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  19. barking at the neighbors: wound, train, cross, outside - Dogs
  20. Petco Pal Rewards: food, store - Dogs
  21. Lucy Lou doggie mayor Has crossed over - Dogs
  22. Where to get a small, hypoallergenic dog?: shepherd, labrador, allergic - Dogs
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  25. Since I have moved to the mid west..: rescue, shelters, blanket - Dogs
  26. Dog Logic: how much, toy, training, rescued - Dogs
  27. Deaf dog awareness week: train, adopted, puppy, ears - Dogs
  28. Adequan Canine Injectable Where to Buy Online: vet, prescription, cost - Dogs
  29. Vestibular disorder aka old dog disease roundup): boxer, vet - Dogs
  30. Feedback on heartworm treatment inc. activity: how much, labs, terrier - Dogs
  31. Enzyme teeth cleaner: vet, cleaning, bones, chewing - Dogs
  32. Bichon/zhih tsu puppy coat care: skin, train, natural, outside - Dogs
  33. Dog Training Tools and Advice: rottweiler, train, basenji, cost - Dogs
  34. collasped trachea and seizures: vet, best, food, medium - Dogs
  35. Impulse Control!! The Release Command: how much, labrador, poodles, terrier - Dogs
  36. Mixed breed dogs are they what they look like?: border collie, shepherd, terrier
  37. Socializing suggestions for a new pup: lab, golden retriever, clean, vet - Dogs
  38. spinal surgery for dog: dachshund, pup, ears, home - Dogs
  39. Should I put down my 11 year old german shepherd suffering from no cartilage in one of the hip joints?: vet, surgery - Dogs
  40. Has tried the training program?: adopting, kennel, natural - Dogs
  41. Merry Christmas: best, ears, year, work - Dogs
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  45. Recall: 11/28/2018: Wyoming - Dogs
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  47. Tea Cup Poodle with CHF: vet, failure, eat, home - Dogs
  48. help to share and save dogs: how much, breeders, euthanize
  49. Large dog intermittent seizure: bite, clean, vet, breeders - Dogs
  50. Two Recalls: 12/1/2018: how much, natural - Dogs
  51. Male or Female for our new pup?: breeders, puppy, best - Dogs
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  53. Dog hiccups?: gagging, vet, diet, cough - Dogs
  54. use beef baby food for dogs?: allergic, vet, stomach
  55. Millennials don't know how to handle their dogs?: aggressive, skin, children
  56. Bull Terrier In Fun Scenarios: medium, white - Dogs
  57. Itchy Dog: vet, pomeranian, skin, diet - Dogs
  58. Details about puppy equipment: vet, puppies, test, cage - Dogs
  59. Advantix II flea control: cost, fleas, weight, months - Dogs
  60. Is this adoptable puppy legit?: rescue, adopt, breeds, Illinois - Dogs
  61. Long walks and poop: yorkie, spaniel, diet, diarrhea - Dogs
  62. Dr Becker's view on spay and neuter: vet, breeder, neutering - Dogs
  63. How old is your French Bulldog?: boxer, cross, ears, expectancy - Dogs
  64. dog food recalls: biting, diarrhea, infection, symptoms - Dogs
  65. Powdered Pumpkin: vet, diet, paws, eat - Dogs
  66. Sick 10.5 year old boxer: vet, treatment, diarrhea, infection - Dogs
  67. The Oldest Wolf in the World: work - Dogs
  68. Incredibly smart dog.: lab, test - Dogs
  69. Pets and Roundup: outside, keep, Durham, cancer - Dogs
  70. laws or precedents about lost dogs getting moved far from where found by people thinking they were their lost dog?: children, test
  71. rear harness for mobility: vet, surgery, legs, walk - Dogs
  72. Sudden inability to stand or walk. Ideas??: laser, vet, science - Dogs
  73. Bruno's Story: adopted, pup, outside, walk - Dogs
  74. County Line Boxers: vet, breeders, adopted, kennels - Dogs
  75. Alternative to Virbac CET Enzymatic chews: labs, teeth, legs, ears - Dogs
  76. News, s Why Dogs Kick Up Your Lawn After They Pee: poop, children
  77. Stealing Daddy's GoPro: pup, owner, man, doggie - Dogs
  78. Nail problem insight?: vet, infection, ears, vs - Dogs
  79. Low fat no poultry dog food - Dogs
  80. Barking dogs in cars......offensive?: lab, outside, store, allowed
  81. Advantix in a syringe. Has coagulated transparent clumps floating around: biting, walk - Dogs
  82. Your guess as to why our dog loves my husband more: shepherd, shepherds - Dogs
  83. What to buy before the new puppy arrives?: poodle, clean, breeder - Dogs
  84. about housebreaking a puppy.: terrier, poop, vet, schnauzer - Dogs
  85. Relative returned a puppy to a breeder after 24 hrs: how much, training, rescue - Dogs
