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  17. I'll protect you from that mean old vacuum monster - Dogs
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  28. Dogs barking when in cars.: skin, kids, cross, best
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  34. Find a need and meet it: IC Pooch: border collie, collie, children - Dogs
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  37. kids change your life: medium, stories - Dogs
  38. Josh Groban would be jealous - Dogs
  39. De worming a Senior Dog: poop, vet, science, skin - Dogs
  40. ALERT: raw hide bones are full of rubber bands: cost, cross - Dogs
  41. Soldiers with PTSD train service dogs for other vets: owner, power
  42. Wyatt McRiot, Emotional Support Animal?: grass, eat, home, Oregon - Dogs
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  44. 13 year old chihuahua got great teeth: clean, vet, cleaning, bones - Dogs
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  46. 8 year prison sentence for dog fighting ring: ears, Mississippi, Greenville - Dogs
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  52. Incredible Indoor Doghouse - Dogs
  53. Chinese Leather Industry EXPOSED: skin, treatment, cats, ears - Dogs
  54. How technology helped Derby: bulldogs, natural, problems, solution
  55. Have you heard of the Pets and Women's Safety Act (PAWS)?: skin, problems - Dogs
  56. Obie- Before and After: diet, doxie, dachshund, food - Dogs
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  58. A BEAUTIFUL Reunion: bulldog, bites - Dogs
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  60. Pool playing dog - Dogs
  61. Trying again to show Autumn: puppies, breed, hair, water - Dogs
  62. Have you seen interesting hybrid dogs?: poodle, breeders, breed
  63. Neglected, Dying Dog Gets Epic Send-Off: terrier, shelter, walk, ears - Dogs
  64. Dog hate all people and dogs our own family: chihuahua, yorkie
  65. 108 King Charles Cavalier Spaniels Rescued: breeding, rescue, puppy, cocker - Dogs
  66. The Riot Dog of Greece has died: train, weimaraner, ears - Dogs
  67. Dog owner resources: training, test, behavior, information - Dogs
  68. Vestibular disorder?: terrier, vet, shaking, collie - Dogs
  69. My dog england: vet, surgery, kids, cross - Dogs
  70. How to Deal With a Failed Canine Hernia Repair: chihuahua, vet, stomach - Dogs
  71. What do you wear when you walk your dog during really cold weather?: skin, outside - Dogs
  72. This Lab is definitely on Santa's Naughty List: training, kennel, pup - Dogs
  73. Splurged on books: golden retriever, science, training, rescue - Dogs
  74. The Why Dogs are great uot;: food, cats, sick
  75. Pet cancer: treatment, vaccine, cross, canine - Dogs
  76. Ear Infections: shepherd, clean, vet, shaking - Dogs
  77. Don't put fabric or blankets in dog houses where it snows: clean, vet - Dogs
  78. 2014 Hero Dog Awards - Dogs
  79. German shepherd named Lucky not so 'lucky' when owners dumped him at shelter: rescue, ears - Dogs
  80. More on the Green Acres Dog Boarding tragedy in Arizona: stomach, kids - Dogs
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  82. Halloween 2014: vets, cost, kids, shots - Dogs
  83. HuffPo article on PetSmart: bulldogs, boxers, Staffordshire Terriers, miniature
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  85. Medicating your dog: vet, natural, failure, best - Dogs
  86. Puppy is REALLY potty trained: size, people - Dogs
  87. Which states regulate puppy mills: breeders, breed, medium, Kansas - Dogs
  88. Chocolate Lab shot by police. Donations sought.: labrador, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  89. Wyatt McRiot Goes Fishing: lab, bones, causes, allowed - Dogs
  90. Recommendations for something to stop chewing.: kennel, puppy, outside, shelter - Dogs
  91. Anal Gland Removal Surgery: lab, vet, infections, best - Dogs
  92. unattended tethered dogs that have reach to public sidewalk.: yorkie, vet, toy
