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  1. News, Soup kitchen opens for dogs.: best, food, outside, free
  2. Greeting From Teddie Ruxpin (Birthday Pictures): shih-tzu, clean, foods, outside - Dogs
  3. Puppy Cam: test - Dogs
  4. status/social climbing behavior when encountering other dogs: English Mastiff, schnauzer, aggressive
  5. SportDog invisible fence: labs, training, beagle, test - Dogs
  6. How do I get my dog to eat?: vet, breeder, teeth - Dogs
  7. just finished basic obedience course: how much, skin, train, adopted - Dogs
  8. Deutsch Drahthaar Owners?: retriever, training, breed, water - Dogs
  9. Small white growth in dog's mouth?: vet, wound, teeth, kennel - Dogs
  10. News, Britain's biggest dog goes on crash diet.: lab, boxer, surgery - Dogs
  11. My Little Pony and more shots: terrier, kennel, keep - Dogs
  12. Naughty puppy??: how much, bones, chews, food - Dogs
  13. Another ..: vet, prescription, heartworms, stomach - Dogs
  14. Does CD allow back yard breeders to advertise?: puppies, walk, allowed - Dogs
  15. why do you think this worked? re. leash straining: best, collars, outside - Dogs
  16. Cocoa Mulch Lethal for Pets: pup, information - Dogs
  17. Dog ramps on sale at Drs.Foster & Smith: skin, bought - Dogs
  18. Holiday boarding/pet sitting: vet, kennels, cats, adult - Dogs
  19. on my pitbull?: best, months, brindle, spay - Dogs
  20. Shave my long haired dog 'cause of ticks???: vet, breeding, black - Dogs
  21. need my dog will not quite pooping inside: vet, training, diarrhea - Dogs
  22. Dog Dreams... - Dogs
  23. Have you considered.....: shih tzu, vet, science, legal - Dogs
  24. cody and the baby: best, treats, feeding, sleep - Dogs
  25. rookie puppy owner: labs, clean, poop, stomach - Dogs
  26. Wild mushrooms: husky, chewing, failure, grass - Dogs
  27. Die, ticks, die!!: vet, fleas, ears, free - Dogs
  28. Who has a dog with diabetes? Can you answer ?'s: how much, poodle - Dogs
  29. Urinating-heavy panting in pets for you: labs, vet, diet - Dogs
  30. Gift for Mom's Dog Opinions: vet, euthanize, biscuits, collars - Dogs
  31. How many Dogs does it take to change a light bulb?: border collie, shepherd
  32. Dog toys and place to eat: clean, toy, training, adoption - Dogs
  33. Oh The Trouble They Get Into....: barking, chewing, cross, feeder - Dogs
  34. training resources: train, rescue, bird, best - Dogs
  35. My cutest little Webkinz: walk - Dogs
  36. Can someone help me: miniature, vet, aggressive, training - Dogs
  37. I'm Famous: pitbull, bite, clean, vets - Dogs
  38. Beagle issues: retrievers, dominant, breed, eating - Dogs
  39. Single Black Female: eating, home, Atlanta, Virginia - Dogs
  40. Updated Photos boys pic heavy: bites, teeth, pups, Utah - Dogs
  41. Heart Murmour: shih-tzu, vet, treatment, best - Dogs
  42. does this dog have something wrong with it?: poodles, breeding, barking - Dogs
  43. Flea Bites: allergic, bite, vet, prescription - Dogs
  44. Rudy's latest phobia: rescued, reactions, chewing, kids - Dogs
  45. Wish Me Luck!: terrier, basenji, adopt, best - Dogs
  46. Rawhide recall: bones, store, ears, year - Dogs
  47. Rug cleaners: cleaning, puppy, outside, carpet - Dogs
  48. Last hope for answer: how much, bite, vet, teeth - Dogs
  49. Dog Has Abdominal Cramping, Trouble Eating: vet, stomach, skin, diet - Dogs
  50. News: Dog Risks Life to Save Kittens: cats, animals, sleep - Dogs
  51. Adorable pug: clean, rescue, pugs - Dogs
  52. Agressive Breeds and Apartment Leasing: pitbulls, terrier, golden retrievers, vet - Dogs
  53. should I try and rent use of a fenced yard?: how much, vet - Dogs