  86. President Bush's Service Dog: wound, noise, keep, Washington - Dogs
  87. Shelter Dog Finds Home After Wise Leap Into Truck: pitbull, terrier, biscuits - Dogs
  88. My dogs keep getting out of the yatd and attacking the neighbors farm animals!?: shepherd, shepherds
  89. My new dog prefers cheaper dog food to the high quality food: lab, bite - Dogs
  90. Cattle dog owners: how much exercise/training time per day?: border collie, labs - Dogs
  91. Dachshund (and other fun stuff) photos!: black, training, adoption, pups - Dogs
  92. My ten years old pug mix suddenly afraid of his water bowl.: best, food - Dogs
  93. New Inexperienced owner Breed; Great Pyrenees- Mountain Cur: boxer, schnauzers, clean - Dogs
  94. I got a pet shrink for my dog!: vet, pomeranian, housebreak - Dogs
  95. Do you leave your Dog alone in your apartment ?: shepherd, Staffordshire Terriers, shepherds - Dogs
  96. Dehydrate Dog Treats: clean, cleaning, tooth, chew - Dogs
  97. Dachshund suddenly afraid: vet, toy, barking, black - Dogs
  98. After A Year And A Half I Was Ready For A New Dog: shedding, pugs - Dogs
  99. My dog ate a bird - help!: shih tzu, allergic, terrier - Dogs
  100. Have you ever had to rehome your dog?: shih tzu, yorkie, bite - Dogs
  101. Daughter's Dog Hates BF: boxer, terrier, best, breeds - Dogs
  102. I just can't figure out if it is time....: bulldogs, tumors, bites
  103. Breeders who don't allow visits: yorkies, vet, rescue, cost - Dogs
  104. Dog Crate - removable door.: skin, surgery, kennel, chew - Dogs
  105. Dog racing voted out by Floridians :): vet, training, rescue, bones - Dogs
  106. People Should Have To Pass A Basic Knowledge Test Before Adopting: shepherd, chihuahuas - Dogs
  107. Kennel Hell: boerboel, vet, toy, training - Dogs
  108. Dog Liability Coverage: lab, bite, children, outside - Dogs
  109. A head's up about online pharmacies.: vet, prescription, cost, pups - Dogs
  110. Dog has a bad habit of eating paper, dog poop: shepherd, training - Dogs
  111. What is Chaos?: border collie, shepherd, husky, black - Dogs
  112. I am such a sucker, lol: rottweiler, vet, black, rescue - Dogs
  113. Anal gland issues; we are at our wit's end! HELP!: terrier, clean - Dogs
  114. What's your dog afraid of?: shepherd, terriers, clean, barking - Dogs
  115. Canít get rid of dogs diarrhea: clean, poop, vet
  116. What do you think of this strange behavior?: veterinary, wound, skin - Dogs
  117. Toy Suggestions for 5lb Chi Who Never Plays: allergic, bite, laser - Dogs
  118. Australian Cattle Dog aggressiveness: border collie, how much, shepherd, bite - Dogs
  119. Pup anxiety in new home?: how much, boxer, vet, prescription - Dogs
  120. Is it wrong for me to ask for an increase?: how much, costs - Dogs
  121. Transporting Dogs via Airline: border collie, rescue, collies, costs
  122. My puppy got in a dog-park fight...: pitbull, goldendoodle, golden retriever - Dogs
  123. Crazy moving and where the dogs ride: how much, legal, cross
  124. Is my dog dying?: border collie, tumors, poop, vet - Dogs
  125. Senior Dog (11) has been ill now deciding she hates to eat: border collie, vet - Dogs
  126. Big Rabies Tag on Little Dog: bite, vet, treatment, chew - Dogs
  127. Lots of Belgian Shepherds: how much, barking, aggressive, black - Dogs
  128. Deciding on a toy breed: poodle, terrier, miniature, pinscher - Dogs
  129. Dog breeds that chew the most: pitbulls, shepherd, labs, poodle - Dogs
  130. Taking Teddy to church - with an Emotional Support Animal vest...So far, so good!: allergic, barking - Dogs
  131. Natural Death in Dogs (Hospice): shepherd, vet, mice, rescue
  132. The bad boy chewed his new harness again: border collie, training, teeth - Dogs
  133. This day last year, I found our 3rd child... I mean pet: beagles, adopt - Dogs
  134. Walking a dog: bite, train, natural, children - Dogs
  135. Dog gagging, what to do?: vet, cough, bones, kennel - Dogs
  136. Pet Chip databases: poodles, vet, rescue, pup - Dogs
  137. Where can I buy a sturdy, non-tear orange reflective dog vest?: clean, cost - Dogs
  138. know of a ďno barkĒ device that works well?: barking, skin - Dogs
  139. My cattle dog mix wants to chew on everything!: border collie, labs, bulldog - Dogs
  140. Baffled at yelping: vet, barking, shaking, treatment - Dogs
  141. I put my senior on CBD oil...: shepherd, vet, skin - Dogs
  142. Experiencing real love: vet, train, adopt, children - Dogs
