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  31. Welsh Terrier?: poodle, breeders, housebreak, train - Dogs
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  33. why wont my dog eat in the morning?: vet, stomach, kids - Dogs
  34. Kharma's a *****: pitbulls, lab, training, breed - Dogs
  35. Introducing dogs to cat: bullmastiff, mice, neutered, food
  36. Update on Boo & the return of Guinness: chihuahuas, spaniel - Dogs
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  46. News, Puppy survives after boy accidentally flushes him down the toilet while washing him.: clean, spaniel - Dogs
  47. help 2 y/o pitbull swollen testicles and lymph nodes, infections in feet !!: allergic, vet - Dogs
  48. BSL Discussion/Debate on the Radio 6/21/09: treatment, effects, breed, Oklahoma - Dogs
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  50. Woman skins dog to make a belt of its hide: how much, training - Dogs
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  53. Feels like long drawn out pain, but cannot last for too long now: vet, barks - Dogs
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  55. Herbal Joint Treatment: lab, diet, effects, best - Dogs
  56. Another pitbull hero: home, normal, garage, year - Dogs
  57. Whole Food Diets: science, biscuits, pups, best - Dogs
  58. Wellness Simple Solutions: allergic, natural, food, protein - Dogs
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  61. If you take your dogs to the pet supply store: yorkie, train
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  68. Firefighter kills dogs - disturbing story: rescue, shelter, home, free
  69. Dogs and Thunder: biting, vet, shaking, rescue
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  71. Our newest family member: border collie, collies, adopt, puppies - Dogs
  72. Healthy treats / snacks: allergy, chihuahua, train, tooth - Dogs
  73. Terrible dog injustice: bite, toy, kids, best - Dogs
  74. Which breed of dog?: ridgeback, lab, chihuahua, beagle - Dogs
  75. KCS (Dry Eye) and Shih Tzu's -- have a ST with dry eye?: bulldogs, clean
  76. Reappearance of illness: biting, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  77. Learned behavior in dogs can be a real headache sometimes but funny: lab, shih tzu
  78. Do you have a Deer Faced Chihuahua??: bite, toy, breeder - Dogs
  79. News, 'Smokey' the dog gets barbecue fork in head.: puppy, allowed, owner - Dogs
  80. PSA: Chew toys made of string don't come out well in the end... if you know what I mean.: clean, poop - Dogs
  81. Tumor Removed and I have a ...: clean, vet, wound - Dogs
  82. Dog Skin Allergies...HELP!: allergic, terrier, bites, clean - Dogs
  83. So Harper cleaned out the litter box... yeah exactly what you're thinking.: lab, poop - Dogs
  84. Advice - What would you do?: bullmastiff, English Mastiff, vet - Dogs
  85. 4 year old Malti-Poo has gotten VERY aggressive!!!: bites, vet, toy - Dogs
  86. What were we supposed to do??: terrier, vet, barking - Dogs
  87. Am I being selfish to want to adopt, when we are traveling?: border collie, how much - Dogs
  88. 5-legged Dog Saved from Coney Island freak show: rescue, puppy, best - Dogs
  89. Asking Advice: lab, retreiver, vet, surgery - Dogs
  90. Need recommendations on books or sites on dogs: border collie, shepherd, labrador
  91. humane society euths dog in 30 min of arrival: boxer, aggressive, stomach - Dogs
  92. Need advice on dog adoption: rescue, adopt, kennel, cross - Dogs
  93. Our dog is overly attached to his toy duck-what's this about?: lab, aggressive - Dogs
  94. Best Price for Pee Pads: training, legs, ears, cheap - Dogs
  95. flea protection: vet, skin, treatment, cost - Dogs
  96. Dog drags infant from family home: how much, wound, puppies, breed - Dogs
  97. Infiltrative Lipoma: golden retriever, tumors, vet, surgery - Dogs