  54. Flea control medicine: All year round?: shih tzu, allergy, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  55. Whipworms :(: vet, training, symptoms, puppy - Dogs
  56. Hyper Golden + New Snow = Hilarity: terrier, kids, outside, ears - Dogs
  57. Shelters & Holidays---: skin, cost, bones, adopt - Dogs
  58. Con artists prying on animal lovers: London, people, doggie - Dogs
  59. Military hospital opens for dogs wounded in war: shepherd, labrador, retrievers
  60. Great article on adoption,: black, cost, adopt - Dogs
  61. Reusable potty pads?: maltese, eat, free, size - Dogs
  62. News, Boy Bitten By Bat While Trying To Help Dog.: rabies, shots - Dogs
  63. Senior dogs, special care: border collie, labrador, shih tzu, boxer
  64. bike riding with dog - Springer or Walkydog?: retriever, pup, cats - Dogs
  65. Cold Weather Help!: how much, labs, chihuahuas, clean - Dogs
  66. Barney done gone bit another press person: terrier, bite, cost - Dogs
  67. keep your fingers crossed!: how much, shihtzu, bite, vet - Dogs
  68. What do you think of this mix?: pitbulls, lab, golden retriever - Dogs
  69. News, Green Bay Woman Finds Dog Dead In Oven.: poodle, puppy, neighbors - Dogs
  70. On Abandonment...: border collie, rescue, collies, children - Dogs
  71. Do you love your dog this much?: how much, vet, barking - Dogs
  72. Why does my female dog hump?: toy, beagle, humping, collins - Dogs
  73. How many dogs have you owned in your life?: pitbull, border collie, shepherd
  74. I'm new to the forum: beagle, ears, year, sleep - Dogs
  75. Thanksgiving for Dogs?: vet, skin, bird, best
  76. Siberian Husky?: border collie, clean, vet, aggressive - Dogs
  77. Hugs your Pets for me: poodle, black, best, cats - Dogs
  78. doggie vet websites - small growth on dog: bulldog, boxers, terriers - Dogs
  79. I need a dog bone/chew recommendation: pitbulls, bulldog, rescued - Dogs
  80. My dogs don't know the value of money: terriers, toy, pomeranian
  81. Does Have A Labradoodle?: labrador, poodles, golden retrievers, schnauzer - Dogs
  82. Scratching and biting: allergic, bite, vet, skin - Dogs
  83. Cost of a dog. Expenses and non-expense needs: how much, allergic, vet - Dogs
  84. Getting the knots out of coat: poodle, shelter, cats, ears - Dogs
  85. Tylan Soluble Powder: how much, vet, prescription, science - Dogs
  86. How to tell the difference between dogs playing and dogs fighting?: poodle, bite
  87. my dog is aggressive to other dogs, help!: shih tzu, golden retriever, bite
  88. Vomit and Other Dog Stains: boxer, clean, cleaning, adopted - Dogs
  89. I put in my volunteer application!: treatment, adopted, puppy, shelter - Dogs
  90. Problems with our rescued dog: pitbull, poodle, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  91. My new puppy keeps getting sick: poop, vet, stomach, surgery - Dogs
  92. Shih Tzu/Bichon Mix: poodle, labradoodles, chihuahua, yorkies - Dogs
  93. Cloning: Help for the pet overpopulation problem?: border collie, vets, breeding - Dogs
  94. My puppy keeps peeing in the same WRONG place!: shih-tzu, clean, poop - Dogs
  95. dog: skin, rescue, costs, adopt - Dogs
  96. Dogs Shed like Crazy! Need better vacuum!: lab, terrier, chihuahua
  97. Say a prayer for jackie: Shar-Pei, vet, stomach, best - Dogs
  98. We have a poo problem: how much, allergic, poop, vet - Dogs
  99. How much should my dog be sleeping?: chihuahua, training, teeth - Dogs
  100. Can dogs miss a place??: aggressive, rescued, puppy, ears
