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  11. What is it with the NY Times Magazine?: chew, cross, puppy - Dogs
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  13. Interceptor/Sentinel for dogs?: vet, prescription, problems, bought
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  19. Angels Eyes: poodle, clean, black, diet - Dogs
  20. Tank the trash dog: outside, home, animal - Dogs
  21. No 4-D animals in pet food petition: cost, euthanize, disease - Dogs
  22. groomers tip: problems, hair, grooming, owner - Dogs
  23. LOL Had to share: poop, puppy, outside, stop - Dogs
  24. Trifexis: biting, vet, treatment, fleas - Dogs
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  27. Help! Is the black skin a yeast infection??: allergy, vet, prescription - Dogs
  28. Hypoglycemia in Dogs: chihuahua, shaking, symptoms, puppies
  29. An easy way to get $100k for a dog rescue group: work - Dogs
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  33. China Grieving Dog Guards the Grave Of Its Dead Owner: humans - Dogs
  34. Photo of a dog on her lucky day (:: pitbull, outside, sleep - Dogs
  35. Bugles or Beagles (which group should win money?): test - Dogs
  36. Vestibular Disease: black, beagle, drool, euthanize - Dogs
  37. rescued a dog: tumors, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  38. Can the Bulldog Be Saved?: how much, shepherd, English Bulldog, boxer - Dogs
  39. For of you who want to see a chihuahua rescued: man, people - Dogs
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  42. A for real amazing picture....: sold - Dogs
  43. Milos Kitchen Treats/Chicken: clean, cleaning, symptoms, best - Dogs
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  46. He's at it once again: yorkie, vet, diet, cost - Dogs
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  48. Warning bulletin issued by FDA: food, treats, people - Dogs
  49. Pet Smell: clean, black, skin, carpet - Dogs
  50. News, Adopted Dog Saves New Owners Life: labs, rescues, ears - Dogs
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  53. Help with puppy: poodle, poop, vet, treatment - Dogs
  54. News, Dog caught driving in Australia: best, german, home, Mobile - Dogs
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  56. Dog euthanized.. with court order to wait.: rescue, adoption, store - Dogs
  57. Gastro Diet?????: lab, allergy, vets, prescription - Dogs
  58. Can help with advice on re-housebreaking?: shepherd, clean, vet - Dogs
  59. My niece cannot stop crying.. She has to give up her dog: vet, breeders - Dogs
  60. Heart Murmur: vet, aggressive, skin, treatment - Dogs
  61. Just in time for Halloween....ghost puppies...: noise, American, sleep - Dogs
  62. Dog named Coda revived with mouth-to-snout resuscitation: border collie, labrador, collie - Dogs
  63. Hives, Diarrhea and Trembling: allergic, bite, clean, vet - Dogs
  64. Facebookers - vote for animal rescue group (currently in 2nd place): test - Dogs
  65. I'm back in the transport game: clean, poop, black, training - Dogs
  66. Seeing Eye Dog for a blind great dane.: how much, home, animals - Dogs
  67. My dog has a huff but not quite fully sneezing: vet, stomach - Dogs
  68. boxer, vet, breeder, wound - Dogs
  69. Winter Wear for Dogs: poodle, best, outside, legs
  70. puppy or dog?: vet, barks, housebreak, train - Dogs
  71. Dog/s suddenly peeing in house?: clean, vet, housebreak, cleaning - Dogs
  72. Dog Problems: how much, shepherd, vet, science - Dogs
  73. loved this doggie: shelter, Colorado, Denver, work - Dogs
  74. Halloween dogs ( photo!): vet, adopted, kennel, cats
  75. Dog Hives, Seasonal allergies: allergic, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  76. Coughing like a goose honking: terrier, vet, diet, kennel - Dogs
  77. Pitbulls....Article from the New Yorker: people - Dogs
  78. Explain: Why is this funny?!?!?!: train, teeth, food, canine - Dogs
  79. How to make a puppy like his crate?: toy, barking, chew - Dogs
  80. Dog ALWAYS Pees when one particular person is around: walk, carpet, problems - Dogs
  81. The Cutest Pair Need a Foster Home, spread the word: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  82. Heartwarming story--pitbull saves woman's life: pitbulls, surgery, breed, walk - Dogs
  83. News, Miracle Dog Survives Gas Chamber, Comes to NJ for Adoption.: rescue, beagle - Dogs