  98. Why do people do this?: miniature, pinscher, vet, adopted - Dogs
  99. Hot dogs! s!: lab, golden retrievers, tooth, effects
  100. How Do You Tell the Age of a Dog?: labs, vet, teeth - Dogs
  101. My cockapoo won't stop biting my kids: bite, toy, aggressive - Dogs
  102. Behavior: toy, wound, black, skin - Dogs
  103. How can you tell if your dog is pregnant?!: vet, skin, puppies - Dogs
  104. Adjustment issues after moving: shepherd, poop, training, diet - Dogs
  105. Puppy pictures!: lab, terrier, bite, clean - Dogs
  106. Saint Bernards: train, teeth, adopted, kennel - Dogs
  107. Kota-Wolf/Dog hybrid.: shepherd, black, training, rescue - Dogs
  108. Do we have to get rid of our dogs?: allergy, bites, vet
  109. Best month in the history of the world!!!: lab, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  110. Total hip replacement for a dog with 2 bad knees?: how much, boxer, patella - Dogs
  111. Do You Know Who Owns Both A Pug And A Golden Retriever ?: rottweiler, toy - Dogs
  112. Sooooo close to giving up: how much, terrier, poop, vet - Dogs
  113. New Fence New Digging Problem: how much, poop, skin, training - Dogs
  114. New dog owner needs help - Can my dog hold it all day?: lab, training - Dogs
  115. Poodles are smart?!?: shepherd, neutered, puppy, legs - Dogs
  116. Treating Cancer in your Dog Holistically: tumors, vet, science, black - Dogs
  117. Does your dog talk to you in a growl?: shepherd, lab, vet - Dogs
  118. How many have only one dog?: vet, rescue, adoption, best - Dogs
  119. Am I the butt of my dogs joke?: lab, shih-tzu, skin
  120. My Puppy's First Obedience Title: training, shots, test, months - Dogs
  121. Food recommendation: shepherd, bulldog, allergy, bite - Dogs
  122. How do raw food enthusiasts feel about Stella & Chewy's?: how much, skin - Dogs
  123. Dog sweaters?: how much, cost, natural, paws - Dogs
  124. Can dogs get on with cats when they have grown up?!: shepherd, biting
  125. How do you train a clingy, Velcro dog to stay or wait?: chewing, paws - Dogs
  126. My dog's coat is extremely dried out and his whiskers are broken off--does he need vitamins?: chihuahua, vet - Dogs
  127. Dog broke my foot: golden retriever, training, beagle, collars - Dogs
  128. Sofa dilemma: terrier, spaniel, aggressive, train - Dogs
  129. what kind of puppy is this?: border collie, shepherd, lab, boxer - Dogs
  130. Dog Movies: shepherd, lab, chihuahua, kids - Dogs
  131. what kind of mix is this?: shepherd, lab, chihuahua, breeding - Dogs
  132. Meet Phoenix!: shih tzu, breeders, puppy, breed - Dogs
  133. Do of your dogs have this particular food shtick ?: lab, clean
  134. This story has REALLY disturbed me: vet, skin, kennels, children - Dogs
  135. Velma's Gone and It's a Happy Ending: vets, toy, rescue - Dogs
  136. I am amazed at what a human will do to a defenseless puppy: vet, toy - Dogs
  137. Unidentified Dog Behavior: shepherd, clean, poop, toy - Dogs
  138. OH man, just seen this board: English Bulldog, bullmastiff, vet, rescue - Dogs
  139. How do I housebreak two 1 year olds? They are ruining my house: shih tzu, chihuahua - Dogs
  140. Favorite brand of dog backpack?: lab, cross, best, ears - Dogs
  141. news I want to share: labs, vet, breeder, black - Dogs
  142. Frontline vs. Revolution: shepherd, allergic, vet, prescription - Dogs
  143. It's shedding time again.. .: border collie, black, skin, teeth - Dogs
  144. Dog Run Maintenance Issues: poodles, clean, poop, science - Dogs
  145. New GSD agressively attacks the cat?: shepherd, shepherds, biting, aggressive - Dogs
  146. Are Shih Tzu's really biters?: golden retrievers, bite, toy, breeder - Dogs
  147. Is it better to board a 7 month old puppy or have a pet sitter visit?: clean, vet - Dogs
  148. News, Clones of 9/11 hero dog unveiled in Los Angeles.: shepherd, labs, shepherds - Dogs
