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  1. Moving to Tulsa soon! need help Asap!: for rent, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  2. How's the area between 11th and 41st east of 169.: Tulsa: apartment complexes, rent - Oklahoma (OK)
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  7. The Arbor Apartments: cheap apartments, wealthy, area - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  8. Jenks School District: Tulsa: best school, moving to, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  9. tell me whether this area is a bad idea or not...: Tulsa: crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  10. Park Villas Apartments: place to live, safe, place - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  11. 22 yr old moving to Tulsa: Osage: 2015, apartments, rentals - Oklahoma (OK)
  12. 71st Street Corridor/Riverside Drive Area: Tulsa, Jenks: apartment complexes, crime, safe area - Oklahoma (OK)
  13. Union Schools - Are they still good schools?: Jenks: school district, district - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  14. Alexis Park apartments: high crime, area, good - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  15. Villas at Yorktown: Tulsa, Yale: apartments, safe, best areas - Oklahoma (OK)
  16. Single-story apartments in Tulsa: Peoria: apartment complex, renting, villas - Oklahoma (OK)
  17. Catoosa Public Schools: good, time, about - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  18. Tulsa Development Summary: Justice: 2015, hotels, construction - Oklahoma (OK)
  19. Need feedback about apartment complexes.: Norman, Yale: high crime, live, delivery - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  20. Mingo Village Apartments: Tulsa, Norman, Yale: apartment complexes, home, airport - Oklahoma (OK)
  21. Relocation to N. Tulsa Area - Need recomendations: Broken Arrow: sales, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  22. Homegoing Of Andrae Crouch 1942 - 2015 R.I.P.: Tulsa, Howe: home, transfer - Oklahoma (OK)
  23. Looking for quality midtown apartments: Tulsa, Howe: section 8, sales, apartment complexes - Oklahoma (OK)
  24. Why Tulsa Gets Retail before OKC: Oklahoma City: retailers, interest
  25. howest2008 #2 Best Poster Tulsa Forum: 2015, year, worst - Oklahoma (OK)
  26. Best Neighborhoods for Home Appreciation in Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Yale: renting, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
  27. Cleveland, OK: Tulsa, Westport: house, middle school, to live in - Oklahoma
  28. Rubi3: Tulsa, Howe: 2015, restaurant, food - Oklahoma (OK)
  29. National Security Administration: Short: credit card, taxes, price - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  30. Single Senior Citizen: Tulsa, Bixby: sale, new house, purchase - Oklahoma (OK)
  31. Can I transfer to a higher rent apartment during lease in the same complex?: apartments - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  32. Historic Tulsa Theatre: neighborhood, theater, residential - Oklahoma (OK)
  33. Tulsa wilderness area in danger: 2014, outlet malls, authority - Oklahoma (OK)
  34. New College Grad Moving To Tulsa. Need help looking for housing: May: real estate, affordable apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  35. The Tulsan howest2008 latest Road Trip: Oakland, Francis: 2015, construction, organic - Oklahoma (OK)
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  37. Staying in Tulsa as part of a road trip: Woodward: rent, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  38. Owasso relocators: Do you still like it there?: Tulsa, Claremore: appointed, apartments - Oklahoma (OK)
  39. Need on apartment complexes...negative and positive: Tulsa: live, park - Oklahoma (OK)
  40. Traffic Court (Municipal): Tulsa: ticket, probation, violation - Oklahoma (OK)
  41. Homeowners insurance advice Tulsa: real estate, credit report, loan - Oklahoma (OK)
