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  36. Pet Photographer Gives Her Time ~ and ~ Gives Shelter Dogs a New Life ... Video: adoption, animals
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  52. Earthquake: shaking, African, home, California - Dogs
  53. a sweet rescue video to make your day: home - Dogs
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  57. At funeral, dog mourns the death of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan: best, animals - Dogs
  58. Deployed soldier needs a foster in So Cal.. organizations?: lab, home - Dogs
  59. Bad front teeth: terrier, clean, vet, diet - Dogs
  60. 3 mo old puppy died.. not sure why: vet, toy, breeder - Dogs
  61. Stolen Dog in Illinois: shepherd, vet, black, rescues - Dogs
  62. Gentle giant: English Mastiff, teeth, canine, allowed - Dogs
  63. Lost Dog in Fountain Hills, AZ?: boxer, cross, food, cats - Dogs
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  70. Video of stray rescued in Calif desert: paws, year, animal - Dogs
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  77. why, oh WHY do people bring small kids to dog parks?: rescue, fleas - Dogs
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  79. pick up after your dog: clean, poop, odor, adoption - Dogs
  80. Relocating 7 Yr Old Lab from PA to AZ - Help!: how much, vet - Dogs
  81. ever been bitten?: poodle, miniature, bite, toy - Dogs
  82. New dog....: breeds, problems, ears, year - Dogs
  83. What breed is this? (my new foster doggy): shepherd, terrier, aggressive - Dogs
  84. Thinking about reporting the neighbors.....: bite, vet, breeding, barking - Dogs
  85. Pit bulls....: bite, training, euthanize, puppy - Dogs
  86. Should I consider changing foods: yorkies, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
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  90. Dog diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure: poodle, chihuahua, clean, vet - Dogs
  91. Why I love my dog(s)... add your own reasons: clean, rescue - Dogs
  92. Betsey's progress in pictures: how much, terrier, walk, grass - Dogs
  93. Boston Terrier or Miniature Pinscher?: retrievers, vet, breeders, train - Dogs
  94. used a Scat Mat?: lab, rottweiler, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
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  96. Why Every Dog Bite Attack On The News Is A Pitbull: pitbulls, shepherd - Dogs
  97. Why GSD?: daschund, shepherd, shepherds, rescues - Dogs
  98. Meet Beau: black, work, coat - Dogs
  99. about dandruff: vet, black, treatment, diet - Dogs
  100. man eating pitbulls............again: boxer, terrier, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  101. We are most likely bringing home a puppy tomorrow...: neutered, shots, dachshund - Dogs
  102. Can you identify a Pit Bull?: pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers, pugs, puppies - Dogs
  103. Tips requested: bulldogs, boxer, rottweilers, poop
  104. What do you know about Shelties?: breeder, barking, training, collie - Dogs
  105. Dog Training: lab, chihuahuas, bite, toy - Dogs
  106. Only One Testicle?: vet, spaniel, surgery, costs - Dogs
  107. Need Your Suggestions..: poop, barking, training, teeth - Dogs
  108. Is there such a thing as a Pocket Beagle?: chihuahua, yorkies, breeders - Dogs
  109. Calling all dog psychologists! Rate pictures...: breeder, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
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  111. She won't drink!: vet, skin, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  112. Wish me luck: bones, adopt, paws, cross - Dogs
  113. Is it a Pitbull?: ridgeback, train, teeth, adopted - Dogs
  114. How often do you bathe your dog?: labs, clean, breeder - Dogs
  115. Pumpkin causing Diarrhea?: allergic, poop, vet, treatment - Dogs
  116. wants a dog?? Absolutely FREE!!: lab, vet, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  117. What do you do with dogs during work?: shepherd, boxers, clean
  118. Changing food due to allergy, how long to see a change?: labs, vet - Dogs
  119. How much to feed puppy?: labs, rottweiler, chihuahuas, poop - Dogs
  120. From 2 dogs to 3: how much, vet, black, skin
  121. Dog vomiting in the morning: lab, vet, stomach, cost - Dogs
  122. click to give: rescues, food, shelter, cats - Dogs
  123. What shots does my dog need yearly?: labrador, rottweilers, vet - Dogs
  124. Torn Cruciate Advice...: lab, vet, surgery, cost - Dogs
  125. Royal Canin: how much, allergic, chihuahua, yorkie - Dogs
  126. Rescue dog, suddenly changed behavior on walks - advice?: poop, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  127. Tell me how you spent your last days/months with your dog, and how did you cope with knowing the end was coming?: how much, rottweilers - Dogs
  128. Can a dog be traumatized by a new haircut?: shihtzu, poodle, skin - Dogs
  129. Roxie had her checkup: vet, barking, training, odor - Dogs
  130. Interesting article about renaming your rescue dog: terrier, breeder, wound - Dogs
  131. Should I get a puupy?: shih tzu, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  132. Starving Dogs Eat Owner: diet, dominant, eating, humans
