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  23. PHARM Dog (Odie's story) - Pets Helping Agriculture in Rural Missouri - Dogs
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  32. Round up your mates.: cross - Dogs
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  38. Rare Memorial Service for Military Dog: black, keep, Ohio, animals - Dogs
  39. Help get the word out about pet shop dogs: breeder, rescue, adopt
  40. Dog saves girl from attack.....: border collie, shepherd, bulldog, barks - Dogs
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  43. Dogs don't like to get wet
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  52. Dogs that don't get it: clean, poop, vet, housebreak
  53. Blue Buffalo: rottweiler, poop, prescription, science - Dogs
  54. Another inter species friendship. I love it!: lab, best, water - Dogs
  55. A soldier and his dog.: bassett, home, humans, power - Dogs
  56. Irving Texas shelter: collie, adoption, ears, animals - Dogs
  57. News, That's totally barking! Breeder welcomes 27 puppies after two of her dogs give birth in the same week.: breeders, canines
  58. Update from a post a year back about my Rottweiler/Malamute Mix: how much, kennel - Dogs
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  61. Large Dog, Apartment living... is it do-able?: labradors, barking, training - Dogs
  62. Pet Food Drive: skin, adoption, kids, shelters - Dogs
  63. Tomorrow is the day Ape leaves....: breeder, breed, home, bought - Dogs
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  67. Another inter species friendship.: keep - Dogs
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  70. Is this a safe toy?: chews, pups, store, ears - Dogs
  71. Living in San Francisco Bay area - when to start using flea protection?: how much, terrier - Dogs
  72. Dog Scouts of America - Sounds like fun: New York, Dallas - Dogs
  73. Odie's Bark is Coming back!: vet, breeder, barking, breed - Dogs
  74. Firefighters rescue 20 dogs from house fire: ears, safe, keep, year
  75. Dog Just Want to Have Fun and .... FLY: training, rescues, cross - Dogs
  76. training multiple dogs at once: shih tzu, boxer, barking, train
  77. Dancing Newf!!!: lab, doggie, family - Dogs
  78. Have you ever heard of a dog using a litter tray?: clean, poop - Dogs
  79. English Bulldog held for ransom: beagle, ears, year, animals - Dogs
  80. Help! Need Bad Behavior advice for Re homed Bully Dog: how much, bulldog - Dogs
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  83. Great dog story: recovery, owner - Dogs
  84. Can I take a nap at your house every day - Dogs
  85. Urgent Need For Foster Homes: rescue, pugs, pups - Dogs
  86. Help...: vet, prescription, science, diet - Dogs
  87. Law suit over sick dogs from puppy mills: breeders, puppies, breed
  88. Is this a Disney dog?: terrier - Dogs
  89. Shelter dog saves female volunteer handler from attacker: ridgeback, adopting, kennel - Dogs
  90. link between illness and Kirkland wet lamb and rice: skin, diarrhea - Dogs
  91. Dog Heaven- all her dreams come true!: water, people, nails - Dogs
  92. suggestions for putting in eye drops?: vet, barking, costs, cats - Dogs
  93. Labs rid Everglades of Phythons: labradors, pups, county - Dogs
  94. Quadriplegic Dog Learns To Walk Again: spaniel, ears - Dogs
  95. Pedigree donates food to shelter for FB 'like' or share: poop, rescue - Dogs
  96. Piano Man/Dog: ears - Dogs
  97. Hero Seeing Eye Dog on 9/11: animals, owner, stories - Dogs
  98. Good news from bad stuff: best, ears - Dogs
  99. Looking for an older video and I can't find it - HELP: border collie, training - Dogs
  100. Sammi can walk again!: spaniel, work - Dogs
  101. How does music affect your dogs?: barking, mice, pups, shelter