  42. Veterans Day ~ Places to eat for free: buy, military - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  43. Visiting family in Tulsa, from DFW (Texas) bars open on thanksgiving?: places - Oklahoma (OK)
  44. Art Deco homes in Tulsa: neighborhood, live, gardening - Oklahoma (OK)
  45. Healthy Palette to Go: Tulsa: organic, food, business - Oklahoma (OK)
  46. Tulsa Oklahoma Did Not Make America's Top 50 Job Market Ranking List: Oklahoma City: 2014, centers - (OK)
  47. Looking to Buy, but can't find a house: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: renting, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  48. Tulsa Man Shot In The Groin While Riding His BIKE: great, 2008 - Oklahoma (OK)
  49. Tulsa Oklahoma Has The Nation 19TH Best Golf Course And Oklahoma Best Golf Course: ranking - (OK)
  50. Places to live: Tulsa, Howe, Westport: apartment complex, rental, high crime - Oklahoma (OK)
  51. Glenpool or Beggs Schools??: Tulsa, Sapulpa: new home, construction, high school - Oklahoma (OK)
  52. Costco opens in Tulsa: Howe: refrigerator, casinos, to live - Oklahoma (OK)
  53. Cheapest Places Where You'll Want to Retire ~ Tulsa, Oklahoma (KIPLINGER): Oklahoma City: best cities, real estate - (OK)
  54. Side Hustling in Tulsa?: contractors, retirement, business - Oklahoma (OK)
  55. racism in Tulsa, Oklahoma: neighborhood, YMCA, elementary school - (OK)
  56. Valentine's Dinner Invitation for Widows ~ Tulsa, OK (February 11, 2016): how much, retirement - Oklahoma
  57. employer didn't answer phone at appeal hearing: unemployment, increase - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  58. The Worst Commute In The State Of OKLAHOMA: Tulsa, Durant: home, income
  59. Tulsa Oklahoma And Oklahoma City Oklahoma Did Not Make The USA Top Pest Infested City Top 20 List: homes - (OK)
  60. Relocating to Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Bixby, Jenks: HOA, new house, neighborhoods - Oklahoma (OK)
  61. Do You Have A Tuxedo Cat?: Tulsa: homes, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  62. Cascades-at-southern-hills?: Tulsa, Sapulpa, Yale: section 8, apartment, hotel - Oklahoma (OK)
  63. urban Tulsa?: Broken Arrow, Coweta, Collinsville: fit in, how much, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  64. Great Apartment Buildings in Tulsa?: Peoria: apartments, renters, insurance - Oklahoma (OK)
  65. Creek Turnpike: Tulsa: costs, commute, best - Oklahoma (OK)
  66. Tell me about the area east of 41st & or not?: Tulsa: real estate - Oklahoma (OK)
  67. Happy mothers day.......all day: rated, windows, outside - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  68. It's official: My Yankee fiancé from NE Indiana is impressed with Tulsa, particularly South Tulsa: Afton: how much - Oklahoma (OK)
  69. Goodpasture In Tulsa Oklahoma Dancing Like Micheal Jackson: weather, time - (OK)
  70. Golf Ball Hill: Tulsa: house, neighborhood, purchasing - Oklahoma (OK)
  71. Bad News For Tulsan Oklahoma Has America 4TH Worst Highways: Norman: to buy, taxes - (OK)
  72. College students in Tulsa County: Owasso: 2015, apartments, renting - Oklahoma (OK)
  73. Oklahoma State Economy Ranking: Stillwater, Kansas: best, money, water - Tulsa, (OK)
  74. Do I need to register Gun in Tulsa: good - Oklahoma (OK)
  75. Return of the Great Raft Race: Tulsa, Sand Springs: station, radio, parks - Oklahoma (OK)
  76. Explosive Growth Downtown: Tulsa, Dennis: apartments, townhomes, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  77. Moving to Bartlesville- Need OBGYN stat! I'm in third trimester: Tulsa: live, delivery - Oklahoma (OK)
  78. FEMA CORP in Tulsa??!: Moore - Oklahoma (OK)
  79. A couple of recordings for the Holy Days next weeek......... - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  80. Midtown apartment?: Tulsa, Muskogee, May: hardwood floors, apartment complex, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  81. Wanting to Build A Home: Jenks: houses, schools, park - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  82. very worried: Tulsa: section 8, apartments, living - Oklahoma (OK)