  149. What makes a RESPONSIBLE breeder?: boxer, breeders, black, rescue - Dogs
  150. Dog food debate! (which is best): bulldog, allergic, boxer, poop - Dogs
  151. What causes someone to bring their dog into a coffee shop?: allergic, clean - Dogs
  152. Dog had litter, which led to.......: shepherd, puppies, breed, german - Dogs
  153. Cockapoos: poodles, yorkie, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  154. Citronella bark collar for dog?: border collie, terrier, barking, train - Dogs
  155. Meet Boo!: chihuahuas, bite, vet, treatment - Dogs
  156. How to rent with a pit bull or other dangerous breed: clean, vet - Dogs
  157. Dylan Update!: vet, surgery, weight, swimming - Dogs
  158. Bordetella - I didn't know...: vet, wound, aggressive, train - Dogs
  159. Opinion Needed on Issue with Breeder !: vet, breeders, pomeranian, stomach - Dogs
  160. What makes your pet special?: shih-tzu, barking, black, surgery - Dogs
  161. Help!! How do I stop my dogs from fighting?: daschund, terrier, chihuahua
  162. Best leash or *method for dog pulling: lab, train, kids - Dogs
  163. I'm going to scream!!!!!!!!!!!: vet, rescue, beagle, adoption - Dogs
  164. Kota! She has a name!: husky, cross, puppy, home - Dogs
  165. At what point would YOU get concerned?: tumors, vet, husky - Dogs
  166. Puppy In An Apartment?: labs, golden retriever, poop, barking - Dogs
  167. Does your dog stand around outside instead of doing 'his or her business?': lab, clean - Dogs
  168. Dogs + Cork Floors: skin, beagle, food, outside
  169. How to find the perfect breed: how much, labs, golden retriever, compatibility - Dogs
  170. New Formula for Natural Balance Duck and Potato: vet, science, stomach - Dogs
  171. Anxious dog really works herself up!: border collie, biting, toy, barking - Dogs
  172. Fun with Terriers...: terrier, toy, paws, dachshund - Dogs
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  174. my dog is fine at the dog park, I'm not: pitbull, shih tzu - Dogs
  175. Dog Doing a Weird Head Jerking Thing: bite, vet, rescue - Dogs
  176. How best to teach big dog to leave small kitten alone?: yorkie, bite - Dogs
  177. 6 month old chihauhua getting spayed: lab, vet, surgery, cost - Dogs
  178. going away to college.. should we get a dog: allergic, vet, training - Dogs
  179. Just my Opinion but.... How do you feel about this?: bones, ears - Dogs
  180. Do You Take Your Dog to Work?: border collie, allergic, golden retriever - Dogs
  181. Help Settle this for us!: labs, boxer, rescue, adopted - Dogs
  182. Obtrusively friendly/licky dog?: bite, barks, housebreak, aggressive - Dogs
  183. Today, Hobbs, our lab/pitbull attacked our new kitten!: terrier, chihuahua, aggressive - Dogs
  184. What makes a dog pee all over it's self?: vet, breeds - Dogs
  185. dog proof window treatments: train, cats, walk, ears - Dogs
  186. How long and often do you groom your GSD?: how much, black, shedding - Dogs
  187. azodyl --: how much, vet, science, diet - Dogs
  188. Rottweiler Training Questions..: vet, breeders, skin, rescue - Dogs
  189. Is my dog being inappropriate at the dog park?: yorkies, aggressive, training - Dogs
  190. when or if to intervene with dog play: bite, aggressive, teeth - Dogs
  191. If you could be?: terrier, puppy, breed, American - Dogs
  192. Dazzle got his CGC: barking, aggressive, training, beagle - Dogs
  193. How do you train? (Positive, Corrections,: owner - Dogs
  194. Pinnacle Duck and Potato - Dogs
  195. What smells like old innertube and peanuts? - Dogs
  196. Pitbull PUPPY is a hero!: home, sleep, family - Dogs
  197. cairn terrier - Dogs
  198. Take a look at what Faith can do.... - Dogs
  199. Hero pitbull shot by burglar: pitbulls, home, Fort Myers - Dogs
  200. News, A vet who lost customer's cat enslists sniffer dog help.: stop - Dogs