  101. Shih Tzu lovers: how much, shihtzu, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  102. Boarding your dog: kennels, best, outside, ears - Dogs
  103. Frontline all year in NJ/?: vet, heartworms, fleas, puppy - Dogs
  104. Got a new (used) dog!: labrador, boxer, terrier, barking - Dogs
  105. New Baby Pics: vet, toy, rabies, vaccinations - Dogs
  106. Pork for dogs?: vet, diet, bones, natural
  107. My dog is obsessed with butts: clean, poop, toy, skin - Dogs
  108. Labrador ..: retriever, breeder, rescue, shedding - Dogs
  109. Help! How do I deal with neighbors dog?: bite, barks, rescue - Dogs
  110. Feeding: biting, poop, stomach, beagle - Dogs
  111. Dog food allergy ..: how much, lab, clean, vet - Dogs
  112. what I need to know about a yorkie?: terrier, rottweiler, yorkies - Dogs
  113. Crating a dog: pitbull, boxer, bite, toy - Dogs
  114. Calling with Pitbul Experience...: pitbull, how much, lab, shih tzu - Dogs
  115. Garlic powder -- good or bad for dogs?: vets, diarrhea, symptoms
  116. More Lovin' For the Unwanted Animals: shih tzu, chihuahua, spaniel, aggressive - Dogs
  117. sick dog: shepherd, poodles, vet, breeders - Dogs
  118. Adding a new dog to the family: pitbull, shih tzu, rottweilers - Dogs
  119. Chihuahua Questions???: toy, train, teeth, rescue - Dogs
  120. I just got two puppies: clean, poop, stomach, training - Dogs
  121. We've mastered sit, lay down, shake, stay & fetch - what's next?: border collie, boxers - Dogs
  122. dog hair in car: clean, cross, carpet, store - Dogs
  123. Help me!!: terrier, biting, noise, dominant - Dogs
  124. How to stop growling: how much, bite, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  125. Why is my old dog licking the floor?: poodle, clean, vet - Dogs
  126. Basenji mix - training?: aggressive, train, rescue, cost - Dogs
  127. Happy Birthday Teddie Ruxpin: shihtzu, skin, rescue, adopt - Dogs
  128. Need tips on Jack Russell Terriers: vet, pomeranian, black, training - Dogs
  129. Run bunny run!!!!: poodle, training, kids, walk - Dogs
  130. Golden Retriever Part Woodchuck?: lab, vet, toy, husky - Dogs
  131. Doggie door when there's an inside door and a screen door: how much, best - Dogs
  132. TPLO Surgery - has had it done: how much, lab, boxer - Dogs
  133. how do I train my dog not to bark at other dogs when leashed: shepherd, terrier
  134. Do you ever feel like a failure as a dog owner?: lab, biting - Dogs
  135. JRT annoyed by certain noises! Is your dog?: pitbull, lab, chihuahua - Dogs
  136. About Dog Walking....: clean, poop, aggressive, cleaning - Dogs
  137. I just got this new puppy, but I have no idea what breed he could be.: pitbull, lab - Dogs
  138. Dog's aggression towards a particular ethnic group...: barking, aggressive, black - Dogs
  139. i dont know what my dog's breed is =( help?: border collie, lab, spaniel - Dogs
  140. My puppy/dog has an ear infection/yeast infection: clean, vet, shaking - Dogs
  141. I bought my dog beef heart..what do I do with it?: gagging, training - Dogs
  142. I don't know which dog is farting: normal, water, white - Dogs
  143. My butt-dragging dog!: yorkie, vet, diet, allergies - Dogs
  144. Sometimes people annoy me: poodle, puppy, best, Great Dane - Dogs
  145. Dog Food Additives Ok?: allergic, boxer, vet, rescue - Dogs
  146. dog socialization: boxers, golden retriever, aggressive, training - Dogs
  147. another dog -why do dogs like to bully my dog?: border collie, shepherd
  148. Pitbull Mix Needs Resources - Can You Help?: patella, vet, surgery - Dogs
  149. Max Bit my Son In the Face: lab, bite, vet - Dogs
  150. think dog is sick help!: vet, legs, causes, ears - Dogs