  83. rusted duct: paint, water, square - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  84. Where can a 17 year old make friends in Tulsa?: 2014, homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  85. drugs on the rise: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: attorney, neighborhood, legal - (OK)
  86. with uestions: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: rent, live in, store - Oklahoma (OK)
  87. Looking for Progressive, Quirky Friends: Tulsa, Howe: high school, university, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  88. Job boards for Tulsa?: sales, 2013, to live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  89. Apartment suggestions [S. Tulsa / Midtown]: Muskogee, Sapulpa: apartments, rent, buying a home - Oklahoma (OK)
  90. I will be in Tulsa on Wednesday what are the must sees: Guthrie: neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  91. Heading to Tulsa: Tahlequah, Cherokee: house, camping, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  92. Tulsa Oklahoma Is Rated The Third Best USA Market To Have A Rental Property In According To Zillow: Miami: appointed - (OK)
  93. Kingdom restoration or social justice orgs in Tulsa?: live in, moving to - Oklahoma (OK)
  94. Relocating to Tulsa with Asperger's child: Sand Springs: crime, school districts, live in - Oklahoma (OK)
  95. Aged Parents and Support Groups:: Tulsa: area, hospitals, local - Oklahoma (OK)
  96. Tulsa livin': live, water, fish - Oklahoma (OK)
  97. The American in Sand Springs: Tulsa, Howe: fit in, 2013 - Oklahoma (OK)
  98. Water playgrounds and splash parks?: Tulsa, Salina: home, YMCA, school - Oklahoma (OK)
  99. s on a cabin retreat?: Tulsa, Muskogee: rentals, houses, camping - Oklahoma (OK)
  100. Looking for new church in Tulsa: preschool, move, pool - Oklahoma (OK)
  101. Tulsa public schools: Broken Arrow, Jenks, Gate: health insurance, student loan, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  102. advice for safe and decent apartments in Tulsa/Owasso/Bixby area?: apartment complex, to rent - Oklahoma (OK)
  103. Rideshare or Chartered Taxi/Rides: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: bus, transportation, car - (OK)
  104. Happy Mother Day Tulsan Mothers: Muskogee, May: 2014, live, eat - Oklahoma (OK)
  105. Moving to Tulsa: Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow, Owasso: best neighborhoods, sales, renting - (OK)
  106. Brazil World Cup games: 2014, Brazilian, Portuguese - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  107. How Many Father Write A 16th Birthday Letter To Theirs Daughters In Tulsa: Howe: 2014 - Oklahoma (OK)
  108. New grad moving from okc area - few questions: Tulsa: insurance, buying a home - Oklahoma (OK)
  109. Do Okie girls have a valley girl/vocal fry accent?: Oklahoma City: movies, live in - Tulsa, (OK)
  110. Looking for good place to buy ground beef around owasso north Tulsa: Bixby: home - Oklahoma (OK)
  111. Can't fight city hall: insurance, quality of life, live in - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  112. Gun National Pro Series Tulsa Oklahoma 2014: area, rain, police - (OK)
  113. Lost brother and sister: live, driver, young - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  114. What do you recommend to enjoy and get to know Tulsa?: Oklahoma City: loan, houses - (OK)
  115. UBER Comes To Tulsa OK: company, ride, urban - Oklahoma
  116. NY Times features Downtown Tulsa rejuvenation: Washington: sale, 2014, apartment - Oklahoma (OK)
  117. Best hiphop club or music hall ?????: Tulsa, Howe: 2014, live, arena - Oklahoma (OK)
  118. One More Item Crossed Off Of My Bucket List: Tulsa: 2014, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  119. The Tulsa to Jenks New Toll Bridge 2015: Bixby, May: construction, firms - Oklahoma (OK)
  120. Sprouts: Plastic Bags Not Recycled: Tulsa: grocer, shop, corporate - Oklahoma (OK)
  121. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Tulsa Area: Broken Arrow: for sale, real estate - Oklahoma (OK)