  102. Dogs and furniture quesiton: terrier, biting, clean, spaniel
  103. Training senior with CCD (doggy dementia) to pee pad -- ?: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  104. Rescue adoption query: costs, reactions, adopt, shelters - Dogs
  105. Walking a dog during inclement weather: chihuahua, poop, mice, adopt - Dogs
  106. Crotch Sniffing Female?: shepherd, clean, training, collie - Dogs
  107. Change in bathroom habits: clean, vet, shaking, cleaning - Dogs
  108. I may have just crossed the line...: vet, barking, skin - Dogs
  109. This will make you laugh out loud: pups, Great Dane, walk - Dogs
  110. My little dog is item aggressive, help!: labs, bite, training - Dogs
  111. Gender of dog to get: male or female?: shepherd, golden retriever, bites - Dogs
  112. Dog number five.....: shepherd, labs, breeder, puppy - Dogs
  113. Buried treasure-What does your dog bury?: vet, surgery, bones, outside - Dogs
  114. Dachshund mix puppy, s?: poodle, clean, poop, schnauzer - Dogs
  115. Funniest or favorite post on City Data: cats, ears, year - Dogs
  116. Dogs react to a person's gender...fact or fiction?: shepherd, shih tzu, poodle
  117. Beware of Dog: bite, legal, best, outside - Dogs
  118. Labrador bitten by mad street dog: clean, vet, wound, aggressive - Dogs
  119. Do you have a dog run in your yard exclusive for potty?: lab, clean - Dogs
  120. Should consider adopting this dog or not?: lab, retrievers, breeder - Dogs
  121. dog barks crazy at neighbors.: bulldog, barking, skin, train - Dogs
  122. Do you know a good dog health insurance company?: how much, vet - Dogs
  123. Is it better to let go too early rather then too late?: shih tzu, vet - Dogs
  124. Female dog humping?: border collie, shepherd, labs, vet - Dogs
  125. Daddy's Home from War: best, store, year, animal - Dogs
  126. I was barked at tonight: pomeranian, aggressive, train, pups - Dogs
  127. Dog play: how much, lab, bite, aggressive - Dogs
  128. Smart Smallish-Medium Size Dogs......: border collie, Shar-Pei, how much, labs
  129. What type of dog is this?: how much, shepherd, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  130. Vicious pitbull: pitbulls, breeding, fleas, chewing - Dogs
  131. So, Dave is smarter than I have been giving him credit for.....: toy, bones - Dogs
  132. Leonberger pup: how much, shepherd, vet, puppy - Dogs
  133. The 26 Happiest Animals in the World: ears - Dogs
  134. Can you give Chaos a hand??: retriever, clean, toy, cleaning - Dogs
  135. would you use this pet sitting service?: veterinarians, kennel, children - Dogs
  136. study says cuddling dying pets may make us really sick: lab, infections - Dogs
  137. K-9 Problems with Nutro (Dry) foods/treats?: lab, veterinary, symptoms - Dogs
  138. One dog diet food, other dog regular food - How to?: labrador, retrievers - Dogs
  139. Dogs and Traffic: lab, poodles, chihuahuas, vet
  140. Could you identify Molly?: shepherd, labs, rottweiler, barking - Dogs
  141. Leaking Eye Discharge: shih tzu, clean, vet, skin - Dogs
  142. Dog food recommendation: vet, stomach, skin, cost - Dogs
  143. We've all seen babies, both human and otherwise fight sleep but this is too much: boxer, natural - Dogs
  144. Best small breed that I can jog/run with?: poodle, terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  145. Opinions on Lyme's Disease Vaccine: poodle, bite, vet, wound - Dogs
  146. Journey - our special Border Collie: breeders, training, pup, best - Dogs
  147. about an obese and cranky dog: allergy, chihuahua, bite - Dogs
  148. Westminster Advertising: veterinarian, spaniel, rescue, adoption - Dogs
  149. Out of ideas to get dog to take meds: lab, surgery, chew - Dogs
  150. Pedigree Dogs Exposed (the complete film): shepherd, shepherds, breeders, breeds