  143. Luxating Patellas in Border Collie: shepherd, shepherds, bite, vet - Dogs
  144. So... wonder what a husky/GSP mix is gonna look like....: poop, black - Dogs
  145. Dog bladder stones: how much, chihuahua, vet, skin - Dogs
  146. A Dog Again: border collie, chihuahua, pinscher, rescue - Dogs
  147. How do I teach my dog to catch treats, chase balls & frisbees?: shepherd, retrievers - Dogs
  148. Put dog down and keep contemplating if there was more we could have done: boxer, vet - Dogs
  149. Poo Prints: clean, poop, cleaning, cost - Dogs
  150. Ideas for puppy problem: vets, breeder, train, surgery - Dogs
  151. This is a scam or a puppy mill right??: how much, terrier, veterinarian - Dogs
  152. adopting a senior Blue Heeler - need advice?: biting, vet, spaniel - Dogs
  153. Don't know why we have the gates in place anymore: breeders, train - Dogs
  154. Lessons from our heartbreaking and unexpected goodbye: patella, vet, surgery - Dogs
  155. The Problem With Friendly Dogs: border collie, shepherd, terrier
  156. a second dog? Pros and Cons: border collie, lab, poodle - Dogs
  157. Are we loving our shelter dogs to death?: lab, allergic, bite
  158. My dogs were so BAD today.: clean, poop, housebreak, kids
  159. Why do people insist on leaving their dogs outside when they shop!: barking, training
  160. Advice on difficult dog: shepherd, lab, terrier, vet - Dogs
  161. Favorite breeds ?: pitbulls, ridgeback, shepherd, lab - Dogs
  162. A couple of comments on why I object to AKC breeders: shepherd, bulldogs
  163. Adoption questions: pitbulls, border collie, shepherd, vet - Dogs
  164. Dog owners, how would you react if a neighbor did this?: veterinary, breeding - Dogs
  165. How to get a dog to stop jumping on people: toy, barking - Dogs
  166. How do you know when it's the right dog for you?: bulldogs, chihuahua
  167. Dog has turned into a scaredy cat: vet, shaking, skin - Dogs
  168. Dog can barely walk. Worse each day.: boxers, vet, treatment - Dogs
  169. 4 month old puppy peeing inside after we take him out.: chihuahua, poop - Dogs
  170. Dog collars for the elderly (arthritic): chihuahua, vet, skin, train - Dogs
  171. instructing your little dog: clean, skin, train, puppy - Dogs
  172. Dog Eats Man's Genitalia: bite, spaniel, best, attack - Dogs
  173. Advice for neighbor dog keeps defecating and peeing in front of my window: clean, poop - Dogs
  174. Is a bragging permitted?: shepherd, shih-tzu, clean, poop - Dogs
  175. going to solve the mystery!: border collie, how much, shepherd, barks - Dogs
  176. and Advice Needed: poop, vet, training, teeth - Dogs
  177. Turkey For Homemade Dog Food: terriers, skin, diet, cost - Dogs
  178. have a dog who tangled with a coyote or wolf?: how much, rottweiler - Dogs
  179. FDA: Suspected Link Between Grain-Free DOG FOOD And Heart Failure: lab, vet - Dogs
  180. New dog rescue show: how much, poodle, breeders, training - Dogs
  181. Looking for non metal, non-plastic, non-Chinese dog bowls: vet, food, cats - Dogs
  182. shampoo/conditioner/detangler: clean, skin, teeth, puppy - Dogs
  183. Gave dog to rescue, but somethings not right: bite, vet, breeders - Dogs
  184. Puppy left out unattended beaten and tortured by a child: vet, surgery - Dogs
  185. CBD treats for dogs?: training, treatment, rescue, natural
  186. I Want a Puppy!: how much, labs, poodle, boxer - Dogs
  187. Blind dog- give me hope: basenji, kennel, puppy, best - Dogs
  188. SEVERE HIVES and rash recurring DAILY!!!! Nothing helps!: bulldog, allergic, vet - Dogs
  189. Need training treat suggestions: skin, natural, food, protein - Dogs
  190. What causes dogs to be ADDICTED to fetch??: golden retriever, yorkie, clean
  191. Help! My dog is eating my house!: shepherd, bite, toy - Dogs
  192. Aceapromazine or Trazadone: shepherd, poodle, vet, breeder - Dogs
  193. Vet Removed A Tick: bite, science, black, surgery - Dogs
  194. Dog-tricky subject and tricky bug if had had experience?: teeth, infection - Dogs
  195. Recall 12/8/2018 One company, but many brands - Dogs
  196. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa experience with their dog?: teeth, infection, effects - Dogs
  197. Petsmart Grooming investigation: westie, cocker, breed, ears - Dogs
  198. how to house train a dog: canine, home, allowed - Dogs
  199. Doggy Optimism: outside, months, water - Dogs
  200. tried Nexgard Spectra?: prevent, reviews, information - Dogs