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  11. moving back to san diego with dog: best, safe, year - Dogs
  12. The LITTLE DOGGY DARLINGS: clean, teeth, puppy - Dogs
  13. Heaven's Angels Biker Rescue Group in NY: cats, test, animals - Dogs
  14. AMStaff/Pitties Jumping Habits: pitbulls, poop, black, training - Dogs
  15. dogs: tile vs grass yards: shepherd, best, problems, german
  16. U-tube series on pedigree dogs: shepherd, poodles, golden retriever, spaniel
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  18. the rescue cry for help?: vet, breeder, skin, adopt - Dogs
  19. pedipaw vs peticure: cheap, Dayton, nails - Dogs
  20. What could this tiny lump be?: vet, stomach, hernia, puppy - Dogs
  21. CLassic What is a Good/Best dog food to a dog newbi?: science, diet - Dogs
  22. Toxic Plant List: veterinary, black, treatment, kennel - Dogs
  23. Kids and young adults need to be educated about the responsibility of owning a dog: treatment, children - Dogs
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  25. Argentine dog saves abandoned baby: puppies, year, people, stories - Dogs
  26. News, Loyal dog guards owner for weeks after death.: solution, Colorado, stop - Dogs
  27. Dog shampoo.: lab, vet, black, skin - Dogs
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  36. Has used D-Worm for Tapeworms?: poop, vet, black, treatment - Dogs
  37. News, Dogs catch the yawns from people.: how much, barking, outside
  38. The bad part of my job: vet, vaccinations, best, ears - Dogs
  39. News, Puppies mark birth of commercial pet cloning.: pitbull, science, rescue - Dogs
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  41. petsuppliesnet Concern: vet, treatment, hookworms, outside - Dogs
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  43. Help!!: retriever, train, rescue, neutered - Dogs
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  47. collie pups: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, breeder - Dogs
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  49. used the pedicure dremmel thing: vet, kennel, best - Dogs
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  51. In Defense of Vets: clean, vet, science, treatment - Dogs
  52. Only 16 Hours Community Service for Gross Neglect: rottweiler, treatment, Baltimore - Dogs
  53. It's good that New Orleans is being Pro-active w/ Gustav: shihtzu, stomach - Dogs
  54. New housemate - one issue: Shar-Pei, bite, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  55. Arthritus in a dog: how much, lab, shih tzu, retriever - Dogs
  56. More Pictures of The Lovely Britches? (And Vids): how much, cross, walk - Dogs
  57. News, Electronic Nose Could Put Sniffer Dogs Out of Business.: odor, best
  58. What is crate training?: labs, chihuahua, housebreak, train - Dogs
  59. about female dogs!: infection, yeast, months, spaying
  60. POMERANIANS for sale In Dallas TEXAS!!!!: chihuahua, breeders, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  61. Our Golden Retriever never ceases to amaze us!: rescue, best, outside - Dogs
  62. Overseas Online Petmeds-Beware: vet, hookworms, cats, ears - Dogs
  63. I feel so bad!: vet, breeder, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  64. Video News, Kennel Operators Legally Shoot 80 Dogs.: lab, puppy, testing
  65. Dogs losing teeth...: how much, training, natural, chew
  66. Video of a Great Dane Sit!!: pound - Dogs
  67. Besides Cute, What am I?: lab, bulldog, boxer, skin - Dogs
  68. How much sleep do dogs need?: puppy, walk, eat, home
  69. strange: breeder, skin, teeth, diet - Dogs
  70. Rudy is on strike!: bite, poop, vet, prescription - Dogs
  71. crazy things dogs get into/destroy: border collie, lab, terrier, patella
  72. Black Dog Syndrome: poodle, rescue, adopt, kennels - Dogs
  73. Cancer Detection Training: veterinary, train, rescue, cross - Dogs
  74. Wonderful small dog!: shih tzu, chihuahua, breeder, aggressive - Dogs
  75. Dog food...: vet, diet, cost, natural - Dogs
  76. Important: Boycott This Dog Toy!!!: vet, aggressive, stomach, black - Dogs
  77. Furious!!!: labs, clean, cleaning, treatment - Dogs
  78. News, Dog Dies; Cop Says 'Get Another,' 'Relax': training, cross, best - Dogs
  79. How would you find a scared dog in vast ag fields?: breeder, train - Dogs
  80. Where does the ethical limit go?: allergic, symptoms, bones, children - Dogs
  81. Un-known breed: pitbull, shepherd, lab, bulldog - Dogs
  82. advice: how much, lab, shih tzu, allergic - Dogs