  133. So sweet...: lab, kids, ears, home - Dogs
  134. I've never been so scared in my entire life...: border collie, shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  135. There's a New Man In Town!!!!!!!!: breeder, natural, breed, ears - Dogs
  136. How to know if your dog has fleas?: terrier, bite, poop - Dogs
  137. The cone of shame: wound, chewing, puppy, treats - Dogs
  138. Can you guess her breed?: shepherd, terrier, rescue, cost - Dogs
  139. Dog got skunked, now isn't eating right: gagging, vet, symptoms - Dogs
  140. How much of a routine can dogs get in to?: lab, training
  141. My dog has a swollen lab, vet, breeders - Dogs
  142. For Lovers of the Pittie Grin: puppy, best, year, vicious - Dogs
  143. And then there were 5...: labs, wound, black, skin - Dogs
  144. All dogs share 99.8 percent of the same DNA...: shepherd, English Bulldog, terrier
  145. Tell me about Maltese Dogs.: how much, poodles, terrier, chihuahuas
  146. Why toys get shredded and others don't.: labrador, poodle, rottweiler - Dogs
  147. So my dog tried to murder my other dog..: rottweilers, toy, wound - Dogs
  148. Chaos got a new toy: shih tzu, rottweiler, puppy, breed - Dogs
  149. New Bull Terrier Puppy- Need Advice!: rottweiler, poop, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  150. Dog stays faithful to friend in death....: best, ears, animals - Dogs
  151. Need your advice on a good vacuum for pet hair.: border collie, how much - Dogs
  152. We Found Our Rescue! Meet Titan!: husky, beagle, best, test - Dogs
  153. Does your dog expose its belly to you?: labrador, bite, beagle - Dogs
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  155. Praise her or scold her?: shepherd, bite, clean, barking - Dogs
  156. What Is It With People That Own Toy Dogs??!!: pitbulls, shepherd, bulldog
  157. Hachi, A Dog's Tale: ears, Cary, year, months - Dogs
  158. dog goes round and round and round..: poop, vet, training - Dogs
  159. Revolution, Comfortis or Sentinel?: allergic, bite, vet, mice - Dogs
  160. Puppies: how much, shepherd, poodles, terriers - Dogs
  161. Advice On Adopting Older, Extra Large Breeds: terrier, laser, black - Dogs
  162. Does have a fearful rescue success story to share?: terrier, rottweiler - Dogs
  163. .. a tiny ray of common sense!!: lab, bite, training - Dogs
  164. News, Toronto Pet Stores Must Sell Only Pound Pups.: breeders, rescue, neutered - Dogs
  165. Deciding which dog to get for myself?: how much, labs, terrier - Dogs
  166. Do you always keep your dog to the same side while walking?: chihuahua, poop - Dogs
  167. Public Dog Abuse: lab, breeder, skin, kids - Dogs
  168. Probiotics?: allergy, vet, black, skin - Dogs
  169. does your dog stack?: breeder, training, bones, natural - Dogs
  170. How to tell if bitten by a snake?: shepherd, allergic, bite - Dogs
  171. dog recommendations or suggestions for a new home owner like myself?: border collie, labrador - Dogs
  172. Hey Lady! Can I pet your dog?: pitbull, daschund, bulldog - Dogs
  173. got a puppy... our house is full of pee and poop! AND other questions!: yorkie, bite - Dogs
  174. shaved their own dog?: poodle, clean, vets, schnauzer - Dogs
  175. Why did you name your dog/s what you did?: shepherd, lab - Dogs
  176. My dog keeps peeing in the house!: bulldogs, boxers, terriers
  177. new with a Vizsla?: husky, pups, weimaraner - Dogs
  178. Microchip & Limping: patella, vet, toy, breeder - Dogs
  179. Triming nails: poodles, vet, black, rescue - Dogs
  180. have deeper insight into the mind of person who would purposefully neglect their dog?: heartworms, stomach - Dogs
  181. In Search of the Right Dog Food: allergic, poop, vet - Dogs
  182. a dog doesn't know what growling means?: how much, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  183. Help About Electric Dog Fence.: lab, terrier, spaniel, black - Dogs
  184. Aging Dogs: border collie, terrier, yorkie, miniature
  185. Do you give your dogs children's vitamins and fish oil?: shepherd, boxer
  186. Rescue underway in FL this week. One tough case...: bulldog, skin, training - Dogs
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  188. How to prevent bug bites?: bite, vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  189. Problem with owner at dog park: lab, bulldogs, boxer, terrier
  190. Puppies vs. Babies?: cross, test, Wyoming, work - Dogs
  191. run with their dog in the winter?: lab, rottweiler, bites - Dogs
  192. is what every dog (and Owner) needs - Dogs
  193. in FL have one of needed in desperate to rescue a stray: best - Dogs
  194. News, Homeless after Harry Potter: Canine movie star Padfoot needs a loving family (and they can be muggles): shepherd, black - Dogs
  195. The Original Motorcycle Dog - Dogs
  196. Dragon's Den Show on Canadian TV: breeder, black, rescue, best - Dogs
  197. News, Rob Lowe pitches in on dog rescues.: rescue, canines, California - Dogs
  198. i hate fleas: home, prevent - Dogs
  199. senior dogs are almost as cute as puppies (link w/photo): rescue, animals
  200. Teaching A Bomb-Proof Stay: training, best, ears, test - Dogs