  122. Oklaoma Is One Of The Hardest Places To Live In U.S.A.: Oklahoma City: 2014 - Tulsa, (OK)
  123. Mc afee Just Itercepted A Person In Russia Trying To Hack The Laptop That I was On: Tulsa: house - Oklahoma (OK)
  124. special needs high schools: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: best school, moving to, suburban - Oklahoma (OK)
  125. young couple moving from Louisiana: Tulsa, Broken Arrow: to rent, home, neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  126. I'm Buying This Motorcycle When It Goes Into Production And The Price Drops From $24,000 To $12,000: design - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  127. Veteran's Day Freebies ~ Honoring All Who Served: Frederick, Wayne: sale, coupons - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  128. One Of Two Options For Cheap Travel Lodging.....: low cost, youth - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  129. Pearl Jam in Tulsa next week: traveling, people, looking for - Oklahoma (OK)
  130. Looking for Doc: Tulsa: medical, roach, medicine - Oklahoma (OK)
  131. Looking for aj smith - oklahoma area: Alex: car, working - Tulsa, (OK)
  132. Inside On Broken Arrow: Tulsa: houses, unemployment rate, school districts - Oklahoma (OK)
  133. Worst dining experience in Tulsa: Howe: credit, restaurant, bill - Oklahoma (OK)
  134. First time visitor to Tulsa: Muskogee, Claremore: 2013, hotels, home - Oklahoma (OK)
  135. Relocsting for work--what is racial climate of Bartlesville/Owasso/Collinsville areas?: Tulsa: new home, neighborhood - Oklahoma (OK)
  136. Tulsa's fast becoming a real opportunity...: Jenks: home, neighborhoods, buying - Oklahoma (OK)
  137. Hired at Penn Elementary, moving to Tulsa: Stillwater, Bixby: low income, sales - Oklahoma (OK)
  138. Trading hurricanes for tornades... Terrified. Could I get pros and cons from Tulsa locals?: Norman: insurance, how much - Oklahoma (OK)
  139. Mini population boom in Tulsa: Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow: transplants, real estate, 2013 - (OK)
  140. Sams Club And Costco Non-Membership Shopping: Tulsa, Howe: 2015, credit card, buy - Oklahoma (OK)
  141. Moving to Tulsa from Alabama and got uestions!: Broken Arrow: appointed, apartment - Oklahoma (OK)
  142. Tulsan Opinion On Super Advaced Robots And Humanoids: Stillwater, Howe: how much, live - Oklahoma (OK)
  143. Owasso to Bartlesville?: Howe: transfer, living in, military - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  144. Crime and cockroaches?: Tulsa, Norman, Owasso: extended stay, apartment complexes, hotels - Oklahoma (OK)
  145. Tulsa Oklahoma Is Not America Top 100 Cities For STD Cases: Howe: condo, house - (OK)
  146. Possibly retiring to Tulsa area: Stillwater, Tahlequah: crime, how much, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  147. Trader Joe's is coming to town....or is it?: Tulsa: city hall, transfer - Oklahoma (OK)
  148. Bring In And Out Burger To Tulsa OK......OK: Howe: organic, living - Oklahoma
  149. Moving to Tulsa from Houston: Owasso, Claremore: for sale, HOA, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  150. So, I've been offered a job in Tulsa: Stillwater, Kansas: rental car, best city - Oklahoma (OK)
  151. Safety of hotels in northern Tulsa: Broken Arrow, Owasso: neighborhood, high schools, casino - Oklahoma (OK)
  152. Living in between Stillwater and Tulsa?: Sand Springs, Holdenville: real estate, rental homes, houses - Oklahoma (OK)
  153. Trader Joe's opened in Tulsa: Stillwater, Pittsburg: home, live, prices - Oklahoma (OK)
  154. Tulsa, OKC, or Fayetteville Metro: Norman, Broken Arrow: sales, real estate, insurance - Oklahoma
  155. How churchy/southern is Tulsa?: Oklahoma City, Cleveland: high school, living in, low cost - (OK)
  156. Moving to Tulsa area June 2016: Broken Arrow, Moore: house, best schools, tornado - Oklahoma (OK)
  157. Pops Is At Tulsa International Airport: 2014, to buy, price - Oklahoma (OK)
  158. Best CHEAP furniture stores?: Oklahoma City, Tulsa: mattress, house, live - (OK)
