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  17. he's so cool... just had to share I LOVE MY DOGGIE!: children, best - Dogs
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  37. Greetings to my dog.: shepherd, shepherds, paws, outside - Dogs
  38. News, Whistleblower: 5 Dogs Survived Euthanasia Attempts.: euthanize, shelter, Indiana, Indianapolis
  39. What am I?: how much, boxer, neutered, cross - Dogs
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  45. Chocolate Lab. Male or Female?: aggressive, rescue, adopting, neutered - Dogs
  46. Merry Christmas - Dogs
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  49. Santa Pic!: black, natural, pups, best - Dogs
  50. I'm in TN, He's in TN: rescue, adopted, pups, food - Dogs
  51. What is the rationale for serving size for a dog?: spaniel, food - Dogs
  52. : terrier, adoption, euthanize, puppies - Dogs
  53. Another Busy Day with the Rescue..Puppies!!!: black, adoption, euthanize - Dogs
  54. who show?: clean, kennel, best, outside - Dogs
  55. :-d: lab, beagle, adopt, breeds - Dogs
  56. oh jeez...: miniature, pinscher, costs, adoption - Dogs
  57. 26 Pit Bulls Seized From 2 Homes In Apparent Dogfighting Operation: pitbull, shepherd, apartments - Dogs
  58. Kibble size and large dogs?: bites, clean, barking, science
  59. Snowy's bleeding gums: Gingivitis: border collie, clean, vet, toy - Dogs
  60. California Natural or Canidae Lamb & Rice?: lab, vet, skin - Dogs
  61. PBS: Nature does segment on dogs this week: breeding, neutered, pups
  62. My dog is sufering what shall i do????: vet, spaniel, surgery - Dogs
  63. I know you like puppy pics....: clean, vets, shaking, breeds - Dogs
  64. Free online dog magazines?: puppy, leash, information - Dogs
  65. does ...: pitbull, allergic, rescue, allergies - Dogs
  66. Picky Eater: poop, vet, puppy, food - Dogs
  67. How much coffee is too much? I'm freaked.: vet, stomach, skin - Dogs
  68. Squirrel Watching: bird, shots, feeder, yard - Dogs
  69. HELP!!! housing 2 older terriers w/o training: terrier, bite, clean - Dogs
  70. Tear stains and food stains on the face: shih tzu, clean, best - Dogs
  71. Does know of a reliable dog walker in Port St. Lucie Florida? - Dogs
  72. GSD appears to be afraid of roommate?: shepherd, lab, vet - Dogs
  73. Traveling with dogs: lab, poop, barking, rescue
  74. Dogue de Bordeaux (AKA Turner and Hooch): breeders, kennel, puppy - Dogs
  75. long awaite photo/video gallery :-D: laser, barking, adopted, pups - Dogs
  76. This is for all the pit bull lovers!: pitbull, bite, veterinary - Dogs
  77. Puerto Rico Treatment of Dogs: how much, breeding, adoption, cross
  78. help with my dog problem!: vet, husky, surgery, kennel - Dogs
  79. fear of pit bulls and other dogs: shepherd, terriers, shepherds
  80. Electronic fence vs. Invisible Fence: train, kennel, best, collars - Dogs
  81. News, 8-Month-Old Boy Mauled to Death by Family Dog in New York.: pitbulls, lab - Dogs
  82. Breeders: ridgeback, border collie, terrier, rottweiler - Dogs
  83. codys learning to wipe his feet: poodle, clean, adopted, paws - Dogs
  84. Fake limp?: vet, cross, outside, cats - Dogs
  85. English bulldogs: English Bulldog, vet, toy, breeders
  86. Why People Are Scared Of Pit Bulls: Their Owners!: rescue, children, puppies - Dogs
  87. Dogs- Monthy average in cost? $$$$: border collie, poodles, clean, vet
  88. Pitbulls: Dogs Present Special Risk to non-Owners & Owners Alike:: lab, bulldog
  89. if only florida had snow: outside, ears, home, blanket - Dogs
  90. Pit Bull in the News: A Wonderful Story for a Change!: pitbull, terrier - Dogs
  91. My neighbors female is in heat and my dog will not eat !: lab, vet - Dogs
  92. dealing w/Spondylosis?: miniature, pinscher, vet, surgery - Dogs
  93. The Pit Bull Thing: pitbulls, bulldogs, poodles, aggressive
  94. City Data Sheltie, Border Collie, Club: spaniel, breeder, barking, bones - Dogs
  95. Yeast Infection Wont Go Away: poodle, clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  96. my dog just got into a fight he is swelling what do i do?: lab, clean - Dogs