  93. Advice for crate training older dog: breeding, train, adoption, kennel - Dogs
  94. He just wants to say uot;: lab, bite, skin - Dogs
  95. Little girl and gentle giant play Hide And Seek: miniature, black, Great Dane - Dogs
  96. Dog By Dog Documentary: breeders, rescues, costs, euthanize - Dogs
  97. The Weatherman and the Shelter Dog: aggressive, adopt, puppies, temperament - Dogs
  98. Best rejected cartoon: keep, New York, licking - Dogs
  99. CHF & Pimobendan: chihuahua, biting, vet, treatment - Dogs
  100. Pup and Parent bond similar to maternal/child bond: vet, science, treatment - Dogs
  101. Dog Eats Nasty Toad, Gets 'Mouth-to-Snout' CPR: vet, seizures, problems - Dogs
  102. Mike Rowe does not like this collar - Dogs
  103. Dog needs his greens: lab, black, food, bowl - Dogs
  104. Dogs and giving u their paw?: skin, rescue, paws, puppy
  105. Great deal on premium dog treats: normal, months, garden - Dogs
  106. be aware of what your dogs are eating.: ears, treats, Chicago
  107. Why Food Agression: shepherd, poodles, schnauzers, schnauzer - Dogs
  108. 8 wk old puppy, scabs... What is it?: lab, poop, puppies - Dogs
  109. Training my 7 month old Papillon - Help!: shihtzu, poop, toy - Dogs
  110. Thank a vet today: lab, training, rescue, best - Dogs
  111. Trying to move out but RM says I need to give her 100: keep, stop - Dogs
  112. This is one tolerant dog: sleep - Dogs
  113. 8 years in prison for organizer of dog fights: animal, sick, man - Dogs
  114. Argus vs Tater Tot - Dogs
  115. Update: Vampire Vet has license suspended for 5 years: rescue, euthanize - Dogs
  116. Is My lab too small?: labradors, retriever, vet, breeders - Dogs
  117. Adopting a dog: vet, breeding, training, teeth - Dogs
  118. What are the logical possibilities my dog may be barking at?: chihuahua, train - Dogs
  119. the most overrated and underrated dog breeds: border collie, shepherd, bulldog - Dogs
  120. At the end of my rope with rescue dog: how much, clean, poop - Dogs
  121. Moving and dogs: lab, barking, train, rescue
  122. Can tell what breed my dog is? Help: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  123. Does have experience with Hip Dysplasia: boxers, rottweiler, yorkie - Dogs
  124. Dog collar tips: training, collars, shelters, weight - Dogs
  125. Help Us! Old Beagle Wearing Us Out: poodle, terrier, bite - Dogs
  126. Dog Breeds Vulnerable to Extinction: shepherd, labrador, English Bulldog, poodles - Dogs
  127. Going To Lose My Dog: shepherd, labs, bite, vet - Dogs
  128. Decided To Make My Own Dogfood...Not That Hard: clean, poop, wound - Dogs
  129. What would you do about this?: clean, poop, barking, wound - Dogs
  130. open dog food: rescue, cost, shelters, cats - Dogs
  131. Jury awards $200K to owners of dogunnecessarily shot by policeman: barking, legal - Dogs
  132. Disobedient as soon as I turn my back?: clean, poop, skin - Dogs
  133. How to stop our dog from eating sticks/mulch....: vet, teeth, chews - Dogs
  134. newly developed fear of stairs?: vet, cataracts, train, cost - Dogs
  135. Scared dog, hides from people, ideas?: border collie, how much, shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  136. Sores and not eating - been to vet: allergic, yorkie, bites - Dogs
  137. Feeding an older, toy sized dog: yorkie, poop, vet, chew - Dogs
  138. Sick of taking care of the dog: clean, training, rescue - Dogs
  139. HORRIBLE Breath: chihuahuas, clean, vet, cleaning - Dogs
  140. To give or not to give pain medicine for slight arthritis: how much, shepherd - Dogs
  141. Dog hates being indoors when it's cold!: how much, vet, husky - Dogs
  142. What is a good toy to entertain a 10 year old small-medium dog?: how much, clean - Dogs
  143. Must Find a Home For Our Lab: clean, poop, vaccinations - Dogs
  144. Yorkie Training Advice?: terriers, yorkies, vet, toy - Dogs
  145. Had to surrender a dog...: how much, shaking, aggressive, training - Dogs
