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  39. All My Children - Dogs
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  45. Besides a Pit Bull or an American Bull Dog, are there other dogs that could take a male wolf 1 on 1?: pound
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  52. Is a Flex-Tip Digital Thermometer For Oral, Rectal, or Underarm Use safe to use for taking a 60 lb. dog's temperature?: skin, cough - Dogs
  53. The real story behind Deflate- Gate: cats - Dogs
  54. It's New York City. People are strange and funny.: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  55. Mobile App to Report Animal cruelty: legal - Dogs
  56. Florida Woman Drowns 2 Wk Old Puppy: veterinary, kennel, puppies, best - Dogs
  57. Alzheimers in dogs?: canine, senior, behavior, humans
  58. old dog/sundowners?: shih tzu, clean, vets, barking - Dogs
  59. I don't know what this is: vet, skin, normal, hair - Dogs
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  67. Obese dogs: how much, yorkie, miniature, vet
  68. Man's best friend?: home, Alabama, owner - Dogs
  69. Dogs That Changed The World
  70. If somebody calls claiming they will find your missing dog...for a price: lab, poop - Dogs
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  72. Getting Very Different Dogs To Be Friends: border collie, barking, pomeranian
  73. training an older dog?: lab, train, adopt - Dogs
  74. Questions about putting a dog down?: lab, vet, black, skin - Dogs
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  80. Vet does $6,000 surgery for free: Miami - Dogs
  81. Merry Christmas! - Holiday dinner dog video: medium, stories - Dogs
  82. Bela saved from death sentence in lady's will: shepherd, shepherds, euthanize - Dogs
  83. Dog picks out his own Christmas present: year, owner - Dogs
  84. What dog seat belt do YOU use? (Medium/Large dog): vet, black - Dogs
  85. Pooch is dressed as different animal every year: cost - Dogs
  86. Merry Christmas: bones, chew, kids, puppy - Dogs
  87. Blind dog survives 15 story fall from balcony - Dogs
  88. Signs of illness in Dogs: symptoms, work
  89. Chaos is Chaos: clean, vet, stomach, ears - Dogs
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  93. Claritin: how much, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  94. Dogs used to protect our agriculture: beagle, shelters
  95. Dog and his suitcase filled with his possessions is abandoned at train station: adoption, home - Dogs
  96. Doggie socks to prevent licking?: shih tzu, allergic, clean, vet - Dogs
  97. !4 1/2 yr old dog incontinent bladder and bowels: vet, paws, problems - Dogs
  98. Dog Sitting for my parents.. Is this normal behavior?: barking, train, adopted - Dogs
  99. Would you want a Pit Bull dog this big? Giant Pit Bull 'The Hulk' Weighs 173 Pounds.: pitbull, boerboel - Dogs
  100. Dog Park: shepherd, boxer, rottweiler, chihuahua - Dogs
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  102. Would you run into a burning home to save your pet?: ears, test - Dogs
  103. What Would You Think: clean, poop, vet, train - Dogs
  104. Adopting 2 puppies and training and raising simultaneously: how much, labs, breeder - Dogs
  105. found a note attached to my dogs collar: lab, black, collies
  106. Cough, Hacking - With Dog That Does This?: gagging, chihuahua, vet - Dogs
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  109. Epileptic Dog with Breakthrough Seizures: vet, adopted, euthanize, best - Dogs
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  112. animal abuse: shepherd, vet, skin, treatment - Dogs
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  118. Dog with back problems: shepherd, terrier, laser, vet - Dogs
  119. Another dog shot by police: rottweiler, barking, legal, black - Dogs
  120. Watching a dog slowly die :(: vet, outside, shelter, ears - Dogs
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  123. 800+ dogs rescued from meat market in China: breeding, science, rescue
  124. Dog Names: puppy, best, walk, ears - Dogs
  125. Long Distance Pet Purchase: poodle, vet, breeders, heartworms - Dogs
  126. shih poo chews the base of tail: shih tzu, allergy, biting - Dogs
  127. Housetraining a 5 year old kennel dog.: vet, breeder, housebreak, train - Dogs
  128. When to intervene dog out in cold?: lab, poodle, barks - Dogs
  129. Training for better manners when visitors are over?: toy, train, chew - Dogs
  130. House sitting/Petsitting: clean, vet, breeder, skin - Dogs