  97. Wow! PETA is Unbelieveable...: lab, golden retriever, bite, breeding - Dogs
  98. What breed is our doggie?: black, pup, breeds, ears - Dogs
  99. Mangled pit bulls thrown in trash evidence of dogfights: pitbull, training, kennel - Dogs
  100. Will they never stop!: black, rescue, noise, best - Dogs
  101. having a dog get teeth cleaned?: daschund, how much, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  102. Fed Raw Tonight!: how much, clean, cleaning, teeth - Dogs
  103. Its 15 degrees F.~~: border collie, shepherd, yorkie, clean - Dogs
  104. I'm losing my best friend..: vet, treatment, diet, ears - Dogs
  105. What is wrong with people?!: aggressive, science, rabies, vaccinations - Dogs
  106. Aggressive Corgi?: bites, vet, breeder, shaking - Dogs
  107. Presa Canario Owners? (Perro de Canario): vet, breeders, shedding - Dogs
  108. My pitbull is throwing up yellow foam and has diahrea: bites, clean - Dogs
  109. Puppy induced sleep deprivation: barks, bones, kennels, chew - Dogs
  110. Ticks, Many Many Ticks.: poodle, bites, clean, vet - Dogs
  111. Special Daycare for High Strung dogs: how much, labs, terriers, clean
  112. fighting or playing-how to tell??: poodle, golden retriever, bite, barking - Dogs
  113. anyplace than can help a sick boxer?: lab, vet, treatment - Dogs
  114. Yellow Snow: shih tzu, paws, dachshund, puppy - Dogs
  115. Notice changes in behavior after leaving pet in a kennel?: shih tzu, poop - Dogs
  116. What do you look for in a vet?: rottweilers, clean, poop - Dogs
  117. airline travel with dog or driving 3 days alone?: vet, skin, rescue - Dogs
  118. Police: Teen Playing With Pit Bull Attacked: pitbulls, border collie, labrador - Dogs
  119. Our Dachshund Snores!: boxer, vet, teeth, allergies - Dogs
  120. What will you do if your dog is being approached by an off leash aggressive dog?: lab, boxer - Dogs
  121. My dog had a seizure!: clean, vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  122. Do I want a dog?: lab, retriever, vet, toy - Dogs
  123. Puppy not adjusting well to move: lab, vet, housebreak, train - Dogs
  124. Vick to possibly get out early: outside, ears, eating, Atlanta - Dogs
  125. Proposed law in PA could affect you if you don't live there: poodle, yorkie - Dogs
  126. Puppy trying to kill cats: labs, rottweiler, bites, housebreak - Dogs
  127. Pit Bull owners what do you this of registration rules?: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  128. just picked up rescue dog-strange behaviors-advice: vet, bones, adopted - Dogs
  129. News, A Look Inside Vick's Dogfighting House.: how much, clean, children - Dogs
  130. Cavalier King Charles breeder in FL?: patella, clean, spaniel, breeders - Dogs
  131. Another Pit Bull Attack: pitbulls, how much, shepherd, labradors - Dogs
  132. Doggy MeatBalls: how much, shih tzu, clean, cleaning - Dogs
  133. Rescue time..20 puppies!!: shepherd, lab, shih tzu, terrier - Dogs
  134. Eek, my dog slept in the car last night!: poodle, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  135. limping?: patella, vet, train, surgery - Dogs
  136. Jumping driving me crazy-HELP :): lab, barking, training, chewing - Dogs
  137. Dog prices in your area: border collie, labs, shih tzu, English Bulldog - Dogs
  138. New Dog Coming From Best Friends: border collie, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  139. Dog-Eating Wolf Attacks: aggressive, legal, children, outside - Dogs
  140. Bad experience with rescue groups: shih tzu, golden retrievers, yorkie, poop - Dogs
  141. Working from home and a puppy: biting, toy, barking, housebreak - Dogs
  142. Labradoodles- help!: labrador, poodles, labradoodle, retriever - Dogs
  143. holy happy bone batman!!: vet, husky, stomach, bones - Dogs
  144. Winter is Snow pics. Check out my polar bear: lab, black - Dogs
  145. X-Mas card: shepherd, shepherds, paws, breed - Dogs
  146. wall jumping!: laser, training, puppy, best - Dogs