  151. Help!: bites, vet, rescue, cost - Dogs
  152. Jazz's pathology report is Back: how much, vet, aggressive, surgery - Dogs
  153. My pugs red eyes: bites, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  154. I need a sweater for my lab: shepherd, labs, boerboel - Dogs
  155. Dog Attacked at Dog Park: shepherd, lab, yorkie, vet - Dogs
  156. Dog WILL not stop urinating in house!!!: poodle, clean, poop - Dogs
  157. What is my dogs Breed: pitbull, how much, shepherd, boxer
  158. The First Dog...: labs, allergic, goldendoodle, poodle - Dogs
  159. free 12-year old shih tzu to good home: allergic, bite, vet - Dogs
  160. Dog out of Time in GA Shelter: how much, terrier, rescue - Dogs
  161. Talk to me about dry food: allergy, vet, science, diet - Dogs
  162. Best Guard Dog(s) ?: shepherd, lab, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  163. Updated photos girls pic heavy: shepherd, bulldog, kennels, shots - Dogs
  164. Dog will NOT stop urinating on carpet!!: poodle, clean, toy - Dogs
  165. Does know what type of dog this is?: pitbull, lab, skin - Dogs
  166. Why is my dog obsessed with cat poop?: spaniel, bird, chew - Dogs
  167. Marley and Me the movie: lab, rescue, adopted, puppy - Dogs
  168. What is doggie diarreah usually from: allergic, vet, training, diet - Dogs
  169. For the rescue workers: chihuahua, miniature, pinscher, bite - Dogs
  170. What do you call..: bulldog, yorkie, breeders, rescue - Dogs
  171. Counter-surfing dog: clean, barks, shaking, mice - Dogs
  172. When There Isn't Enough Love To Go Around; Go Find It: lab, chihuahua - Dogs
  173. I need help, thinking of getting a dog.: shih tzu, allergic, vet - Dogs
  174. People Approaching My Puppy: aggressive, stomach, skin, hernia - Dogs
  175. Introducing Repo'!: lab, vet, black, rescue - Dogs
  176. thoughts on strange behavior: shih-tzu, terrier, outside, cats - Dogs
  177. My new little dog hates my husband: lab, poodle, wound - Dogs
  178. White House Dog Barney Bites Reporter: terriers, training, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  179. Dog's and Trick or Treaters: black, training, cost, kids - Dogs
  180. How to stop dogs from digging: lab, clean, poop, husky
  181. ****Britches Has Been Adopted****: skin, training, rescue, kids - Dogs
  182. How do you give your dog (or other animal) medicine?: lab, allergic - Dogs
  183. Pit Bull Mix?: pitbulls, Shar-Pei, lab, vet - Dogs
  184. Itchy Skin: allergic, vet, prescription, science - Dogs
  185. Dog toys that your CHEWERS do not/cannot destroy--recommendations: toy, aggressive, cost - Dogs
  186. do agility?: lab, training, collie, bones - Dogs
  187. Need opinions on Joint Supplements for large dogs.: lab, vet, surgery
  188. PediPaws: noise, best, problems, cheap - Dogs
  189. Rascals did it again - My apple smoked turkey is gone: train, drool - Dogs
  190. People who let their dogs approach your leashed dog: pitbull, lab, poodle
  191. Ending Greyhound Racing in Massachusetts: breeding, training, treatment, adoption - Dogs
  192. Do All Goldens GUS ??: poodle, vet, kids, noise - Dogs
  193. Does my Golden need a friend?: lab, rescue, adopt, kids - Dogs
  194. Help me feel better! I I was doing right thing?: lab, allergic - Dogs
  195. News, Puppy Cam wranglers: 'No, you can't have one' - Dogs
  196. Need a Good Vet In Long Island NY: laser, puppy, female - Dogs
  197. News, Surfing Labrador gains cult status.: ears, year, stop, owner - Dogs
  198. Great story! - Dogs
  199. Book on adding a pet to your home: information - Dogs
  200. USDA and Puppy Mills: breeders, best, breed, work - Dogs