  146. What Makes Your Dog Amazing?: shepherd, golden retriever, skin, rescued - Dogs
  147. My yorkie wont stop peeing and pooping everywhere!!!: poodle, yorkies, clean - Dogs
  148. Naming my puppy properly for AKC: shepherd, breeders, train, cost - Dogs
  149. When getting a new dog - how do you know if you are allergic without living with them?: border collie, lab - Dogs
  150. IS MY NEW PUP A LAB/PIT Mix? I want to know.: labs, vet - Dogs
  151. Prayers for Alex !!!: vet, aggressive, husky, skin - Dogs
  152. Newly adopted dog, in dire need of advice: toy, aggressive, train - Dogs
  153. How often do you feed your dog?: chihuahua, vet, skin - Dogs
  154. Family dog intentionally shot and killed by hunter: legal, problems, allowed - Dogs
  155. Pup Going Through Changes, Help!: clean, spaniel, housebreak, train - Dogs
  156. Visiting young dog keeps attacking our older dog: lab, aggressive, train - Dogs
  157. Should I bring my dog with me when I have to put my other dog down? (cancer): lab, bulldog - Dogs
  158. Do dogs know they are going to die?: poop, barks, cross
  159. Psyche of with multiple dogs: bulldog, terrier, bite, rescue
  160. Pit Bull ban lifted: pitbulls, breeders, aggressive, rescue - Dogs
  161. Feeling a bit uneasy about rescue, but it's only been a week....: lab, boxer - Dogs
  162. Seemingly healthy dog passing - Makes no sense: how much, shih-tzu, clean - Dogs
  163. Dobermans: vet, breeding, training, diet - Dogs
  164. Animal shelters: breeders, legal, training, rescue - Dogs
  165. So many chihuahuas in shelters: how much, goldendoodle, poodle, chihuahua - Dogs
  166. What's Up? Dog doesn't like us?: border collie, shaking, chew, noise - Dogs
  167. New adoption-neuter first?: vet, breeders, surgery, rescues - Dogs
  168. The professional dog sitter: how much, training, kennel, ears - Dogs
  169. My dog attacks my other dog when around the food bowl HELP!: shepherd, poop - Dogs
  170. Barking Dog: vet, shaking, train, basenji - Dogs
  171. Best Joint Supplement?: how much, shepherd, lab, vet - Dogs
  172. Scary experience while walking my dog today: how much, lab, poodle - Dogs
  173. Santa rejects autistic child and her pit bull service dog: shepherd, children - Dogs
  174. why did this dog attack me?: bulldog, biting, breeder, barking - Dogs
  175. My Dog Is An @ssH@le: border collie, shepherd, bulldog, terriers - Dogs
  176. How much fur do you get off your dog when you brush?: shepherd, labs - Dogs
  177. Is this the most extreme lost dog search?: reactions, pup, free - Dogs
  178. Scary sudden sickness: poop, vet, heartworms, treatment - Dogs
  179. A friend of mines friend facing Time For Unchaining Dog: legal, black - Dogs
  180. Well we did it, submitted application for pet adoption...: yorkie, vet, rescue - Dogs
  181. Senior Blood Results: adult, canine, ears, testing - Dogs
  182. Resource guarding: treatment, leash, behavior, prevent - Dogs
  183. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary - Dogs
  184. Driving dogs: adopted
  185. Writers Like Dachshunds - Dogs
  186. Best pet care experiences in Tampa bay Area FL: veterinary, kennels, grooming - Dogs
  187. Lazy dog - Dogs
  188. Dog's loyalty and love helps get man arrested - Dogs
  189. Pit Bull comforts injured deer: best, stories - Dogs
  190. Why guys with dogs make better boyfriends: cats
  191. The Carolina Dog: breeders, breed - Dogs
  192. Look baby...This is how it's done: kids - Dogs
  193. Did you know an owl can swim?: science, swimming - Dogs
  194. House training issue or something: poop, vet, barks, rescue - Dogs
  195. So many ways we can help animal shelters: work, stories, family - Dogs
  196. Still potty training issues: poodle, miniature, outside, positive - Dogs
  197. Doggie Bucket List: spaniel, best, cocker, ears - Dogs
  198. husky puppy allergic to stairs: treats - Dogs
  199. Washington Post Headline.....: cats, eating - Dogs
  200. How dogs get ready for Christmas