  84. This morning, my dog bit me: bite, sleep, hurt, work - Dogs
  85. Another awesome song and video from John Shipe!!: rescue, shots - Dogs
  86. In search of a dog food that doesn't include euthanized pets: vet, diet - Dogs
  87. I'm looking for a pug!: vet, breeders, training, rescue - Dogs
  88. Training without a class: how much, retriever, toy, barks - Dogs
  89. Puppies!: poop, vet, toy, stomach - Dogs
  90. idea on what my mixed breed is?: pitbulls, shepherd, rescue - Dogs
  91. Funny student evaluation: pitbull, miniature, science, cross - Dogs
  92. 6wk lab puppies - scabs. What is this?: labrador, allergy, retriever - Dogs
  93. giving pills to dogs: allergy, bite, vet, skin
  94. What kind of dog to get?: labradors, bulldogs, boxers, terrier
  95. Dogs left outside: lab, rescues, beagle, adopted
  96. What to do with a found dog?: vet, barking, kennel - Dogs
  97. I want a dog, but am worried about lack of yard: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  98. Can you guess what she is mxed with?: shepherd, labs, bulldog - Dogs
  99. Beagle & Hound owners, help us!: breeding, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  100. Need to vent......: vet, skin, surgery, ears - Dogs
  101. Sick Shih Tzu: lab, bites, vet, stomach - Dogs
  102. dog, puppy and cat: poop, training, adopted, puppies - Dogs
  103. My dog has parvo.... need advice?: lab, vet, diarrhea, symptoms - Dogs
  104. your dogs favorite toy?: clean, skin, chews, outside
  105. dogs on furniture: how much, boxer, chihuahua, clean
  106. What do you pay to have your small dog groomed?: lab, shih tzu - Dogs
  107. Finding a breeder: vet, breeders, pomeranian, surgery - Dogs
  108. Dog attack.: bite, barking, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  109. Iams Lamb Meal with Rice Dog Food has been recalled from Price Chopper markets, no FDA recall from: clean, vet - Dogs
  110. Do dogs feel love**and other emotions: boxers, bite, barking
  111. Bichon --Will Lucy's fur grow back in white?: allergy, poodles, skin - Dogs
  112. Standard Poodle: poodles, train, best, breed - Dogs
  113. Fda blue buffalo & chicken jerky recall: veterinary, breeder, diet - Dogs
  114. I can't take it anymore with this dog!: poodle, biting, clean - Dogs
  115. News, Bow wow: Woman dons bikini in effort to find dog.: shelter, eat - Dogs
  116. A Dozer Update: terrier, vet, breeders, skin - Dogs
  117. Suggestions for large breed dog nail clippers?: chihuahua, biting, vet - Dogs
  118. How to get a puppy to like his crate? Help?: poop, toy - Dogs
  119. My dog cries when we are in the car: how much, poodle, vet - Dogs
  120. Sick Boxer, help!: boxers, terrier, vet, breeder - Dogs
  121. How Should I Deal With A Neighbors Constantly Barking Dog?: clean, noise - Dogs
  122. Lab dogs from Spain, first time out of a cage: vet, rescued
  123. What kind of dog do you think this is?: terrier, basenji, paws - Dogs
  124. Looking for Pitbull friendly housing: pitbulls, vet, training, rescue - Dogs
  125. Is broccoli good for dogs & other questions: how much, English Bulldog, yorkie
  126. White Shaker Dog Syndrome: boxers, vet, breeders, black - Dogs
  127. Dog Treat Ideas: poodle, poop, training, cost - Dogs
  128. staring: vet, barks, collie, outside - Dogs
  129. Suggestions for new dog?: daschund, how much, lab, shih-tzu - Dogs
  130. Funny associations dogs make: labs, barking, black, teeth
  131. What food to give a dog with a high metabolism?: shepherd, boxers - Dogs
  132. Another example of Artie training me: clean, poop, food, walk - Dogs
  133. porcupine attack, suggestions?: how much, labrador, bite, clean - Dogs
  134. Springer spaniel puppy of lab/retriever puppy??: border collie, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  135. A rant and advice: poop, vet, treatment, symptoms - Dogs
  136. For the love of the herding dog: border collie, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  137. Phoenix needs your prayers: vet, failure, best, food - Dogs
  138. What exactly is my dog mixed with?: boxers, terrier, vet - Dogs
  139. Ideas to keep my lab from chewing her bed?: labrador, veterinary, toy - Dogs
  140. Buy dog food online?: how much, natural, best, protein - Dogs
  141. Comfy Dog Harness: toy, skin, training, adopted - Dogs