  83. Dog/Cat Fights...: shepherd, lab, terrier, golden retriever - Dogs
  84. I Want to adopt a BIG DOG: shepherd, bite, breeders - Dogs
  85. Chewing up the crate mat: clean, vet, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  86. Our new dog Mason: vet, rescued, Great Dane, legs - Dogs
  87. Why do people bring tiny puppies into pet stores?: toy, black, rescue - Dogs
  88. Biting Puppy: shepherd, rottweilers, bite, toy - Dogs
  89. BSL- City of Denver to kill dog: he looks like a pit bull: pitbulls, border collie - Dogs
  90. Suggestions for Dog Odor: daschund, golden retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
  91. Does know about third eyelid (prolapse)?: allergy, vet, skin - Dogs
  92. help -- I need good suggestions!: how much, vet, diet - Dogs
  93. The Dog Farts Are Killing Me!! (food change): boxer, clean, poop - Dogs
  94. A BitterSweet Ending (Britches Adoption Pictures): rescue, drool, shots, puppy - Dogs
  95. I can't help thinking about the pets in the Gulf area: pitbull, rescue - Dogs
  96. HURRICANE GUSTAV~ Emergency Unit Needed: black, treatment, rescue, kennels - Dogs
  97. Well, I broke down and am getting another puppy: shihtzu, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  98. DogTown Will Feature Vicktory Dogs (M. Vick): pitbulls, aggressive, black
  99. hlep! we moved, now dog going in the house!: bite, poop, aggressive - Dogs
  100. It's easier to adopt a child than a dog: shih tzu, allergy, vet - Dogs
  101. dog DNA results are in: how much, shepherd, terrier, rottweiler - Dogs
  102. teen wants to volunteer for at county shelter, should I let him?: clean, vet - Dogs
  103. It's Picture Overload Time! (16 pictures): barks, teeth, adopted, shots - Dogs
  104. My dog growls at kids, help!: chihuahua, bite, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  105. Good News, Dog protected abandoned newborn, doctors say.: rescue, puppies, outside - Dogs
  106. Human foods for dogs instead of dog food read)?: how much, vet
  107. sitmeanssit?: barking, train, rescued, cost - Dogs
  108. Looking for advice on a sensative subject -- LONG: shih-tzu, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  109. What does quick kill shelter mean: rescued, adopt, cocker, shelters - Dogs
  110. Stupid dog owners: barking, teeth, cost, spray - Dogs
  111. Making The Best of His Time (Britches Pictures): bite, barking, skin - Dogs
  112. How to make outside dog an inside dog?: shepherd, training, rescue - Dogs
  113. Say No to Dog Collars: gagging, training, neuter, pugs - Dogs
  114. Does your dog like to take a bath?: labs, shih tzu, boxer - Dogs
  115. Border Collie with (human) babies?: golden retriever, bite, vet, breeder - Dogs
  116. News, Top dogs database: Where does your pet's name rank?: adoption, canine
  117. Labs: allergic, yorkie, stomach, diet - Dogs
  118. for Hunter Trainers 16 Week Meltdown: how much, shepherd, labs - Dogs
  119. My dog has athelete's foot!: allergy, clean, vet, treatment - Dogs
  120. Help me with my dog...: poop, vet, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  121. behaviour changes after boarding?: lab, poop, vet, barking - Dogs
  122. something is wrong with my dog...: vet, black, train, rescue - Dogs
  123. Dog insurance (moved from the NC forums): allergy, vet, surgery - Dogs
  124. Tummy tack: vet, stomach, skin, surgery - Dogs
  125. Which Heartworm Meds and Why: allergies, fleas, food, seizures - Dogs
  126. This is tragic - 170 animals killed: clean, vet, cleaning, cost - Dogs
  127. How to get rid of the smell of Corn Chips: diet, paws - Dogs
  128. Would you Clone your Dog?: effects, puppy, shelters, cats - Dogs
  129. Does your dog watch TV?: Shar-Pei, shih tzu, barking, collie - Dogs
  130. fur changed colors after grooming: shih tzu, black, teeth, diet - Dogs
  131. Behavioral Problems: bite, poop, barking, aggressive - Dogs
  132. Thinking of adopting an older dog: bite, poop, housebreak, beagle - Dogs
  133. My dog is in the hospital and she might not make it :(: how much, lab - Dogs
  134. Today's news about shelters: vet, breeder, surgery, rescue - Dogs
  135. My pug puppy EATS rocks!......seriously: terrier, vet, surgery, teeth - Dogs
  136. News, Dogs May Tell Much About A Man.: rottweilers, miniature, aggressive
  137. How long does a dog usually live?: shepherd, lab, poodle - Dogs
  138. Addison's disease: yorkies, vet, science, symptoms - Dogs
  139. which dog to fix: labradors, tumors, vets, breeding - Dogs