  147. I feel like...: how much, terrier, bite, laser - Dogs
  148. Beef bones with marrow/ raw or cooked?: clean, stomach, teeth - Dogs
  149. Dog Walker or Doggie Day Care????: how much, clean, training, costs - Dogs
  150. Registration and quality?: lab, golden retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
  151. Have you ever been bit?: pitbull, shih tzu, poodle, chihuahuas - Dogs
  152. Does your doggy's doo smell bad/awful?: poop, skin, natural - Dogs
  153. What has your breed been misidentified as?: pitbull, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  154. Skittish dog + New Baby: border collie, terrier, vet, barking - Dogs
  155. Is it easier to train a puppy, adult or adolescent dog?: border collie, rescue - Dogs
  156. might as well...: rottweilers, yorkie, bites, clean - Dogs
  157. Something wierd just happened with my Boxer - help?: vet, shaking, shedding - Dogs
  158. News, Verdict of Vick's dogs: rescues, costs, adopt, pups
  159. My little girl doing pulling: how much, laser, train, kennels - Dogs
  160. Cat/Dog: clean, poop, cleaning, train - Dogs
  161. Know Anything About Seizures in Dogs?: shepherd, golden retriever, clean
  162. Skidboot - The Amazing Dog~!!: puppy, ears, year, owner - Dogs
  163. stop humping: clean, barking, surgery, ears - Dogs
  164. Dog bit by another dog, questions: shepherd, lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  165. Suggestions for weekends away: golden retriever, vet, kennels, rabies - Dogs
  166. What makes a dog a breed: pitbull, shepherd, labradors, English Bulldog - Dogs
  167. Dakota & Tacoma: pitbulls, how much, toy, black - Dogs
  168. Who breeds dogs?: how much, lab, yorkies, breeders
  169. Was your dog naughty or nice?: diet, kids, puppies, cats - Dogs
  170. Can you help me determine what breed by dog is?: border collie, poodle - Dogs
  171. Black lab lost near Lumberton NC in I-95 accident: how much, vet, neutered - Dogs
  172. ohhh crap a tick: bites, clean, vet, heartworms - Dogs
  173. News, SoCal Woman Mauled to Death by Pit Bulls.: pitbulls, labrador, bulldog - Dogs
  174. The flying dog: lab, toy, wound, shaking - Dogs
  175. Breed Banning - Coming Soon to Your Town: how much, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  176. Beach doggie!: lab, black, kids, ears - Dogs
  177. Pooper Scoopers: clean, kennel, kids, food - Dogs
  178. Orphaned lab mix 3-4 weeks old...: rottweilers, clean, vet, treatment - Dogs
  179. What BREED do you think my dog named LOLA is: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  180. Gestures of affection: lab, husky, beagle, children - Dogs
  181. thinking of a bichon ?: shih tzu, poodles, breeder, barks - Dogs
  182. Licking Lab: clean, vet, beagle, pup - Dogs
  183. dalmation puppys: labrador, terriers, biting, kennel - Dogs
  184. More proof that...: boxer, training, food, cats - Dogs
  185. teacup poodle: poodles, terrier, retriever, yorkies - Dogs
  186. Small white larvae in Snowy's Poop: pitbull, boxers, biting, clean - Dogs
  187. Looking For Suggestions...: shih-tzu, allergic, poodle, terriers - Dogs
  188. DIY: Puppy cut: clean, vet, skin, hernia - Dogs
  189. Hit my wall with irresponsible dog owners: shepherd, boxer, yorkies - Dogs
  190. Chow chows: shepherd, aggressive, black, training - Dogs
  191. Does your dog pass gas?: border collie, boxers, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  192. What Breed Dog Is This?: shepherd, vet, husky, ears - Dogs
  193. can't beat the distractions: poodle, spaniel, skin, train - Dogs
  194. STOLEN DOG. Have you seen this girl? - Dogs
  195. Dashing threw the snow * Snow Pull pics/vid: work - Dogs
  196. News, Dog's Warning Saves Woman From Fire.: labrador, puppy, best - Dogs
  197. News, 3 Md. Dogs Enjoy $800,000 Inheritance.: canines, Maryland, year, owner
  198. Bad news, dogs abused and still missing. Help if you can.: skin, pups
  199. News, Dogs Save Australia Boy, 2, From Drowning.: noise, year, owner
  200. News, Blair Does Cameo For Bush's Dog Video.: Washington, white - Dogs