  142. Bully dog with lots of gas...: bulldog, boxer, vet, barking - Dogs
  143. dogs and peanut butter: toy, beagle, adopted, food
  144. Bella has bad breath from kitty doodles. Neighbor's cats under my house.: poop, training - Dogs
  145. am i the only one who doesnt talk to my dog?: lab, huskies - Dogs
  146. Thinking of getting a new dog: labrador, retrievers, breeders, black - Dogs
  147. Female dog with huge fear of new male owner: shepherd, breeder, wound - Dogs
  148. Screaming Dog: shepherd, lab, boxer, chihuahua - Dogs
  149. Opinion about Ecollar for training?: how much, terrier, breeders, barking - Dogs
  150. Pit pitbull, lab, terrier, vet - Dogs
  151. This dog adopted me.: border collie, skin, collie, adopt - Dogs
  152. the newest addition: bulldog, fleas, puppy, adult - Dogs
  153. are we walking the dog too much?: chihuahuas, poop, train - Dogs
  154. ABC tonight - Samonella in Pet food could transfer to Humans: vet, skin - Dogs
  155. Dog toys for chewers: shepherd, vet, toy, stomach - Dogs
  156. Canine cataract surgery greed $$$$$$: clean, poop, vet, cataracts - Dogs
  157. Shih Tzu skin allergies - tips?: lab, allergic, chihuahuas - Dogs
  158. Bone Cancer in dog - Trying to decide if I should amputate: border collie, bulldog - Dogs
  159. Cocoa's First Time seeing SNOW: skin, pups, outside, breeds - Dogs
  160. How to wash a dog's face in a bath?: bulldogs, poodle, clean
  161. My name is RRRRRRRusty! What breed am I? (Second Try!): terrier, black - Dogs
  162. Glamour Shots of Shelter Animals: how much, rescue, adoption, best - Dogs
  163. Help! My dog is terrified of the bedroom!: border collie, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  164. What I call the death howl.: lab, barks, noise, puppy - Dogs
  165. My name is RRRRRRRusty! What breed am I?: basenji, rescued, adopted - Dogs
  166. Worth brushing dogs teeth?: labs, clean, poop, vet
  167. Where to buy discount pet meds online?: how much, vet, prescription - Dogs
  168. Just want s on this...: bulldog, bite, black, beagle - Dogs
  169. Humping questions.: chihuahua, yorkie, biting, toy - Dogs
  170. Grand puppy - am I being too over protective?: vet, legal, training - Dogs
  171. Is your dog part cat?: laser, spaniel, barking, mice - Dogs
  172. Reminiscing about our old lab: labs, clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  173. Debarking....and a decision that needs to be made...: how much, shepherd, chihuahua - Dogs
  174. Potty Training---Vent!: clean, poop, breeders, black - Dogs
  175. Changing a dog's name?: wound, husky, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  176. K-9 Flu?: veterinarian, toy, barking, rescue - Dogs
  177. Worried about my Husky: gagging, vet, huskies, stomach - Dogs
  178. Bad pitbull situation( sorry its long): bites, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  179. update on Patrick, the once-emaciated pit: stomach, children, adult, recovery - Dogs
  180. What causes a dog to chew carpet?: poodle, chihuahua, toy - Dogs
  181. Incoming!!!!: lab, bulldog, boxer, husky - Dogs
  182. Options for new Dog: shihtzu, allergic, goldendoodle, poodle - Dogs
  183. Dog Rescue...the financial drain.....: how much, vet, aggressive, skin - Dogs
  184. PAPILLION -- Eye Color: poodles, chihuahuas, bites, toy - Dogs
  185. Tuffy's sick; vet tomorrow: chihuahua, bite, clean, poop - Dogs
  186. LOSING MY MIND over this: toy, barking, chew, breeds - Dogs
  187. Unleashed dogs: vet, barking, aggressive, cost
  188. American Mastiff owners?: how much, labs, labradoodle, English Mastiff - Dogs
  189. Is there a way to charm a dog away from the owner?: shepherd, shih tzu - Dogs
  190. How much home-cooked food??: lab, allergy, terrier, bites - Dogs
  191. Do dirty dogs have more fun??: golden retriever, clean, cleaning, training
  192. Pit Bull Blues: terrier, best, breed, mixed - Dogs
  193. So I opened my back door to take Nanners for a walk...: rescue, puppy - Dogs
  194. Guesses for what kind of mix?! Lab Mix: rottweiler, black, rescued - Dogs
  195. Who Did It?: animal - Dogs
  196. The National Dog Show In Philadelphia - Dogs
  197. Foster needed in Florida - Dogs
  198. Tuffy, chihuahua foster, video: best - Dogs
  199. Fine Shelter in south JErsey: adopt, adult, ears, year - Dogs
  200. rescue of a Chihuahua: animal - Dogs