  140. When to feed dogs in kennels: labs, clean, poop, vet
  141. No fleas but my dog has scratching fits: lab, allergic, vet - Dogs
  142. have on Canine Cataract Removal?: how much, terrier, vet - Dogs
  143. Video News, Puppy Mauls Infant to Death.: pitbull, labs, poodle - Dogs
  144. Greyhound pup injured at Puppy School: biting, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  145. Can you teach a old dog new tricks?: vet, reactions, shots - Dogs
  146. Riding in the car: Motion sickness: clean, vet, rescue, drool - Dogs
  147. urinary infection - Science Diet CD - on this food: how much, allergy - Dogs
  148. Meet Wiggles, my new rescue: shelter, breed, home, Utah - Dogs
  149. Do you wash your hands after handling your dog?: bites, clean, teeth - Dogs
  150. Anal Glands Surgically Removed?: lab, vet, train, surgery - Dogs
  151. Poodle or Bichon Frise??: allergic, poodles, vet, skin - Dogs
  152. ever use a product called Nzymes?: allergic, terriers, biting - Dogs
  153. Does my dog look like a pitbull?: pitbulls, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  154. Doggy Pick Up bags - Too Expensive!: how much, clean, poop - Dogs
  155. Training a Bully Breed...: pitbulls, labrador, terriers, bullmastiff - Dogs
  156. Do you take your dog to the beach?: allergic, clean, poop - Dogs
  157. Before I let my dog go...: how much, shihtzu, poodle, biting - Dogs
  158. Thinking about getting another dog....: lab, barking, housebreak, training - Dogs
  159. Neutering ..: allergic, vet, wound, surgery - Dogs
  160. I hate my neighbors dog (read on before you judge): pitbulls, golden retrievers - Dogs
  161. Dog food scores/ratings: science, diet, allergies, cost - Dogs
  162. Help-advice needed quickly re neglected neighbor dogs: how much, lab, poop
  163. New Basset Hound Puppy - Help with Names!: family - Dogs
  164. Baxter, the non-leg lifting collie: terrier, poop, vet, surgery - Dogs
  165. Guess what my Jenny ate!: lab, boxer, chihuahua, clean - Dogs
  166. Max amount of dogs allowed per family into USA: vet, black, kennel
  167. strange barking problem!: lab, poodle, terriers, pomeranian - Dogs
  168. When Dogs Dream: lab, black, noise, outside
  169. Walking your dog off leash?: aggressive, bird, cross, outside - Dogs
  170. Amputation & Chemo for dogs: lab, clean, vet, aggressive
  171. Do you dress your dog in clothes?: how much, shih tzu, surgery - Dogs
  172. MICHAEL VICK documentary: training, kids, keep, mixes - Dogs
  173. does your dog know the way home???: shih-tzu, poodles, black - Dogs
  174. News, Ariz. cop acquitted in police dog's hot-car death.: science, puppy, Phoenix - Dogs
  175. Senior Dog with Sensitive Stomach: clean, vet, science, diet - Dogs
  176. Healthy dog breeds?: vet, schnauzer, breeders, aggressive - Dogs
  177. Move to TN--more ruraL living: What to be aware of???: vet, treatment - Dogs
  178. a day in the life of your dog: lab, clean, poop - Dogs
  179. China's restaurants take dog off menu!: toy, breeder, treatment, children - Dogs
  180. We Did It!: rescue, kids, canine, test - Dogs
  181. Trimming your dog's nails: daschund, black, paws, walk - Dogs
  182. help!!!! Super urgent!!: clean, vet, wound, infection - Dogs
  183. Give me a caption for this photo: animal, bought - Dogs
  184. San Francisco Doggies! (pics): shepherd, pugs, shots, test - Dogs
  185. Ted's under the weather: vet, train, symptoms, cough - Dogs
  186. Dog going through Barium series/x-rays today: Shar-Pei, vet, stomach - Dogs
  187. Doggie Stairs: shih tzu, training, cross, carpet - Dogs
  188. Matts/tangles: allergy, poodles, vets, skin - Dogs
  189. What breed is my dog?: border collie, lab, boxers, terrier - Dogs
  190. How long can a dog live?: labrador, shih tzu, poodle, chihuahuas - Dogs
  191. Mast Cell Tumor: bulldog, boxers, tumors, bite - Dogs
  192. If my dog was in the Olympics he would get a gold medal in...: golden retriever, shedding - Dogs
  193. News, Judge Throws Out Animal Cruelty Charge Against Mayor.: shelter, Tennessee, Nashville - Dogs
  194. What next dog for president?: labrador - Dogs
  195. Kids got a puppy: housebreak, teeth, beagle, puppies - Dogs
  196. Article on Best Friends Animal Sanctuary: rescued, Boston, Utah, travel - Dogs
  197. News, Wag a tail-dogs get their own beach.: legal, best, popular
  198. Another great read puppy mill rescue: poodle, breed, animal, difference - Dogs
  199. Virginia Beach Looking to Rescue Springer Spaniels: information - Dogs
  200. The phone!!! The phone!!!: animals - Dogs