to do with cat?: eating, safe, food - Cats
  96. Drinking from the toilet: kittens, kidney, blood, drinks - Cats
  97. Help with a medical issue: eating, weight, blood, canned food - Cats
  98. Texas cat killer?: kitten, safe, throwing, dogs - Cats
  99. Giving Benadryl to a Just Spayed Cat: eating, safe, antibiotics - Cats
  100. EVO 95% Chicken & Turkey Canned Cat Food: canned food, dog, feed - Cats
  101. Giving Cats Benadryl: weight, safe, liquid, medication
  102. Worried - lethargy & bloody stool: weight, kidney, blood, food - Cats
  103. memory triggers of cats we've lost: kittens, eating, smells, food
  104. Which sex is friendlier and cuddlier?: male, dogs, female, kitty - Cats
  105. Innova at PetSmart: throwing up, canned food, dog, house - Cats
  106. Best way to deter cats from pooping in my dirt?: dogs, fence
  107. When it comes to cats, it's always better to have 2!: kittens, male
  108. Cat Nose Bleed: blood, antibiotics, dog, rescue - Cats
  109. Long distance relocation driving with cats: eating, ferral, canned food, dogs
  110. My second older kitty has died.: weight, felines, medication, litter - Cats
  111. new cat owner with questions.: kitten, male, weight, feline - Cats
  112. Tell your story about a kitty you found and adopted: kittens, male - Cats
  113. Is your indoor cat micro-chipped?: safe, house, kitty, vet - Cats
  114. My Pet Sitter Lost My Toby Kitty: safe, sleeping, food - Cats
  115. The truth about cat allergies: male, sleeping, main, medication - Cats
  116. Using vinegar or garlic powder to kill fleas?: eating, carpet, blood - Cats
  117. Vomiting, severe weight loss, refusal to eat: kitten, eating, feline - Cats
  118. Cat and problem with the litterbox: kittens, male, feline, carpet - Cats
  119. Did you see this Doritos Super Bowl ad?: dogs, best, time - Cats
  120. almost 15 y.o. cat with arthritis - Metacam and Tramadol only options to me by vet: feline, kidney - Cats
  121. Cat not drinking water out of bowl, wants ours from cups: weight, kidney - Cats
  122. Cat Collars: kitten, weight, safe, dog - Cats
  123. Cat Acting Strangely: eating, smells, food, meows - Cats
  124. News, What If All the Cats in the World Suddenly Died?: dogs, hair
  125. Best handheld or stick vac for litter pickup??: weight, carpet, food - Cats
  126. Does color really matter in a cat's personality?: siamese, medication, bengal - Cats
  127. Best vacuum for pet hair: weight, carpet, dogs, litter - Cats
  128. If you disappeared (and someone cared for them) do you think your cats would notice?: siamese, meowing
  129. Serious ~ If I Were To Move Into A Home Where Someone Had Recently Been Murdered,: dogs, house - Cats
  130. Who has a soft spot for orange tabbies?: male, siamese, belly - Cats
  131. Helped trapa 28 feral cats: kittens, male, food, dogs
  132. at the end of my rope with the diarrhea: kitten, eating, canned food - Cats
  133. Strange Vet Visit: kitten, eating, male, feline - Cats
  134. How to Walk Your Cat: meows, house, fence, kitty - Cats
  135. My female Calico is Peeing on the carpet: felines, blood, canned food - Cats
  136. How could this horrible thing have happened?: kittens, rescue, adoption - Cats
  137. Cat has sarcoma: eating, blood, vaccine, surgery - Cats
  138. Old Cat possibly has Ear Mites - advice!: kittens, eating, weight - Cats
  139. Transitioning Dry to Canned Food - Wellness or Natural Balance?: weight, diet - Cats
  140. My kitty with Lymphoma is gone: weight, rescue, vet, disease - Cats
  141. Stinky cat pooh: smells, food, dogs, litter - Cats
  142. Cats Roaming.: food, dogs, furniture, domestic
  143. When confining a cat to re-train to use the litter box: kitten, vomit - Cats
  144. My CAT is STRESSing me out.: kitten, eating, weight, kidney - Cats
  145. Why should you be allowed to let your cat(s) roam free?: kittens, dogs - Cats
  146. Donate to ASPCA or get cat a dental?: safe, food, dog - Cats
