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  39. Chocolate Labs - Dogs
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  92. Priceless feeling: poodle, train, rescue, shots - Dogs
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  104. Laser treatment for Schoep (the old dog in the lake): how much, best - Dogs
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  107. Are There Dogs in America Similiar To.....: how much, lab, terrier
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  109. Warning - If you have Large AND Small Dogs: yorkies, aggressive, adopted
  110. Saving a sick or old dog: adopt, puppy, greyhound, legs - Dogs
  111. Imagine what it does to the photographer at a shelter.: labs, wound - Dogs
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  113. Is There Benefit to Have a Coyote Mixed Dog.....: breeding, training - Dogs
  114. Lazy Lab?: labs, clean, poop, vet - Dogs
  115. food allergy elimination trial - your experiences?: shih tzu, allergic, terrier - Dogs
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  123. Dog started acting aggressively towards neighbor: shepherd, barking, training, rescue - Dogs
  124. Gator is telling me its time :(: lab, vet, rescue, best - Dogs
  125. Movies about dogs: lab, rescues, puppy, breed
  126. Dogs Past and Present: breeding, breeds, ears, year
  127. Sick at Heart: border collie, shepherd, poodle, terrier - Dogs
  128. a VERY SAD TIME IN MY LIFE: poodle, vet, euthanize - Dogs
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  132. My 4 yr old king charles cavalier/border collie mix just diagnosed with nasal cancer: how much, vet - Dogs
  133. Rudy's getting fat!: how much, poop, vet, training - Dogs
  134. Authors Claim Pets Are More Damaging to Environment Than SUVs: toy, skin - Dogs
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  136. All He Wanted Was Just a Hug....: rescue, ears, animals - Dogs
  137. Toy recommendations for a wrecking machine?: terrier, laser, shaking, black - Dogs
  138. Can I use Advantix II on both dogs of different weight?: allergic, vet
  139. puppy sleeping in bed?: train, puppies, food, outside - Dogs
  140. Strange behavior.: shepherd, shepherds, veterinary, black - Dogs
  141. on crate training: shepherd, bites, barks, rescued - Dogs
  142. Is it normal to be worried about comparing new dog with dog that passed away?: lab, spaniel - Dogs
  143. Limp + Lump on shoulder: pitbull, vet, skin, diet - Dogs
  144. Putting my Dog to sleep :(: how much, shepherd, kids, puppy - Dogs
  145. My dog doesn't like to play with me.: border collie, lab, laser - Dogs
  146. another day at the beach (photos): golden retriever, breeder, black, best - Dogs
  147. Crate size?: poop, vets, housebreak, training - Dogs
  148. Ashamed of N.C.'s reputation for Puppy Mills: breeders, rescues, cost - Dogs
  149. We said good-bye this week: border collie, rescue, collie, adopted - Dogs
  150. Dazzle is 4!: puppy, ears, treats, year - Dogs
  151. all i can say is ow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ch: bulldogs, aggressive, skin
  152. Old age, fading appetite: how much, shih-tzu, vet, toy - Dogs
  153. Our new girl, Carly: adopted, test, home, year - Dogs
  154. Man brings old dog to lake - one of the best photos ever: shepherd, breeds - Dogs
  155. Puppy Adoption: vet, breeders, legal, black - Dogs
  156. Dog Lovers. Help me understand this.: shepherd, labrador, allergic, poop - Dogs
  157. Check this out if you love before & after photos of dogs: clean, rescue
  158. Is it wrong to get a dog on Craigslist?: how much, allergic, poodle - Dogs
  159. ideas on what kind of dog I just got?: terrier, chihuahua - Dogs
  160. GA rescuer killed by dogs: wound, rescued, euthanize, ears
  161. Frontline not working for ticks: bite, treatment, fleas, puppy - Dogs
  162. Dirty, dirty dogs!: shepherd, golden retriever, clean, paws
  163. venting in frustration and looking for ideas: retriever, clean, poop - Dogs
  164. The Asiatic Wild Dog (Dhole): breeder, teeth, African, cross - Dogs
  165. Domestic Dogs in Asia (What Kind of Dog Is It?): puppy, greyhound
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  167. This Guy is Like So Mean........: adopted, shots, puppies, food - Dogs
  168. Do you have an Adopted Dog?: border collie, shepherd, shepherds, vet - Dogs
  169. My dog has green pus filled blisters on her stomach...: allergy, bite - Dogs
  170. Happy Birthday to Bella!!!!!: Utah, excited - Dogs
  171. Bella had two seizers yesterday: vet, shaking, symptoms, chew - Dogs
  172. Does your dog like raw vegetables?: clean, vet, skin, cost - Dogs
  173. Does your dog like to swim? My poodle doesn't: lab, poodles, toy - Dogs
  174. Chiweenie -- potty training: chihuahuas, clean, housebreak, black - Dogs
  175. Hey Husky Lovers!! Can I get your insight on this?: golden retriever, clean - Dogs
  176. Aggressive People choose aggressive dogs: ridgeback, training, natural, shelter
  177. How can I train my dogs to pee and poop in walk-in shower?: clean, breeders
  178. What a difference a GREAT vet makes.: barking, aggressive, teeth - Dogs
  179. Should the owner get his dog back?: rescue, cross, best - Dogs
  180. Artie's new weirdnesses: clean, vet, diet, cross - Dogs
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  182. Bark collars: barking, train, cross, outside - Dogs
  183. It's a Dogapiller! - Dogs
  184. Thunderboomers last night: afraid - Dogs
  185. Safety over Labor Day - Dogs
  186. Highly recommended hot spot treatment: wound, cost, spray, medication - Dogs
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  188. Holly's Pups-Warrior Canine Connection - Dogs
  189. Automatic Feeders for Dogs?: spaniel, spaniels, cocker, cats
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  191. Dogs at the beach: park
  192. Low-fat jerky treat? No thanks! - Dogs
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  194. China's Red Poodle Fad- The Dangers of Poor Breeding: breeders, eating, test - Dogs
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  196. See you at the 2016 Summer Olympics, Tito - Dogs
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  200. Service dogs for Vets with PTSD