  159. Tulsa Oklahoma is listed as one of the 10 most affordable U.S. cities to retire: home, unemployment - (OK)
  160. Valentine Month Top Ten List On How To Treat A Lady: Tulsa: Valentine's day, house - Oklahoma (OK)
  161. Why was my We got one heckuva decision to make deleted?: Tulsa: apartments, find a job - Oklahoma (OK)
  162. The World Safes 50 Cities List: Tulsa, Howe: buying, to live in, safest - Oklahoma (OK)
  163. J J Cale: Oklahoma City, Howe, Leon: wedding, live, club - Tulsa, (OK)
  164. okie1962: Muskogee, Tahlequah, Checotah: mortgage, home, live - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  165. Los Angeles Dodgers Makes Tulsa It's Minor League Affilate: Kansas: coupons, 2014 - Oklahoma (OK)
  166. Possibly moving from Minneapolis to Tulsa: Johnson, Peoria: section 8, apartment complex, rental homes - Oklahoma (OK)
  167. Tulsa vs. Oklahoma City, which is the best place to live?: Norman: school, college - (OK)
  168. Mortgage: mortgage broker, town, recommendations - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  169. OKPOP Museum A Done Deal In TULSA OK: bill - Oklahoma
  170. Tulsan Join Along With Me And Take A IQ Test: pay, time - Oklahoma (OK)
  171. Tulsan Run A 100 Mile Race: child, 2007, running - Oklahoma (OK)
  172. rer: Tulsa: apartments, school, near - Oklahoma (OK)
  173. Does know what bank has the best CD rate?: compare, banks - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  174. Need a bada$$ mortgage person!! - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  175. Tulsa Californian howest2008 Gets A Look At Himself At 109 Years Young: dangerous, year - Oklahoma (OK)
  176. Fishing Ponds Within Tulsa Oklahoma City Limit: city limits, urban - (OK)
  177. Bartlesville Park Iconic Tower Restored To It's Former Glory: Tulsa: live, suburban - Oklahoma (OK)
  178. I Do Not Like Tat's But Who Does A Hipster Portland Site: Tulsa: military - Oklahoma (OK)
  179. Tulsa's Table ~ A Community Pay-as-You-Can Cafe.: school, food, health - Oklahoma (OK)
  180. Tulsa University Women And Men Baskleball Teams - Oklahoma (OK)
  181. Touching Story...: Tulsa, Edmond: living in, weather, owning - Oklahoma (OK)
  182. Favorite websites for on Tulsa & surroundings: schools, subdivisions - Oklahoma (OK)
  183. Need Rec for Neurologist in Tulsa: recommendation, interest - Oklahoma (OK)
  184. Hotel Room for Garth Brooks shows: plans, Friday, interest - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  185. Widows in Tulsa: 2015, professionals, cost - Oklahoma (OK)
  186. Looking for low/medium priced home in BA area: moving to, title - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  187. Tulsa Restaurants open for Thanksgiving Dinner November 2014: places, serving - Oklahoma (OK)
  188. Moving to Owasso - on Movers?: Washington: area, company - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  189. Calendar of things for kids....but for older people too.: Tulsa: monthly, community - Oklahoma (OK)
  190. The Center of the Universe Music Festival... - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  191. Tulsan Retire To Florida America's # 2 Paradise: money, worst, people - Oklahoma (OK)
  192. Looking of a local kitchen appliance / houseware store: Tulsa, Stillwater: home, shop - Oklahoma (OK)
  193. NWA Joins Tulsa OK In Overturning Ban Against Same Sex Marriage: licenses, state - Oklahoma
  194. Moving to Bartlesville- Need OBGYN stat! I'm in third trimester: Tulsa: live, delivery - Oklahoma (OK)
  195. Sprouts: Recycling & Monthly Coupon Books: coupons, shop, moving - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  196. Do all Airline Mechanic (A&P) jobs go though Temp Agencies?: inspector - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)
  197. Tulsa Oklahoma Elite Cheerleaders Are Good - (OK)
  198. Tulsa Oklahoma Hipsters Document Your Lifestyle In Tulsa: cities - (OK)
  199. Tulsa RV Parks: good, around - Oklahoma (OK)
  200. Wellsford oaks: manager, how to, people - Tulsa, Oklahoma (OK)