  147. Need Help Getting Cats to Learn to Get Along and Not Kill Each Other!!!: declawed, dog
  148. Why are my cats so hungry in the morning?: eating, sleeping, food
  149. I just can't help it.......: eating, safe, belly, sleeping - Cats
  150. Is it time to be Scrooge?: kittens, eating, weight, felines - Cats
  151. Does your vet do this when treating your cat?: kitten, kidney, dog - Cats
  152. Who will care for my cats if something happens to me?: dog, rescue
  153. Can cats sense human emotions?: constantly, butt, house, shelter
  154. Flinging Poo Again: kitten, eating, carpet, smelling - Cats
  155. Cat STOPPED using the liter box. What to do?: eating, feline, food - Cats
  156. My cat smells like bacon: kitten, safe, litter, hair - Cats
  157. Bengal Cats: kittens, declawed, siamese, breeders
  158. The outdoor cage for the kitties.: house, foam, kitty - Cats
  159. Velcro and Cats: sleeping, food, hair, stress
  160. The Tale of Bridget - A Christmas story: meows, medicine, blankets - Cats
  161. When dry Wellness is unacceptable...: eating, weight, canned food, dogs - Cats
  162. Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts......: female, kitty, vet, shelter - Cats
  163. Food toppers that entice cats to eat what they might otherwise not?: eating, kidney
  164. Need advice on cat dental cleaning: feline, kidney, siamese, blood - Cats
  165. Out of control kitten: kittens, throw, chews, bite - Cats
  166. Diabetic cat pts?: throw, medication, diet, butt - Cats
  167. Moving with older cat, can I make her transition easier?: male, smells - Cats
  168. I gave my cats a shower yesterday. They HATED it. lol: kittens, feline
  169. Calories and Fat of Canned Food: weight, diet, feed, licking - Cats
  170. 229 months and 10 days: feline, food, lethargic, house - Cats
  171. It's Official, My Cats Make Wellness A Top Pick!: canned food, liquid, appetite
  172. Out of ideas for behavior issue....: male, laser, siamese, blood - Cats
  173. The Worst Form of Cruelty: tuna, indoor, time, outside - Cats
  174. How do I politely notify my neighbor....: food, houses, feed - Cats
  175. Nose Bleed: kitty, vet, special, sounds - Cats
  176. Do Cats Think About Things?: kitten, eating, sleeping, food
  177. About to take the plunge...need advice: kitten, declawed, felines - Cats
  178. How Much Canned Food Do You Feed At A Time?: kitten, weight - Cats
  179. Cat diagnosed with kidney failure: eating, weight, feline, siamese - Cats
  180. What Flavors Of Before Grain Canned Does Your Cat Like?: eating, foods - Cats
  181. Feed A Cat, Own A Cat. But Will He Ever Be Tame?: eating, food - Cats
  182. Can your cat do this?: weight, throw, dogs, diet - Cats
  183. Is It Time For My Cat to be Euthanized?: eating, weight, feline - Cats
  184. Animal Planet, Cat from Hell is back: weight, dogs, litter - Cats
  185. tips for moving with a cat!: eating, safe, food - Cats
  186. We Messed Up-Didn't Transition Cat Food Now Dealing with Projectile Vomit: eating, weight - Cats
  187. Can You Help Me Choose A New Cat?: kittens, declawed, feline - Cats
  188. Why do you have a cat?: kittens, safe, food, dogs - Cats
  189. new baby (human): kittens, food, main, furniture - Cats
  190. Food Sensitivities Rears its Ugly Head: eating, weight, vomiting, throw - Cats
  191. One Cat or Two?: kittens, declawed, carpet, furniture - Cats
  192. Cat People Versus Dog People: eating, dogs, furniture, diet - Cats
  193. ****do not click on shaved cat !@** - Cats
  194. Cat soothes crying baby - Cats
  195. Sound waves and cat ears: house, foam, teeth, neighbors - Cats
  196. Merry Christmas to my Cat Loving Friends - Cats
  197. Wellness Core Canned Food: protein - Cats
  198. Cat Helps With Yoga: Cute/Ridiculous Animal Thing Of The Day (VIDEO) - Cats
  199. Food Resources: eating, weight, canned food, hair - Cats
  200. The Big Cats in a santuary in Tampa