  151. about working as a dogwalker: how much, vet, barking, training - Dogs
  152. A USDA inspection of a mill: golden retriever, bite, clean, veterinarian - Dogs
  153. 4 month old yellow lab has diarrhea: allergic, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  154. Well.... it happened....: adoption, neutered, puppy, shelter - Dogs
  155. Two new foster dogs: shepherd, husky, adopt, cross
  156. Found Again, what do you think?: huskies, legal, rescue, neutered - Dogs
  157. Can a dog have a tongue this long?: boxer, black, train - Dogs
  158. Lost dog in Emmett Id: border collie, vet, skin, collie - Dogs
  159. Bladder stones/surgery + incontinence: yorkie, clean, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  160. Why's my dog so skinny?: vet, breeder, cross, puppies - Dogs
  161. I love dogs, but this is getting ridiculous: shepherd, train, children
  162. Training pups to not flip when visitors come to house: how much, barking - Dogs
  163. Would you switch vets?: patella, biting, vet, science - Dogs
  164. Breed Restrictions in Apartment Complexes: bulldog, vet, aggressive, adopted - Dogs
  165. My dog has bartonella henselae: bite, vet, treatment, infection - Dogs
  166. Pit puppy is too protective of me: how much, aggressive, train - Dogs
  167. MY DOG HAD A Miscarriage and still ill and bleeds. HELP :((`: clean, vet - Dogs
  168. dress up your dogs!: skin, doxie, children, pups
  169. The Truth About Owner Surrenders to Shelters: how much, vet, breeding - Dogs
  170. Petsitting for a friend's mental dog. Advice: border collie, barking, skin - Dogs
  171. You all said I would just know when it was time.....: labrador, symptoms - Dogs
  172. Are we nuts? What would you do?: surgery, best, problems - Dogs
  173. have their pet on special diet for bladder stones?: how much, labs - Dogs
  174. puppy health: how much, poop, vet, stomach - Dogs
  175. Teaching an older dog to play ...: lab, toy, breeder - Dogs
  176. Pacing dog.: lab, poop, vet, breeding - Dogs
  177. Could stress alone give a dog loose stools?: clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  178. Legal rights in dog runs: bite, aggressive, skin, training - Dogs
  179. What is your favorite dog breed?: pitbulls, lab, toy, husky - Dogs
  180. Brave Marine is having problems trying to adopt her retired canine partnerd: rescue, puppy - Dogs
  181. Internal battle about our next dog: shepherd, labradors, retriever, breeders - Dogs
  182. Puppy Food to help Senior Dog to Gain Weight?: lab, vet, stomach - Dogs
  183. Treating irritable bowel syndrome naturally?: vet, diet, diarrhea, allergies - Dogs
  184. 4 month old puppy with tremors, seizures: miniature, clean, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  185. Raw food diets: pitbulls, border collie, how much, shih tzu - Dogs
  186. Building/Converting animal shelter: veterinarian, rescue, cost, kennels - Dogs
  187. Has imported a puppy from Russia?: shih tzu, poodle, vet - Dogs
  188. Are there safe dog treats??: clean, vet, cleaning, training - Dogs
  189. Socializing dogs/walking dogs: chihuahuas, bite, barking, train
  190. Baggage - words a rescued dog might say: training, puppy - Dogs
  191. Dogs who Dream
  192. Chuck the Boxer: home, months, sold - Dogs
  193. Useful dog tricks - Dogs
  194. Recently adopted and microchipped dog saves the life of a 3 year old child.: rescued, family - Dogs
  195. Nutro Proof of Purchases: clean, cleaning, adopted, food - Dogs
  196. Cost of meds for Cushings?: vet, costs, food, test - Dogs
  197. Are You My Mother? - Dogs
  198. New regulations to save the lives of Canadian sled dogs
  199. Is It MELAMINE Again? - Dogs
  200. Hero Pit Bull Saves his Master but is shot- don't worry -Happy Ending: home - Dogs