  131. What is WITH rescue groups?: lab, terrier, vet, breeders - Dogs
  132. Guard versus watch dog: shepherd, rottweiler, pinscher, breeders - Dogs
  133. Dog Loyalty: best, American, owner, humans - Dogs
  134. euthenazure: vet, stomach, surgery, natural - Dogs
  135. Westminster Dog Show!!: toy, kennel, cross, breeds - Dogs
  136. should I delete pictures of my dog: cats, ears, keep - Dogs
  137. dog walker needs help!: miniature, biting, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  138. This Adorably Unusual Pit Bull-Dachshund Mix Is Real And Basically Means Unicorns Exist: adoption, pup - Dogs
  139. Dog getting pickier and pickier with eating dog food: poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  140. The blizzard and my epileptic dog: how much, clean, treatment, kennel - Dogs
  141. Moving Dogs: miniature, pinscher, vet, kennel
  142. How do people train their dogs to do this?: diet, puppy, food
  143. Barking behind doors at hallway passers-by: how much, vet, training, adoption - Dogs
  144. Good idea or not? Hotel hopes guests head home with a rescue dog: training, adopt - Dogs
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  148. Max You Would Pay?: border collie, how much, lab, shih tzu - Dogs
  149. Need help figuring out what kind of dog to get: bulldogs, allergy
  150. Who picks the new dog? Us or our dog?: training, adopt, failure - Dogs
  151. And you never know who will abandon a dog: yorkie, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  152. Retail Rescue- it's: golden retriever, breeders, skin, costs - Dogs
  153. Milton's Gift. How an ugly, old shelter dog on death row showed me I could love again, and that it was to let go.: patella, black - Dogs
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  155. Pittie rescues her owner from train track: pitbull, border collie, how much - Dogs
  156. Feeding dog fish oil: shepherd, stomach, diet, odor - Dogs
  157. My dog poops in his bed if he does not sleep with us: chihuahua, toy - Dogs
  158. I wasnt planning on another dog...but....: husky, shedding, noise - Dogs
  159. Dumping Dogs: bite, cataracts, rescue, beagle
  160. Need ideas to get dog to eat (more): how much, bites, vet - Dogs
  161. Boxer Mix - HELP!: boxers, terrier, veterinarians, skin - Dogs
  162. What's the meaning behind your dog's name?: border collie, retriever, clean - Dogs
  163. How do I teach Hobbs to ring a bell when he needs to go out?: border collie, shepherd - Dogs
  164. Vetmedin: shih tzu, chihuahua, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  165. Can a Cane Corso and a Cat Co-Exist?: shepherd, toy, breeders - Dogs
  166. Just don't know what to do ;(: how much, rescue, puppies, best - Dogs
  167. Santa brought puppies for Christmas: how much, breeder, training, rescues - Dogs
  168. Hello, my name is Merlyn.: border collie, vet, prescription, training - Dogs
  169. It's wierd not having my dogs in the house: clean, skin, kennel
  170. Your dog wont bite (naive much)?: shepherd, barking, teeth - Dogs
  171. Got the wrong breed for us…but it's OK!: how much, lab, aggressive - Dogs
  172. Northeast shelters can't keep up with demand for rescue pets- and: how much, bite - Dogs
  173. Am I the only one who find Yorkies ugly: terriers, rottweilers, chihuahuas - Dogs
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  176. Pet Flipping. Why CraigsList is not a good place for Pets: St. Louis, animal - Dogs
  177. Video, A Tribute to the Family Dog - Dogs
  178. Boston Firefighter risks his own life to save a Husky - Dogs
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  181. Clark the dog has super discipline - Dogs
  182. Fit for Royalty - Dogs
  183. Dog Cafe: cats - Dogs
  184. Why dogs make good baby sitters
  185. healthy paws pet insurance: puppies - Dogs
  186. In Dog We Trust - Dogs
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  188. The best way to wake up each morning: hair, cold - Dogs
  189. If dogs could apologize
  190. Wild And Crazy Dogs: boxers, drool, best, claw
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  193. Dogs Enjoying the Recent Snow Storm
  194. E - cig poisoning in dogs
  195. Free training webinars: puppy, canine, leash, behavior - Dogs
  196. Heroes - Dogs
  197. Tired of people Not picking up after their Dogs!!: canine, Washington, owner
  198. Rescue dog gives birth to a record 14 Doberman puppies: year, fear - Dogs
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  200. How soon can my dog go in car after recent amputation?: lab, home - Dogs